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HEELHousell215 karma

Hey Mick, did you ever replace the TV you broke after Bryan didn't win? Thanks!

HEELHousell52 karma

Hey everyone, love to you all.

How are the job interviews going? Any idea as to when we may hear the name of the newest Duders? Thanks.

HEELHousell25 karma

Hey Austin, given your well documented affinity for hip-hop and how strong this year has been what was your favorite project of the year? Thanks!

HEELHousell8 karma

Hey Rock! With the recent controversy the in WWE over racism, the idea that there hasn't been a black world champion yet begs the question, how do you feel not being acknowledge as the first African-American world champion?

HEELHousell7 karma

Hey Val.

Would you ever fight New Jack?