I play Nicole on ABC's new show "Fresh Off the Boat." I'm 13 years old, and I love what I do, I love acting - it's fun! I learn a lot. And it gives me an opportunity to give back to my community. I stand up for breast cancer awareness and helping save the environment. Besides acting, I am a dancer, and I have an adorable dog, whose name is Lola, and a cat named Frankie.

Victoria's helping me out over the phone tonight! AMAA!


Edit: I just want to thank you guys for tuning in for these questions, and watching "Fresh Off the Boat" and being supportive! And you can follow me on twitter @LunaBlaise and on instagram @lunablaiseboyd!

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hellohobbit17 karma

Do you like your dog or cat better and why is it your dog?

LunaBlaise13 karma

I love my cat. My cat is like, my best friend. My dog has its good and bad days. But it's SUPER cute!!!

hellohobbit12 karma

I haven't seen Fresh Off the Boat yet. What is Nicole's character like?

LunaBlaise17 karma

Nicole is very interesting. She's very sassy, and she's very confident, but I think she thinks she's a know-it-all, knows better than EVERYBODY, and doesn't take no for an answer. She loves fashion, she's very out of the box in the neighborhood and she doesn't fit in, but Eddie seems to like that.

sexrockandroll11 karma

How did you try out for the part in "Fresh Off the Boat"?

LunaBlaise15 karma

So I tried out for "Fresh off the Boat" and basically, I got in there, and did an audition - I had to dance in my audition, which I didn't really feel comfortable with because the dance style was hiphop, but I grew to love hiphop because of the show, but I went there, just tried my best, and when I got the callback I was really excited, like "OH my gosh, this will be fun!" and when I got the part, I was really happy and excited about it.

I was just... going out there, doing a normal audition, like this seems really cool, the writing seems really amazing, I didn't go in there knowing I would get the part, but I went in there with full confidence.

courtiebabe4207 karma

Hi Luna!

Who is your dream actor or actress to work with?

LunaBlaise16 karma

Can I name 2?

Acting-wise... for a guy, I'd probably choose to star alongside a younger guy. I would love to work with Eddie Redmayne, he seems like an amaaaazing guy to work with. Or Ansel Elgort.

For an actress, I think I'd like to work with Scarlett Johannson. She seems amazing in everything she does. And I think she'd be really fun to work with.

hellohobbit6 karma

How did you get into acting?

LunaBlaise9 karma

I did some commercials when I was 2 years old, and I started acting-acting when I was 5 years old. Ever since I was little, I always played dress-up, so I loved changing costumes, and my parents knew that I was going to try acting, so I started watching movies when I was really little, and I would watch the behind-the-scenes on movies and everything, and so I knew I had an interest in it - so I would watch them over and over and over again. So from day one, I knew I had an interest in it.

courtiebabe4205 karma

What was your favorite tv show growing up?

LunaBlaise7 karma

There's this one show - I didn't really watch TV when I was little, I watched movies, but I would have to say for the 7-10 range, I would watch HANNAH MONTANA or something. I watched RUGRATS when I was little, but that didn't affect anything! I loved that show.

courtiebabe4202 karma

Rugrats is awesome! Good choices!

LunaBlaise3 karma

thanks :)

dragonfly19934 karma

what is your favorite book?

LunaBlaise11 karma

THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. It's just such a good book. And the movie was really good. Like, I loved it!

mstrz133 karma

If you could be anything other than an actor, what would you be?

LunaBlaise5 karma


A director. I just have grown up on set, and I know the process of everything, and how it all works, and so that would definitely be my second choice, directing.

courtiebabe4202 karma

How has acting affected your ability to get an education? Do you see yourself in acting as a long-term career, or doing something else down the line?

LunaBlaise5 karma

Yes, I think I wanna act as much as I can act, and I want to stay in the business. I know that I am going to stay in the business my whole life - even if it's not acting, as a director and producer, but I hope it's acting.

courtiebabe4202 karma

How have your friends and family reacted to your success on the new show? Has anything about your interactions with them changed since it started airing?

LunaBlaise5 karma

I think they were just very happy for me, just very proud of what I've accomplished. All my friends watch the show, and they are very supportive of me.

dragonfly19932 karma

what commercials do you like that you were in?

LunaBlaise5 karma

Duncan Hines! I ate SO many brownies. It was great! I was like 6 or 7? Me and my mom were just making brownies... and I worked with the mom who was my mom in the commercial, we know each other personally in real life and we're really close.

beernerd2 karma

How did you get to be so grown up?

LunaBlaise5 karma

I don't know...it's the people I surrounded myself with when I was little? My family, my support network. They helped ground me.

beernerd2 karma

Well I'm very impressed. And I don't mean that in a condescending "you're such a big girl" sort of way like I talk to my toddler.

So what sort of things are you doing when you're not acting, dancing, or fighting for/against the environment/cancer?

LunaBlaise5 karma

I mean, I hang out with my friends... I try to do that as much as I can, because i have to sacrifice hanging out with my friends a lot, but I try to hang out with them as much as I can. I have really great friends who support me, so if I can't hangout at a specific time, sometimes they will reschedule it so I can join them, or they'll make it a shorter time, and give me the option to hang out. I FaceTime my friends every night, because I don't get to see them every single day, which is really good, so I really like that.

And I like going to Disneyland, all the time! We are a big Disney family.

beernerd1 karma

Oh man, I love Disneyland! You don't grow out of that. Have you been to Club 33?

LunaBlaise5 karma

I have not been there. You can't be in there without an adult - the youngest anyone who has ever been in there was 10 years old. There's no age limit, but you have to have an adult with you.

nodrugsinvolved2 karma

Have you ever had to give up something you enjoy in order to better your acting career?

LunaBlaise1 karma

I had to give up dance lessons... it was 6 days a week, so it was every day. So when "Fresh Off the Boat," that is when I decided I couldn't juggle both. My work day is 9 hours (3 of those hours are school, it's mandatory while on-set), and then I have travel time with LA and the traffic, so if I have an early call-time at 8 o'clock, you want to get there by 7 so you can put all your stuff away, get breakfast... so it can be getting up at 5, out by 6, then there by 7... and the schooling is not just 3 hours straight, you do 30 minutes here, then take a break... so it can end up being a long day.

RavenwoodFilms2 karma

Hi, Luna -

I worked on the show with you. Just wanted to congratulate you on the success! It's in the Top 3 Comedies on tv!

So. Now that you have a hit comedy under your belt, what else are you eager to tackle?

LunaBlaise2 karma

I want to tackle horror, hahaa! I want to be on a horror show, or a horror movie, but I love everything horror.