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awesomesonofabitch958 karma

Holy shit. Travis Fimmel just dadjoked.

awesomesonofabitch454 karma

Travis, I have to know if Floki is as batshit crazy in person as he is on the set. He's been my #1 since day one! What kind of person is he when you're not filming?

awesomesonofabitch199 karma

Thanks for responding so quickly! Let him know that I knew Floki wasn't a traitor! FLOKI FAN #1 RIGHT HERE.

Also: My wife is going to be so jealous that you and I had words.

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And on the flipside, the US courts can sentence you to a million years in prison.

Which is the better system?

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Acting is a job. Everybody works shitty jobs to pay the bills.

No, they didn't put a gun to his head but they didn't necessarily give him the tools, (script, story), to make his job any easier.

C'mon now.