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Hello, good sir! I already miss Parks & Rec so much.

Although it was funny, I always felt so bad for Jerry/Garry/Larry, but I thought his ending was fantastic and well deserved. Were there ever any scenes you felt your poor character was treated too badly?

Do you have any more acting roles coming up?

What are some of your favourite movies?

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I have a huge crush on Eugene, even with the mullet :P

I found a video of some of your standup on youtube, which I enjoyed, but unfortunately, that’s all I could find. Is there any more that you know of out there?

Who are some of your favourite comedians?

What are some of your favourite movies?

Any good book recommendations?

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Hi there! Hope you're doing well today. Lost is my favourite show ever, so it's always exciting to see a cast member ama.

Did you watch the entire show? Who were your favourite characters? Are you still friends with any of the other cast members?

And most importantly, if you could pick a name for the Man in Black, what would it be? (Or do you think Barry is acceptable?)

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Thank you for the response! I'll definitely check out your new film. And good call on The Godfather. I love that one too.

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What kind of games did you play?