My short bio: My name is MikeJ, I have been with Running With Scissors since 2002. We have released a couple of indie titles including POSTAL, POSTAL 2 (the worst game ever) and are now TODAY releasing an addon to POSTAL 2 (years after the launch of POSTAL 2) called Paradise Lost. Check it out on steam Here

Also joining me is Tyler (Skankstar) one of our 3D artists and Sim (Simista) one of our 2D artists!


My Proof: Here

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Marcus201078840 karma

How in the world did you guys manage to stay in business after all these years?

thebabybananagrabber42 karma

you think we would answer that question honestly?? lol

Marcus201078810 karma

I know your secret stash of gold from WWII is keeping you guys afloat, don't lie!

thebabybananagrabber27 karma

us jews with all the gold!

soniiichaun29 karma

Would you like to sign my petition?

thebabybananagrabber13 karma

gladly....tell me more about it!

Redditor_exe12 karma

Hey there, I LOVED Postal 2 and I have a few question for you guys

  1. I'm currently a Freshman in High school and I've always wanted to become a video game developer. What coding languages do you recommend I learn before I leave high school

  2. What are some goals I should shoot for while I'm in high school an move onto college

  3. And last, when I graduate, what are some ways to look for to get into the video game industry?

thebabybananagrabber15 karma

glad we could give you something to love...i hope you paid its cab fare home after!

-coding is not my specialty, maybe someone can chime in lol sim?

-get on a mod team, pick a game you like and join a team to mod it....NUMBER ONE STEP!

-have credentials, and a good mod is a good credential!

DancingEngie11 karma

Hey, thanks for doing this.

  • Will there ever be a new POSTAL, fully produced by RWS?

  • What do you guys think about the POSTAL film?

  • How do you get started in the game industry? For example, how/why did you start RWS?

Simista13 karma

Hey there! YES! We do plan on making Postal: Redux, which I'm super excited about myself :D I have the film here on my desk and I haven't managed to watch it yet, been busy helping out on PL,what did you think? think il try watch it at weekend :D I personally did a Game Design course at Uni before heading into a junior role, alot of people come through QA its a great way to understand games before moving up to what role you are interested in.

Marcus20107882 karma

The movie was great, definitely keeps in spirit of the game.

thebabybananagrabber4 karma

ya quite a few good laughs, pacing was a little borked....

thebabybananagrabber11 karma

1 - YES 2 - it wasnt amazing, wasnt terrible, missed a huge opportunity there as it could have been huge with the college crowd. Release funding got pulled after In The Name of the King bombed (no shit)..... 3 - make a mod of your favorite game....make another one....keep trying and prove you can

gabek27078 karma

What are your views on people pirating your games?

A couple of years ago this game was nigh impossible to get in the UK and when I was that age I wasn't allowed 18s because I was underage so my parents wouldn't order Postal 2 off the internet. So I shamefully stole your game. However as soon as the game became available on steam I snaffled it up and I'm pretty sure I bought some copies for friends. I've also just purchased Paradise Lost and am looking forward to see what Postal 3 should have been. I love the work you guys put into your games and the care free satirical attitude they take towards modern life. I hope that you guys continue to make such amazing games.

Proof of Paradise Lost Hype:

thebabybananagrabber24 karma

piracy is going to happen, it just is, and there isnt a whole lot to do about it. FIghting it is truly worthless, but talking to the pirates and making them understand sometimes helps. When POSTAL 2 first got leaked the week before it was released I would hang out in the pirate IRC forums and tell people how small our team was and how we developed the game and I actually converted a lot of sales that way. Games are too expensive and that is a fact.....

theDoomguy20118 karma

What do you guys think of Hatred and all the comparisons being made?

thebabybananagrabber7 karma

its not the same game, its not quite the same tone, it looks good...we shall see how it is!

griffman028 karma

You guys really go to show that an old game engine with poopy graphics can still be more fun than anything else I've played! What do you try to do to make a game like postal 2 so timeless?

thebabybananagrabber8 karma

heh thats right, it doesnt need good graphics to be good...but in all honesty i dont think its aged as badly as some other titles have.....and weve actually made the game better loooking then p2...a LOT better looking! fun gameplay, funny lines, good voice acting....i donno

jackalmaster427 karma

When will you guys release a trailer of Postal: Redux?

thebabybananagrabber4 karma

when its ready? lol

two_off7 karma

How much hate do you have to deal with on a regular basis? How much when the media starts running stories about your games?

thebabybananagrabber10 karma

on a regular basis? not much anymore, for some reason people seem to like us more these days (mostly the outspoken fan base) look at our user reviews for POSTAL 2 on steam....Overwhelmingly is that? 95.1% of users that reviewed it (~9000) like it? since when....hah

now media on the other hand, we saw it just last week with the rejection of POSTAL 1 from the google play store, thats when the media jumped on us again, very annoying I might add.

humptydumptyfall6 karma

I used to receive emails from you guys, I don't anymore. Why the fuck did you stop sending me emails?

thebabybananagrabber4 karma

send me your email and ill add it mikej at our website dot com

but we dont do much email NL stuff anymore, follow our twitter @rwspostal

Megamike836 karma

Hey guys, if I buy you a chocolate, can I be an NPC?

thebabybananagrabber17 karma

no but you might be able to join my wall of friends in my toilet office!

ravingStork6 karma

You guys just keep chugging along regardless of....anything. Do you have anything other than games in the mix like another movie, webshow? What drives you folks?

thebabybananagrabber7 karma

yes hoping on another movie, not with uwe! we wanna make our own !

ravingStork3 karma

Hahaha! Fuckin' uwe

thebabybananagrabber6 karma

fuckin uwe is right!

NuikopeaDemon6 karma

Two more Questions Mike J

If its possible could I have a pic of you holding up a piece of Paper saying

@NuikopeaDemon and your Signature :D

and the other one is What do you think of Uwe Bolls Postal movie?

You have to admit its better than "Postal III"

thebabybananagrabber7 karma

nad yes its much better then p3...needed a re edit for pacing but yes it was funny

NuikopeaDemon3 karma

OMG!!!!!! THANK YOU :)

Totally Agree and once again thanks for this :)

Btw I am from NZ and your game is Banned Here loll Lucky I have friends who could gift me the game on Steam :)

thebabybananagrabber6 karma

you are welcome and glad you could enjoy it despite your dumbass govt!

zetikla6 karma

was Postal Dude character imagined from an existing person you knew or it was pretty much built up from scratch?

thebabybananagrabber6 karma

just a unique character built from scratch, shares traits with many characters but many of his own!

ZombiePixelz6 karma

Hey guys, I love what you do.

What inspired you to make Paradise Lost, and do you think your dev team will take a step into the Steam Workshop modding community for a possible multiplayer story mode?

thebabybananagrabber9 karma

thanks man, we love you for playing our nonsense :)

well, we had sold a lot of copies of POSTAL 2 on Steam after it finally made it up in 2012, and figured giving all these new users some DLC was the right thing to do....turns out it was much better then we had hoped!

ZombiePixelz4 karma

Why DLC for postal 2 though? It's twelve years old. Did postal 3 DLC cross your mind at all?

Edit: To clarify, I'm just curious. Postal 2 is obviously the superior game.

thebabybananagrabber14 karma

not even a little, postal 3 was not our game alone to do anything to....we arent gonna touch it with a 10 ft pole and the reason we gave dlc to P2 is because SO MANY PEOPLE BOUGHT IT ON STEAM.....makes sense to me

Optimash_Prime5 karma

What is this 'Postal 3' you speak of? /s

thebabybananagrabber9 karma

effin A cotton, Effin A!

FoxFetishismNekoCat6 karma

do u like cute cat girl hentai anime? :D:D:D:D:D

thebabybananagrabber6 karma

no but tyler does, not sure why he never showed....oh probably because he is getting ass fucked...and thats not a gay joke...that is the truth!

NecrumWarrior6 karma

I just finished Monday of Paradise Lost, and I gotta say I am super impressed! I had so much fun on it! My favorite new item so far is the Energy Drink. What is the mystery meat, anyway?

thebabybananagrabber4 karma

haha glad you liked it! i hope it lives up to the expectations, clearly its not a brand new whole POSTAL title, but it is a worthy successor and I think much better then p2 in a lot of ways!

humptydumptyfall6 karma

Thanks for the answer! I own Postal 2 on CD, bought it in like 2003, when email was relevant. I haven't seen this question, how did you guys feel about the movie?

thebabybananagrabber6 karma

it was ok...funny, needed to be shorter and cut better

rhayadergoestotown6 karma

Why don't you ever put Postal 3 on sale? I'd buy it if it were 5 bucks or less. Is it so bad you'd rather we don't play it than getting at least some money from a sale ?

thebabybananagrabber18 karma

because we are not in charge of it, if it was up to us that shit would be OFF of steam....akella just doesnt know what they are doing

NuikopeaDemon5 karma

Are we expected to see more DLC for Postal 2 after Paradise Lost ;) ?

The More The Better :P

thebabybananagrabber8 karma

simple answer: yes

NuikopeaDemon5 karma

I heard Postal 1 Redux will be running on Unreal Engine 4 .... Is that a bit too much for an Old School game?

my laptop only has 2GHZ AMD A6-5200 Quad Core with 4GB Ram and 1GB Radeon HD 8670M Graphics and I have a feeling I wont be able to play that when its released D:

thebabybananagrabber7 karma

thats the way it is....and youll probably be fine!

adkjsjdlkadfkl5 karma

will we ever have a chance to see you guys on twitch or something like that ?

thebabybananagrabber4 karma

yup me and sim are gonna do one soon!

Akselsss5 karma

do you secretely work on Half-Life 3?

thebabybananagrabber3 karma

yes.....but no, give it to us GABEN!

AJSAMartin5 karma

Postal IV, yes or no? :)

thebabybananagrabber10 karma

maybe? ya of course we want to make a POST4L....not sure it would be called that though....

FallOfTargetAudience5 karma

When do you show us some screenshots from Postal 1: Redux?

thebabybananagrabber5 karma

soon hopefully!

XavierMendel5 karma

Hi there Mike, Tyler, and Sim. I've been a fan of RWS since Postal 2 came out back in 2003 and got a lot of media attention in the first "video games are evil" campaign. The way RWS handled itself, and the way it handled itself since then, have been an essential piece of inspiration for me to do what I do. I admire how RWS doesn't give a shit about moral outrage. Nowadays I write for TechRaptor and I intend to work without regard for baseless complaints the same way you have.

My question for you is this: With Postal 2 having been out for so long and Postal 3 likely not giving you much money, how does RWS stay afloat and what sorts of things do you all work on?

thebabybananagrabber13 karma

we make things work....sometimes you gotta take a hit, work for free, just keep your eyes on the prize....seems the waiting has paid off!

thanks for being there all these years, people like you who make sure I have a place to work!

TheElPato5 karma

Hey you guys, I love the Postal series!

As I know you're developing the Postal Redux, is there any plans to make a Postal 2 Redux?

thebabybananagrabber7 karma

yes it is a plan....remaking P2 would essentially be giving a new generation a game on consoles that they never got to see. It could be updated and modernized and would fit in just fine.....we shall see, not as easy as it sounds!

CouldBeYourFather4 karma

I remember having great fun running around using a cat as a suppressor. My question is: Who decided that organic suppressors should be part of this crazy game?

thebabybananagrabber13 karma

it just kind of happened naturally, me and my friends have been discussing the human condom lately in which you put yourself inside of a woman and then put her inside of another woman.....sound about right?

AJSAMartin4 karma

Is it true that every programmer hates QA testers?

thebabybananagrabber3 karma

lol ask them

stewpidteenager4 karma

Postal 2 is one of my favorite games I play when friends come over to impress them. What is your favorite mod for postal 2?

thebabybananagrabber4 karma

I always loved the ratz maps myself......

burntornge4 karma

Are any new full blown Postal games in the works? Or anything similar?

thebabybananagrabber8 karma

just POSTAL:Redux which is a top to bottom remake of POSTAL 1 on UE4....same art style, same perspective.....Sim is drawing the levels...they look DOPE!

christopherhi3 karma

Hey guys, broke console gamer here, I haven't played many (if any of your games - sorry, not trying to offend just as stated broke lol) What of your games have been released on console? why decide to or not to release on console?

thebabybananagrabber3 karma

None unfortunately. Postal redux will be released for console later this year though

ReverendEarthwormJim3 karma

Love Postal 2! When will Paradise Lost be available for Linux?

Any plans for Postal 4?

thebabybananagrabber4 karma

hopefully VERY VERY soon!!! and ya we wanna do it! stay tuned!

Optimash_Prime3 karma

What songs do I need to add to my "Music to go Postal by" playlist now?

thebabybananagrabber7 karma

any banger from D.O.D. or Feed Me.....fuckin love that dude

also check out our in game bands, Stands With Fists and Seek Irony!

catzoid3 karma

What's in the box?

thebabybananagrabber6 karma


ryebreadryan3 karma

Is there a story behind "buttsauce"? That line has stuck with me ever since I first played postal 2 in middle school, I still use it from time to time an its always makes me laugh.

PS: I played the shit out of postal 2 and apocalypse weekend, I dream of you guys making another FPS where you run around doing everyday errands in whatever way you want!

thebabybananagrabber3 karma

to me....its the opidomy of why we all need Bidets in our houses....there is no reason we should not have clean assholes....seriously think about it for a minute, we shower every morning because we are "dirty" but when we excrete FECAL MATTER, we mash it around with a dry or wet towel....not good enough. Go jump in a mud puddle and then towel yourself off, i promise you wont feel clean!

BroDuck3 karma

How much do you love me RWS-senpai?

thebabybananagrabber2 karma

a lot?

BroDuck2 karma

I'll ignore the question mark. Love you lots too Mike <33

thebabybananagrabber2 karma

awwww love you too!

IWillKillYouSink3 karma

Were there any games/movies that inspired you while developing the first game?

thebabybananagrabber8 karma

none of us in this AMA were here for the original POSTAL development, I started just before POSTAL 2's development back in 02....but I know Falling Down was inspirado!

Ilcorriere3 karma

Hey, thank you very much for all your efforts. Will you ever do a hd remake of postal 2?

thebabybananagrabber6 karma

we hope so.....would be great to get that shit running on consoles......but it needs to be completely remade in UE4

adkjsjdlkadfkl3 karma

will we get pigeon mission in next postal game ?

thebabybananagrabber4 karma

who knows...maybe just for you!

Akselsss3 karma

What are YOUR favorite games and why? Not Postal please

thebabybananagrabber4 karma

counter strike, goldeneye,

shredder9623 karma

Care to explain why this isn't available in New Zealand?

thebabybananagrabber7 karma

Ask you government. Not us

proGGthrowaway3 karma

Dankest meme?

thebabybananagrabber5 karma

i always liked BLB

AllahuJackbar3 karma

I can't play the DLC without it crashing. This is a bummer! Any idea why?

thebabybananagrabber3 karma

email [email protected] they will figure it out for you!

skibblesx3 karma

I've been such a long time fan of the postal series since I was about 11 years old in 2007, I'm 18 now. I remember I begged my mom for the special Krotchy-Os cereal box for Postal X ahaha.

Sadly the box got destroyed in my moving across the country. Would you guys ever consider doing another special edition box set thing?

thebabybananagrabber4 karma

were going to for the 20th anniversary!!! coming up in 2017!

Rarityframe3 karma

POSTAL 2 is one of my favorite games. Ever. A shame I cannot afford the DLC, though. But that's not my point. Are you going to give away more keys for POSTAL 3 like about a year ago? I'd really love to try it out, but money's tight.

Also, Did I mention I LOVE POSTAL 2?

thebabybananagrabber3 karma

yes we are! keep an eye on the twitter!

Akselsss3 karma

Ok, thank you for this Q&A, you are a really awesome company! Actually, I got here by accident and I mainly don't use Reddit. But I'm glad I had an opportunity to talk a bit to you, it was an honour! (gosh, it sounds so cheesy) Anyway, I have to go now, it's late in here. So I will "ask" a question? So this comment won't be removed by Reddit bot?? Ok, goodnight, Mike n crew!


thebabybananagrabber3 karma

gnite akselsss! thanks for your time and your questions, we love the fans and cant think of a better way to spend launch tbh!

TiP4chon3 karma

What do you think about game Hatred? It so much feels like first Postal that i want to cry. I love your games and i'm wondering if you feel the same for it. :D

thebabybananagrabber6 karma

it looks good, clearly their homage to us, we shall see how it turns out!

simonasd3 karma

Hi guys. First of all, thank you for the countless hours of fun you've given to me with postal 1 and 2. And my questions are: 1: have you guys recieved any real life attack because of postal? 2: what do you think about shitty feminist journalism? 3: favorite games of all time? thanks again and keep making 10/10 games!

thebabybananagrabber7 karma

YOURE WELCOME, thanks for playin!

1 - not any real life attacks but true story years ago I met this girl, gorgeous, went on a date, had amazing chemistry, everything is lookin up, and then she starts telling me she cant because shes against my games and such. Long story short, date ends fine, we hook up quite a bit in the car, never see her again.....real shame

2 - there is nothing shitty about feminist journalism. The is something shitty about SHITTY journalism whether its a man or a woman and its a shame that the shit that has happened recently has happened!

3 - Goldeneye, CounterStrike, NHL 96, GTA4

shillingintensify3 karma

Are you taking the HuniePop marketing approach and going pure video+streaming+direct?

They beat a lot of far more wealthy indie devs doing that instead of relying on boozing up old media.

thebabybananagrabber3 karma

obama style!

iamrade4ever2 karma

So... when are you guys going to make a new game? Will it be super offensive or will it go in a different direction?

thebabybananagrabber8 karma

no were gonna make a farmville sim type....jk dafuq....of course it will be over the top rws nonsense! we wouldnt want to dissapoint!

echo-the-crat2 karma

Hi :)

POSTAL2 is an awesome game imo! (haven't played the others...), so thx for the expansion pack!

The only thing I don't like is that cats are used as silencers for shotguns :( why can't one use another animal? :)

thebabybananagrabber6 karma

awwwww that is kind of anti reddit isnt it....well we love pussy so we tend to stick things in em

ArchangelPT2 karma

Dick sizes, amount in banking account and social security numbers?

In that order

thebabybananagrabber5 karma

long enough to hit a cervix, enough to buy dinner and im off the grid

KingOIFY2 karma

Mike is Jewish, that is all you need to know

thebabybananagrabber8 karma

oh here we go with the anti semitism love you too!

Leoncelli_33882 karma

Leno vs Conan whose side are you on?

thebabybananagrabber4 karma

Conan 10/10 would bang

aerial_gristle2 karma

I have three questions: 1) Will Postal: Redux have full controller support? Because I honestly had some problems getting used to the keyboard controls. 2) Do you plan to make a new game other than Postal? Like...something completely different? 3) Do you guys watch any Japanese animation (in other words, anime)? If so, what are your favourites? If not, I'll respect your guys' opinion.

thebabybananagrabber3 karma

1 - YES, the dual controller support in the mobile version of POSTAL 1 is GREAT and we are planning to add it to the version on Steam!

2 - no, unlikely, at least not now!

3 - I dont, but I know tyler does......maybe hell chime in!

FallOfTargetAudience2 karma

Will you create true Postal 3, please?

thebabybananagrabber2 karma

no, we shall move on from that.....NEXT!

SCR0ALL2 karma

Hey guys, counting the minutes until the psychotic nostalgia can begin. Do you ever plan to create something new? Maintaining the outside the box thinking and epic story telling of postal of course.

thebabybananagrabber3 karma

its ready now, go get it!

UberMunchkin2 karma

Will you sign my petition?

thebabybananagrabber12 karma

fuck you

ishotfoolsinthedark2 karma

I'm A Happy Camper! just grabbed Paradise lost, Thanks for the additional 10% off! since this expansion has been so well received do you plan any others?

thebabybananagrabber2 karma

*15% off sir! :) we are working on Redux next, thats the next project for sure!

Jokerang2 karma

Are you rooting for Agent Locke or Master Chief in Halo 5?

thebabybananagrabber3 karma

trevor in GTA5.....

FallOfTargetAudience2 karma

Why are you so cool and badass studio?

thebabybananagrabber3 karma

we are who we are, nothing more, nothing less!

camtheredditor2 karma

Was there ever anything that was just too bad to put in Postal 2? Or did you just not care 100%?

Love your work!

thebabybananagrabber2 karma

pretty much not care....did what we want!

zetikla2 karma

any ETA as to when we can expect the Eternal Damnation expansion to be added? ^

thebabybananagrabber2 karma

we are figuring that out at the moment!

jackalmaster422 karma

How many copies Postal 2 sold out? And Postal Classic?

thebabybananagrabber3 karma

a lot......a lot less

liamquane2 karma

Hi. Do you believe a gender divide still exists in the gaming community?

Thank you :~)

thebabybananagrabber7 karma

of course there is, there are gender divides everywhere and its a shame should be doing the cooking and cleaning, women should be working! thats why I send my gf to work everyday!

liamquane2 karma

How do you think society now sees the typical gamer, do you think it has changed over the last few years?

thebabybananagrabber2 karma

I dont think it has changed much, the stereotypical neck beard is and has been a namestay stereotype. But gamers are about as diverse a group as can be....I have sold MANY games to some OLD OLD people as well as much younger people....very odd to meet your demographic!

tahlyn2 karma

How has your day been? Doing anything fun this weekend? You did say anything.

thebabybananagrabber3 karma

yes....tomorrow is a rock festival, sunday is a an EDM Pool party!

ThinSoftee2 karma

Have you guys ever considered modifying Postal III it until it's good? What prevents you from doing that?

thebabybananagrabber5 karma


SparxxUI2 karma

How long does it take to hard-boil an ostrich egg?

thebabybananagrabber3 karma

many moons malord....many moons!

FoxFetishismNekoCat2 karma

running with scissors is it true you are partnered with teh illuminati and mike j is a freemason from the 60's? is it true that u guys created isis?

thebabybananagrabber2 karma

no......but close

Al_Alvarez2 karma

How does it feel to be Satan's best version?

thebabybananagrabber3 karma

we live to please!

Akselsss2 karma

Ok, if we can ask literally everything... Then tell me your way to get women? :D Should I use catnips?

thebabybananagrabber3 karma

well i used to use tinder a lot....and before that I just always used my Cock piercing as an ace in the hole....worked 9/10

10minAIDS2 karma

How much was cut from Postal 2? Oh, and thanks for making a port of Postal to Kindle.

thebabybananagrabber4 karma

quite a bit, we always WAY over design....stupid pigeons never made it anywhere

FallOfTargetAudience2 karma

Do you like some industrial metal music like NIN, Rammstein, Ministry, Fear Factory or Marilyn Manson?

thebabybananagrabber2 karma

I do like them, more historically a metal and hardcore more of an EDM freak....weird ya

FallOfTargetAudience2 karma

Do you like Czech Republic?

thebabybananagrabber3 karma

ive been to prague, it was coo!

broknspyrl2 karma

Is Sim the Sim from Carmageddon and if so, are your contributions to Paradise Lost confined to hand drawn genitalia?

Simista2 karma

LOL!! yes its Sim from Carma, now with RWS! ... not only have i worked on both but i feature in two most awesome controversial games this achievement unlocked or what! and yes there is hand drawn cocks ;)

thebabybananagrabber7 karma

this girl LITERALLY only draws dicks....non stop...all day! my kinda strange!

Khancer2 karma

So, when did you stop beating your wife?

thebabybananagrabber9 karma

My gf is the one that beats the crap out of me sir.....

soniiichaun2 karma

What do you regret?

thebabybananagrabber6 karma

my shirt currently says nothing, but id say there is a good 45+ women that regret.....