It's bloody cold. I need a cuddle. I'm freezin'.

Season 3 of VIKINGS premieres on History tomorrow, February 19.

Victoria's helping me out in person today. AMA.


update Thank you guys so much for watching the show. You're really going to enjoy season 3. It just builds and builds and builds. Especially from episode 3 on to the end.

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TravisFimmel1355 karma

Can you ask if anybody is impressed by how fast I can type?

lousypanda756 karma

Why was Ragnar so fascinated with baby goats in season 2?

Also, did you get to keep said goat?

TravisFimmel2072 karma

As I said, I love kids.

zefareu709 karma

What is your favorite sandwich, and what would Ragnar's favorite sandwich be?

TravisFimmel3738 karma

Vegemite and toast.

And Ragnar's favorite sandwich? Would be Athelstan and Lagertha.

matsky621 karma

Hey Travis. So one of my good friends reckons she taught you Jiu Jitsu when she lived in (or near) Seymour, Victoria, many moons ago. Is she full of shit? Vikings is my second favourite show ever by the way!

TravisFimmel1858 karma

I thought we were making love, I didn't know we were doing Jiu Jitsu.

Wolverick580 karma

Do you think i'm your brother? I could do a stunt double :D check out this out

TravisFimmel385 karma


angmar2805553 karma

I have such a girl crush on Lagertha. Please tell me Rag and Lag will finally find some happiness together this season?

Also, are you 100% certain that you’re not Charlie Hunnam’s long lost identical twin? I’m convinced that Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy is Ragnar reincarnated.

TravisFimmel771 karma

Hehe! Pffff. She left me, I didn't leave her!

We are, actually, cousins.

RicardusAlpert264 karma

Like, for real?? Or just for the sake of the joke?

TravisFimmel692 karma

Nah, it's a joke. smirks

awesomesonofabitch454 karma

Travis, I have to know if Floki is as batshit crazy in person as he is on the set. He's been my #1 since day one! What kind of person is he when you're not filming?

TravisFimmel640 karma

Oh, he's an amazing person. He's just a very talented actor, he can act crazy very well.

JelleC419 karma

Hi Travis! Been a fan of the show since the beginning, I really like your portayal of Ragnar. What are your favorite moments/memories from set?

TravisFimmel1222 karma

I liked tying Athelstan up to a tree in the first year. The sex scene with Lagertha was very enjoyable. And whenever we're on the horses, I like that.

shivan21414 karma

Hi Travis! I'm interested in your voice intonation in the series (as well as other characters'), which sounds to me very viking-like. What is the story behind choosing this way of speech in Vikings?

TravisFimmel775 karma

We have a great dialect coach, Paul Molakides, he's greek but from Ireland. We didn't really want to sound like anyone else. And we had a Swedish director for the first 3 episodes. And obviously no one knows how the Vikings really spoke, since there's no recordings of it, so it gave us the opportunity to be unique.

crownofthorns88352 karma

Huge fan since day 1 of Vikings. You seem to have a more introverted personality and not much social media presence, do you plan as your fan base grows to get more involved on twitter/other media platforms?

TravisFimmel846 karma


I'll stop at the Mac store on my way home. It's hard with a flip phone.

ThisIsPiff351 karma

Something I really love about the way you portray Ragnar is that you act with your whole body, making gestures and playing around with the items/goats on sets, how much of that scripted? Or is it your personality shining through?

Also, what's your favourite sandwich?

TravisFimmel458 karma

Yeah, that's just actor's choices.

TSparklez329 karma

Hi Travis! I'm a huge fan of you on Vikings, and look forward to seeing you in Warcraft next year! My questions are:

  1. Who do you prefer, Lagertha or Aslaug?

  2. What can we expect from your character in the Warcraft movie?

TravisFimmel584 karma

1.) I love all women equally.

2.) I liked his hair. smirks

kiltsandrevenge252 karma

Hey Travis! I have been a fan of Vikings since it premiered a couple years ago. I still have to say that my favorite scene was the one on the beach, where you were speaking to the Saxon in Old English and to your fellow Vikings in their language. Can we look forward to more scenes without any Modern English?

TravisFimmel283 karma

Yes. There's a lot, yeah. Not specifically me, but some of the other characters.

E218239 karma

How do you feel about the views towards religions expressed on the show?

TravisFimmel655 karma

I'm very non-religious, in my day-to-day life. But I think it's very interesting. To learn about religions, and why it affects some people differently than others.

UnholyDemigod222 karma

Hey Trav, welcome to reddit. A recurring theme on Vikings is that Ragnar is descended from Odin. Which of the Norse gods would you say that you are most likely descended from?

TravisFimmel439 karma

Odin. Because of his curiosity of the world.

PistolPete35222 karma

Travis... Vikings is one of the shows of the decade IMO, but I keep getting interrupted by my girlfriend's non-stop raving about how perfect are. Could you stop being so much more desirable than me? Oh ya, an I'm supposed to ask if your eyes are really that blue, if your wearing contacts, or if it's digitally enchanced. Thank you kind sir.

TravisFimmel367 karma



TravisFimmel457 karma

What? I'm trying to help him out with his missus!

annieplovers214 karma

Hi Travis, how do you keep in shape & how tough if filiming Vikings?

TravisFimmel949 karma

The weather's the hardest thing. And I keep in shape by drinking whiskey instead of beer.

whatusernameisfrree186 karma

Which is your favorite whiskey?

TravisFimmel658 karma


voicesinthebreezes213 karma

How does Ragnar's relationship with Athelstan fare this season? Do they continue to remain close, as they have the past two seasons..or do they begin to drift apart?

TravisFimmel420 karma

No, the relationship gets better. It's my favorite person to do scenes with.

richardwrinkle203 karma

Did you realize how big the show Vikings would get? Any chance they make a film for the big screen as well?

TravisFimmel722 karma

You never know!

There's a lot of very talented people on set, and the Irish crew are very good at what they do, and you're on set and you see the sets and costumes, and with Michael Hirst at the head of the show, I'm not surprised the show is doing well. The lead actor is a bit of a wanker, though. Charlie's cousin.

Marty_McFrat191 karma

Hey Travis! Thanks so much for this I am a huge fan of the show. Was the transition from modeling to acting hard? Or did you always want to be an actor?

TravisFimmel471 karma

I was an actor before I modeled. I just couldn't get an actor's job. But it got me a Visa, so I appreciate it.

Lbj1212185 karma

Hi Travis! You've traveled to distant places (and worlds!) for your job. What are one or two things that you've enjoyed eating on your journey?

TravisFimmel621 karma

The free food on-set.

TravisFimmel787 karma

It's free!

Amarth_Amon173 karma

Hi Travis! I was really excited to see that you are doing this AMA. I love Viking lore and mythology with everything I've got. It goes without saying that I am a huge fan of the show and really appreciate everything you, the cast, and crew have put into VIKINGS. I have two questions. Which Viking God do you associate yourself with most, and why? Also, have you ever listened to the band Amon Amarth, and why are they your favorite band ever?

Thank you and I cant wait for the premiere tomorrow!

TravisFimmel253 karma

Because of their dancing and qualities to their voices, and the timbre of their voices! And that lead singer's got a great arse.

shivan21167 karma

How is Ragnar Lothbrok? Is he cruel more than necessary or just enough to survive?

TravisFimmel560 karma

Just tough love all 'round. Some people need an axe in the head, some people need a cuddle. Or both.

mks1973164 karma

What is the best prank you have pulled on set so far?

TravisFimmel1089 karma

That I can act?

shivan21164 karma

How did you enjoy shooting Warcraft? What it will be like?

TravisFimmel269 karma

It was very enjoyable. There's lots of motion capture. And it's gonna be amazing, the motion capture stuff, and all the green screen stuff.

seismicor97 karma

Have you played the game?

TravisFimmel204 karma

No, I haven't yet.

seismicor144 karma

Hi, Travis. How did you prepare for your role? Did you watch any movies, read books, etc.?

TravisFimmel370 karma

The good thing about Vikings is there's nothing we can really copy. Cuz they didn't read or write. So it was a great creative process where all of us, especially Michael - it's all open to interpretation. I had short sides of my hair, just so I could row faster.

seismicor138 karma

Were you a fan of Vikings as a kid?

TravisFimmel897 karma

Just as much as anybody else. I didn't know much about them. Other than the love-making and borrowing stuff from others.

DannyelConzo137 karma

What's the most embarrassing thing that's happened to you on set of Vikings?

TravisFimmel358 karma

Ehm - wipes face - in an upcoming episode, once I finish a stunt, and I'm walking off camera, I slipped and fell into the water when I wasn't supposed to be wet.

Blackbearrrd132 karma

Ragnar has a head tattoo, it looks awesome. Do you think if I got one like Ragnar it would help me with the ladies?

TravisFimmel485 karma

Oh yep. Get it on yer forehead and on yer cheek. All over yer face.

Don't get tatted, people just do it to be cool.

alwaysnefarious131 karma

Was it as hard to do the Blood Eagle scene as it was to watch? Very little makes me cringe, but that was over the top!

TravisFimmel255 karma

No, it's a great scene, a great director. And it's one of my favorite scenes.

wr3ckag3129 karma

It's bloody cold. I need a cuddle. I'm freezin'.

I volunteer as tribute!

Question time though... In what ways do you think you and Ragnar are alike?

TravisFimmel310 karma

We look similar. He's a farm boy, he's ambitious, curious... loves children.

Aleforge129 karma

Standing back and looking at the show do you have a favorite character?

TravisFimmel448 karma

Lots of 'em. Athelstan, and King Ecbert, and there's that one black horse I really like, with the funny eye.

PTJoao128 karma

Hello Travis! In the show you speak some of old norse, what went through your mind when you knew that you would've some lines in a dead language and how hard was it to practice?

TravisFimmel265 karma

Yeah, it was extremely hard for me, I'm not very good at that. It was very hard. The other guys, they're a lot better at it than me, thus I don't speak much Old Norse.


lovelyclo465120 karma

How do you think you'd survive as an actual viking? Would you be as bad ass as Ragnar?

TravisFimmel366 karma

No, I'd just fish a lot. I'd be lazy. Yeah. I get seasick.

nanostryn117 karma

Hello Travis, are we ever going to see the wanderer that gave the sunstone to ragnar or the murderer of Haraldson's boys?

TravisFimmel162 karma

You'll see them this year.

lataltita112 karma

I absolutely love the show, I'm so in love with Ragnar and my question is regarding your hairstyle. Being a girl I'm used to braid my hair but as a guy, how do you live that process? Does it hurts? Is it fun?

TravisFimmel250 karma

It's very hard to braid your own hair. It takes me 3 hours every morning to braid it. smiles

Yeh, no, somebody does it for me.

A very talented hairdresser named Dee Cochrane does it, and it takes 40 minutes. And I never get that time back. And I had extensions as well. I had to wear a shower cap when I had showers. It was something new.

sophiesansa111 karma

Hi Travis! In your opinion, do you think Ragnar still harbors feelings for Lagertha?

TravisFimmel302 karma

Anybody in Ragnar's family, he loves.

He's just full of love. But Ragnar's ex-wife hates him as much as his current wife does, and I'm sure his next ex-wife will hate him too.

josephine_amos198 karma

What makes you laugh & what's something we'd be surprised to know about you?

TravisFimmel232 karma

Ehm - little kids make me laugh, I guess. Surprising to know about me? I'm an extremely bad dancer.

TravisFimmel358 karma

Check out the "Techno Viking," yeah.

aliosmtl9698 karma

Hi travis,

If you had to give one advice to Ragnar what would it be?

TravisFimmel282 karma

Just go back to farming.

TravisFimmel442 karma

Actually, go to Australia.

Lbj121295 karma

As the star of the show, who do you think are the most undervalued/underexposed members of the crew, and what do they do every day that you appreciate?

TravisFimmel230 karma

The entire Irish crew, every department. Very hard-working, and very talented. And for the budget we have, we don't have the biggest budget of shows, you know, and their efficient-ness is remarkable.

conSTELLAtion232388 karma

Travis- you, sir, are wonderful, I'd cuddle with you any day. If you could use a shield wall for anything life throws at you, what would you use it for?

TravisFimmel260 karma

Negative people.

Peevee8986 karma

Hey Travis, first of all: greetings from Germany, looking forward for Vikings Season 3, Iam a die hard fan;-)!

My question: you are the reason I started growing my beard. Iam 6 months into growing it right now and I wanted to ask you: 1. how long did it take to reach the length your beard had in season 2 of vikings? 2. How do you care for your beard, any daily routines?

Hope you'll answer, I'd really appreciate it.

I'll see you in valhallah!

TravisFimmel145 karma

1.) 5 months. 2.) No routines. No. I talk to it? Say Bonjour! by the way!

sophiesansa82 karma

What do you think is Ragnar's biggest flaw?

TravisFimmel181 karma

Becoming King.

Lbj121282 karma

I read in the past you didn't love doing green screen work for Warcraft, as you'd rather be interacting with real people. That said, do you enjoy the speaking or action sections of Vikings more, and why? In general, which would you rather be doing?

TravisFimmel169 karma

I'd rather be speaking. I'd rather the battle of the minds I have with King Ecbert.

MurphyR52081 karma

I heard you took $2K off Alexander playing pool... do you feel bad about not even giving him a chance?

TravisFimmel280 karma

No, it was more than 2 grand.

seismicor80 karma

Do you watch Game of Thrones? If so who's your favourite character?

TravisFimmel459 karma

I'm too cheap to get HBO.

thegonz474 karma

Hi Travis! According to the legend Ragnar was killed by being thrown into a pit of snakes. If the show stays true to that will you do that stunt yourself with real, albeit nonvenomous, snakes?

TravisFimmel147 karma

If I do die that way, yeah, 'course.

TravisFimmel191 karma

D'you know something I don't know?

Schwarzwolf1374 karma

I know that Wardruna participated in creating the soundtrack of Vikings. Do you like their music? What do you listen to in private?

TravisFimmel219 karma

I think it's sick. In a good way.

Otis Redding, Buddy Holly, George Strait, and The Wiggles.

SPAS_Madness73 karma

Axe or Sword ? And why ?

TravisFimmel363 karma


Fuze8372 karma

Who is the joker on set? An can you share any memorable ones?

TravisFimmel205 karma

The little kids are the most entertaining. And Bjorn is very entertaining as well. And the lamb.

wanderluster971 karma

Hey Travis!

What has been your craziest fan moment?

TravisFimmel255 karma

When that girl just asked me about my hair.

Slifire70 karma

Hi Travis. Sorry for being a little late here, but I've heard several castmates from Vikings describe you as a bit of a prankster while on set. Is this true? and if so, what are your favorite pranks?

TravisFimmel155 karma


Houtzenstein70 karma

Hello, Travis! I'm building a cookbook for friends and family and I was wondering: what's your current favorite dish? I'll toss it in there and say a Viking recommended it to me ;)

TravisFimmel165 karma

Aaaah! Just steak and veggies.

TravisFimmel281 karma

Call it "The Steak and Veggies."

thorvalkyrie69 karma

Hi, Travis! What sort of music do you think Ragnar would be into in this day and age? He'd be a metalhead imo

TravisFimmel124 karma

Yep, I'll go with that then.

Thalassoma68 karma

Have you gone fishing recently? Caught anything cool?

Your playing Ragnar is one of my favorite things to watch these days. Hope you enjoy playing him as much as we like watching the show!

TravisFimmel144 karma

Oh, I got some rainbow trout in Australia!

AgentKittenMittens65 karma

Were you familiar with viking history before being cast as Ragnar? Have you used your personal time to learn more?

What episode number (without spoilers) are you most excited to have air?

TravisFimmel156 karma

The scripts are so informative, I normally trust Michael's research more than my own.

Number 11. No, I'm joking, there's only 10, sorry! Six.

Cressida-64 karma

What actors inspire you? Also what is one film that you could watch over and over again?

TravisFimmel195 karma

Daniel Day Lewis. Joaquin Phoenix. Mel Gibson. And Nicholson. And CHOPPER.

TheSandEmperor63 karma

Why did you cut your hair?

TravisFimmel235 karma

This year?

strokes beard

It's a turning point in the plot, and it saves me getting up 40 minutes earlier than I have to.

monkeyinferrari57 karma

I love Vikings! I read in an interview of Hirst that it was your idea to have Ragnar decorate his ship with severed heads (as we can see in the S3 trailer). How did you come up with that? It's quite the sight.

TravisFimmel103 karma

Well, that was both our ideas. I think - if I remember - we already had the dead heads there, and I just wanted to be one of the heads amongst the dead heads. So that was mostly Michael's ideas.

Arnoux56 karma

How long did it take to grow a beard like this?

TravisFimmel112 karma

It took me about 5 months? That's why I can't cut it between seasons.

shivan2156 karma

How much does Michael Hirst influence the shooting? How is the cooperation with him?

TravisFimmel121 karma

Any show or any movie starts with a script, so he's obviously got the biggest influence of anybody. And it's fantastic working with him. I really respect him, and he's a really talented writer.

Whoever cleans the windows does a good job!

kariniasta55 karma

Hi Travis! Have you ever thought of having a farm in Ireland? U know, so much green spaces and beautiful landscapes ? :) Greetings from Poland!

TravisFimmel108 karma

Yeah. I love Ireland. I would have a farm there, if it weren't for the weather. It's just a bit chilly.

Laceyfeathers2255 karma

When do you think you will have your farm you are saving up for, where will it be, and are you hiring?

TravisFimmel127 karma


Unless you're a cow...

It'll be along the coast in Australia. Hopefully as soon as I get the money together.

themanvern53 karma

Hi Travis. How long does it take to prepare the choreography for each of fight scenes? and which do you prefer? The sword or the axe?

TravisFimmel94 karma

About 15 minutes or something? We get there on set and do it. It's well choreographed before I show up. The stunt guys are really talented.

france31250 karma

Love your show. Two questions: when choosing projects to work on, are you more drawn to action roles or dramas? Second question: what is your favorite band/singer?

TravisFimmel123 karma

The writing, for sure. It doesn't matter, just whatever the best script is. And whoever's dumb enough to give me a job.

The late Johnny Cash, maybe. And Sam Cooke.

Hladgerd48 karma

What was the first reaction you made when you learnt you got the role?

TravisFimmel129 karma

Ehm - first reaction? i was excited to move to Ireland. I'd never been there before.

GoodGuyCharles46 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA! A lot of my family members are big fans of VIKINGS, but I have yet to begin watching the show. For the uninitiated, what would you say makes VIKINGS a great show?

TravisFimmel171 karma

The story and the amazing visuals.

And the lamb.

wakerdan43 karma

Hi Travis! I love Vikings, and I love Ragnar! How do you feel in Ragnar's shoes? If you could, would you trade your life for Ragnar's for a day, in a battle field, commanding those troops and celebrating the Viking way, paying tributes to the Gods?

TravisFimmel112 karma

No, I'd rather just be a farmer.

Fuze8343 karma

Do you have a fan mail address?

TravisFimmel80 karma

You can send @HistoryVikings on Twitter.

stefanar42 karma

Will there be many new characters introduced in this season? Maybe some historical personal? :) love your show cheers from Iceland!

TravisFimmel106 karma

Iceland yeah!

There are definitely more characters this year, and we actually invade Paris, so there's a lot of French characters coming soon. There's more boats, more actors, more stuntmen.

Poison_Ivy_141 karma

Some actors talk about how when their filming they like to stay in character...Is this something you do as well? & is it difficult having so many men on set compared to women?

TravisFimmel110 karma

No. Well there's less to look at.

DanArlington33 karma

Travis, if you were a pizza, what pizza would you be?

TravisFimmel79 karma


omelletepuddin30 karma

How much fun was coming the blood eagle scene?

TravisFimmel51 karma

It was fun. It was very cold, and late at night, but it was fun because I knew it was going to be a great scene with a great director.

AirNova27 karma

Would you give up your eye for knowledge like Odin?

TravisFimmel61 karma

That'd be ridiculous.

NickSkyLord26 karma

Do you like to listen metal songs with lyrics inspired from the norse mythology or the way of life of vikings?

TravisFimmel43 karma

Love it.

Kingimg25 karma

Vikings is an amazing show. It's up there with game of thrones in my opinion. If you could would you go back in time to live with the Vikings. Even if it was only like for a fuckin day? And do you have and pets? Like a pirate bird with eye patch or a hedgehog with a peg leg? Thanks im a big fan

TravisFimmel62 karma

No, I'd only go back about 150 years. I have about 1500 cattle.

conangentil24 karma

Hey Travis! Do you prefer to surf or to drink some beers?

TravisFimmel65 karma

Healthy beers.

MillieJA22 karma

So Travis, before you were cast as Ragnar did you ever dream of playing a character similar to him or want to act in something similar?

TravisFimmel32 karma

Ehm - as an actor you never know what your next job's going to be, so it's always very much a surprise. And I very much enjoy working on Vikings.

davidbl19788 karma

Hi Travis - I have heard that you do the fighting scenes yourself. Any cuts and bruises or are you a qualified viking now with an axe?

TravisFimmel32 karma

I'm not qualified, but it's a great stunt team. I only got hurt emotionally.

TravisWaters5 karma

Hey Travis. i live in a small town in NSW Australia. And i would like to know what do you miss most about about Australia?

TravisFimmel10 karma

Small towns. Everything.

AGallagher4104 karma

What's your favorite ride in Disney?

TravisFimmel5 karma

No, I've never been there, actually.

liwsi_flowers4 karma

What is it like to work with a member of the Skarsgard dynasty?

TravisFimmel7 karma

Oh, it was great. He was a great character on the show. Very nice fella.

peachflow3 karma

Hey, Travis. How do you feel about Bjorn slowly stealing your hairdo? And you're bald now? Ouch, man.

TravisFimmel8 karma

Tell her I'm a boy, I don't really get offended by stealing haircuts.

dirtydan971 karma

Hi mr lothbrook, Do you have any Scandinavian heritage? If yes, do you like lefse and lutefisk?

TravisFimmel8 karma

Ehm - you lost me.