I am Kerstin Wolgers, 82. I was first introduced to the internet this week through a project with Mynewsdesk Now (http://mynewsdesknow.se). I have never used a computer or been online before – my life was completely AFK until Monday. This week, I’ve looked into Tinder, Skype, Twitter and Instagram, and played a game of Battlefield 4 – live streamed through a camera strapped on my chest.

Here's a clip from my week (English subtitles): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ce3ZmCMc9kk

Ask me anything about life without internet, life with internet, and whatever crosses your mind on this topic. To my help, I have Berthel Nordström (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLTnuGvkMtw) Sweden’s most digital senior. You can ask him questions, too! https://twitter.com/kerstinwolgers/status/573862071781232640

We are taking a break now but would like to thank you all so much for the great questions! Have a great weekend //Kerstin & Berthel

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wolverine8902563 karma

Would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?

KerstinWolgers3366 karma

I'd rather fight with 100 ducks the same size as a horse! Weird question though. Haha

diegojones41484 karma

Do you see yourself using the computer more now or is it just sort of a novelty?

KerstinWolgers2181 karma

I definitely see myself using the computer, and also the internet, more and in a way that is both for my own enjoyment and for writing my memoirs.

gabriellasjodin1422 karma

What was most fun during the week?

KerstinWolgers2301 karma

There were lots of things that I thought was fun. My week began with trying out Google and that was something that i really thought was fun and toally new.

Powlina1275 karma

How many cute cat videos have you watched so far? :)

KerstinWolgers2074 karma

Only one so far, but maybe that's something I should check out more! By the way, i've had three cats and three dogs. I love animals.

rohitknhs1102 karma

What's the worst thing you've seen across the internet?

KerstinWolgers2116 karma

Not really but I saw a music video with a man jumping around being a bit silly, with funny thing on top of his head. But other than that nothing bad or weird!

LeMeowLePurrr890 karma

Have you looked at any videos on YouTube yet? If so what's your favorite video so far?

Here's my favorite! http://youtu.be/hZPSyCXDjdc

edited: just saw the extra video on the video.

KerstinWolgers1637 karma

Yes, I saw this video on Youtube of this deaf girl who suddenly, with the help of doctors, could hear. It was amazing, the most moving thing i've seen in a long time! I'll send you the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsOo3jzkhYA But bring out your napkins!

janssin833 karma

Do you think the world would be a better or a worse place without internet?

KerstinWolgers1614 karma

No, I actually think that the world is better with access to internet. It opens up so many posibilities!

gabriellajones725 karma

Kerstin, what weapons did you prefer playing BF3?

KerstinWolgers1465 karma

Haha, I prefer using the helicopter. It was intense! :) :)

tinkerbeth528 karma

You used the term "afk" in your description, what's your favorite piece of internet speak so far? What terms do you find the most strange or confusing?

KerstinWolgers641 karma

Thank you for your question! The only term I remember is "afk", but maybe you know some that I could have try out the next time i'm on Instagram ? :)

thetebe524 karma

Hej Kerstin. Vad tycker du har vart mest intressant med den nyupptäckta världen med internet för din egen del?

Hello, Kerstin. What in your opinion has been the most interesting part of this new world of the internet?

KerstinWolgers749 karma

I really liked Google. It gave me a chance to learn more about searching methods, digital news and lots of art. I really like arts and crafts and Google was a good way to find new art pieces.

Withparachute485 karma

Do you remember the first thing you googled? :D

KerstinWolgers861 karma

Art! I love art!

dragonfly1993411 karma

favorite snack?

KerstinWolgers1055 karma

Yes, after lunch I usually take a piece of chocolate!

gabriellasjodin400 karma

Will you try to buy things online (clothes, furnitures etc)?

KerstinWolgers881 karma

No, I prefer walking into a store and being able to touch and try on the items I like.

gabriellasjodin377 karma

Will you continue using Tinder?

KerstinWolgers712 karma

Thank you for your question.. i'm not sure. I dont know if anybody would find me interesting

NoWorries76103 karma

And have you met anyone yet through this app?

KerstinWolgers167 karma

No.. not yet!

gabriellasjodin309 karma

Will you buy your own broadband now?

KerstinWolgers464 karma

Definitely! As I said before - i'm just getting started! :) :)

Powlina210 karma

Will you be watching Netflix now?

KerstinWolgers394 karma

No, only Youtube :)

BillionTonsHyperbole138 karma

Hi, Kerstin! Welcome to the internet! Like the world you know so well, it includes all kinds and takes all kinds.

My question: Now that you have started your digital journey, what do you think you will get out of it? Now that this door to the largest trove of information, misinformation, and everything in between has been opened for you, what, if anything, is on your to-do list? What are you excited to explore?

Second question if you have time: You have access to more information and a greater ability to source and move people and materials at this very moment than any Pharaoh of Egypt, Emperor of Rome, or Khan of Mongolia. Just a few clicks in a few hours can send tons of material and thousands of people into motion all over the world. What does this mean for you? Is it a good thing?

KerstinWolgers211 karma

I think it will make it easier to find news and to learn about such things I would not normally come in contact with. And what I found to be very exciting exploring was definitely Skype!

MasterDeaf94 karma

Why did you want to get online, any benefits for you?

KerstinWolgers183 karma

Beacuse I had though about learning more, or anything, about the internet but frankly I felt lost before this week began. This project has been such a good way for me to éxpand my horizon. I'm happy about this collaboration :)

DriedTomato89 karma

Hi Kerstin, welcome to the Internet! Now that you have access to YouTube what type of music/bands are you most excited to be listening to? Current and former

KerstinWolgers217 karma

I really like classical music but I didn't find any new artist that I like. Oh, just remembered that I like ABBA so i might just listen more to them on Youtube!

sofiajuhlin83 karma

What is your everyday tips to Kerstin?

KerstinWolgers304 karma

My tip would be encouraging people to read more poetry on the internet. I've found so many brilliant poets!

shouldbeworking2351 karma

Did you meet anyone on Tinder?

KerstinWolgers126 karma

No, not yet..

iR3venant41 karma

This past week must have been quite the experience for you, what would you have found to be the most difficult aspect of the internet to wrap your head around?

KerstinWolgers73 karma

Everything has been very pleasant but at the same time very difficult. I'm sure i'll continue learning more about the internet! I'm up for the challenge!

dustytrombone33 karma

Have you had to call into tech support yet?

KerstinWolgers69 karma

Not really but the team from My News Desk have been total angels, so calming and if I had trouble with something, they helped me the best they could.

janssin4 karma

What is the internet to you?

KerstinWolgers8 karma

Very much actually, since I got the opportunity to this digital knowledge gap of mine! I feel a little less "gone with the wind".

Powlina4 karma

Do you know what a gif is?

KerstinWolgers9 karma

No, but i'm willing to learn!

ArcherOnSkis3 karma

Have you discovered any interesting subreddits yet (besides /r/iama)?

KerstinWolgers9 karma

This is my very first time on reddit so no. Have patience with me please, i'm still trying to expand this "learning curve" of mine!

gabriellajones3 karma

Happy Friday Kerstin!!!

Love this project! Is there something that you were curious about but still haven’t discovered online?

KerstinWolgers4 karma

Happy Friday to you too! Skype is still a favorite and I really appreciated "googling" haha!

hyperintelligentcat3 karma

What's the weirdest thing you've seen on the Internet? Where did you see it?

KerstinWolgers7 karma

I would say that the music video I say with the jumping man, singing a song about something I couldn't really understand, was the most weird thing on the internet. But who am I to say whats weird or not :)

SeymourApps2 karma

What on the internet has surprised you the most, having not been on the internet ever before?

KerstinWolgers3 karma

I was very surprised over Google and that the internet could include so many different subjects!

Withparachute2 karma

Have you used FB too?

KerstinWolgers7 karma

No, but do you think I should try it out?

nanyanwu2 karma

Hello, my name is Edward J. Forsyth. But you can call me Ed.

How's life like now that you're on the Internet? What are your favorite hobbies?

KerstinWolgers2 karma

Hi Ed! Thank you for your question! I would say that the internet has opend up new doors, making me a bit more updated and tuned in to things I wouldn't normally get in contact with. I don't really have any hobbies but I Hi Ed! Thank you for your question! I would say that the internet has opend up new doors, making me a bit more updated and tuned in to thing I wouldn't normally get in contact with. I don't really have any hobbies but I enyoj reading poetry

JeF4y2 karma

Hello Ladies!!

All good seniors have an awesome recipe or two that they enjoy making or sharing. Do you have a favorite that you could share with us?

KerstinWolgers7 karma

I enyoj eating fish, so I would recommend something with fish and curry. Your making me hungry! Haha :)

sofiajuhlin2 karma

Any specific apps that you would like to recommend Kerstin?

KerstinWolgers2 karma

Maybe you could recommend cool apps? I'm not an expert, and i'm not sure if I even tried out any apps.. I'm a bit old you know so my memory isn't always the best haha. Just kidding!

momoa12392 karma

Do you like the Internet?

KerstinWolgers4 karma

Yes, very much so!

gabriellasjodin1 karma

Is there something that you were curious about but still haven’t discovered online?

KerstinWolgers10 karma

I'm still very intrigued by the internet and I would like to know so much more about Skype! I loved Skype!!