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Ohhhhh man!

HOW I MET YOUR DAD didn't get picked up because... it's a blessing in disguise, because then I couldn't have done SIN CITY SAINTS. And this was an extremely fun amazing show with ridiculously talented people. And things happen for a reason, and the show didn't belong on the air, and this one was meant to be, and I'm very happy i was a part of it. So it was a good thing. It opened me up to new possibilities.

(Also, it wasn't that funny - ahahah! It wasn't good enough. It shoulda been better, that's why it didn't make it).

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I think that must be a joke on the fact that we said "best worst basketball team" - I own the Sin City Saints. I assume this season it would a living nightmare to own the Lakers. BUT there's room for growth. They'll come back around.

And maybe one day be as good as the Clippers are now.

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Honesty is the best policy. Unless it hurts people's feelings. Then don't say anything.

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YES he could if he wanted to. Toby is unbelievably talented. And if you look him up, is a seasoned veteran actor who I was a big fan of before I did this show. My favorite Toby Huss cameo is in NATIONAL LAMPOON'S VEGAS VACATION as a street hustler that sold Rusty fake ID with the name "Nick Pappagiorgio." It's SOO funny.

Or if you want a blast from the last - look up Toby as Artie, the Strongest Man in the World, from THE ADVENTURES OF PETE & PETE. Which was an AWESOME show way ahead of its time.

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It's hard to keep a straight face around very funny people. SNL Is tough, because it's live. So if we break, we can just do it again. And I would say the person who broke the MOST was... Malin. Malin would probably crack the most of anybody. And that's due to the fact that Tom Arnold and myself and Ryan Cartwright (who plays Wade) were always goofing around. Constantly goofing around.