Schitt's Creek is the story of one very rich family's unexpected initiation into the 99 percent--and their hilarious attempts at clawing themselves right back out. After losing their fortune to a crooked finance guy, video store magnate Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy) and his soap-star wife Moira (Catherine O'Hara), along with their hipster son David (Daniel Levy) and socialite daughter Alexis (Annie Murphy), are forced to move into a rough-around-the-edges motel in the quirky backwoods town of Schitt's Creek. Johnny bought the town for David as a joke years earlier, and it's the only asset the government doesn't want. Hello, culture shock.

The NY Post says it's the best new comedy of the year. Us Weekly dubs it "satire paradise." People calls the cast (hey, that's us!) comedy gold. So...ask us anything!

The following cast members will be here to answer your questions TODAY at 3pm ET/12pm PT:

Daniel Levy - David

Annie Murphy - Alexis

Emily Hampshire - Stevie

Sarah Levy - Twyla

Jennifer Robertson - Jocelyn Schitt

Tim Rozon - Mutt

Ask us anything! (Spoiler alert: We won't be posting any spoilers.)

Schitt's Creek airs every Tuesday @ 9/9:30NT on CBC in Canada & Wednesdays @ 10/9c on Pop channel finder in the U.S.

Proof: (Sarah, Jennifer, Dan and Emily at Pop) (Annie and Tim at CBC)

UPDATE 4:06ET: Thanks for the great questions, everyone. We'll try to answer more throughout the next day or so. There's a new episode of Schitt's Creek on tonight @ 9PM/9:30NT on CBC (Canada) and tomorrow night @ 10/9c on Pop (U.S.). See you then!

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Frajer8 karma

have you ever touched Eugene's eyebrows and if so how do they feel?

schittscreek14 karma

ANNIE: I haven't had the honour of touching Eugene's eyebrows yet, but I imagine they feel like a cozy, downy birds nest that a mother bird has just built for her babies. I imagine that a lot, actually.

TIM: I've never touched Eugene's eyebrows, but he touched my beard a lot.

JohnDuMond5 karma

Is there any chance that we'll see some guest stars who worked with Eugene and Catherine on SCTV?

schittscreek2 karma

DAN: I can't say at the moment. We'll see. We haven't started casting season two yet, but there is always the potential.

RambleMan5 karma

How has the promotion of the show been different in Canada vs. the US? In the one US promo interview I saw it seemed like there was guard about saying "Schitt". Was that a put-on for the audience?

schittscreek2 karma

We had the same sensitivities in the US as in Canada. Some media outlets were OK with saying it and some weren't. So we had fun with it when we had to!

DavisGoodrich5 karma

I also wanted to ask about the wardrobe on the show. Everything Catherine wears is amazing! What was it like dressing as the characters on Schitt's Creek?

schittscreek7 karma

Dan: Our big priority was to make sure the clothes looked authentic, so all the clothes that the family wears are real. We had to beg, borrow and steal.

rathgrith4 karma

Should I max out my TFSA this year?

schittscreek4 karma

ANNIE and TIM: Yes, max it out. You only have a week left to do it, and apparently you can do it all online now.

JohnDuMond4 karma

First off, just wanted to say I love this show. Best fish-out-of-water comedy since NORTHERN EXPOSURE.

My question is for Emily: We've seen Stevie reading while behind the desk at the motel. What kind of books does Stevie like to read? And is reading her way of escaping the boredom of small-town life?

schittscreek4 karma

Emily: Yes, it’s absolutely her way of escaping the boredom - glad you picked up on that! Did you also notice she plays solitaire on the computer? She reads books like Madame Bovary.

FlatKnob4 karma

For Dan: You're doing a great job on the show. Can I submit a writing sample/spec script?

schittscreek8 karma

DAN: Sure! I'm no dream crusher. Get in touch with the production company and submit it. We would be happy to read it.

jaggerlover3 karma

do Eugene's eyebrows grant wishes?

schittscreek5 karma


DavisGoodrich3 karma

There are so many Levy's on this show! How's working w/family?

schittscreek5 karma

SARAH: Mediocre at best.

tvgoodness3 karma

For Sarah: I can’t wait to find out more about Twyla and her backstory. What can you tell us?

schittscreek4 karma

Sarah: It’s dark. Funny, but dark.

Sofy013 karma

Hi Tim and Annie :) Tim how long to grow this beard and Annie do you really like bearded guys ?

schittscreek4 karma

ANNIE: I love bearded guys. But I also like unbearded guys, which is important, because my husband can only grow a very questionable beard. A 40% beard.

TIM: I'm French Canadian and Irish, so it took about 4 days for a full-blown beard.

marsalva3 karma

Hi! love the show! question for Tim Rozon: Do you feel more comfortable doing comedy or doing drama?

schittscreek4 karma

TIM: Drama 1,000,000%

HusMcGoose3 karma

In transitioning to the next season, will we start seeing glimpses into the glamorous past life of the Roses'? Or will the storyline always arch around life at Schitt's Creek? Love the show. x

schittscreek3 karma

DAN: Season 2 will go one step further...that's all I can say without spoiling it for everyone! Apologies for how incredibly vague that statement was.

JENN: We can promise there won't be zombies.

shudder6363 karma

Dan: did you ever write a line for your dad that he outright rejected? Or vice-versa?

schittscreek4 karma

DAN: Yes, many.

SARAH: I was caught in that crossfire many a time.

DAN: There were fistfights.

unitedstatesofjoey3 karma

Dan: Are you single? Are you in NYC? Would you come on a date with my BFF and I?

But seriously, I love the show. All of you just work SO well together. I can't wait to see more!

schittscreek2 karma

Dan: Yes. No. Where are we going?

CleoAnna3 karma

LOVE this show! Annie & Dan ~ do you ever wish Catherine O'Hara was your real mother?

schittscreek7 karma

ANNIE: I'm actually quite pleased with my real mum. But to call Catherine my TV mom is pretty incredible.

DAN: No I'm very happy to have two mothers. One on TV and one in real life.

TIM: I know the question wasn't directed at me, but I wish Catherine was MY mom.

M00ksies3 karma

For TIM ROZON: I'm part of the Tim Rozon International fans group! waves hi Since your early days in acting, how much do you consider you have grown as an actor? What have you learned by working on Schitt's Creek? Thanks! <3

schittscreek4 karma

TIM: First of all, how do I become a part of the Annie Murphy International Fan Group? (I wave hi back, by the way.) And about growing as an actor - I've been trying to absorb as much as I can on set working with these incredible yes! I hope so.

NMK9Mom3 karma

How did you come up with the title of the show? We were struck with the pure genius of it straightaway then fell hopelessly in love while watching the pilot.

schittscreek5 karma

DAN: That name came about from a drunken dinner that my mom and dad had with Martin Mull.

shudder6363 karma

Anyone: most embarrassing on-set moment?

schittscreek6 karma

TIM: One of the first scenes that Annie and I shot involved hair dye. I may or may not have had dye in my beard (because I'm an old man, ok?!), and that dye may or may not have come off all over Annie on the first take.

ANNIE: That wasn't my most embarrassing moment. That was one of my funniest moments. Tim's face was priceless. So horrified!

schittscreek4 karma

DAN: There was a polo shirt that I had to wear that was a little too tight and I had been frequenting the craft services table a little too much. It was not a good scene.

linzgg3 karma

If you could swap characters with another cast member , who would it be ?

schittscreek3 karma

JENN: I would like to be Mutt. I'm a 43-year-old woman who has given birth to a child. I would like to expose my abs a bit more on television.

SARAH: I would be Moira. She's the opposite of Twyla.

TIM: I wouldn't mind getting into David's brain for a little while. Just know....crack the enigma a little bit.

ANNIE: I have this passion for eating fondue with my hands, so Roland would be a dream I think. Either that or Moira, as I love yelling and slapping. Either that, or I just appeal to Dan to write more yelling and slapping and fondue-eating into Alexis's life.

nattybelle2 karma

SO... my absolute most favorite epic scene so far was Annie and Dan- when Dan is having his anxiety attack in bed and Annie is sitting at the end of the bed telling you about the yoga class- you somewhat push her off the bed and her response had me laughing for a few hours and giggling to myself the next day whenever i hear it in my head " OUCH DAVID, OUCH DAVID" Annie and Dan you guys make this show- i have abandoned my usually Tuesday night Fox line up to watch you guys instead -how many episodes are there in season 1? is there a season 2 signed yet?

schittscreek3 karma

DAN: Thank you so much! 13 episodes. Yes to Season 2 in Canada.

skizmcniz1 karma

Do you know if season 2 will be aired on Pop as well?

schittscreek1 karma

We hope so!

stephen15472 karma

Sarah - You probably don't remember me, but I lived down the hall from you at Dal (I was in Smith house) and was friends with Eric D. and Andrew M. Anyways, congrats on your success.

I don't have a question, but I have to end in a question mark or else my post will be deleted. So here it is: ?

schittscreek2 karma

SARAH: Wow. Throwback! Thanks so much.

TheMeatiestMan2 karma

Dan, what is something surprising about yourself and your dad that we might not know about each of you?

schittscreek3 karma

DAN: Much like my character in the first episode, I too am afraid of moths. And one thing that people don't know about my dad is that he doesn't have a middle name.

tvgoodness2 karma

For Jennifer: Chris Elliott seems like a really fun scene partner. Any funny stories to share?

schittscreek9 karma

JENN: When we were first on location the man doing security for the trailers walked up to me and Chris and said to Chris, "Look I don't want to offend you but does anyone ever tell you that you look like Chris Elliott?" To which Chris replied, "But I'm way better looking than him. Not as puffy, right?" And then the guys says "I love Chris Elliott, here's some trivia questions for you...What was the name of Chris Elliott's sitcom?" Chris says "Get A Life?" Guy says: "OK here's one that nobody ever gets...What was the theme song for Get A Life?" Chris says "Stan". Guy says "that's impressive, nobody ever gets that right". Then walks away.

rahkshi_hunter2 karma

Hey everyone! Thanks for joining us this afternoon!

Serious question: pancakes or waffles?

schittscreek4 karma

Emily: Waffles, because you can put more stuff in the nooks and crannies.

DAN: I'm a fan of pancakes, but it needs to be a good proper ricotta pancake.

SARAH: I like a good pancake.

JENN: I prefer a pannekoek which is a pancake the size of a car tire.

ANNIE: Pancakes, unless we're at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles.

TIM: Carbs??! Come on.

NMK9Mom2 karma

Beside watching the show how can we make sure that it's renewed for Season 2 in the US?

schittscreek1 karma

Watching the show (and talking about it!) goes a very long way.

supposablethumbs2 karma

The show is hilarious. Do you guys crack each other up on set all the time?

schittscreek4 karma

CAST: Yes. Daily.

tvgoodness2 karma

For Emily: I love Stevie’s dynamic with the Roses, but particularly with David. Will he eventually catch on that she’s messing with him all the time and what’s coming up for these two?

schittscreek3 karma

Emily: Lots coming up.

Dan: And, who’s to say he hasn’t already caught on...

OGHercules2 karma

I've really enjoyed watching the show on CBC, and I was wondering if there are plans yet for a Season 2?

Also, for Dan, I'm curious which of your personal brand of sunglasses are your favourite to wear?

schittscreek4 karma

DAN: Yes, big plans. Season 2 has been announced in Canada. And I'm currently favoring the Edgars in matte black.

OGHercules3 karma

I'm excited for Season 2 and seeing where the show goes. And all sunglasses look great, I'm thinking of getting a pair of Powell gray marble. Thanks for responding to both questions!

schittscreek3 karma

DAN: Great choice!

tvgoodness2 karma

For Jennifer: In last week’s ep, we saw that Jocelyn has aspirations to become a screenwriter. Did Moira completely crush that dream or will we continue to see her pursue that?

schittscreek4 karma

JENN: Yes, the last one was about kids smoking weed. The second in the trilogy will be titled "The Problem With Poppers"

Bveronis2 karma

I think I saw a joke commercial or something of the sort talking about visiting Schitts creek and I thought it was so funny! Why should I watch this show besides for the fact that it is set in a town named Schitts creek, because all I expect are small jokes poking at the name.

schittscreek6 karma

DAN: Because it's very funny and there is not one joke made about the name of the show.

savgirl152 karma

Annie and Dan, what have been your favorite scenes so far this season?

schittscreek3 karma

Annie: Games night was really fun, and the upcoming dinner party scene. Also...any scene where Dan and I have to be fighting is a favorite.

DAN: The you-get-murdered-first fight and the panic attack scene (Americans...just you wait)

wxldfxre2 karma

Annie, how are you handling getting thrown into the spotlight? You seem so down to earth. Is it hard to handle sometimes?

schittscreek6 karma

ANNIE: Being thrown into the spotlight hasn't been as crazy as you'd think...I think because I usually look like a total grub in my day-to-day life, not many people recognize me. But I have been taken out for a few really delicious dinners, and one person yelled "YOU!" in my face, so that's been really fun.

poprockspaceboi2 karma

Hey everyone! I love the show so much, in the writing as well as the cast selling every word perfectly. It's something to look forward to & be excited about. How many years was this bubbling in the cerebral cauldron prior to initial shooting? ~hugs~ from Portlandia! [see me in the newest ep!] :)

schittscreek4 karma

DAN: Congrats on Portlandia! We were working on the show for a year and a half before it got made. And I appreciate you describing my brain as a bubbling cauldron.

poprockspaceboi2 karma

It was my pleasure! Your thoughts are quite viscous. Thanks on the PDXia. I'm honored. When may the US buy $C merchandise?

schittscreek1 karma

No merchandise right now, but we'll shout it from the rooftops if and when it does become available.

lildogie2 karma

Dan: What would your parents have done if you'd been born without a sense of humour?

schittscreek4 karma

DAN: They would have traded me in for a funnier model.

GiantBlueRing2 karma

Hi Annie, did you take the train there today...? And if so, did you get a window seat? But seriously, I love this show! You had me at the "slap"! Casual motel party. Tailgate party. Game night. It's all awesome. I love how the cast is not shy about interacting with their fans. It is too bad you missed the Canadian Screen Awards deadline, as you would have cleaned up. Love it! Good luck everyone!

schittscreek3 karma

ANNIE: I did not take the train today. I took the train yesterday. And I sat by the window. And I watched the world go by. And it was glorious.

wxldfxre2 karma

Dan, is Lauren Conrad really that bad? Eugene, I entered to win a contest and part of the prize is $15 cash from your own pocket. When I win, can you sign that for me? Catherine, your attitude when answering questions during the Schitt's Creek World Premier at the TIFF Bell Lightbox was absolutely refreshing. You've never let fame or money get the best of you -- how?

schittscreek1 karma

DAN: Lauren has always been lovely.

tom02262 karma

Dan, in real life, how long would you be able to stand living in a town like Schitt’s Creek?

schittscreek3 karma

DAN: I think I could do a healthy one-week vacation. Fine, two days.

marsalva2 karma

Tim: do you feel self conscious when you have to do the shirtless scenes? do you feel pressured to work out more?

schittscreek3 karma

TIM: I feel self-conscious with my shirt you can imagine....

ratbatster2 karma

Love love love this show. Were there any story lines that were too scandalous to be on CBC?

schittscreek1 karma

DAN: Fortunately not.

zanne10742 karma

Tim, how is it working on the show with a comedic cast?

schittscreek4 karma

TIM: It was HARD! I don't usually do comedy! I'm not funny!

jaggerlover2 karma

I'm curious about the town, how many did you look at and what made you decide on this one to use for the show?

schittscreek3 karma

DAN: We looked at about 30, and there was something indescribably charming about Goodwood.

supposablethumbs2 karma

Tim, dont you have a restaurant in Canada? What's the one thing I should get off the menu?

schittscreek5 karma

TIM: Luckily, I have both pancakes and waffles. Waffles with foie gras and pancakes with Pimms butter.

lildogie2 karma

What advice do you have for actors and writers looking to launch their career via an online series?

schittscreek4 karma

DAN: Finish it. 95% of people don't finish anything. So if you finish your web series you are 95% ahead of everyone else.

ANNIE: I totally agree with Dan. Go for it, and see it through, despite all the crazy bullshit that might come with it.

Sofy012 karma

For all the cast : what made you want to join the schitt's creek adventure?

schittscreek6 karma

SARAH: Holidays would have been awkward if I had said no.

EMILY: I love Stevie.

JENN: I've always dreamed of wearing nothing but Walmart.

schittscreek4 karma

TIM: I remember going in reading for the first time, thinking "this is sick."

hey_jane2 karma

Tim: What do you have in common with your character? Do you also maintain that badass beard year 'round?

schittscreek4 karma

TIM: Ummm......awkwardness.........weirdness.......beardness......and we have the same face.

mydogfarted2 karma

Considering the history of hilarious stuff Eugene and Catherine have done together (Cookie and Gerry forever!), was building chemistry for the rest of the cast difficult?

schittscreek4 karma

CAST: No, not at all. They actually made it easier for everybody.

ANNIE: Dan and I had a really strange connection right off the bat. I think I might have been his mom or brother or wife in a past life, so we fell into a real sibling vibe right away. The rest of the cast is incredible too, and I'm going to push for Margarita Fridays for the next season of shooting. For extra bonding purposes.

wxldfxre2 karma

Can I be best friends with all of you? Or?

schittscreek4 karma

CAST: Absolutely. You might regret it after meeting us.

ANNIE: You will certainly regret it, but yeah....let's just go for it.

hey_jane1 karma

What's it like working with Chris Elliott? He's seriously the best

schittscreek4 karma

CAST: Chris is seriously the funniest and seriously the most insane.

hey_jane1 karma

Where is the best place to get tacos in Toronto?

schittscreek4 karma

CAST: Catherine O'Hara loves La Carnita, along with the rest of the cast.

TIM: The Grand Electric.

marsalva1 karma

Do you guys are the kind of group that leave room for improvising or prefer to absolutely stick to the script?

schittscreek3 karma

DAN: Everything is mostly scripted. We do leave room for everybody to personalize their lines a little bit.

[deleted]-1 karma


schittscreek4 karma

Schitt's Creek is on in the US on Pop. Wednesdays at 10/9c. To find your channel go to

jjmoxy-4 karma

Dan: First off, have been loving the show - hence the tweets (@jjmoxy), and thx for the faves/RTs. I'm taking a shot in the dark here, but it is ask 'anything' and what's life without risk! I'm a published author and budding producer/director/writer with a few shorts and an internationally broadcasted doc done. I'm working on a new short now about a single dad working through challenges he faces because of cancer. The Canadian Cancer Society has endorsed the project & script saying it accurately depicts what many of those they work to assist deal with. I recently had a CDN director review the script while she was in L.A. to help make it even stronger. I was wondering if there was a way to send you info about the short and the script? for info and legitimacy / to show past work

schittscreek2 karma

DAN: Your projects sounds really interesting. I'll be sure to check out your website.