HEY GUYS THANKS FOR ALL YOUR QUESTIONS! 3 hours is plenty of staring at a screen for us, so we are calling it a day. Thanks for your support and come see us on tour! WE'RE OUT!

We just released our 7th album 'Big Dark Love' (https://www.bloodshotrecords.com/album/big-dark-love) on Bloodshot Records two weeks ago. You can purchase the album on CD, vinyl LP, or digital here: http://store.murderbydeath.com/. Our wonderful fans graciously supported the creation of our album by participating in what became the fifth most successful music-related Kickstarter campaign ever: https://www.kickstarter.com/discover/advanced?category_id=14&sort=most_funded. The album went on to be the #60 best-selling album the week it was released, and we're now on the road to support the record and see all of your pretty faces: https://www.bloodshotrecords.com/tours-events/189

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us. We want to answer your questions about the new album, our career, our favorite things, your favorite things, or quite literally, anything.

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Justiin925 karma

Hi Adam and Sarah! All of your work is great, but for me personally Who Will Survive is just a unique powerhouse of an album, and for many fans, what got us into MBD in the first place. There's a special, powerful response when you play songs off that at live shows. You guys definitely get stronger with every record, but are there any plans in the future for another cohesive story concept album? I'll see you guys in Boston on the 27th! Thanks!

WeAreMurderByDeath29 karma

Maybe- you can't force that kind of thing. It's best to keep working on what moves you at the moment. I think it would be fun, but when you start writing, you really need to just focus on what makes you feel interested in the project. That's why our albums tend to be a little different each time around. I hate the idea of making the same record over and over- it seems so cheap and limiting, like you are just trying to prolong your brand. I think taking chances is more rewarding in every way.

countermeasures20 karma

Has Murder By Death ever considered doing a Brewery concert tour? I know a lot of the breweries have outdoor room, and utilize food trucks for eats. That'd be a hell of a tour!

WeAreMurderByDeath16 karma

sounds fun. and drunk. Maybe just for a couple of days!

ialindsey15 karma

Hello, Adam & Sarah! My husband proposed during ‘Foxglove’ at your June 2013 show at Wooly’s in Des Moines, IA. Does it ever get less terrifying to perform that song knowing that a proposal is happening in the audience?

Thank you for taking the time to do this AMA!

WeAreMurderByDeath15 karma

It's always exciting to play that song when we know there's a proposal going on! Congratulations - I hope the homefires are still burning hot for y'all.

knifefightatmidnight14 karma

Hey guys, The new album's awesome, especially the title track. Didn't realize how much I needed MBD trip-hop until I heard it. Anyway, question time: how is Red of Tooth and Claw related to Who Will Survive...? Is it a prequel, or parallel story? Why does Spring Break 1899 end with the first lines of The Devil in Mexico?

WeAreMurderByDeath10 karma

prequel. sort of. maybe!

MVT101314 karma

Is it true you two are married? If yes, how long have you been married for?

WeAreMurderByDeath23 karma

Adam and I have been married for almost 5 years

RecordsRedone13 karma


First ---- 13 years following the same band is a long time. From the incredibly hot tent at Hell Fest 03 to the almost annual Michigan adventure, thanks for always making the year more awesome. (No MI date on the current tour!?)


Adam --- the older albums seemed to have a lot of religious references and themes, did the thematic changes stem from a personal change? I think I read somewhere you studied Religious Studies at IU----how much did that influence your writing over time?

General band question --- the crowds and demand for your music seems to be incredibly strong. Is there a deliberate choice on your parts to keep it a smaller, kind of DIY operation? Do you have milestones/goals for the band not yet met or is it a kind of just keep creating and see where it goes?

Last question: Why no more Medley of Evil? I yell it out at every show with no luck.

Stay safe on the road!

WeAreMurderByDeath23 karma

our success isn't really up to us. personally I think the best shows are 500-700 people, after that there's a bit of a disconnect. None of us really care about fame, we just want to be able to keep creating, so we don't make music in order to gain success on a mainstream level. I don't really enjoy pop music, so that limits how big we can get, and that is fine with all of us.

WeAreMurderByDeath6 karma

I just didn't want to repeat myself too much!

general - no, we just don't reach beyond what we think makes sense for the band. We don't expect everyone to love this band, but are lucky that the folks who do like us sustain us just fine!

last- those songs are so old that most people don't know them anymore. Also, they were with our old keyboard player. Also Also, we played them SOOOO MANY TIMES, i feel like we have done that show before. There will be a time/tour we will do them again, but i would rather say, "Hey we're doing these songs- if you wanna see them come here"

The-Mars-Travolta4 karma

MBD on the Hellfest 03 DVD was like the most refreshing breath of air after so much metalcore. This many years later, they're also the only band on that DVD I still regularly listen to.

WeAreMurderByDeath6 karma

yeah that was a strange show! so glad it went over well!

Lotuszx313 karma

At the end of "I Shot an Arrow" the piano makes me think I just opened a chest in Zelda. Is that the case or just coincidence?

WeAreMurderByDeath8 karma

ha i love that

csfreestyle12 karma

As a longtime fan, I was really excited for you guys (and gal) when I heard "Comin' Home" in the trailer for Inglorious Basterds. How did that come about? While it's an instrumental break used as background (making it, I imagine, difficult to identify/track down for the non-MBD-fans that heard it), it also was part of the release of a Quentin Fucking Tarantino film. Was there a noticeable reaction or change as a result of the song's exposure?

Been listening to and catching your shows around Indiana since around '06 or '07 - not sure exactly when, but Alex was still drumming, and Dagan was still with The State (or was it just "State"?) Anyhoo, you all have performed some of my most-favorite-among-a-myriad music-going memories. Just wanted to say thank you for so many great songs, shows, and being such great people to chat with before and after sets. I wish you all every ounce of success that won't change you. =)

WeAreMurderByDeath17 karma

Hey back to Adam - I was driving my car and got stopped at a roadblock for some construction. While i waited i looked down at my phone and there was an email from "Weinstein" and the title was inglorious basterds. I was already excited for the film, and had to read it twice before i realized they were requesting to use the song in the trailer. Very cool! I heard Tarantino picked it, but i've never met the dude, sadly, so I can't confirm that.

Rescalera71412 karma

Would you ever consider doing a film score?

WeAreMurderByDeath17 karma

we have considered it a million times. Just need to get asked to be part of the right film!

mewithoutCthulhu12 karma

Adam and Sarah! Thanks for being part of one of the greatest bands in the world. The entire band is awesome and I thank you guys for being so accessible and good to your fans. I've talked to you both after shows. Awkwardly.

Question for both of you: What is you go to whiskey? Also, at shows, fans like to buy you guys drinks. You guys handle it well, but does it get to be a bit much?

Sarah: On average, how many men (and women) confess their love to you at each show?

Adam: Same question to you actually. As a straight man I have no problem saying that you're a sexy son of a bitch.

Also, I partially credit you guys for helping me meet my girlfriend. So thanks for that. She's a huge fan as well.

WeAreMurderByDeath24 karma

Yes we have been bought many drinks at shows. It can get out of hand, so we try no to encourage it too much. The record was a show in Lawrence Kansas in about 2005. We played 10 songs, and were brought drinks after every song except one. The last couple songs did not sound so good. Also, yes, there's a lot of love- we are super lucky. I believe if you treat people well, they'll return the favor.

countermeasures12 karma

Last time I saw you guys, I heard Adam say (inside my head) that MBD was going to record a seven disk concept album based on Stephen King's Dark Tower. When can we expect part one? :)

WeAreMurderByDeath11 karma

ha still havent read it but a fan just gave me the first book so its in my book pile!

CakeysCaked11 karma

Hi Adam and Sarah! I have two questions (one of which I could probably find out via biographies etc but it's more fun to ask directly): I remember when I first started listening to you guys, you had recently changed the band name from Little Joe Gould to MBD. my friend had found the LJG EP somewhere and we used to listen to it on the bus to middle school.. feeling OH SO COOL for being into neat underground music, ahead of the curve. But I'm curious why the name change?

Second question is more for Sarah: I am also a woman in an all dude band. Sometimes it can be frustrating to say the least.. i find it's difficult to navigate being "one of the guys" when you're clearly not a guy. how do you deal with trying to get past the whole "girl in a guy's club" kind of thing that seems inherent with women in rock music?

anyway, can't wait to see you in Philly in a couple weeks! it'll be my 16th time seeing you since i was 15. Love you guys more than any other musical group ever ever ever!!!!!! The new album is incredible! the chorus to I Shot An Arrow just feels like something I could have been singing my whole life, the lyrics just hadn't been written yet.

WeAreMurderByDeath24 karma

Hi this is Sarah - It can be the most frustrating thing in the world to be the only woman on tour, and I have approached this situation from many different angles over the years. Even as a woman who is comfortable being "one of the guys", sometimes being different is stressful. It comes down to respect and standing up for yourself. This is true for ANYONE on tour. Tour is stressful, and people need to set boundaries and respect each others boundaries. If you feel uncomfortable about something, or need some space from the crowd, speak up! Don't go along with every whim of the group, just to "be cool". Do what you need to do to maintain sanity,and hopefully you have surrounded yourself with friends who will respect your needs.

theyaremyenemies10 karma

What was the reason Alex left the band? Where did the name Shiola come from? I've been to three shows in the last month and a half, but haven't seen Johnny Business in action. Is he retired, or broken? Over the years, I've seen you guys live tons of times. Out of all those performances, I've never heard Adam's voice falter. How do you keep from getting sick or losing your voice while on the road, especially in the winter time? You guys have toured with so many bands, who are some of your absolute favorites to go on the road with?

WeAreMurderByDeath15 karma

Shiola is a made up word. It fit the melody and Adam went for it. Adam is very careful with his voice on tour (this is Sarah, not Adam speaking in the third person, btw) he doesn't drink beer which is bad for your voice, and he travels with a humidifier. Sometimes he still loses it a little - I've seen him be almost mute offstage and then get onstage and bring it. It must be the adrenaline.

wamsinchester4 karma

Interesting, as most people I've talked to tend to assume Shiola is a name, specifically of the son mentioned in the song. I feel like you should have just made up a cool lie about where it came from, like some long gone civil war soldier or something.

WeAreMurderByDeath13 karma

Sorry, um... Shiola is the name of a long gone civil war soldier who is my son.

WeAreMurderByDeath8 karma

for alex it was personal reasons. Honestly, we don't like shittalking and it just wasn't working.

i am always sick on the road. Maybe that's why i'm so consistent, i'm never at my best!

i love touring with O'Death- those guys are fun, great and genuine artists. Excited to see em next week!

hoggskin10 karma

Your playing in Pittsburgh on the 24th, in which I will be attending. What keeps you coming back to the burgh? Venue? Atmosphere? Food? If its food, what do you enjoy eating here? Thanks and see ya soon

WeAreMurderByDeath12 karma

Its treated us well! Also, i love the rivers that cut through the city. It's an interesting town. We had a day off there two tours ago, and we just wandered through all the old food markets in those big warehouses. it was great.

gyberic10 karma

I saw you guys play SLO Brew in September 2011 and cut my honeymoon short to do so. My wife is not a big fan (I'll apologize for her), but I made her go to the show anyway. The combination of having her honeymoon cut short, having to go see a band she doesn't like, and then having to deal with a husband who was drunk off his ass led to an actual threat of divorce later that night, less than seven days into our marriage. If she had followed through and divorced me, would you have accepted at least partial blame?

WeAreMurderByDeath14 karma

I'm gonna go with no. Hope it all worked out! Tell your wife we said hi

doghound41210 karma

My personal favorite album of yours is Red of Tooth and Claw. I listen to it still a heck of a lot. Fuego! in particular ..I don't know.. if I ran the rock n roll hall of fame it alone would get you inducted. Now that that is out of the way, which album/song do you felt made the biggest impact for the success of the band so far whether in terms of sales, gaining popularity, or you just feel was the most satisfying piece of work? Why?

WeAreMurderByDeath9 karma

hard to say. maybe comin home? its never been about one song. i like that record a lot, its very concise. Thats how i wanted the new album to be, but with a completely different feel!

LincolnsHammer10 karma

Hey Adam and Sarah! Your show in SF 2 weeksish ago was the best I have ever seen MBD live. Living in Austin Texas, I feel our venues just don't do you justice. I wanted to ask what life events inspired the song "I Came Around"? (easily my favorite song from the last album). Last Thing is easily taking that spot on BDL! Thanks!

WeAreMurderByDeath20 karma

its mostly just a song about being wrong. Every shitty pop song is about how awesome the singer is, and how they're perfect and somebody hurt them or doesn't understand them. I thought writing a catchy song about being wrong and admitting it would be cool.

UncleRev9 karma

What's the story behind "Send Me Home"? That song just makes me crumble every time I hear it.

WeAreMurderByDeath15 karma

Adam wrote Send Me Home for his family, who have been dealing with sickness and deaths of parents this year.

kimberlyellen889 karma

Hi Adam and Sarah! I've been a huge fan of Murder by Death for the past 10 years. You guys rule. I don't think I've ever been to a show where someone in the crowd didn't buy you guys shots of whiskey. If you could guess, how much whiskey have you guys consumed just on stage? Any hilarious stories of fans buying you shots??

WeAreMurderByDeath12 karma

I think if you hollowed out an elephant and filled it with whiskey until an eternal whiskey fountain was running from its trunk, you'd have half the whiskey bought for us at shows. Please don't do that though.

Buffarrow9 karma

I first saw murder by death at a festival in denver 4 years ago, and i had never heard of you before. Highlights were sarah's bow breaking and being repaired with gaffer tape, the punk rock kids next to me with skrillex haircuts having an absolutely miserable time and collapsing to their knees in anguish out of their hate for your music, and songs like Ash and Until morale improves completely catching me off guard and blowing me away.

Murder by death has been one of my favorite bands ever since that day and you are slowly becoming the band whose shows ive attended the most. More importantly, ive started playing music again, with you guys being one of my prime inspirations to do what makes me happy, and specifically adam for always making me think twice before shaving my moustache So thanks. I was at the memphis show earlier this week, you may remember me as the obnoxious one screaming for I Shot an Arrow. Thank you for that also, and ill see you again in nashville for my birthday celebration, and again at the first cave show!

So on to the questions. 1) is there a reason why the song Good Morning, Magpie is almost never played live?

2) what was on your mind when writing the song Big Dark Love?

3) probably a typical question for you, but what whiskeys do you prefer? I think bulliet bourbon is my new drink for MBD shows and listening sessions.

4) dagan approached me at the end of the show in memphis and thanked me and shook my hand, so i took that as meaning we are bros 4 lyfe now. So ill join you guys on the next leg of tour and we will have pizza parties and watch kurt russel movies every night and be best friends. Right?

Sorry for rambling. I love you guys.

DiffidentDissident9 karma

I once talked to Dagan about his van tattoo (the night they hit the deer after the show*). Total BFFs now.

Dagan is nice to fans. Murder By Death are nice to fans. It's one of my favorite things about them.

*Hey you guys, is that the deer you're referring to in "No Oath, No Spell?" That night's show, in that little dark bar, was just amazing.

WeAreMurderByDeath8 karma

Yep. Same deer. We really killed it I think. Bummed us all out.

WeAreMurderByDeath9 karma

We played Good Morning Magpie live for a while right when the album came out... There's no real reason we don't play it anymore, just some songs fade in and out of our rotation. Honestly, we'd play all of our songs more regularly if we hadn't had so many lineup changes. When David Joined the band 2 years ago we handed him a list of 50 songs to learn. We felt that was punishment enough.

WeAreMurderByDeath6 karma

1- nobody was asking for that one in particular. maybe we will learn it for the next tour! 2- i wanted a creepy love song where the narrator maybe shouldn't be trusted 3- bulliet is great cause you can find it anywhere. I like Willet a lot. 4- dang that sounds pretty good.

grumbie1129 karma

You guys coming to Hawaii anytime soon?

WeAreMurderByDeath11 karma

in my dreaaaamsss

JustTerrific9 karma

Hey y’all, you guys rocked the house at the Hi-Tone last Sunday, always great to have MBD in Memphis!

So, y’all’ve done a few shows now at the Stanley Hotel, and I was wondering if any of the band members have experienced anything spooky while staying there?

Also, I’ve been trying to find a good way of describing your sound to anyone who hasn’t heard your music before, and the best I’ve come up with so far is “Hard-driving, Clint Eastwood-western rock for werewolves”. Is that a fair description, or should I keep working at it?

Anyway, you guys rock, the new album is awesome, and I can’t wait to see what you do next!

WeAreMurderByDeath17 karma

We all saw a door just slam for no reason in a room that is haunted in the concert hall. Matt was packing up to leave the last day, turned off the tv, and went back to packing. A minute later he heard the tv come on, and when he turned around it was on a different channel. Spoooookyyyyy

csfreestyle11 karma

I've been trying to find a good way of describing your sound to anyone who hasn't heard your music before

fwiw: I took a friend to see them perform right when Red of Tooth and Claw was released. He walked away saying "It's like Johnny Cash and Glenn Danzig had a baby." He meant that in a really, really good way.

WeAreMurderByDeath12 karma

I like that. Two of our faves. Well, Misfits more than Danzig.

Switch3869 karma

My friend made a video about someone breaking a gorilla out of the zoo using either one or both of the instrumental tracks off of Like the Exorcist. This was probably in 2003 or 2004. We lived in Wisconsin at the time. I think he mailed it to you sometime back then. I've always been curious about whether you actually got it and watched it? Probably pretty crappy quality...but impressions? Were you moved? :)

WeAreMurderByDeath9 karma

WHAT. We need to see this. Please send again?

kiadimundi2209 karma

Hey! I'm assuming you guys started your first live shows doing a lot of covers. If i'm right, at what point did your shows start becoming MBD (or little joe gould) songs only? And what kind of songs you covered? Thanks for doing this for us all, your new album kicks all kinds of ass and as I said, can't wait to see you in Athens! (cough please play ghost fields cough)

WeAreMurderByDeath7 karma

no we didn't do any covers for the first 4 years. Then for fun, we covered Purple Rain. We changed the name in Jan of 2002!

hippiepharmd8 karma

I know that you guys have been using Kickstarter to fund a lot of your albums, with larger donors getting private shows. As a long time fan, I definitely considered it. What kind of shows did you end up having to play? Any particularly unique stories from these?

WeAreMurderByDeath9 karma

we played a crazy bbq cookoff in canada, near the Quebec/ontario border. We played the opening of a antique/crafts shop in michigan. We played two weddings, one in a cowboy town. Others too- fun and interesting experiences!

akendeall8 karma

Hello. This question is for Sarah -- Are you a classically trained Cellist? I'm an ex-violist-turned-bassist and am really amazed at how you play. At what age did you pick up the cello and do you play any other instruments? Do you find having two melody instruments -- bass guitar and cello -- adds depth to you music and is incorporating both ever difficult?

WeAreMurderByDeath14 karma

I was classically trained through high school, and since then I have done everything in my powers to unlearn... No just kidding, but my technique has definitely gone out the window. Even so, I feel like now I am more confident and skilled than I ever was in school - modern music just isn't as demanding of perfection, and that's why we get along.

MBDWhiskeyGirl8 karma

Hello Adam and Sarah! I got a reddit account just for you! Thanks for playing an awesome show in Santa Cruz two weeks ago and for talking to me after the show and signing our poster. We appreciate how friendly you are to your fans. Question: Can you give us any hints about what to expect on the new covers album?

WeAreMurderByDeath20 karma

here's a couple artists we have to cover- David Bowie, Talking Heads, Willie Nelson... many more!

geekrot8 karma

Is there going to be another Stanley Hotel show? Thanks for doing this AMA I can’t wait to see you guys play again it never gets old.

WeAreMurderByDeath20 karma

First of all, hi everyone! Let's start easy. YES! We are planning on making the Stanley Hotel shows a yearly thing. Everyone seems to have such a good time, us included, that we can't resist it. So excited that you guys are into these concept shows, and we have more planned for you!

peterofwestlink8 karma

Hey Adam and Sarah! Thanks for doing the AMA! Got my MBD t-shirt on for the occasion.

I have a question for Adam specifically: at your show in Toronto I remember you implied that there was a story behind "Hard World." Then, rather than explain, you laughed in a way I can only describe as maniacal and jumped right into the song. What's the story?

Anyway, Big Dark Love is fantastic, the title song in particular, and adding the b-sides for we Kickstarter backers was really rad of y'all.

Hope to see you guys live again someday soon!

WeAreMurderByDeath26 karma

I probably laughed like a crazy person because its such a depressing song and its hard to intro. It's about two girls who went missing in our town, and the sad story of searching for them. I wrote it from their perspectives. One girl was rich and pictures of her were posted all over town for years, and the other was poor and had been missing for a month, and no one heard about it until the rich girl went missing. Its two tragic stories, but the class issue really struck me as a sad story. Sometimes i tell the story on stage, and sometimes its too depressing.

spencurai8 karma

I was super bummed when the mail man got my copy of Big Dark Love stuck in the mailbox. Is it ok for me to beat the mailman to death or should I be a nice person and invite him in to listen to the album...then beat him to death?

WeAreMurderByDeath12 karma

Let's give the dude a pass on death beatings.

DragonQueen40F8 karma

Do you guys watch game of thrones? If so who's you're favorite charter?

WeAreMurderByDeath12 karma

have not seen it but read it. I like Arya and Bran a lot.

countermeasures8 karma

Hi guys! First, the new album is another brilliant work by MBD! Question: At a show a while back, Dagan was speaking with me and my wife, and mentioned where he stands from a religious standpoint- I won't say, because that's his business to share with people- but I'm curious about both of your views. Adam, you write a lot about the Devil (more so on past albums), is that just because he makes such a great character/antagonist, or is there actually a basis of faith in your storytelling? Sarah, you don't have to answer, I know you sold your soul to be able to play the cello like you do ;). Just kidding, I'm curious about both of you!

WeAreMurderByDeath30 karma

Hi this is Sarah - I grew up going to a Presbyterian church with my family, but my parents were careful to teach us kids about many of the world's religions as part of our upbringing. I can see the good that religion can do for people, but I personally believe that I can be "good without god", and I tend to respond to more scientific views. Plus Satan Rulz.

derekmurderface5 karma

since we're on the topic, the first time I saw you guys live Sarah was playing an electric cello covered in Iron Maiden stickers. Who are some of your favorite metal bands?

WeAreMurderByDeath10 karma

Iron Maiden.

WeAreMurderByDeath6 karma

But also, The Sword, Megadeth, Mastodon, Stradivarius

WeAreMurderByDeath14 karma

Hey its Adam- I have always been fascinated by religion. Its the best/worst thing that ever happened to the world. I am not religious, and don't think I ever will be, but i love to read about it and try to understand various beliefs.

samthepanda8 karma

How did you all meet?

WeAreMurderByDeath13 karma

I used to throw a lot of parties and folks came out to them- we decided to start a band, and never in a million years expected to get here.

Midwastedmike7 karma

Adam, I gotta know, will you ever sit down and explain the story you've been telling and the various characters in MBD's albums, or do you just want the listener to interpret the story for themselves?

WeAreMurderByDeath8 karma

I like leaving room for interpretation- my favorite art always leaves me wanting more, and not fully understanding what is hidden.

Rescalera7147 karma

You said at your Costa Mesa show that you'll be in CA for New Years Eve. Can you at least tell us what city you'll be playing? Need to know if I have to start saving money.

WeAreMurderByDeath11 karma

southern california. in the middle of nowhere

ajapersuasia7 karma

Me again.

Have you ever read Roald Dahl's short stories for adults? He wrote these dark, twisted, macabre little stories... often with a gotcha-twist in the last couple of paragraphs. Just wondering!

WeAreMurderByDeath11 karma

Yes, they're really dark and disturbing! I wasn't sure how i felt about them

WithRealPeaches7 karma

Greetings from Belgium! I'm so excited that you guys are coming back to Europe this May. Do you have a favorite European city?

WeAreMurderByDeath9 karma

Thanks! us too. Pumped to be returning to Greece after 5 years. Had a great time there. I love Spain a lot too- I'll go anywhere there's a great art museum!

JKibbs7 karma

The band has had some kick-ass merch throughout the years, and my closet is full of MBD t-shirts (my favorite is the Jaws shirt which is now starting to get pretty holy). What's your favorite piece of merch you guys have put out?

WeAreMurderByDeath10 karma

i love the in bocca vinyl that folds out to be 7 1/2 feet long. that came out in 2006. company told us its the biggest vinyl ever.

as for tshirts theres so many. reprinted a great one by Drew James for the tour starting tuesday

5nackbar7 karma

Hey Adam! Hiiii Sarah! Its Chris from Pittsburgh. I did a few posters for you guys and one of Dagans tattoos! Excited to see you guys posting here- can't wait to chill on Tuesday- I'm coming with a bottle of whisky! The new album is amazing- I've had it at the top of my playlist since the 3rd. How much of it can we expect to hear at the show? Very curious too see them transition into live performances. Ps I shot an Arrow would be pretty cool to hear live. Hint hint. Have a good AMA

WeAreMurderByDeath7 karma

Hi Chris! I'm glad you like the new record - we've been trying to sneak at least 3 new ones onto the setlist each night.

thenoiboi7 karma

hey, duders. first off, thanks for the west coast run. killer shows! great to see you folks again and not be dying. can't wait for the next go round.

i've been curious with the new record about what was in your ears during the writing process. i know you mentioned bowie, but any other artists/albums that got a lot of playing time and maybe influenced the new jams?

lots of whiskey crew love to you dudes!

WeAreMurderByDeath9 karma

i wasn't thinking about it when writing, but i think there's some portishead in there, maybe some neko case for Natural Pearl, Hunted is supposed to be produced like a western Bjork song- love her.

somanybutts7 karma

Hey guys, huge fan. I became a fan after seeing you guys open for my all-time favourite band, Clutch, a handful of years ago. I think it was a little bit before or a little bit after you released Good Morning, Magpie. Anyway, you guys felt sonically a little out of place there (the other bands were Maylene & The Sons of Disaster and some other hardcore type band), and yet it was also somehow a really cohesive flow between the different sounds. Do you find playing on lineups where you don't necessarily sound a whole lot like the other bands, especially if you're opening and a bunch of people might not even know who you are, intimidating, or kind of exciting or liberating?

WeAreMurderByDeath10 karma

i think playing with different types of bands is really good for us! Not only do we get in front of new people and introduce them to a kind of music they may never have heard before, but its good for us to see the value of other kinds of music. Clutch are incredible players- i didn't know their music much when we went out with them, but they were shit hot every night on stage and you can't mess with that. JP is one of the most dedicated drummers i have ever seen. Truly great players

doomsdayparade7 karma

Dearest MBD, when all of my drunken buddies need a sing along, your band never ceases to make the list. In fact, I would say it's the most popular (after all, we probably do drink more whiskey than water). Since this is not a question so far, I guess I'll just ask- Bourbon, Scotch, Rye, Canadian? What's the top of your list? This will undoubtedly help our sing alongs.

WeAreMurderByDeath7 karma

Bourbon or Rye, every time. Wait, that doesn't make sense

glberns7 karma

Based on your shows I've been to, Adam doesn't seem to appreciate people constantly screaming requests (understandably). What are some things that we do at shows that you wish would stop? What are some things that we do that you love?

Basically, how can we make you happy, oh great ones?

WeAreMurderByDeath12 karma

It's true - shouting the name of the same song too many times is irritating. We usually heard it the first time and will either play it or we won't. But mostly y'all are great and the best!!!

CuntyMcFuckstick7 karma

Hi Adam and Sarah. I remember seeing a band maybe some time around 2003. It was a Poison the Well show in Poughkeepsie ny at The Chance. I remember there was a girl playing Cello. I've always wondered if this could have been you guys. A few years later i was introduced to your music from a friend, and I've always been curious if i had seen you years prior. It has kept me wondering for years, could it have been MBD? Thanks for the music!

WeAreMurderByDeath8 karma

Yep - That was us!

Sniggens7 karma

First of all, it was great seeing ya'll on Valentine's Day and thanks for pulling through the show despite the technical difficulties. With the addition of having van troubles it's just amazing how you guys persevere to make every show. Which by the way as a fan, thank you because that's hella rad.

So my question is, What's one of your favorite memories on tour and what has been one of the craziest things that has happened or that you witnessed while on tour.

Also hope you enjoyed the silk screened valentines I made for you guys!

WeAreMurderByDeath7 karma

Hi and thanks again for the lovely silk screen valentines! The craziest thing that has happened to our van while on tour was in Bakersfield, CA. Going 70 on the highway and the damned wheel came off. Not the tire, the wheel. That slowed us down for a couple of days, getting it repaired and riding to the shows with the opening band, but we didn't miss a single show!

DiffidentDissident6 karma

Hi, guys! I'm coming to see you on March 6, and I'm so excited to see you all for the fourth time.

Adam, I read an interview recently where you said that you hate pretty much everything that the general public likes, in terms of music, but you know what moves you. So...what moves you? Who are you listening to?

Sarah, same. What moves you, musically?

WeAreMurderByDeath13 karma

This is Sarah - I definitely don't hate nearly as much as Adam does. I like a lot of new music, thank god Bjork is still doing it, D'Angelo, Mastodon, J Roddy Walston, so many creative people still making the music that speaks to them. My favorite music in all of time and space tends to come from Africa in the 60's and 70's, Miriam Makeba, Afro pop, and Nigerian dancehall.

WeAreMurderByDeath10 karma

I think i just have trouble with mainstream music, maybe because I am too close to music. I love most movies, shitty or good. I love reading. I love rock climbing- so so much. I love hiking and camping. I like building structures. I like brainstorming.

WeAreMurderByDeath20 karma

oh I also love Pootie Tang very much. #INSPIRED

JKibbs6 karma

Hey Adam & Sarah, checking in from the High Noon Saloon!

1) How much collaboration is there in the songwriting process? Do you hand over songs to each member to put their own parts together or is it more a collaboration with ideas flowing freely on each other's parts?

2) When I listen to MBD songs and albums, I definitely get a visual aspect along with it. Has anyone ever attempted to produce a film based off any MBD themes? I always thought "Who Will Survive..." would make an awesome Western.

3) If you could bring one guest to a pizza party at Gloria Estefan's house, who would it be?

I also wanted to shout-out this Murder By Death message board: http://thelostriver.lefora.com/

WeAreMurderByDeath4 karma

1- I start 90% of the songs in my head, and scrap most of em before i bring em to the band. I like the saying that the songwriter builds the house and the band decorates it. All very important.

2) seriously hundreds of people have written us saying they're going to, but it never happens. I think its always best when people come up with their own ideas.

3) If it's not gloria, assuming she will already be there, let's go with Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

dwarfstarzero6 karma

Hi guys, so... I have been following your work since Who Will Survive, and have attended all of your shows in Sacramento and San Francisco except two (one being the most recent because I was incredibly ill, I cried a bit.)

Anyways, I wanted to apologize for a ridiculous fan moment I had with Sarah something like ten years ago. She was in the bathroom in Roseville, CA, and I saw her and I exploded with joy, and shrilly exclaimed that I admired her the most, at which point her cell phone rang, and she looked confused and cornered, and I felt super silly. Point being, sorry for the weird interaction. I do admire your whole band- past, and present- you've accumulated a lot of talent, and your love for your fans, and your craft just seem to grow (thus, big, and dark...)

Onward to question territory: I know you have a lot of literary influences in your music, and I'm a great lover of literature. What books would you say have inspired you in your music writing? What moments in literature have resonated with your craft?

I am endlessly appreciative of your music, it keeps me sane on roadways, and gives my gooey insides something to churn to. Thank you for sharing so much of yourselves with all of us!

WeAreMurderByDeath11 karma

This is Sarah - never apologize for a weird interaction. I'm not easily weirded out. We all read as much as we can and we each have different favorites, but I think we all agree on Steinbeck, Cormac McCarthy, Hemmingway, you know, those types...

WeAreMurderByDeath9 karma

my golden three are John Steinbeck, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and Hemingway, prob top to bottom in that order. I have read every novel each of them have written. I also love Annie Proulx, Lynn Emmanuel and most south/central american literature

nbapple6 karma

hey guys! you were the first band i saw live. i saw you guys a while ago in bloomington at the Rhino with my brother. you guys kick ass! keep it up!

i believe my brother had some classes with you adam. i was wondering what you guys thought of the campus? also what bars and places did you frequent?

WeAreMurderByDeath8 karma

Gorgeous campus. I took a lot of walks there! Back in the day we used to shoot pool at the video saloon, and we would eat at Casablanca and Turquaz a lot. Mostly we hung around on our porch with our friends and played lawn darts and drank a lot of beer. Ah memories.

LargeThin6 karma

Hey MBD! I'm a huge fan. I've seen you at least 6 times. Always an amazing performance. I can't think of any good questions, so here's a softball.

Do you guys have any pets? What kind and what are their names?

WeAreMurderByDeath10 karma

no but we really want to get a dog, maybe this summer when we aren't so busy. I want scraggly old death row dog who likes to sit and be lazy.

foodfriend6 karma

Hey Adam and Sarah! We have actually met before at Siedenfaden's in Louisville a few years back around Thanksgiving(?). We talked about some of your experiences touring.

I want to ask: Over the years you have come from being an opening band to being the head liner. From all of these experiences who/which band has been the biggest pleasure to perform with AND who has been the weirdest?


WeAreMurderByDeath8 karma

for me The Pogues was a huge moment. It meant a lot to me.

WeAreMurderByDeath7 karma

Our oldest friends Ten Grand have always been the biggest pleasure and BY FAR the weirdest.

aboutthree6 karma

Hey guys! Long time fan here thanks for doing this. I've personally experienced judgement before when calling a record shop and asking if they have any Murder By Death records, etc... People like to grimace their face and say "You should probably check a hardcore store".

So my question is: Have you guys ever been (erroneously) discriminated against based on your name? What's the most memorable example?

WeAreMurderByDeath9 karma

about a million times. we had a party we were supposed to play at lollapalooza where we were gonna get a good payday to perform an afterparty. Two days out the lawyers kicked us off the bill because of the name. so crazy! YUPPIES

WeAreMurderByDeath7 karma

about a million times. we had a party we were supposed to play at lollapalooza where we were gonna get a good payday to perform an afterparty. Two days out the lawyers kicked us off the bill because of the name. so crazy! YUPPIES

sparklingorstill6 karma

Where would you love to play a show, but haven't (yet)?

WeAreMurderByDeath21 karma


vapat7576 karma

I understand keeping the cavern shows somewhat of a secret adds to the suspense and intimacy factor but are there any hints you are willing to drop pertaining to location, size, sound, or the particular depth of this cavern? My cousins and I bought tickets the day they went up and are driving from Virginia for the show and I can't help but imagine we are all going to be deep underground living out "Dynamite Mine". This, I am sure, is far from the truth but as I'm sure you can imagine, we all are veered curious!

WeAreMurderByDeath15 karma

Its not gonna be like carlsbad caverns or mammoth cave or anything, it's a small cavern on some property in Louisville, but it is gonna be a really cool show. We are rehearsing in the cavern and doing more of a stripped down set to make sure we use the echo to our advantage. Excited!!

Dinocastle06 karma

First of all, I thought I'd take the time to log in for once, and to thank you guys for the awesome music you make. Big Dark Love especially. With my dad moving into hospice this week, some of the songs are beautifully appropriate and are helping me to no end. Couldn't have come at a better time.

The dark beauty of the lyrics and addictive sounds mean MBD holds the top spot for me, so keep on releasing such gold.

I was also wondering where you plan to go from here? More albums? Tours? Your popularity is definitely on the rise and I'm looking forward to seeing you over here in the UK in June... The real question here though is:

What was it like meeting lil bub?!

WeAreMurderByDeath6 karma

AWESOME. She is so cool. Honestly totally inspiring. I love critters and she and mike have done so much for animals!

Androidvirus6 karma

What happened to your old piano player?

WeAreMurderByDeath8 karma

Vincent or Scott? Vincent left in 2004, he didn't want to tour all the time and became an incredible furniture maker. He is very skilled. http://www.vincentedwardsdesign.com/ to see his work. He is still a good friend.

Scott Bracket got sick and his doctor told him his body can't handle travel. It sucks. We had dinner with him last week in Texas. Love that dude.

Vindicator90006 karma

Regarding the song Shiola - What's the inspiration behind it? Is it based on a true story? Is it straight from Adam's imagination? Is it a retelling of 'Country Death Song' by Violent Femmes?

Did the man kill his family, or allow them to die? Are their bodies still there, or their ghosts?

It's such an incredibly haunting song, probably because the story is so ambiguous.

WeAreMurderByDeath13 karma

Its one of my favorites. I was in a really bad place when i wrote it. Its an open story, but its about dreaming you have a perfect boring little family and knowing that you dont. I was singing the world shiola as a placeholder lyric, because it sounded good, but i couldn't come up with what to say. I ended up keeping it even though it's a made up word, because i like the idea of making up a word to express the unexpressable and just kinda yelling it out in frustration.

lousylittleegos6 karma

Hey guys! On a scale from 1 to wasted, how much do you actually enjoy whiskey?

Ps - My girlfriend and I are celebrating our 3 year anniversary by seeing you guys perform on March 1st. This is the 3rd year that we get to celebrate at a MDB show! I actually have a picture of Sarah and my girlfriend from your mercury lounge show in NYC last year. I also got Samantha Crain to sign the vinyl i purchased from her - apparently I made her write "To big papa - love big mama."

We enjoyed a lot of whiskey that night.

WeAreMurderByDeath8 karma

its my favorite spirit! but i don't get as drunk as i used to, because i would be dead.

dunkellic6 karma

Hey folks, I'm really looking forward to seeing you for my first time live this year :D (Munich). Congratulations on the amazing new album.

Seeing as you're doing three locations in Germany alone (and many more in Europe), can we expect to see you more often on this side of the pond in the coming years :)?

(Also, is there a chance you might play "the Big Sleep" in Munich? It's one of the best pieces of music I've ever heard)

WeAreMurderByDeath7 karma

we will try to practice it and remember to play it! who knows for europe- hoping to get to Scandinavia

pebobri926 karma

Hey guys!

First of all, could you please come back to Austin? Your show last weekend rocked my socks off.

But, real question. As, a very recent IU alum and Native Hoosier, are you guys still based out of Bloomington? If so, how is it returning after a long tour?

Lastly, what are y'all's favorite bar in Bloomington?


WeAreMurderByDeath7 karma

matt still lives in Bton, Adam and Sarah in Louisville, Dagan in portland and David in Atlanta. whew! favorite bars in bton are owned by friends - The Bishop and The Atlas

nancienne6 karma

Hey MBD! First and foremost, thank you for your fantastic music! The stories grip me with each listen and the musicality is incomparable.

I've been a huge fan since you opened for Flogging Molly several years ago in Denver. The second opening band wasn't able to make it and you guys got to play for two sets. It was amazing. What was it like to work with Flogging Molly? How did they discover you?

Again, many thanks for the years of amazing music and performances! Hope to see you all in Denver again before the Stanley shows next year!

WeAreMurderByDeath6 karma

I cant remember how that came about. Dennis from that group was very nice. The biggest impression i have of those few shows we did together was that i have never seen a band sell more merch. It was bananas!

kevins06855 karma

Hey guys, hope you enjoyed the scotch kisses. Always wondered, what is your favorite fan dedicated tattoo?

WeAreMurderByDeath10 karma

One's that the person who gets it come up with on their own, like a visual interpretation of a lyric

VengefulToast5 karma

I know you guys a big fans of movies, hence your band name, so I'd like to know what's your favorite B-movie? I do a show kind of in the same vein as Mystery Science Theater 3000 on a cable channel in Minnesota, so it'd be cool if I could air my favorite band's favorite B-movie! Also, keep up the fantastic work! Your albums just get better and better!

EDIT: We have an interview with THE Roger Corman coming up if you have any questions you like us to ask him as well. Kind of a counter AMA.

WeAreMurderByDeath11 karma

Death Race 2000 House Roger Corman - do you need any original music???

jebuz605 karma

Hey guys, huge fan. I wanted to ask since a lot of people think of you guys as a metal band, just by name. Is anyone in the band a fan of metal? Would we ever see a iron maiden cover, since Sarah's bass has Eddie?

WeAreMurderByDeath5 karma

i kind of want to cover a maiden song. badly. like maybe "Revelations"

Czarsmojo5 karma

Hey guys. Thanks for doing this. I am a big fan and have been since my days in Iowa City. No offense to the new stuff but may favorite album is still "Who Will Survive ..." Favorite tracks are Killbot, Masters in Reverse Psych and Desert on Fire. I am curious what a couple of your favorite MBD tracks have been through the years.

Sidenote: Please go back to Iowa City at some point. Would love to see you there again.

WeAreMurderByDeath13 karma

its on our radar! We will try to get back. Yeah for some people that's their favorite. I find that the album people discover a band with is usually their favorite. I like that album a lot, but it's hard to pick favorites. As far as recordings, I love Comin Home, i love the way Hard World came out, I love Send Me Home, Pillars of Salt, Lost River.

Rescalera7145 karma

Do you have any current can't miss tv shows?

WeAreMurderByDeath8 karma

we dont keep up much, but i have laughed my ass off at workaholics lately

myusernameis___5 karma

What's up MBD! My question is for Adam. I am a fellow left-handed guitarist and I was curious about how you feel about playing lefty. Anything you like or dislike about it? For your first guitar, did you go with the Mexican Strat or the Ibanez? Big fan and always catch a show when you guys are in DC/Baltimore. Keep doing what your doing! Later

WeAreMurderByDeath10 karma

Lefty guitars are hard to find! My first was a mexican strat. Well, my first i actually bought new. My first guitar was an acoustic guitar that my friends mom bought at a garage sale for $20. He didn't want it, so i bought it from her. I had it flipped to lefty and it went out of tune all the time, but i was no good yet anyway, so it didnt make a big difference!

kamilab5 karma

Hey Adam & Sarah! Congrats on the new album, it's really fantastic. Hoping to see you in Toronto soon, any plans? There's a poutine in it for you :)

WeAreMurderByDeath7 karma

gonna try to get there before the end of the year!

countermeasures5 karma

Do you have to get permission from the bands you cover for the Kickstarter cover albums? Or is there some sort of loophole? Or do you just say fuck it?

WeAreMurderByDeath10 karma

yes we pay them royalties for all the covers! its a license fee thats required.

monroeet5 karma

Hi Adam & Sarah, I love both of you equally, so I wanted to pose a question for both of you. It may already have been asked, but if you could only listen to one album/record/compilation of songs, what would be?

WeAreMurderByDeath7 karma

I know that's a great question but it's too mean! Thank goodness we live in a world where we can listen to any album any time.

That said, maybe Pet Sounds?

HugYoMama5 karma

Hey guys!

Long time fan!

  • Do you have time to read any good books lately? Or what are your favorites?

  • What artists do you most identify with?

  • Any plans for building a giant boat and taking over the Seven Seas?

  • I recently got back into PBJ's. What is your stance?

Thanks for the AMA!

WeAreMurderByDeath6 karma

This is Sarah - I'm currently slooging thru the Wine Bible - it's actually pretty darn interesting if you like to drink wine. Which I do.

The boat is underway - expect big things in 2018

PBJs - always a classic

blindmelonade5 karma

Hey guys! I saw your band for the first time almost a year ago at the mercury lounge in NYC. The club was super small and you played two shows the same night! Amazing experience and I can't wait to see you on the 28th at Bowery!

My question though is: Did Dagan die after that show? He looked extremely worn out and sweaty....

WeAreMurderByDeath7 karma

Dagan is ALIIIIIIVE!!!!

sonkiro5 karma

Hi Adam and Sarah ! Ive been a loyal follower for at least 6 years, My wife and I's first dance at our wedding was foxglove ( albeit slowed down just a tad), we spoke at Call the office in London Ontario. When will you guys be returning to southwestern Ontario? Have you considered doing a tour with July Talk? Im looking forward to seeing MBD play again live!

WeAreMurderByDeath6 karma

dont know july talk. Hoping to get to canada later this year, even if just one or two shows.

goldfishesss5 karma

More hair on Dagans head or chest? Skull shaker 4 lyfe.

WeAreMurderByDeath5 karma

HA! chest.

The_Jerf4 karma

Hey MBD, loved the book club from the last kickstarter, so I've gotta ask, what have you all been reading lately?

WeAreMurderByDeath11 karma

believe it or not i am finally getting to harry potter. about to start 6th book

jebustwo4 karma

Hey guys, I've been a fan of MBD for a while and I was never able to see you in concert. I finally was able to go to your show on Valentines day in Houston and even though you guys had a some technical difficulties, it was honestly one of the best shows I have ever seen.

Did you ever figure out what was wrong with your amp/monitor?

WeAreMurderByDeath6 karma

turns out THERE WERE 5 THINGS WRONG!- none of which had problems when we showed up.

1) cable to the microphone on my amp was busted, so caused a ton of line noise through my monitor. 2) input on acoustic guitar busted 3 and 4) two patch cables on pedalboard went out 5) input from speaker to my amp busted

Still had fun tho!

TinTinmwt4 karma

Hey guys.

I have seen you twice so far (Chicago and Switzerland) and would one day love to see you in my home country, Estonia, which I know is probably not a big draw because of size but if you are ever doing shows in Finland or anywhere eastern Europe please consider it.

Also on the topic of Estonia, does the name Turla happen to come from estonia or finland? Because for me it is the only place I can think of it fitting.

Also a personal question that you don't have to answer if you don't want to but are you two married/together or just best friends?

WeAreMurderByDeath5 karma

ive heard my last name is Lithuanian. My mom is from Italy, and my dad is from Detroit, MI with his parents being of Russian and Polish decent. Its a weird name, never met another Turla!

Jon_Fuckin_Snow4 karma

First off, thanks for doing this! You are without a doubt, one of, or probably my most favorite band. I've seen you guys about 7 times in Chicago. My favorite show was when you guys played at Reggie's with HaHa Tonka and you guys had a HUGE encore. Oh, and the Bottom Lounge show when Sarah signed my shirt!

I feel like every band wants their own jet, and to fill stadiums, yet, you guys seem very humble touring in a van and playing small venues. With an ever improving list of albums, what's your goal or vision for the future of Murder by Death? Do you guys see yourselves playing bigger venues or will you try to maintain a small, intimate show?

WeAreMurderByDeath10 karma

I think getting to do more concept shows is really fun. We have played a lot of clubs, and getting to play unique spaces is really exciting. That would be the best, if i had my druthers

digital8214 karma

Hey Adam and Sarah, I want to start off by thanking you two and the other band members for coming into my life and consistently creating amazing and emotionally charged music. I'm a big fan of the new record, "Send me Home" being my current favorite.

I know you've spoken about how movies and literature can be a big creative influence when writing. I'm a writer and I wrote a lot of my last script listening to your "Finch" album.

Q: Have you ever considered scoring a film, or even writing something like a rock opera or a thematically tight story album?

Q: If you were given the chance would you ever work in a visual medium? (i.e. Nick Cave as a screenwriter)

Thanks again

WeAreMurderByDeath7 karma

I've been writing songs for a glam rock opera for like 16 years. It will probably never happen but its fun.

2- Maybe, not sure if i have got what it takes tho!

ImFromTheHood_AMA4 karma

What is one of your most favorite songs to perform?

WeAreMurderByDeath9 karma

Sarah - I've always been fond of White Noise, and I miss playing Steam Rising

bach19874 karma

When people ask me who some of my favorite bands are and I list your name, the reaction is usually the same: a grimace and statement along the lines of "Is that a metal band?" In your opinion, what would be the best way to describe your sound to someone who has never listened to any of your work?

WeAreMurderByDeath9 karma

i try not to- but when people say southern gothic i kind of like that. Like Edgar Allen Poe

Miklagard3 karma

Alright. So Red of Tooth and Claw is the only album I own but I'm a big fan. It's right in my vocal range. Anywho the consistent record noise, paired with the extra bass and lower volume of all the songs, gave it that analog feel without having to get a vinyl made to hear it. I'm a big fan of that sound. Was it difficult to perfect the sound you wanted for the album or did it kinda happen accidentally? I'd imagine from the standpoint of the audio engineer it would be interesting to work on the mix.

WeAreMurderByDeath6 karma

it happened fast! and we had a great time working with Trina Shoemaker the producer. She got what we were going for and nailed it. we recorded to tape, then bumped to protools then mixed to tape. sounds great to me!

ElderAtropos3 karma

Hello Adam and Sarah. First off let me thank you both, MDB is one of my favorite bands and you guys always visit the Northwest during your tours which is great. My question is: what do you like to drink when performing? Also what is your favorite drink in general? Thanks.

WeAreMurderByDeath4 karma

i always drink straight bourbon on stage. i think its good for the ol vocal cords. favorite drink, other than water, is currently either a Last Word, or maybe a Manhattan

peterofwestlink3 karma

Simple question: how's your day going?

WeAreMurderByDeath5 karma


HeatherIsACyclist3 karma

Hello! Thank you for being on Reddit today. I am a big fan! I saw you perform at The Stanley Hotel this year, and at The Launchpad in Albuquerque, NM 9 days ago. Both shows ROCKED! My question (and I apologize if this has already been asked): I heard that your new song "Natural Pearl" was written about your daughter? Is that true?

WeAreMurderByDeath4 karma

Nope. We don't have any kids. It's kind of about a fictitious mermaid.

ejfdc3 karma

One more question: How did you guys meet lil BUB? How was that whole experience?

WeAreMurderByDeath4 karma

We've been friends with lil Bub's human for a long time. Bub is the BEST animal on planet earth. End of story.

RedditRalf3 karma

You said you would answer anything... Murder by death, what is your favourite smoothie?

WeAreMurderByDeath7 karma


WeAreMurderByDeath7 karma


MBDquestion3 karma

Hey gang, First off, I'm still proud to be the owner of the first guitar you all said you'd ever signed. It was a shitty black Ovation deep-bowl acoustic and I brought it to a show in Madison somewhere between six and eight years ago. Adam, you said you had one similar in your younger days. Maybe you remember, maybe you don't. Still cool to have!

Anyway, I have a few questions: *Remember Hedgpeth Fest in Wisconsin that one summer ? That was weird and fun. *I remember reading that you didn't necessarily have a ton of fun covering every song you did for As You Wish. Which songs did you not enjoy hammering out as much as the others and why? *Which songs have taken the longest and/or shortest to write?

WeAreMurderByDeath2 karma

Yes that show was weird. Very small for a big fest. For the covers I would rather talk about my favorites- which were INXS and Sam the Sham and Kenny Rogers. Those were super fun. As for writing originals, some take months and months and some take 15 minutes. Its crazy. Never know when you start it how long its gonna take before it feels right

wordsarentenough3 karma

Hi MBD! First, I wanted to let you know that you're a key reason my wife and I are together. Back in 2006, while chilling at the Burger King at the University of Oklahoma, my wife invited me up to her room to listen to some Murder by Death, and the rest is history. I got her tickets to see you guys for our first Valentine's day (2007 with Reverend Horton Heat in Tulsa), we played Foxglove at our wedding (and Ball and Chain), and we donated to the Kickstarter and are coming to see you guys in Louisville in June! I wanted to ask what prompted the move to Louisville, and to ask how your songwriting style has changed since "Like the Exorcist... "?

WeAreMurderByDeath4 karma

sarah's fam is in Louisville, and 15 years in Bloomington was great but most of our friends had moved away. I would say mostly that we were 18 when we wrote exorcist, and we wanted to broaden our horizons and branch out creatively.

dstrauc33 karma

Hello, Adam and Sarah!

Thank you for doing an ama. I've been a fan for a while and have some questions I'd like to ask!

First, I wanna say the Stanley hotel shows are the best concerts I've ever been to, and I hope they continue. I loved specifically seeing the entire album of “Who Will Survive and What Will Be Left of Them.” I was a little sad Geoff Rickly didn't hop out of the shadow to yell during Killbot, but, hey, he's probably busy.

so, my first question: Do you think you will ever play an entire album in its entirety again, preferably at the Stanley hotel? (In Bocca al Lupo, being the logical next choice, right? [also, 'the devil drives' is the perfect end to every mix tape, so thank you for that entire album]).

second question!

I noticed a distinct lyrical and tonal change between Red of Tooth and all your earlier works, as compared to Good Morning and your later works. Was there any specific reason for this change, or was it just the natural evolution in the band?

and, one last question!

What is your favorite song to play live?

Thank you!

WeAreMurderByDeath6 karma

that's interesting I don't think there's a big lyrical change there. The new album is more spare with lyrical content, which was very intended. Sarah and I both felt like making an album with less dense lyrics, leaving more room for interpretation. making 7 albums and 3eps, you think a lot about what you've done, and what you want to do. Repeating yourself too much is very boring, so we try to always push forward and do what we think is missing in our catalog rather than rehashing old ideas.

Favorite songs to play live for me, Adam are probably Comin Home King of The Gutters Prince of the Dogs Until Morale Improves Big Dark Love Natural Pearl No Oath no Spell

bach19873 karma

Deep dish or thin crust?

WeAreMurderByDeath13 karma


Havokjedi2 karma

Will you be opening for Mustache in the future? My shirts have way too many sleeves and the only prescription is Mustache.

WeAreMurderByDeath3 karma

Travis Falcontamer and Jesse Grizzlebottom keep saying they are going into the studio in the next year. we will see....

costhedog2 karma

Is Bloodshot Rob really as nice as he appears to be when I bump into him at shows? That has to be an act, right?

WeAreMurderByDeath2 karma

ha he seems nice to me!