I am comedian and actor Brett here to answer any of your questions. Especially about my new special: DINNER WITH FAMILY WITH BRETT GELMAN AND BRETT GELMAN'S FAMILY tonight on ADULT SWIM at 12:30 am.

Ask me anything!


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johnbaxtersmitherson20 karma

When is the iBrain coming out?

BrettGelman6 karma

Very soon.

Angelouc12 karma

Are you and Hot Saucerman still feuding?

BrettGelman17 karma

Not right now, but given our history a conflict is always right around the corner I fear.

zoocookie11 karma

Any plans for an upcoming Brett Gelman & Tim Heidecker have lunch?

BrettGelman13 karma

We want to do more, but we've both been very busy, but that could happen soon.

killerDLS9 karma

Is Gelmania ever coming back?

BrettGelman15 karma

yes! We're going to start recording again next week!

samfrans6 karma

When are Messmore and Buford coming back to Comedy Bang Bang Halloween?

BrettGelman9 karma

Probably next Halloween.

energytokens5 karma

If Zachary Quinto slapped your child would you slap his child back?

BrettGelman2 karma

What would you do?

energytokens2 karma

Sorry, dumb question. For tv: I'd slap him. For real life: I'd ask everyone around if it's okay to slap him. No need to get the cops involved.

BrettGelman6 karma

I wouldn't slap his kid, but I'd probably beat the shit out of him.

BrettGelman7 karma

And by HIM I mean Zachary, not his kid.

Empath44335 karma

If I was wearing clown makeup, would you funny fuck me?

BrettGelman7 karma

I feel like this is a trap. Regardless, NO WAY!

salisburymistake5 karma

Eagleheart is one of the funniest shows I've ever seen and I think it's a damn shame that more people didn't latch onto it like my friends and I did. It was especially frustrating to see "Too Many Cooks" become such a gigantic viral sensation because I felt it had a very similar sensibility - I was surprised to find out Woliner wasn't involved in the making of it, honestly.

But what if Eagleheart were to experience a similar sudden surge interest, belated though it would be? If a shitload of people suddenly started getting into the show due to some random clip going viral, do you think there'd be a chance of you guys getting the band back together for a fourth season?

Also, I enjoyed your last special and I'm super stoked to see the new one tonight. Do you and Jason have plans to make more stuff like this? More specials or maybe even a new series of some kind?

BrettGelman7 karma

Unfortunately I think that Eagleheart is done. It is a shame that it didn't latch on in its own time, but that's what happens to a lot of great work. However Eagleheart is not my call. If Jason, Michael, and Andrew asked me to do more, I would do it. However the 3rd season ended the series in such a beautiful way, I don't know how they'd do that.
Jason and I plan to do more of these specials, and also are going to try and make a movie together. But it'll be independent, so we have a road ahead of us. Hopefully not too long.

bibowski5 karma

Brett, how much of the Brett & Tim Go To Lunch sketches were improv? Tim always seems like such a normal guy when he's by himself in interviews, does he turn into a nut when he's around other people like you or Eric?

BrettGelman6 karma

Tim is a very well adjusted guy. He plays nuts. He's a great actor, he is not nuts.

The lunches have a bit of an outline, but they are mostly improv.

energytokens4 karma

Who (actors, comedians, directors, artists) would you most like to work with that you haven't already? You're grounded in comedy but I could see you doing some Marina Abramović type of work.

BrettGelman6 karma

Thank you so much. There are so many people that are on that list, I don't even know where to begin. For starters Woody Allen, The Cohn Brothers, Kate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton, Kanye West...

zoocookie3 karma

Are there any shows you can recommend to someone who enjoys "Louie" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm"?

BrettGelman4 karma

Besides my Speicial, which I'm promoting right now. I'd check out the FX show I'm on "Married." Also "The Comback," "Getting On," "Enlightened," and "Transparent."

PhilBraun3 karma

I am a "new" Brett Gelman fan - seen 'lunch' and looking forward to 'dinner' w/ brett gelman. Any plans for 'breakfast', or have I missed it?

BrettGelman2 karma

the lunch and dinner are unrelated. Maybe one day there'll be something related to breakfast, but I think I have to stick with just these 2 meals for the time being.

mostmetausername3 karma

how long do i cook popcorn in my iCrowave oven?

BrettGelman3 karma

2 seconds.

MrJebbers3 karma

Is there an idea you've had that you consider too fucked up to create? Where there things that you had to cut from either of your adult swim specials because they were too weird to air?

BrettGelman4 karma

I don't think anything is fucked up as long as it's coming from a real genuine place and not just to shock. I don't think anything is too fucked up unless it's hurting someone.

energytokens3 karma

Who would you most like to make uncomfortable?

BrettGelman7 karma

Republicans and apathetic white liberals who think they are any different from the racist right wing people they complain about.

Frajer3 karma

What was it like working with Matthew Perry ?

BrettGelman3 karma

Amazing! Matthew had my back, and I learned a lot from him. A true professional. He could have been the type of guy to try and not let me be funny, but instead totally made sure that I got to shine in the show.

bokononymous3 karma

Where is the captiol of Gelmania? Is King Cyrus the King of Gelmania? When can your adoring fans expect the release of "Crack Sabbath"?

BrettGelman5 karma

Earth is the capitol. Cyrus is one king, and I am the other. We are going to start recording again next week.

two_off3 karma

Who's approval do you strive for the most?

What's for dinner?

BrettGelman4 karma

My fiance's. There is no one's taste and opinion I trust more than her's. If she likes it, everyone else can hate it and I don't care.

dragonfly19933 karma

mustard:pro or con? ketchup:pro or con?

BrettGelman9 karma

PRO! I'm a Jew! A Jew who does not like mustard is not a Jew!

beernerd1 karma

Why are all the best comedians Jewish?

MrJebbers2 karma

Because they've been put down all their life.

BrettGelman14 karma

I think that's part of it. Most Jews are born in houses where there's not a lot of holding back. So you grow up putting yourself out there, and mostly being shot down. So that builds a courage and a low self esteem which helps to create the Jewish sense of humor.

bibowski3 karma

Have you ever met anyone actually called Christineth?

BrettGelman4 karma

No. Have you?

energytokens3 karma

What's it like to work with Jason Woliner? He seems to lay low but is hilarious. Does he ever raise his voice?

BrettGelman3 karma

Jason Woliner is a complete monster! Does he raise his voice? Does a bear shit in the woods and wipes his ass with tree bark? Jason is one of my best friends, and we are always on the same page creatively. But we are like brothers and can some times drive each other nuts.

beernerd3 karma

Change me? What if I like myself the way that I am?

BrettGelman5 karma

Then you are ahead of the game! Kudos to you!

RubiksSquare3 karma

Hey Brett I just listened to you on How Did This Get Made, I would love to see you Paul and Jason write a reboot to Zardoz! But the most important question to me is which of you would play Zed if Sean Connery didn't reprise the role?

BrettGelman3 karma

I would of course!

ThorManhammer2 karma

I'm getting some head shots done today. Fedora or no fedora?

BrettGelman2 karma


tomkvideo2 karma

Does Doug really love movies?

BrettGelman3 karma


supmyman72 karma

Any funny stories working with Tim and Eric? Also your beard is great. From, another beard guy.

BrettGelman10 karma

I love T & E. There are no distinct funny stories. But Tim and I always like to talk about having sex with each other at parties, and it can really freak people out.

KenGlauber2 karma

how did you and your girlfriend meet and how did you decide to work together? I have nightmares about my neighbor abducting me out of sheer loneliness

BrettGelman6 karma

We met in NY on a commercial shoot for the NY Lotto. We decided to work togethe because she asked me to, and I can never turn down a genius. That is a worthy nightmare to have!

doctorw2 karma

Do you think a Klumps style World War 2 thriller starring just you is a good idea? Also when's the last time you cried laughing?

BrettGelman7 karma

I think that's a great idea. The last time I cried laughing? I think it was Billy Eichner.

kylethewild2 karma

What was it like to be in an episode of the office?  I'm sorry that Jim and Pam abused you.  Also,  have you by any chance ever been into magic? 

BrettGelman5 karma

I loved magic as a kid. I thought about getting into it for a second, and then I realized that I would definitely be terrible at it. Doing the Office was great! The most amazing part about it was to meet James Spader, and eat lunch with my buddy Craig Robinson.

Ewwiikk2 karma

Will things get better for A.J. in season 2 of Married?

BrettGelman4 karma

gosh I hope so.

SnizzPants2 karma

Yooooooooo Brett you guy.

Whats the last movie you watched and did you like it?

BrettGelman3 karma

Hmmmmm? New movie?

jerassikmark2 karma

Any new collabos with Tim Hiedecker in the near future? Maybe dinner?

BrettGelman3 karma

We will collaborate. It won't be dinner. That would be repeating myself.

Mondeaux2 karma

are you and tim heidecker ever gonna do lunch again?

BrettGelman4 karma

I think so. We just have to carve out a time to do it. We're both very busy.

nicejewishboy6662 karma

How does Highland Park in Los Angeles compare to Highland Park, IL?

BrettGelman7 karma

Highland Park in LA beats the shit out of IL HP. Basically all the kids I grew up with were, for the most part, Jewish versions of a John Hughes villain.

Mondeaux1 karma

Is Tim and Gelman Have Lunch a reference of some sort to Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee?

BrettGelman2 karma

Hahahaha. No. We did that before I was aware of Mr. Seinfeld's series. But I am a fan of all things Jerry.

jerassikmark1 karma

Do you enjoy more working on the adult swim type of productions or the bigger projects?

BrettGelman1 karma

As long as the project is good, it doesn't matter what the size.

stopthefincar1 karma

can i trouble you for an Arnie Palmie?

BrettGelman3 karma


Mutt12231 karma

What is your favorite kind of ice cream?

BrettGelman2 karma

I think chocolate chip. But there are so many wonderful flavors. At 31.

stopthefincar1 karma

your character on Happy Endings was so funny, how much of that did you improvise?

BrettGelman3 karma

I think a bit. I don't totally remember to be honest.

cbbfan4life1 karma

How did you feel about Death By Roo Roo ending?

BrettGelman3 karma

Sad. I was sad I couldn't be there. We were actually filming this special during the final show. But Roo Roo ended for me a couple years ago. And nothing lasts forever.

afxwinter1 karma

What kind of music are you into?

BrettGelman5 karma

Great music. But nothing lifts me up more than 90's hip hop.

afxwinter1 karma

What was it like shooting this skit with Tim? This was how my wife and I became Gelmanites.

Here's a gif of my favorite moment. Hope you like it! :) http://i.imgur.com/Vl6CL.gif

bibowski3 karma

Gelmanites... I like that :-D

BrettGelman5 karma


BrettGelman3 karma

Shooting with Tim is always fun!

TooMuchProtein1 karma

How do you produce so much great content? What's your favorite content you've ever produced? How do I produce great content?

BrettGelman2 karma

I love everything I've produced. I think the biggest tool that you need to make things good is to be honest with yourself when it's bad.

dk7451 karma

When's the Eagleheart reunion special?

BrettGelman3 karma

Hopefully some day.

Mondeaux1 karma

what's your favourite cereal? and why?

BrettGelman3 karma

I'm not a cereal guy.

camethcameth1 karma

I miss Go On, Mr. Gelman. You were the funniest bloke on there as well. Who made you laugh the most on set?

BrettGelman1 karma

Matthew Perry.

mrshatnertoyou1 karma

Shabbat Shalom and Happy Friday the 13th!

Why so many references to your name in your special, is there something from your childhood that you would like to share?

BrettGelman6 karma

Hahahaha. You have no idea what I have to share in this. Watch if you dare. Why my name so many times? That's simple! I'm a narcissist, and I'm also THE BEST!

Tepogie0 karma

Is it pronounced "Gehl-man" or "Jell-man". Also, do you like socks?

BrettGelman12 karma

You can do better than that.

rlesterphx-1 karma

Do you want to see something nasty?

BrettGelman6 karma


felli553 karma

what the fuck dude.

BrettGelman5 karma

I am not going to watch this. Judging by the above reaction I shouldn't. Just so you know, there is no way I'm watching this clip.