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magerpower1318 karma

is it tough on you when so many people say you dont exist?

CodyBigFoot198 karma

Actually, people I've met use me as proof that 'BigFoot' certainly does exist. That joke has been overused in my life! lol

Edit: So apparently Reddit doesn't qualify my original pictures as enough proof, so they deleted this post. I have another one that's open though. Just follow this link if anyone's curious...


totalrobe125 karma

Are you on swim team? You should be with these built in flippers.

CodyBigFoot72 karma

I'm not really on any swim team. But I do swim for fun.

LOLBRBY2K123 karma

Forget shoes, do you have a hard time finding socks?

CodyBigFoot242 karma

Yes. I only own 3 pairs of socks.

wyldcrater10 karma

Once you find one pair that fits well, why don't you just buy all of them?

CodyBigFoot32 karma

Because my feet are still growing.

baboonredass5 karma

What size are your hands? And how big do you think your feet are going to grow?

CodyBigFoot11 karma

My hands are about average size (maybe around 6.5 inches from wrist to middle finger tip). I have no idea how big... but doctors say they could grow to size 40.

Tomera579 karma

Is it hard to run?

CodyBigFoot159 karma

Yes. I trip over them a lot.

omnichronos68 karma

I would imagine however that if you stood with your legs apart and feet firmly planted, it would be much more difficult to push you over.

CodyBigFoot41 karma

I suppose that would probably happen! lol

RainbowWolfie70 karma

Have you ever been called a Hobbit?

CodyBigFoot69 karma

Yes... along with bigfoot.

RainbowWolfie51 karma

:/ on the bright side you're gonna be a massive hit for people with feet fetishes xD

CodyBigFoot66 karma

I know. I already have had people commenting in that way.

RainbowWolfie48 karma

Wait has someone actually said that? That's sorta creepy given your age, lol

CodyBigFoot61 karma

Yeah I know. I try to avoid them lol

mrrp68 karma

What does your doctor have to say about this?

CodyBigFoot110 karma

Aside from my feet being so huge, there aren't any health risks involved. No signs of any growth disorders are found in my feet. They're just really big. And while they may cause a lot of annoyance in my life, they aren't life threatening. I've seen more than one doctor and they all came to this conclusion.

DefinitelyNotRed55 karma

Could you post a picture with a banana for scale?

CodyBigFoot69 karma

I could probably try getting a picture of them compared to something else. We don't have any bananas in the house.

Pinklady412848 karma

How hard is it to find a good fitting pair of shoes?

CodyBigFoot85 karma

Really hard. I can't actually try shoes on in stores. We custom order my shoes online, which means I don't know how they would feel on my feet until they get delivered.

Pinklady412830 karma

That sucks, also, do you get bullied because of your feet?

CodyBigFoot130 karma

Bullied? No. Teased? Yes... a lot. Teasing doesn't bother me though. I play along.

badgerX3mushroom7 karma

what about Zappos? they have free return shipping

CodyBigFoot10 karma

I know. We've had to do that a couple times.

Pm_Me_You_Life_Story42 karma

You should call Shaq. He is a tiny human taller than you but you could share shoes or at least complain together about your big foot issues. Also how do you feel when you watch the Hobbit?

CodyBigFoot40 karma

He's also 7 feet tall. I'm sure size 22-23 is much easier to manage when you aren't an average height.

Pm_Me_You_Life_Story10 karma

True. But you get shoes though. And the shoes aren't any easier to find.

What are the advantages of having really large feet?

CodyBigFoot28 karma

Well yeah, but he has the money to constantly custom order shoes anyway. I honestly can't think of many advantages. They do make me better at swimming though. They act like flippers.

kazzura36 karma

How big is it in European size?

CodyBigFoot56 karma

Size 55 EUR

kazzura22 karma

This is really big. I guess you're wearing adidas supernova glide sport shoes. I haven't seen any other shoes that are that big.

CodyBigFoot24 karma

I do usually wear Adidas, but I've had Nike too. But my current shoes are Adidas.

hugh_jorgyn33 karma

Are you able to comfortably pedal when riding a bike?

You're too young to drive, but I wonder how easy / comfortable driving would be when you get to it.

CodyBigFoot47 karma

My feet are too big for a bike. My feet get in the way of the tires. As for driving, my dad actually had me sit in the driver's seat of his car awhile back. My feet are cramped and are bigger than the pedals. I have no idea how that's gonna effect driving in the future.

dubs211231 karma

Have you ever went skiing with skis?

CodyBigFoot102 karma

I could probably ski with my bare feet... but all joking aside, no I haven't. I don't think I could find skis that I could fit into.

xsailerx55 karma

You could do barefoot skiing quite easily.

CodyBigFoot36 karma

I didn't even know it was a thing... lol

xDucklingx21 karma

Is the left foot (from the picture's perspective) longer than the other?

CodyBigFoot39 karma

Well everyone has one foot that's bigger than the other but the difference isn't usually that big. It's the angle of the picture. Both my feet are roughly the same size.

DontKillTheMedic12 karma


CodyBigFoot65 karma

All parts of our body that have two have one that's slightly bigger.

Bigeasyalice20 karma

Will you let us know how tall you are in about three years? I'd bet you'll be a foot taller. We should start a pool.

CodyBigFoot10 karma

Sure I can. But I'm not so sure I'll be a foot taller.

suchacleverguy17 karma

How incredible is your balance?

CodyBigFoot28 karma

I actually find myself tripping quite a lot... especially on stairs.

aryst0krat7 karma

But if you're standing still?

CodyBigFoot16 karma

I suppose I could probably achieve decent balance if that's the case.

AnimalsWearBoots3 karma

I wear size 12 us, and I have trouble with stairs, I get teased because I always go up sideways :-P (so my foot fits on the steps)

CodyBigFoot4 karma

That's exactly what I do.

krystallynn0413 karma

How much do shoes usually cost for you?

CodyBigFoot30 karma

Well they don't necessarily get too expensive. But they can range from a few hundred dollars for simple shoes. I wear Adidas and Nike mostly. My shoes need to be custom ordered. But when they grow bigger, it'll become a bigger problem.

Jungianshadow11 karma

Are you going to grow into them like a puppy would, or will you always be half man half feet?

CodyBigFoot13 karma

Most likely the second one. My height isn't expected to grow anymore but my feet are.

grundelstiltskin10 karma

Are there/would you consider surgical options?

CodyBigFoot19 karma

I actually talked about that kind of thing with doctors. Since my feet aren't actually causing any threat to my health, there isn't much that can be done with them. Usually surgeries like that are done in the case of life threatening risks. Plus, I'm 14 years old. It could probably damage my development if they try doing anything to the growth.

novemberbrain9 karma

Is it one bigger than the other? will they get bigger?

CodyBigFoot12 karma

My right foot is a bit bigger than my left, but not as much bigger as the picture portrays. I think the angle of the camera caused it to look a bit distorted. And yes, they are getting bigger.

pm_me_your_rockets9 karma

do they help you jump higher?

CodyBigFoot32 karma

No. My feet are pretty heavy, so jumping isn't really easy. But they do help me reach higher places when I stand on my toes.

TFTD29 karma

Do you seem to be at an advantage against your peers when swimming?

CodyBigFoot25 karma

Mostly. My feet are like flippers.

meow_gusta8 karma

Do you look like the letter L? (I'm sure you've never heard that a million times before..)

But honestly, do they hurt? I'd imagine they must cramp up a bit, or at least make your legs feel tired after walking long distances.

CodyBigFoot7 karma

Yes I look like an 'L'. And yeah, they ache really badly. A lot of the pain is because of growing pains. Think of it like this... my feet are like weights attached to my legs. They get really sore after standing or walking for a long time.

THE_LURKER__8 karma

Has anyone ever suggested just wearing the boxes shoes come in?

My feet are size 16, thats what everyone in my family used to suggest. Not the most helpful advice though...

CodyBigFoot3 karma

Actually, yes. Some even suggested I use canoes and boats for shoes.

ownage5167 karma

Do you get hit alot with "Do you know what they say about big feet?"

CodyBigFoot17 karma

Yes. And it's not true.

meandmybeer6 karma

Are you sick all of the time? I mean with that much of your body laying on the ground and all.

CodyBigFoot21 karma

No. But it does honestly get tiring walking with these feet all the time (especially when I'm wearing shoes). They're pretty heavy.

TheBatmanFan5 karma

Have you had your heart checked for Marfanoid symptoms?

CodyBigFoot8 karma

I've been checked for many growing disorders and any other health threatening things. There aren't any. My feet are just really big.

Reia20015 karma

Does anyone else in your family have big feet? Is it genetic?

CodyBigFoot12 karma

Actually, no. I have the biggest. All the other men in my family wear size 9-10.

perona135 karma

Do you have flat feet?

Do they get sore after standing on them for extended periods of time?

Do your doctors have any expectations for how big they'll get?

CodyBigFoot13 karma

My feet are pretty flat. And yes, they really ache after standing or walking for a long time. Doctors have suggested that my feet could grow to be a size 40 if they continue at the same rate.

FUUUDGE3 karma

How soon did you realize your feet were outgrowing your height?

CodyBigFoot20 karma

My feet were always really big. I was size 13 by the age of 8. I was already in men's sizes when I was like 5 years old.

GoobySahn3 karma

How well do they work as flippers?

CodyBigFoot19 karma

Pretty well. I can swim kinda fast, but I need to stay active in the water. If I just float, the weight of my feet eventually pull me down. Not even kidding.

drock422 karma

Do you think you're more stable than than a 5'8" person with "normal sized" feet? Like... would I have a hard time pushing you over?

CodyBigFoot4 karma

You probably might. But I find myself tripping over them a lot.

Indydegrees22 karma

How do you get shoes?

CodyBigFoot4 karma

We custom order my shoes online.

OneSpookySneakySquid2 karma

How comfortable are your shoes?

CodyBigFoot2 karma

Luckily, they fit me well for now. But since my feet are growing bigger and at a quick rate, I'll probably outgrow them soon.

geegriz1 karma

Is your right foot really that much bigger than your left?

CodyBigFoot1 karma

No. I think it was the angle of the picture.

adrianmakedonski1 karma

Have you tried swimming? You'd probably destroy Michael Phelps.

CodyBigFoot2 karma

I do swim for fun, but not on an actual team. I've been considering it though.