I wrestled professionally for many organizations all over the world including All Japan Pro Wrestling, WWC, CMLL and of course the WWE. I am now a cannabis legalization activist. Please like my facebook page at www.facebook.com/kaptainkannabisshow Subscribe to my youtube channel at www.youtube.com/kaptainkannabisshow Follow me on twitter @ValVenisEnt

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cgurts185 karma

Are you a mets fan for ever?

ValVenis42076 karma


opinionatedsmark106 karma

Have you ever picked up a chick with the line "Hello ladies"?

Also do you think of sexy sax music when you shower?

ValVenis420125 karma

Constantly on both questions

lyyki61 karma

How afraid were you when Rikishi splashed you from the top of the cage?

ValVenis420122 karma

Not very afraid. Rikishi is a pro.

BeholdTheHydra375058 karma

Who was the best person to work with during your career?

ValVenis42087 karma

Ryan Shamrock

RegulatedDestroyer50 karma

How much poon did you actually get with the Val Venis gimmick?

ValVenis42067 karma

I cant remember

Mattszat91349 karma

Do you think that your gimmick would be successful today? Or do you think you were largely a product of the attitude era?

ValVenis42080 karma

The Val Venis gimmick could be successful at any time so long as the chains are released.

Mattszat91348 karma

What happened to those luscious locks? When they were gone did all the ladies flock?

ValVenis42052 karma

Those luscious locks got needed far to much maintenance for my taste. They had to go.

Tarheelpanther42 karma

How scared were you during the infamous "I choppa your peepee" sketch? I would never want an accidental John Wayne Bobbitt cut.

ValVenis42048 karma

Great TV.

wigwag35539 karma

How do you deal with so many of your peers having passed away over the years?

ValVenis42078 karma

Its what led me to ask the hard questions and directly led to me becoming a cannabis activist.

john_the_quain38 karma

Do you have a favorite prank you were involved with or witnessed?

ValVenis42096 karma

Yea. I coated Edge and Christians tights with itching powder before RAW

thombudsman30 karma

What is the most memorable moment from your career?

ValVenis42046 karma

Performing for the first time in MSG

waitingforthesun8226 karma

Question about your cannabis legalization work.

Has there ever been any serious consideration given to trying to appeal to tobacco companies to also lobby for legalization?

I would understand if the legalization movement wants nothing to do with tobacco companies but it just seems like they would have the power, and maybe the interest, given the declining amount of smokers to pursue a new revenue stream.

ValVenis42046 karma

Cannabis is far to easy to grow and does not require the chemicals of fertilizer to grow like tobacco does. Tobacco needs LOTS of radio active fertilizer. Big Tobacco feels cannabis cultivation is so easy that most people will just grow and consume their own instead of buying in.

-Archive24 karma

Has Vince McMahon ever screwed you over?

ValVenis42032 karma


lyyki20 karma

How big of a chance is that Venis gets inducted to WWE hall of fame?

ValVenis42021 karma

Dont know.

BigPappaQ20 karma

What did Rikishi's ass taste/smell like?

ValVenis42053 karma


832720 karma

what's your favorite type of pizza?

ValVenis42025 karma


SirGarethBusey16 karma

Was there anything that you weren't thrilled about doing in your gimmick?

Also, what was it like working with Bob Holly?

ValVenis42024 karma

Nope. I loved doing the character. Bob was awesome to work with.

The_Nim15 karma

This is actually exciting to ask a wwe veteran a question... What parts of the job did you most enjoy and what parts did you not?

ValVenis42019 karma

I loved performing and grew to dislike traveling.

pjfnmiller14 karma

Do you still watch the current product, if so your thoughts?

ValVenis42021 karma

I very rarely watch WWE anymore. I love WWE but i just have other things going on now.

YPastorPat13 karma

I've gotta say, I just watched a bit of your YouTube channel and I was wondering if you ever considered a more professional-looking way to promote cannabis legalization than smoking a bong in a basement with your buddies? Legit question: is playing into stereotypes of potheads the best face to put on this movement?

Edit: that sounds rude (and it was). Sorry. Maybe a better way to ask would be, what is your strategy to combat the negative stereotypes of cannabis users? Is your push for legalization more focused on the medicinal uses or the recreational use?

ValVenis42058 karma

That was not a basement. It was the Cannabis Vapor Lounge I opened in Tempe AZ called the Purple Haze House. I am all for FULL legalization for ANYTHING cannabis can be used for. Recreational use of cannabis is a FAR healthier more responsible choice over ANY other substance including alcohol. The medical side of cannabis is truly remarkable. Cannabis also provides the healthiest food source in the world. Nothing is healthier for the human body than Hemp seeds, Hemp Hearts, Hemp Milk and Hemp Oil. The industrial uses are absolutely of the charts amazing and far to numerous to list here. One product I am looking at utilizing in the future is Hempcrete. You can build the most energy efficient home in the world using Hemp and it will also have the very best air quality in the world as well. On top on that, your hempcrete home will petrify and last for thousands of years. I believe everyone should be able to grow their own or purchase cannabis from growers for whatever reason they wish with no restrictions. I believe we should be teaching high school kids how to grow and utilize Hemp in industry. Fuel, food, clothing, textiles, medicines and the list goes on and on. The current corporate power structure in America would come to an end with unfettered access to cannabis. Cannabis is absolutely the peoples plant and the corporate indoctrinated negative stereotypes are of no concern to me. Truth, fact and logic are all that matter.

naimnotname9 karma

Val the latest pictures I've seen on social media of you, you don't seem to be in the shape we once saw you. This may be insensitive, but it's rare that you get to ask a public figure this question. What happened, bro?

ValVenis42027 karma

LOL, Yea, that was my brother Cameron Morley who does the gimmick Vic Venis in Canada.

The_Homestarmy7 karma

Have you ever wrestled a match as Kaptain Kannabiss?

ValVenis4206 karma


HEELHousell7 karma

Hey Val.

Would you ever fight New Jack?


ValVenis42029 karma

Nope. But I would blaze with him for sure.

lyyki6 karma

Was Jenna Jameson fun to work with?

ValVenis4206 karma

She was cool

HermanVelasquez6 karma

What music are you into and who are you listening to currently?

ValVenis42013 karma

Hip hop. Kotton Mouth Kings, TechNine

rsdtriangle5 karma

Who did you hate working with?

Who did you love working with?

Anything to say about Missy Hyatt and her allegations?

ValVenis4209 karma

Missy who?

pissdrinker695 karma

Was marijuana use widespread in the WWF in the 90s? Do you think it was a bad idea to specifically test for it, considering it could have helped out many who now instead turn to alcohol and prescription painkillers to ease the pain of wrestling?

ValVenis42017 karma

Absolutely. Cannabis should be the FIRST line of medication for pain, inflammation, nausea, headaches etc. Cannabis should have been always considered the healthier and more responsible choice over alcohol for social gatherings. The fact it was banned, tested for and looked down upon, has cost many lives to end far too soon.

IceDagger3164 karma

Do you have a preferred strain of marijuana?

Also, are you striving for legalization in all of North America or just Canada or just the US?

Oh and can you convince your native land to take back it's weather and keep it, along with Justin Beiber?

Thanks Sean.

ValVenis4204 karma

White Widow is one of my all time favorites. Sour D and Super Silver Haze are great as well. I would like to see cannabis legalized world wide so I can record episodes smoking ganja on my Kaptain Kannabis Show(Youtube channel) from the top of Mt Everest to the Hard Rock Cafe in Tokyo to the Mountains in Puerto Rico to the deserts down under.

thril_hou4 karma

Obvious question: Can you do a backflip?

ValVenis4208 karma

Back in the day when I was wrestling in Puerto Rico I could but only ever did it on the beach. Then my brain cells matured.

Alpha-Pig4 karma

What's the worst example of backstage politicking you've seen?

ValVenis4207 karma

Thats a loaded question.

Alyssayan4 karma

What do you think of the differences between drugs and cannabis?

ValVenis42025 karma

Drugs are toxic and can kill. Cannabis is non toxic and the only thing that gets killed are large pizzas or a massive plateful of sushi.

Sl31gh3r863 karma

Also how have the rules on marijuana consumption at the height of your career compare to later in your career?

ValVenis42012 karma

Their testing for THC is what got he hooked on the same opiate based pain meds after shoulder surgery that took the lives of many of my friends.

BOlieveInRollins3 karma

would you ever consider a comeback to the wwe?

ValVenis42018 karma

I would entertain the idea so long as WWE stopped their ridicules testing and fining for THC.

JPADGE2 karma

Helloooo Val, what made you decide to be an activist for cannabis legalisation? And what was it like making out with Nicole Bass?

Thanks for your time sir :)

ValVenis42019 karma

The Nicole Bass memory was surgically removed from my brain by Aliens for a far away galaxy....lol. Thanks for bringing that up. I became an activist after watching so many of my friends pass from big pharma meds and watching the stupid events unfold from alcohol abuse.

opinionatedsmark2 karma

Do you smoke out of any nice glass? Im talking like high quality scientific like toro, sov, fishbone ect..? Any extracts, oils and what not?

If not whats your primary way of smoking?

ValVenis4203 karma

I absolutely love blazing out of high quality glass. I try everything I can.