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Since this is a well known prop trick, and you were certain going in that they wouldn't be fooled, why did you choose to do it?

Do you have anything in your repertoire which you think might have a chance of stumping them, but chose not to try?

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I know what some of you are thinking: "this is fake. It's just dye."

First thought: This is obviously a super power. How can she use it?

Second thought: 5 years ago she wouldn't have posted. 500 years ago she would have either been burned as a witch or made a saint. I wonder if there are any stories of miracles or just folklore that would be explained by this condition.

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We know there's a tremendous amount of sexytime going on in nursing homes.

What are the unique ethical problems surrounding sexual contact, consent, privacy, etc. in a nursing home and how are staff and families addressing this issue?

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I always hear lawyers (half) joking about making sure that your parents do NOT live in PA, since PA has and enforces filial support laws, meaning kids can legally be held responsible for their parents' nursing home and other bills.

Here's an article about it:


What's your perspective on this?

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What does your doctor have to say about this?