Hello everybody. I did an AMA last year talking TRANSFORMERS, Sons of Anarchy, LOST and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Today I'm excited to share that BOSCH is available on Amazon Prime. I play L.A.P.D. Detective Harry Bosch, based on the bestselling novels by Michael Connelly.

I'm looking forward to your questions. Come one, come all!

Victoria's helping me out over the phone.


Update: Sorry we've run out of time. I had a blast. Please watch BOSCH on AMAZON PRIME as all ten new episodes drop today. Thank you all!

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AdonalFoyle19 karma

How was acting on The Good Wife? Are you ever going to be back?

TitusBWelliver12 karma

I never say never! But I don't see how that would be possible. It was a great experience. Julianna and Josh and Chris are all friends of mine, and so it was a great pleasure.

EmoKidSid13 karma

Hi there! Hope you're doing well today. Lost is my favourite show ever, so it's always exciting to see a cast member ama.

Did you watch the entire show? Who were your favourite characters? Are you still friends with any of the other cast members?

And most importantly, if you could pick a name for the Man in Black, what would it be? (Or do you think Barry is acceptable?)

TitusBWelliver14 karma

When I took the role, I'd only watched the first 2 seasons. After completing the final episode, I then went back and watched the show in its entirety.

Too many to list. But I loved Locke.

I just worked with the director / producer Jack Bender on THE LAST SHIP. But have not really seen any of the other cast members recently.

"Barry" was, in fact, a joke. I rather like that he never was given a name.

EmoKidSid3 karma

Thanks for the response! I agree. It's hard to choose a favourite character. (And I loved those internet episodes Jacob and "Barry" did :P)

One more thing if you don't mind.... Were you as upset about Deadwood ending as I was? That show was over way too early.

TitusBWelliver10 karma

I was deeply disappointed. That was a show that was way ahead of its time, and really raised the bar for excellence in programming.

Ellisj9812 karma

What was your favourite moment/scene in Sons of Anarchy?

TitusBWelliver12 karma

My favorite scene was the handing over, the exchange of Baby Abel for Father Kellen.

tomkvideo7 karma

Can you reveal if your character is dead or alive in the Marvel universe?

TitusBWelliver8 karma

I assume he's alive. I've not been told otherwise.

n_mcrae_19827 karma

Were there any roles in TV or film that people would be surprised to know you were up for?

TitusBWelliver7 karma

Not to my recollection. I mean, I've been up for things, but I can't think of anything I was up for and didn't get - I mean, I can't really speak to - I wasn't up for IRON MAN or something like that!

ismellliketuna6 karma

Hey Titus, I just shaved off my beard and feel completely naked without it..did you feel the same about Sila's incredible beard when you had to let it go?

TitusBWelliver10 karma

Yeah, yes. Letting facial hair go is always problematic and a sad day around my house (excluding the thoughts of my wife and children).

NorbitGorbit6 karma

what weird skill do you wish you had that you think would have made an edge in casting for a role you didn't get (for example if you were trying for kermit in the muppet movie, it would help to be a muppet)?

TitusBWelliver8 karma

Ha ha!

Well, I do have something in my skill set, I have very hairy feet, so casting me as a hobbit is a no-brainer. My wife calls me "hobbit feet."

Chucke47116 karma

Hello Mr Welliver!

First, I am a huge fan. I've seen pretty much everything you've been in, including two of my all-time favorite television shows in history. LOST, and Deadwood. I know this is a super common question, but, do you have any good stories from the set? Especially anything funny from the Deadwood days, since it seems like that would've been a pretty serious set.

Keep up all the great work, and I can't wait to see Bosch!

TitusBWelliver13 karma

Well, a little tidbit which sort've demonstrates the seriousness of actors on DEADWOOD: in between scenes, myself and a few other cast members would hide in my trailer and play Xbox.

(Everybody operates on the assumption that actors are sitting around reading Shakespeare in their trailers - that is not the case! We were playing Xbox, for hours!)

Chucke47116 karma

Don't sell yourself short, sir. Xbox is serious business. Do you have a favorite game? Did Ian McShane play xbox? I really fucking love the idea of Silas and Sweringen playing Halo together.

TitusBWelliver10 karma


No, Ian did not play. But Earl Brown and Sean and I played endlessly. Our favorite game was called BLACK. Like a first person shooter where you can destroy everything.

pussyluver695 karma

What's your fav Xbox game?

TitusBWelliver7 karma

FAR CRY and I love the Call of Duty series.

TitusBWelliver13 karma

Somebody said I should be the voice for the character Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid series but I think Kiefer Sutherland does it.

EmoKidSid4 karma

What kind of games did you play?

TitusBWelliver7 karma

We also played a lot of a game called SoCom, and HALO, and Rainbow 6.

_Wi115 karma

Hey Titus, I've been watching you since LOST and I'm a fan! I'm rooting for you. You clearly choose your roles wisely and always bring value to the character in a way that deepens the story. Have you ever thought about taking more leading roles?

TitusBWelliver4 karma

I take the roles as they come! I'm very very honored and extremely content playing BOSCH. That's my focus right now.

ningrim5 karma

if someone had never seen your acting work, what would you want them to watch first?

TitusBWelliver10 karma

Oooh boy.


Because it's what I'm doing presently, and I think that it's what the journey of my career has led me to.

beernerd5 karma

Hey Titus, welcome back. How excited were you to hear that BOSCH was picked from the Amazon pilots to be made into a full series?

TitusBWelliver18 karma

Beyond thrilled. I'd only read one book prior to my meeting with the producers for BOSCH. I since then have read 8 of the books, and continue to do so. I love 'em.

beernerd7 karma

That's quite a bit of reading! Michael Connelly did an AMA of his own a few days ago and he spoke very highly of you. Did you interact with him much during filming?

TitusBWelliver15 karma

Constantly. Michael is the barometer for all things BOSCH, being the creator. And I'm eternally grateful for his guidance.

NorbitGorbit5 karma

Of all the work you've been in, which production had the best food? and what was the food?

TitusBWelliver21 karma

Ha ha!

The catering on Ben Affleck's movies is consistently the best food that I've had. And lobster. Just lobster. Plain, straight up, New England style boiled Maine lobster.

TheExtremeChef25 karma

I'm binge watching sons of anarchy season 3 right now and I think your acting is amazing. What was it like working on such a popular show like sons of anarchy?

TitusBWelliver7 karma

It was great fun. Super cast. Great writers. All in all, a wonderful experience. And how was the catering? Really quite good.

yourownending4 karma

Hey Titus! This is Rachel from twitter, nice to see you on reddit again. I was wondering what you look for in the directors that you work with?

TitusBWelliver7 karma

A collaborative attitude. That's really it. I just like them to come to swing, and not to micromanage.

n_mcrae_19824 karma

Hey there, Titus, been a fan since Star Trek. I was curious if there's been any talk of you returning to "Agents of SHIELD". We haven't really seen your character since he was hospitalized and basically sat out the HYDRA debacle that saw SHIELD disbanded and Coulson having to rebuild it from the ground up, so we don't really know where he would've stood in all that.

Might we see Agent Blake again?

TitusBWelliver8 karma

I would LOVE to play Blake again. I love working with Clark Gregg and the rest of the S.H.I.E.L.D. guys. I've just been shooting BOSCH and it took up all my time, so it's difficult to go and do a guest spot.

n_mcrae_19822 karma

Hope so. SHIELD needs another bureaucrat-type since Maximillian Hernandez turned out be A) evil, and B) roadkill in the last "Captain America" movie.

TitusBWelliver4 karma

I would love to come back. I enjoyed the fact that Blake took action against Deathlok and we got to see him do something other than irritate Clark Gregg! Haha!

Est18453 karma

Hi Titus, I met you the night they screened the alternate ending for "The Town" in Boston. Did you like the original ending or the alternate ending better?

TitusBWelliver5 karma

The alternate ending. I just felt like it was a bit more realistic? I thought it had a deeper impact with Ben's character being killed.

ladyteruki3 karma

Hi Titus, I was a fan of Brooklyn South. Although short-lived, it was fantastic ! Is there an anecdote you could tell me about your time on the show ? What are your memories from that experience ?

TitusBWelliver8 karma

All great memories. SUPER cast of actors. We had a couple of disgruntled cast members who were always complaining, and one day, in between scenes, a bunch of the cast were sitting outside (including the complaining culprits). And David Milch came outside with Steve and greeted us, and then apropos of nothing, David said "You know, great thing about a cop show... you have someone in the cast who's disgruntled and miserable, the next episode, they're the first episode through the door, and they forgot their vest in the trunk."

The message was sent!

ladyteruki1 karma

Aha ! Well, the show started with a shooting, so they could have taken the hint XD So, from New York to Los Angeles, which police forces do you like best ?

TitusBWelliver4 karma

I'm not partial to either one. I have equal respect for both departments.

dragonfly19932 karma

favorite snack?

TitusBWelliver5 karma

Hummus and Jalapeno corn chips.

clare_l_c2 karma

Clare again here! (Am I allowed to ask more than one?!). Anyways, how did you enjoy your (brief) visit to London? I hope we made you feel welcome!

TitusBWelliver2 karma

It was bloody tremendous! I loved every second of it, and was deeply touched by the support and the excitement.

clare_l_c1 karma

Was that written in a London accent?!

TitusBWelliver3 karma


BrunoGrand2 karma

Did you liked the ending of Lost? And also, what's your favorite movie? Big fan, gonna be checking out Bosch.

TitusBWelliver8 karma

I had no issue with the ending of LOST. I thought it ended well (but you can't please everyone).

My favorite film is YOJIMBO.

mel2010ca2 karma

You were great in Deadwood & now Bosch. Really love it.
What director have you worked with that you feel enhanced your performance the most?

TitusBWelliver4 karma

Ben Affleck. He gives me free reign with his direction, and when he gives it, it is really precise, and smart.

clare_l_c2 karma

Hi Titus, Mayor Clare here! Happy Bosch Day! What's next in the work pipeline for you?

TitusBWelliver5 karma

Hey Clare! Hey Mayor!

Hopefully season 2 of BOSCH!

mel2010ca2 karma

Mel again!!

Seems lots of the Deadwood cast ends up in the same shows.

SOA - Dayton Callie, Paula Malcolmson, Robin Weigert, Kim Dickens, Keone Young (Mr. Wu!!!)

Lost - William Sanderson, Paula Malcolmson, Robin Weigert, Kim Dickens, Brian Cox

Also "Justified" has a ton as well.

Seems like the casting depts loved Deadwood. FX as well! They dug up the Deadwood graveyard!!

Does it seem like a reunion when you're on set with them again? Are you still in touch? Would you work with David Milch again?

Also, do you play any instruments?

TitusBWelliver5 karma

I would do a puppet show for David Milch.

I think one of the reasons that you see that sort of recurring thing casting happening is that DEADWOOD was so well-cast - there was such a great talent pool on that show that people went (intelligently) - well, it was a casting pool by Junie Lowery and Libby Goldstein (they also cast Dexter and a bunch of other shows). And yes, we always reminisce when we see each other, but we're all in touch with each other. I recently got a very, very sweet email from Ian McShane congratulating me on BOSCH. We're all friends on Facebook, and they have all been super-supportive, sharing links promoting BOSCH - we all have a great fondness for each other. It's like we went to high school and college together, being on DEADWOOD.

I do! I play the drums, but I would say the instrument that I play the most and am most proficient with is blues harmonica. I've been playing since i was 8 years old.

Spoonsy2 karma

Hi Titus!

Big LOST fan, also really liked your roll in The Good Wife.

I know initially the roll of the Man In Black (Smokey) was disguised as a corporate raider type, but when did they let you in that you were going to be playing a character that had been a major part of the show's mythos since the first episode?

TitusBWelliver9 karma

I didn't realize that until I actually spoke the words "I am the Black Smoke."

Then it hit me like a hammer.

It was a bit overwhelming, but in the best way.

Spoonsy3 karma

That's crazy. From the sounds of it you're not the only one who only realized the significance of their role from the script in their hand.

Was the full mythos ever explained to you and Mark Pellegrino? Sometimes it felt like the two of you were operating on a few more clues than we had.

TitusBWelliver3 karma

Not the case with me! Ignorance is bliss.

clare_l_c2 karma

Clare again (sorry!) Whats your favourite joke? And do you want to know mine?!

TitusBWelliver4 karma


A horse walks into a bar. The bartender say "Hey, why the long face?"

So bad!

yourownending4 karma

Here's a good one:

What do you call a five foot medium who's just escaped from prison?

A small medium at large.

TitusBWelliver3 karma


Very funny.

kylethewild2 karma

I loved the movie Argo. What was it like being a part of that?

TitusBWelliver5 karma

Oh, a huge honor. A stunning cast, Ben's work was remarkable, I enjoyed every minute of it. It was filmed all over - Los Angeles, I think Morocco, Washington DC. I shot in LA.

lula24882 karma

what books are you reading now besides Bosch?

TitusBWelliver8 karma

That's a good question.

Usually I'm reading and looking at several books, to save time. Right now I'm reading Michael Connelly's THE DROP, and I'm reading a book on the events of 1968. It's just called "1968." And then I have a book I reread once a year, called "Dispatches," by Michael Herr - he was a journalist who was embedded with ground troops in Vietnam.

mel2010ca1 karma

Hi again Titus. What are your top 3 favorite Beatles songs?

TitusBWelliver8 karma

"Hide your love away," "I'm only sleeping," and "You're gonna lose that Girl."

yourownending1 karma

What's your favorite kind of project for work on? Film/tv? Type of role?

TitusBWelliver5 karma

I enjoy all mediums. Each one has their merits. I gravitate to roles that I think are multilayered.

drummermachine-3 karma

Get a fucking haircut. You look like your mother fucked a monkey... Im supposed to ask a question, so... How was it working on Deadwood? Silas was an awesome character and I can't think of anyone else who could have rocked it as well as you did...

TitusBWelliver8 karma

DEADWOOD was a unique experience, a true piece of iconic television history. Thoroughly enjoyed it.