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BS, i bet OP is actually interesting. Karma whore.

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If you had a laxative with your face as the logo, what would it be the name and logo of the laxative?

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Let it go - Elsa

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Wow! This is the best AMA EVER!!!!!111!!!1!!

SO HaPPY /u/TheFrodo[1] is hErE!!11!!!


Jevwceheue evebsjeheheudidhwvwidkmtbthrhririrnehkrjrnriciebe njrjenjr hrkaiwmn and the thunf is ny eyee are stull sgut

WhaT Did you Mean?????



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It meant that I was blind, but I am better now.

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How can we be blind if our faces aren't real, OP?

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If you try hard enough you'll see.

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I have no idea, but it seems the downvote fairies have visited :(

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chin up big fella, you'll be right

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Thanks, it's good to have nice fans like you

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Have ever enjoyed reddit gold?

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Not yet...

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I have no plans to give you any by the way

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I'm ready if you do though

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One day...

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Probably not any time soon.

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Also y dis got so many upvotes everybody like watchin me sad

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What is the airspeed of an unlaidin swallow?

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7 airspeeds? or kiloairspeeds?

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Hey /u/TheFrodo, first off, thanks for doing this AmA. We've been waiting for someone of your social standing. Secondly, if given the chance what would you tell your younger self about the future to prepare future you for this AmA? Thanks I'll take my answer off the air

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Young self, learn to tie your shoes earlier.

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If you were stuck on an island, what uninteresting object would you take with you?

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A toaster.

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how gay are you for Sam?

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What's your favorite fast food restaurant?

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Burger King has fairly good onion rings for fast food.

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How does it feel that I'm genuinely interested in my redditor companion?

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It's nice.

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Not big on sauces, I dunno

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What brought you to reddit? and what kept you here?

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I wanted to experience the community and now it is not only my primary news source but also a nice place.

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Is the dankness of the meme proportional to its temperature as it burns? Could a meme theoretically melt something like steel beams of it were dank enough?

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It is.

If the recommended amount of dankity is achieved (desirably 420 degrees) then yes, it can melt steel beams, unlike Jet Fuel.

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Why do the "fun-sized" Laffy Taffys taste completely different than full-sized Laffy Taffy bars?

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There's nothing fun about being small, so Wonka wanted to change the stereotype.

Edit: misunderstood question. The reason is because they want people to pay more to get boh.

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Xbox, Ps4, PC, or WiiU?

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PC and Wii U are tied. Smash ain't no joke!

sheepoverfence2 karma

is the new super smash bros worth buying a Wii U?

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Absolutely. It is amazing, and then there are other great games like MK8 and SM3DW.

sheepoverfence3 karma

Did Nintendo decide to save money by abbreviating all game titles?

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Yeah, less text and printing stuff.

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Everyone knows there's only one right answer. PS FTW

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I betray

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what's your go-to midnight snack?

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I pressed it.

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Who do you like?

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Bob Dylan.

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I have 2. Awesome little guys.

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Do you prefer your pizza hot or cold?

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How's the weather?

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Thunderstormy and loud.

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Can we pls pls pls pls pls see pictures of your sexual reproductive organs?

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How big is your penis?

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DemonicRaisins1 karma

What's your thoughts on cheese?

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Swiss ftw.

SassySandwich1 karma

Sticky, wet, square, 72, or moose?

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SassySandwich1 karma

For how long?

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SpinIce1 karma

No way, I AM the normal and uninteresting redditor. Why did you say that you are the nomal and uninteresting?

TheFrodo1 karma

Nothing exciting has ever happened to me

TheStarchild1 karma

If you could do it all over again, would you?

TheFrodo2 karma

No. I like things how they happened

WTF_Bengals1 karma

Boxers or briefs?

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What is the colour of your shirt?

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QuantumLaw1 karma

Followup question!

What colour do you wish it would be?

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I like blue shirts, but white is okay.

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How big do you think Howard Stern penis is?

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If you had to get away with murder, how would you do it?

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How would I do the murder, or how would I get away with it?

Vindacus1 karma

What do you do for a living?

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Not much.

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How old are you?

TheFrodo1 karma

All of the age.

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Besides masturbating, video games, and internet stuff, what do you do with all your downtime?

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Watch TV. Disney movies man!

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Because I felt like it. Seemed fun.

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Do you know who The Stig actually is?

TheFrodo2 karma

No :/

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Are you worried that your post and comment history will be combed through and you'll be judged unfairly?

TheFrodo1 karma

I dunno. My history is pretty great soo...

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What have I got in my pocket?

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TheFrodo4 karma

Is it me you're looking for?

marineturndlegofiend2 karma


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I can see it in your eyes...

marineturndlegofiend0 karma


TheFrodo1 karma

And life.

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I can see it in your eyes

TheFrodo1 karma

I can see it in your smile.

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How far would you go to become a millionaire?

TheFrodo0 karma

Unsure, really. I wouldn't kill or do anything illegal, but I would do things within the law.

MadafakkaJones1 karma

Would you not steal a candy bar to become a millionaire?

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TorinoCobra070-1 karma

Favorite James Bond actor?

TheFrodo6 karma

Never seen a film, but I assume Sean Connery.