I'm that guy who knocked out that tatted up jerk and made it to the front page of Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/2y00i3/douchebag_acting_tough_and_then/

I've been a big time lurker here for 5+ years and now recently started posting. I am a professional MMA fighter, computer geek, and avid motorcycle rider. You could say I like doing what I like to do. My nationality is Vietnamese American from SOUTH DAKOTA and I am now chasing the dream Down Under! AMA!

Proof: https://twitter.com/Ben10MMA/status/573499258193604610

EDIT: Holy crap, did not expect this to blow up and make it to the front page again. I need to buy a lotto ticket NOW! EDIT #2: Needed to add South Dakota to my bio. The state doesn't receive enough love.

EDIT #3: I love and have kittens named Tofu and Yuki! Don't break Reddit!: http://imgur.com/Vne0eZi

EDIT #4: For the people asking what his response was after the fight, he said "I know he has skills but it was nothing but F***ing luck" http://themmacorner.com/2014/07/22/julian-julz-the-jackal-rabaud-a-tale-of-pain-and-glory/

EDIT #5: Doing an AMA might have been a bad thing to start at 2AM in the morning. Need to catch some z's Reddit! I'll be back on in a few hours to answer some more questions. G'night or should I say G'Day!

EDIT # 6: Ok, Lad Bible fine, BJPenn.com alright, but front page on Reddit for the past 4 hours?? GTFO! Am I dreaming??

EDIT #7: Just wanted to take the time to thank everyone on the interwebz for making this possible. Never in a million years would I thought I'd be doing my OWN AMA. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

EDIT #8: Still overwhelmed by the amount of support I've received and I am so thankful for it. It's been an exciting 12 hours answering everyone's questions. Thank you EVERYONE!

EDIT #9: I woke up today thinking this whole thing would be blown over by now. I couldn't have been any more wrong! The video itself has over 50 million combined views, I've gained about 2k more followers on my social media, and UNILAD even mentions this AMA!: http://www.unilad.co.uk/articles/guy-that-kod-cocky-mma-fighter-in-20-seconds-speaks-out/

I'm so grateful to be part of the Reddit community and be the hero or the internet for the past 24 hours! Mind=blown

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RazgrizReborn3974 karma

This video made me laugh so hard. What was going through your mind when he was acting that way?

Ben10MMA4939 karma

"Just wait until tomorrow"

eddyress3097 karma

Is it true that some of his tats was imprinted on the gloves after the fight?

Ben10MMA2907 karma


Absal0m2798 karma

Hey man, awesome work in that fight. Have there been many examples of this type of "intimidation" technique that you've gotten used to from the past, or have you just always been a badass? Any examples of other douchey behavior that you've learned how to handle outside of the ring?

Ben10MMA4979 karma

This was the first time I've encountered this type of behavior but I don't pay any attention to it. I've always looked up to Solid Snake from MGS and thought "wish I could be like him" or "what would Snake do in this situation".

brodymitchell1968 karma

What's your shoulder routine? 'Mirin

Ben10MMA3486 karma

Wrestle sweaty dudes and punch people in the face! But no seriously I don't do any weights. Just train my butt off.

Games_and_Dames1959 karma

Did you feel like you had the advantage going into the fight? You seemed to be laughing a bit at the weigh in.

Ben10MMA3222 karma

We new he had heavy hands so the plan was to wrestle him but he stood so close in front of me so I just hit him until he went down.

wolfbananabear1937 karma

What made you want to do MMA? Did you fight much as a kid inside and outside of the 'ring'?

Ben10MMA3210 karma

I was bullied when I was in middle school which lead me to taking up Tae Kwon Do at a young age. I loved martial arts and competing so MMA was just a natural progression.

duddles1312 karma

Have you ever fought someone outside of competition? Did you ever fight a bully?

Ben10MMA3277 karma

Ever since I've take up martial arts, I haven't had to.

WisDominant1805 karma

Did you want to kiss him?

Ben10MMA2587 karma


throwaway-----------1656 karma

What was going through your mind as he kept pushing you? Did you have any other prior incident with him?

Ben10MMA3123 karma

He talked a lot of trash up until the fight. I just remember thinking "keep cool Ben, save it for tomorrow". Thank god i did.

BergenCountyJC1396 karma

Two questions:

  1. How much of that pre-fight "thing" (sorry) was just playing for the camera? Was the other dude just trying to seduce you with his eyes?

  2. What got you into MMA? Do you ever get concerned about riding and the potential to dereail your fighting career?

Ben10MMA1847 karma

  1. I'm not sure. He's done this in the past in his previous fights.

  2. I love riding so much that it doesn't bother me. I commute on a motorcycle on average about an hour and a half daily. I love it!

BlackBlueWhiteGold1345 karma

Great punch, Ben! Were you close to punching him at the weigh in? Because if you were, you hid it very well! Nice job!

Ben10MMA2351 karma

Not at all. I knew I had a lot of punching to do the next day :)

dogsinthesky1169 karma

Did the little face-off before your fight intimidate you or did it work in your favour? Looks a lot like the latter to me.

Ben10MMA2030 karma

It was probably the best thing to happen to me TBH.

TakemeDayz1037 karma

What's the most brutal fight you have been in?

Ben10MMA2418 karma

Probably my fight in Canada years back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMROTueJLcw

eddyress992 karma

How does it feel?

Ben10MMA2203 karma

It was a big relief because I knew I had to prove this guy wrong.

s3b_911 karma

Which bikes do you ride?

Ben10MMA1606 karma

I'm glad you asked this question.

Yamaha 2001 YZF-600r Thundercat

2006 R6

Now 2005 FZ6n(I commute an hour and half daily now, much more comfortable)

Bdag866 karma

You seemed pretty confident about the fight. Did you know you had the guy beat during the weigh in?

Ben10MMA1478 karma

I knew I had better wrestling than him so the game plan was the clinch and take him to the ground. That plan went out the window!

theresamouseinmyhous705 karma

How are personalities of other fighters?

Are there a lot of showy jerks like this or is it mostly folks just doing their jobs?

Anyone with an outstanding or notable personality?

Ben10MMA1698 karma

Many fighters like showy jerks but they have the ability to back it up. This guy didn't.

Upuser630 karma

With UFC 193 being officially set in Melbourne, any chance that you'll be on that card?

Ben10MMA1457 karma

Being a local Aussie now with a 7 fight win streak I'd love to fight on that card!

majicat2600 karma

Did you get that belt he was holding? Is that like an MMA trophy?

Ben10MMA1573 karma

Yes, I go to bed with it at night!

twixonurface528 karma

How would Ronda Rousey do in a MMA fight against a man in her weight class?

Ben10MMA1261 karma

Ronda would crush them. She is all finesse, not strength!

glay913446 karma

What's your favorite PC game?

Ben10MMA2038 karma

CS, Starcraft, Mass Effect, League, Skyrim, RUNESCAPE!

noahnasty417 karma

Have you had any negotiations with the UFC regarding a contract?

Ben10MMA720 karma

None so far. Fingers cross!

CoD67367 karma

Can you speak or read Vietnamese and have you ever been to Vietnam ? I'm a Vietnamese too :D

Ben10MMA512 karma

I speak about 50/50. I try to go back every year!

eddyress282 karma

Have you two met after the fight? If yes how did he acted?

Edit: spelling

Ben10MMA683 karma

I haven't seen him since. Lol...

zyyklon254 karma

What is your opinion on beards?

Ben10MMA568 karma

I sometimes wish I could grow one. They can look cool. It's a misconception that it pads your chin though!

dbogaev236 karma

How'd you first get into MMA?

Ben10MMA387 karma

I was put into Tae Kwon Do when I was 12. I loved martial arts and competing so MMA was just a natural progression.

doughnut_cat222 karma

how can I get into MMA training?

Ben10MMA395 karma

google in your area for MMA gyms. If you're happy with a gym stay there and train your butt off. Definitely one of my passions.

jstrydor256 karma

how long have you been training?

Ben10MMA222 karma

Professionally, for about 8 years now.

Javert__175 karma

Was the knockout out of anger or were you trying to help the guy out by smacking the stupid tattoos off his face?

Ben10MMA238 karma

Little bit of both ahah

MasonicMasterpiece172 karma

Have you ever experienced anyone getting physical (straight up hitting/kicking) at the weigh-ins?

Ben10MMA859 karma

Not yet thankfully. Not sure what I would do in that situation. Maybe go to de-pants the guy. That's the best way to defuse a fight.

UnoriginalG146 karma

What disciplines do you train?

Ben10MMA376 karma

Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitus, Muay Thai, Wrestling, and a little bit of Wing Chun.

FunSizedFury137 karma

I do not usually like to watch MMA, but you've got a new fan! For being a fellow Vietnamese-American and knocking out a douchey tatted up jerk.

Did you watch any Monkey King/Te Thien Dai Thanh growing up? Who do you look up to as a fighter?

Ben10MMA211 karma

I'm pretty sure every 90s Vietnamese kid had experience Monkey King and it's millions VHS tapes stuffed into a clothes drawer.

Kinda Cliche but Bruce Lee. Be like water my friend!

PirateMushroom132 karma

What is your opinion on Cross-Fit training? It has a lot of negative press about it so I'm curious to see what someone who does training/fighting for a living feels about it.

Ben10MMA684 karma

I'm not a big fan on Crossfit. Olympic lifts are not designed to be done in many reps. All my MMA training is sports specific. The best way to get better at something to do that something.

The-Oneironaut129 karma

I love kids.

Ben10MMA214 karma

I love martial arts , competition, and putting in hard work to achieve a goal. My advise is to keep an open mind and NEVER give up!

JesusSama91 karma

Ben, fantastic job. I just glossed at your record and you're at 13-5 which is very respectable and this fight happened last year? Have you heard from Bellator or UFC at all? Or possibly for "The Ultimate Fighter"? Have you been scouted? I don't know what the process is of them picking up guys like you but I think you should be given a shot.

Ben10MMA155 karma

My management have been in contact with UFC. They know I'm on the radar and that is all I know. Hopefully soon.

Freakawn75 karma

Yay motorcycles!

What do you enjoy riding the most, and where? (Track, motocamping, commuting, weekend rides, all of the above, etc)

Really enjoyed that fight. Thanks for the AMA!

Ben10MMA132 karma

I really love my sport touring bike(FZ6n) because its versatile. It's good for commuting, touring, and twisties. I have a spot up in the mountains full of twisites I like to run. Here's a vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMnGER264Ow

USofAndy42 karma

What BPM are the roads in Australia?

Ben10MMA64 karma


Ben10MMA17 karma

We were going what 80MPH on that road so maybe 100KM's or so?? On the left side!

Georgefancy21 karma

Have you ever watched Hajime no ippo? And if so what did you think of it?

Ben10MMA42 karma

It's my favorite anime actually! My walk out song is "Inner Light". I've also cosplayed as Ippo at cons

easyjo8 karma

What does a weekly workout routine look line?

Ben10MMA12 karma

I train around 12-24 hours Mon-Sat. Much of it depends on the schedule of the gym i'm training at, what stage I am at during my camp, ect.