Actor, comedian, lover, and owner of the best worst basketball team in the world.

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Victoria's helping me get started. AMA.

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burnitdownwithlemons4 karma

Will we ever see the return of Duncan Rocks and his glorious mustache?

AndrewSantino2 karma

OH! Thank you for being an old DR fan!!

Maybe someday they'll come back, if he can move out of his step-dad's basement.

But for now, it's bummercitytown.

burnitdownwithlemons0 karma

One day-ski-doodles, one day.

AndrewSantino1 karma

Until then, I'll just be getting ripsy-doodles.

RememberYourSoul3 karma

Worst reaction to a joke you've said?

AndrewSantino1 karma

A drunk woman in New York - specifically Long Island - threw a beer bottle at me.

That was the worst. She didn't like it.

She was WASTED. And I'm sure that her life is going just as terrible today as it was then. And I wish her the best.

Working at whatever fast food restaurant she is currently at.

oscarveli3 karma

How do you feel about How I Met Your Dad not being picked up?

AndrewSantino7 karma

Ohhhhh man!

HOW I MET YOUR DAD didn't get picked up because... it's a blessing in disguise, because then I couldn't have done SIN CITY SAINTS. And this was an extremely fun amazing show with ridiculously talented people. And things happen for a reason, and the show didn't belong on the air, and this one was meant to be, and I'm very happy i was a part of it. So it was a good thing. It opened me up to new possibilities.

(Also, it wasn't that funny - ahahah! It wasn't good enough. It shoulda been better, that's why it didn't make it).

oscarveli3 karma

Thanks for the reply. That answer is more honest than I was expecting.

AndrewSantino3 karma

Honesty is the best policy. Unless it hurts people's feelings. Then don't say anything.

MrTiq3 karma

What's it like owning the LA Lakers?

AndrewSantino4 karma


I think that must be a joke on the fact that we said "best worst basketball team" - I own the Sin City Saints. I assume this season it would a living nightmare to own the Lakers. BUT there's room for growth. They'll come back around.

And maybe one day be as good as the Clippers are now.

MrNixon792 karma

how did you dewelop your indian impression? it is so spot-on.

AndrewSantino2 karma

I grew up with a neighbor who was first-generation American, and his parents were from India, and i would imitate them when we would hang out. My friend Neal, and I loved imitating his parents, and that's how I developed the accent.

meleahq2 karma

Did you know anything about the NBA or sports before you joined Sin City Saints? Are you a sports fan?

AndrewSantino2 karma

I'm a HUGE sports fan. i'm from Chicago, and I grew up with the greatest basketball player to pick up a ball. Basketball was my first love. And I was excited to be a part of a sports comedy show, because of how rare that is.

And yes, I love watching professional basketball. As well as college basketball.

Let's go Kentucky!

Kid_Kong2 karma

You're one of my favorite comedians on the rise right now and I'm pumped you're doing this ama. I saw you a month or so ago and it seemed like some of the comedians in the lineup had a pretty intense love for each other (bobby lee and sebastian maniscalco, you and adam ray) What is comedy's social culture like? Is it cliquey/exclusive and what was it like breaking into it? Who are some of your closest comedian friends?

AndrewSantino2 karma

Well, I would say thank you for being a fan.

The community is... not exclusive, or cliquey, but I would say very loving. And supportive, if you put in the work and are around. Bobby and Sebastian are awesome guys and great comedians, and we're all friendly and supportive of one another. It's a great time for standup. Breaking into it is very hard and just takes a lot of dedication.

My closest comedian friends are Adam Ray, Brent Morin, Chris D'Elia...

lmi62 karma

Hi, Andrew! Thanks for doing this AMA. Do you have any stories from filming Mixology? Also, what are some of your favorite places that you've traveled to, and do you prefer acting or stand-up comedy?

AndrewSantino1 karma


Stories from MIXOLOGY, probably my favorite one was this director named Alex Hardcastle, who's very funny. He was making fun of how dirty the bar was, and yelling at people for making the set so dirty while we were shooting, that in-between shooting, I stole the keys to his car, and I filled up his car with all the trash from the bar - bottles, like TONS of bottles, probably 250 empty bottles of beer and just shit from the set - and I threw it in the car, so when we wrapped, he went out there, and he wasn't happy, but it was hilarious.

He was happy-mad. He thought it was funny, but he was pissed.

My favorite places to travel to - one of the coolest places I traveled to, I just did a little vacation in Europe, and I really enjoyed - it's lame - but I enjoyed the French countryside. It was really beautiful, really gorgeous. And the French people outside of Paris are way cooler than Parisians. They are nice to Americans outside of Paris. Inside of Paris, they wanna kill you, but outside they are really cool.

I like them both SO equal. And I hope I can keep doing them both for the rest of my life until the business kicks me out, and says I suck at both of them, until I have to leave and head back to Chicago.

itsbrotherben2 karma

Stand-up or comedic inspirations?

AndrewSantino2 karma

For standup, it would probably be George Carlin or Bill Burr. And for acting - Tom Hanks and Bill Murray. With a touch of Jim Carrey.

itsbrotherben1 karma

I can totally see hints of Carlin and Burr in your work. Thanks for answering!

AndrewSantino1 karma

Of course, thank you and I hope you continue to follow me as my standup career continues!

dragonfly19931 karma

favorite snack?

AndrewSantino1 karma

My favorite snack is... pretzel chips and hummus. Or Pirate's Booty. I love Pirate's Booty. Because it tastes good and the name is hilarious. The white cheddar Pirate's Booty is so good.

archie79011 karma

What's it like being so damn hot?

AndrewSantino2 karma

Hahaha! Do you think this is Brad Pitt's AMA?

Or do they physically mean I'm warm all the time? That's probably what it is.

Having red fair doesn't automatically mean my physical temperature is higher. It looks like I'm red all the time. But in actuality, I'm the same temperature as the rest of the humans. I know I seem freakish, but we're normal.

HighAltitudes1 karma

Outlandish characters, crazy story line, incredible location... So how much fun is SCS to do?

AndrewSantino1 karma

It was lots of fun.

And hard to stay sober, and on best behavior.

But Las Vegas is a tough city to shoot in. But we all made it through. Except for one guy, named Gary. He went missing, and we don't know where he is.

violincatherine1 karma

Would you actually want to be a billionaire who owns a basketball team in Vegas in real life?

AndrewSantino1 karma


I would never want to own a basketball team. I think the stress of being a fan is more than enough. Owning it seems like it's even more scary.

But I do want to be a billionaire! That I do want.

ntalex431 karma

What made you choose LA over NYC to pursue stand up? Do you ever have the urge to move to NYC and work the scene there?

AndrewSantino2 karma

I go to New York City often to do standup, and I do work over there. But LA is sunny all the time, and beautiful, and I grew up in Chicago, which has terrible weather. Also I knew I wanted to work in television, and LA has significantly more opportunities for TV and film. But i love NYC. But I'm going with 75 all year 'round.

violincatherine1 karma

Do you have any advice for an aspiring stand up comedian?

AndrewSantino1 karma

Yes, I do.

Do it all the time. Every day. Every night.

Work on standup.

And the 3 greatest things I was ever told was:

  • Show Up
  • Be funny
  • Leave

Do it all the time. Work on it every day.

ntalex431 karma

How long were you doing open mics and horrific bar shows before being bale to make a living to stand up??? Also an other advice would be greattt

AndrewSantino1 karma

Same advice as above - work on it constantly. Don't ever stop. Keep writing a lot. Don't ever stop writing new stuff. And I did awful bar shows and open mics for YEARS. And sometimes I still do awful shows, and they're not in bars, they're in pubs and small theaters, and they can still be awful. You just have to enjoy it.

dr_dirt1 karma

Hi Andrew! Caught the Sin City premiere at SXSW -- thought you were hilarious onscreen and as the MC at the Q&A. Did they let you improvise any of your lines for the show?

AndrewSantino1 karma


Brian Gordon (who is an amazing director, look him up, he's done everything from CURBED to a million TV shows) let me play a lot, because I'm a comedian. I think he gave me good leeway. So we got the lines as they were written, and I was allowed to improv a lot. That was the beauty of the show. We got to improv, especially when Tom Arnold and I were together. Love working with Tom. He's the best. I love him. He knows that.

PandoraBlackBox1 karma

Hello Andrew,

How r u? Miss mixology, and ur aweful (bur finlly only kind ) character

What r ur future plans?

What was ur best set memory?

AndrewSantino1 karma

Thank you again for missing MIXOLOGY. It's part of the past, and hoping the future is better with SIN CITY SAINTS.

My future plans are to... go to the gym this evening, and then sit on my couch and watch Netflix. And after that, only the universe knows.

No, I'm taping a half-hour special for Comedy Central this summer, and hopefully doing SIN CITY SAINTS 2 if people like it.

And my best SIN CITY set memory was probably when we wrapped, we had a group orgy on camera, but I don't know if that footage will ever air. But who knows if it'll ever air. It's the internet, so footage might leak.

(just to note - I'm a top not a bottom, just in case that's ever a question)

PandoraBlackBox0 karma

LOL Hope the scene won't be cut! Seems very... Uncommon!

Life is all tweet! I tought u meant sweet, but it's actually more hilarious that way!

Netflix, watching what?

Hope u'll have a lot of success Red beard!


Break a leg for all ur plans ;-)

AndrewSantino0 karma

Thank you very much. Tonight on Netflix, I will be watching... HOUSE OF CARDS. I have not finished it yet. I need to finish it, because it's amaaaazing.

HighAltitudes1 karma

So, B.K. Cannon... Motorboat?

AndrewSantino1 karma


Tom Arnold and I got to motorboat B.K. every Friday.

PandoraBlackBox1 karma

With whom do you wanna work someday?

U r always so sarcastic on twitter Is that really you tweeting? Lol

How would you define yourself in a few words?

AndrewSantino1 karma

I would love to work with - GOD, so many people. I think I would love to work with - at this moment in my life- Fred Armisen. I really love Fred. I think he's so brilliantly funny. I'd love to work with Fred in the comedy world. Or Bill Murray. Him too. Most brilliant comedians.

Yes, it's me tweeting.

You can't tweet anything seriously. Life is so tweet.

Cherish it.

And share your tweets with all around you.

Orange... tall... funny... and cutesy-bootsy.

dr_dirt1 karma

How did you get started in comedy?

AndrewSantino1 karma

I started doing sketch and improv in college, and then I moved to LA shortly thereafter, and started doing standup at the Comedy Store on Sunset in 2007, and I never looked back.

Unless someone's walking up behind me, and then I do look around!

violincatherine1 karma

What is the difference between doing a show on a network and doing one on Yahoo Screen?

AndrewSantino1 karma

That's actually a very awesome question.

The main difference is - FREEDOM, I would say.

Network TV has a lot more cooks in the kitchen. And we were able to create the world that I think the writers and director had in mind. Network is a little more restrictive , because they have to answer to more people, and Yahoo! did a great job letting us be free and have fun to create a funny show.

HighAltitudes1 karma

So can you give us any hints at the next season of Saints? It is going to be done isn't it?

AndrewSantino1 karma

We HOPE there's a season 2. That's kinda up to the fans. If people keep spreading the word & letting people know of it.

If there's a second season, you can expect Dusty to have another existential crisis over living in Vegas, you can expect new players on the team, you can expect Jake to fall victim to drugs, alcohol, and strippers (again), and this time, there'll be more than one person who gets murdered.

Lots more murdering going on in season 2!

We'll turn up the kill rate. It's like Sopranos. We'll be Sopranos, the comedy version.

GreendaleHumanGenie1 karma

Favorite episode or scene from Sin City Saints?

AndrewSantino1 karma

My favorite scene - unequivocally - is when - it's called "Urine Trouble."

And Henry had to thaw out a pee brick in the microwave, and it blew up all over him. I had tears in my eyes, because the actor, the way he did it, made me laugh every time. He came in drenched in urine, and says "I had an accident..."

Very, VERY funny. And hard to get through. It took me 7 times, because I laughed every time.

violincatherine1 karma

What was Las Vegas like as a shooting location? Any behind the scenes stories that you can share?

AndrewSantino1 karma

Vegas is... insane.

Just as you would think to shoot at. And we lived IN Ceasar's Palace. So we basically lived inside a slot machine.

And a short story I could share would be - lemme think - one time we went to dinner with Rick Fox and his son was supposed to meet us at dinner for us to drive back to Los Angeles, and he got a text from his son saying he ran into a girl from the way to the hotel to the restaurant, and they were going to go party. And Rick (being the coolest dad) told him to go have fun in the most quintessential Vegas way.

And he's a young boy living a dream in Vegas.

Just so fun!

HighAltitudes1 karma

How do you keep up with Tom Arnold? Isn't he like some kind of whirling dervish with a lot of energy?

AndrewSantino1 karma

Tom is an incredible actor, an extremely funny comedian, and an even better guy.

What you see IS what you get with Tom, and it's a ball of genuine, funny, sweet energy. And he is a loyal, awesome person. He is extremely talented, and when the cameras are off, he's a great dude with awesome stories about everyone in the business.

He's been around. I drink lots of coffee and exercise. I have 3 cups of coffee to shoot morning scenes, and I have to work out in the middle of the day, because Tom is a million miles an hour.

He's great.

GreendaleHumanGenie1 karma

Buddy cop comedy film. Who do they pair you with?

AndrewSantino1 karma

Ooh that's really good. I think it'd be great with my buddy Chris D'Elia, who's another standup. Him and I have been trying to work on something for a while. But Chris and I are very close and we have similar sensibilities. So probably D'Elia. And he's tall, and he's stupid.

So he's perfect. 'Cuz I'm smart.

violincatherine1 karma

I saw you guys at SXSW and fell in love with the show. There was such a great rapport at the cast Q&A. How amazing is the cast in real life? Can you say who your favorites are?

AndrewSantino1 karma

Thank you (that's nice). We did have a good rapport. Because I feel like everybody became friends very quickly.

I guess Malin and I got the closest because we worked together so much? She's not my favorite. But she's up there. She was great, because we worked together almost every day. She's fantastic. But they're all my favorite. I love all of them. Except for... Todd in HR.

meleahq1 karma

The episode of @midnight with you, Brent Morin, and Chris D'Elia was the best one I've seen! Was Brent Morin your best on-screen kiss?

AndrewSantino1 karma

He was my best on-screen kiss. He's my secret lover.

And i'll be back on @midnight on the... 7th of April.

violincatherine1 karma

I heard from SNL that there are comedians who never crack up (Will Forte), and some who always do (Jimmy Fallon). How hard was it to keep a straight face while filming Sin City Saints, and where does everybody from the cast fall on that spectrum? (EDIT: You're not filming live, so the stakes are a LOT lower lol)

AndrewSantino2 karma

It's hard to keep a straight face around very funny people. SNL Is tough, because it's live. So if we break, we can just do it again. And I would say the person who broke the MOST was... Malin. Malin would probably crack the most of anybody. And that's due to the fact that Tom Arnold and myself and Ryan Cartwright (who plays Wade) were always goofing around. Constantly goofing around.

HighAltitudes1 karma

Toby Huss (Coach Doug) seems like a funny SOB, could he do the stand up thing you think?

AndrewSantino3 karma

YES he could if he wanted to. Toby is unbelievably talented. And if you look him up, is a seasoned veteran actor who I was a big fan of before I did this show. My favorite Toby Huss cameo is in NATIONAL LAMPOON'S VEGAS VACATION as a street hustler that sold Rusty fake ID with the name "Nick Pappagiorgio." It's SOO funny.

Or if you want a blast from the last - look up Toby as Artie, the Strongest Man in the World, from THE ADVENTURES OF PETE & PETE. Which was an AWESOME show way ahead of its time.

HighAltitudes1 karma

I'm a new fan of yours, so tell me, if I go back through your resume, what ONE thing should I NOT miss of yours?

AndrewSantino1 karma

Oh god... I have a lot of standup online. One of my fave standup bits is the adopted Indian comedian. You can find it on YoUTube.

And thank you for being a new fan!

violincatherine0 karma

Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger. What do you hope happens next?

AndrewSantino1 karma

First off, I hope we GET another season.

And if we're lucky enough to come back, I would love to see Dusty team up with Jake, and take on the league. Together as a team.

And I hope the team actually gets GOOD the second season.

ntalex430 karma

How old were you when you started pursuing stand up? Im 23. Is it to late?

AndrewSantino1 karma


It's NEVER TOO LATE. I didn't pursue standup until I was 22. I did sketch and improv before that, but you are VERY young at 23. And just know that it takes a lot of time and a lot of effort. And to just stick with it, because it's something you can do for the rest of your life if you really, truly love it.

violincatherine0 karma

You're such a funny guy, and I hope your career takes off. What other projects do you have in the works right now?

AndrewSantino1 karma

I have a deal with NBC to do a show, so hopefully I will do a show with NBC this year. I'm shooting my half-hour special with Comedy Central this summer. And I will get going on tour this year, on a stand-up tour. And tomorrow I'll be hosting a pre-show for the Justin Bieber Roast on Comedy Central. And... I will be on @midnight on April 7.

Whole bunch of fun stuff coming up!