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So, I am huge Zombie fan and based on your medical background, how likely is a "zombie apocalypse" (doesnt have to be traditional living dead, but even a virus that makes people rabid or anything) and how likely is it that you would survive?

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Hello, I recently watched a show "documentary" that I believe was based on Dustin's book. My question would be how truthful this was? I only ask because if its labeled as a documentary wouldn't have to be considered true?

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Hey guys, broke console gamer here, I haven't played many (if any of your games - sorry, not trying to offend just as stated broke lol) What of your games have been released on console? why decide to or not to release on console?

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Hey Frankie its My birthday in a week so I wanted to ask whats the best/worst birthday gift you ever received/given?

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Hi Jim. I don't have a question I just wanted to say that I am proud of you for all you do and overcome! Thank you for doing this AMA. oh wait I must have a question so I will ask, how do you move forward from here what is your next step? I am actually in Newfoundland, Canada we are currently celebrating pride week here and today we actually had a huge step forward in the Trans community allowing persons to change their birth certificate and government ID"s to match their gender identity!