Hi guys. I'm a 21 year old model / actress. I started modeling a few years ago. I was the face of the GUESS campaign, you might recognize me from yesterday's Super Bowl spot for Carl's Jr. - here's the Too Hot for TV Extended Cut version.

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Victoria's helping me out via phone today. AMA!


update: Thank you so guys SO much! Stay tuned for what's to come!

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LangyLangLang66 karma

Would do you do a commercial for Clash of Clans to rival the Game of War commercials with Kate Upton?

CharlotteMcKinney51 karma

Sure why not? I'm open to a lot! Hahaha!

Unremoved38 karma

When you filmed that commercial, did you actually swallow the meat that you bit, or did you spit it out?

CharlotteMcKinney58 karma

I ate it.

mphsbikr28 karma

What's your favorite bra you've ever modeled?

CharlotteMcKinney117 karma

My hand-bra.

papabur6undy27 karma

who is your celebrity crush?

CharlotteMcKinney52 karma

Paul Rudd!

escaday26 karma

Are you actually filming completely naked in the commercial?

CharlotteMcKinney41 karma

I wasn't. I was in a nude bra and underwear.

apgbadboy22 karma

Your commercial with Carl Jr's came under a lot of fire from feminists. What's your opinion on the commercial and do you think the negative views on the commercial are warranted?

CharlotteMcKinney30 karma

Not at all. I think it's all in the way you take it. I think it's a great commercial.

apgbadboy21 karma

Here's a few other questions:

1) What's your go-to drink at bars?

2) What's your favorite burger joint?

3) Do you like to play mario kart?

4) Can I have your number?

5) What movie should win best picture this year?

CharlotteMcKinney44 karma

1.) Tito's Vodka and Water.

2.) Carl's Jr!

3.) No, I'm more of Mario Tennis girl.

4.) reddit told me not to give out my personal info!

5.) American Sniper!

cwillie2318 karma

Will you be in next years Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition?

CharlotteMcKinney21 karma

You'll have to wait and see.

PunchYouInTheMouth15 karma

Whats the sexiest thing you dressed up for Halloween?

CharlotteMcKinney27 karma

Probably when I was Adam & Eve - I was Eve.

sicmcnasti15 karma

Are you a fan of stand up comedy and if so where do you enjoy watching it?

CharlotteMcKinney35 karma

I am! I love stand-up comedy because I love comedy! Growing up, I always watched it. I love Dave Chappell.

captainsteve1314 karma

Is there any one feature about yourself that you would change?

CharlotteMcKinney22 karma

I wish I was better in the kitchen!

dginola12 karma

What do you do for fun in LA?

CharlotteMcKinney14 karma

Get dinner, go to drinks, and the beach.

goodie200411 karma

What makes Terry Richardson so much fun to shoot with?

CharlotteMcKinney9 karma

His humor and his unique sense of style.

sr7910 karma

What's your favorite place to visit?

CharlotteMcKinney11 karma

The Bahamas! Because I have family there. And they are my favorite islands.

shmoow9 karma

What's your favorite position? ... in yoga, obviously

CharlotteMcKinney11 karma

I like Camel!

papabur6undy8 karma

what is your strongest subject in school?

CharlotteMcKinney9 karma


AGallagher4108 karma

What's your favorite ride in Disney?

CharlotteMcKinney6 karma

My favorite ride at Disney - I don't go to Disney, so I don't know. I've been once.

cliffkleven7 karma

What's the biggest mistruth you can dispel about the modeling world?

CharlotteMcKinney14 karma

That some of us are nice! And we do eat a lot.

OwningTheWorld7 karma

how has fame changed your life?

CharlotteMcKinney14 karma

It really hasn't?

I don't think it ever will. I will always be the same person that i am, and I don't think that will ever change.

MDMV926 karma

Charlotte, big fan! First, what magazine/company is your dream shoot and where would you want it to be?

Secondly, if you ever come to Maryland I know some great burger places! (I know you only like them occasionally)

CharlotteMcKinney10 karma

My dream shoot is Sports Illustrated, in the summer in the Caribbean.

Well, they don't have Carl's Jr on the east coast...

ThaRealMcDeal6 karma

Hey Charlotte love your work and would just like to say your beautiful, my question is: how did you feel when people were calling you "The next Kate Upton?" again amazing that your doing this and continue doing what you do! :D

CharlotteMcKinney13 karma

It's flattering, but I am ready to make my own name!

cmfp146 karma

If it was the right time in your career and the right photographer, would you ever consider shooting nude?

CharlotteMcKinney20 karma

I think there's a time and a place for it, and the way you do it. Maybe when I'm older, and it's the right photographer, I'd be open to it.

[deleted]5 karma


CharlotteMcKinney8 karma

Yes, I did track, I did the hundred dash.

[deleted]2 karma


CharlotteMcKinney3 karma


I wish I could tell you, can't remember.

AddMeEdi5 karma

Joe Dirt 2. What can you tell us about it?!

CharlotteMcKinney8 karma

So much fun to film! And it's coming out in the summer, so you'll have to check it out.

AddMeEdi6 karma

Anything else?! Will your character conflict with Brittany Daniels'?

CharlotteMcKinney8 karma

Not at all! I got to work with her, she was AMAZING.

doodle112985 karma

If you were to get picked up at a bar how would it happen?

CharlotteMcKinney7 karma

Good conversation and buying me a drink!

goodie20044 karma

What's the strangest outfit (or lack thereof) you've had to wear for a modelling gig?

CharlotteMcKinney5 karma

I had to model women's pajamas that were really ugly.

Philip22Kings4 karma

4 questions: 1. How did you get into modeling? 2. From a scale of 1-10 how delicious was that burger?? 3. What were you wearing during the scene where you were standing behind the scale in the ad before they showed you with the burger??? 4. Seahawks or Patriots????

CharlotteMcKinney6 karma

1.) I got into modeling by wanting to do it for a while, and just got into it in Miami.

2.) 12, cuz it was so good.

3.) I was wearing a nude bra.

4.) Seahawks!

Philip22Kings3 karma

I can't believe you replied!! Thanks!


You know whats up!! Too bad we lost though =/

Bonus question: What's your favorite type of workout?

CharlotteMcKinney5 karma

Pilates and hot yoga!

acrims234 karma

What got your career started?

CharlotteMcKinney2 karma

My GUESS campaign, really.

Dcanseco4 karma

Hello Charlotte, thanks for the AMA.

If you were to go blind tomorrow and can watch one last movie tonight what movie do you watch?

CharlotteMcKinney2 karma


That's a tough one! I love movies!

Let's come back to that one.

Oren2143 karma

How did it feel seeing yourself on TV with 10s of millions of people watching?

CharlotteMcKinney4 karma

AMAZING. I'm so happy!

ibenedict1273 karma

Now that you're rich and famous, do you find that you still enjoy having a few too many drinks in a loud bar eating burgers with friends until 2am like the rest of us? :) thank you for doing this AMA!

CharlotteMcKinney2 karma

Yes of course. But it's all about moderation.

holdenboner3 karma

Whats your favorite shoot you've done and your favorite pic you've produced?

CharlotteMcKinney4 karma

My favorite picture is a picture I shot when I first started modeling. And it's my profile picture on instagram. The photographer was Megan Claire.

Krionion3 karma

If you could go back in time and tell something to all those people who might have doubted you or bullies in school what would it be? :)

CharlotteMcKinney10 karma

I wouldn't give them the time of day.

Mrdrunkenbatman3 karma

What is the hardest thing you have to deal with regularly?

CharlotteMcKinney2 karma

My busy schedule and having to drop everything on a dime for work.

-calderb-3 karma

Hometown? Any siblings? Favorite childhood memory? Dogs or cats?

CharlotteMcKinney3 karma

I grew up in Orlando, Florida. I have a sister. My favorite childhood memory is taking my best friend to the Bahamas for the first time. And dogs!

metafaze3 karma

What's next for you? Any TV or film in the works?

CharlotteMcKinney4 karma

Yeah! JOE DIRT 2 is coming out, and i'm working on some new projects that I can't talk about yet.

Fahfoofnik3 karma

Hi Charlotte,

I thought the latest episode of "The Soup" with Joel McHale, Martellus Bennett, Terrell Suggs, you and Tara Lipinski & Johnny Weir was hilarious! What was your favorite part of being on that show? Did it freak you out to be on live TV?

CharlotteMcKinney6 karma

No I loved it. It was so much fun, and the cast and crew were great. My favorite part was hanging out with Joel, he was awesome to talk to.

samsheffer2 karma

Hi Charlotte.

What spread do you like to put on bread?

CharlotteMcKinney5 karma


Universu2 karma

How do you promote organic foods further?

CharlotteMcKinney4 karma

By eating it and always promoting it, because that's all I eat. I only eat organic food, and that's the way of life I follow.

willynillee2 karma


CharlotteMcKinney2 karma

Wow, thank you! No plans, every time I'm in Orlando it's just to see family.

Jackvultar2 karma

How did they choose you for the role?

CharlotteMcKinney2 karma

They chose me for the role in the commercial from my social media and from my interviews online.

fitzboogie2 karma

Hey, you're featured a lot on Barstool Sports, which is owned by David Portnoy. It's a sports blog by the common man, for the common man. It covers not only sports, but a lot of other things like pictures of pretty girls. Your pictures are posted on there pretty frequently, as you could imagine.

Have you heard of them, and would you ever considering going on their daily webshow called The Rundown?

CharlotteMcKinney2 karma

Yeah I've heard of them. It's a cool site!

papabur6undy2 karma

chicken or steak from chipotle?

CharlotteMcKinney7 karma

I like to just get beans.

Basim962 karma

Hi Charlotte!

I've got two simple questions for you. Firstly I'd like to know if you'll be featuring in any movies this year or are you thinking of taking up roles? And secondly was the burger in the commercial a real burger?!

CharlotteMcKinney3 karma

Yes, I'll be in Joe Dirt 2, and yes it was a real burger, it was delicious.

f-eather-s2 karma

Is it true the food used for commercials like the one you did yesterday, are cold, greasy, and overall unappetizing just for the ascetics and appeal on camera? Thank you for doing an AMA by the way !

CharlotteMcKinney6 karma

Yes, it tasted good, and it wasn't cold, it was nice and warm. And we had a bunch of burgers on-set.

federational2 karma

Have you been recognized in the street yet?

CharlotteMcKinney4 karma


holdenboner2 karma

dogs or cats? and if dogs whats your fav breed? btws you should totally do a shoot with golden retriever puppies

CharlotteMcKinney4 karma

I love ALL dogs. And I like Papillons.

fvguy222 karma

Charlotte where did you film the commercial?

CharlotteMcKinney6 karma

Burbank, in Los Angeles.

BabyImHowlin4U1 karma

Hey Charlotte, congrats and all the best on your modelling career. Two questions, 1) What is your ideal date?; 2) What is your drink of choice?

CharlotteMcKinney2 karma

My ideal date would just be a casual dinner and drinks. My favorite drink is Tito's Vodka and water.

[deleted]1 karma


CharlotteMcKinney1 karma

My main thing would be humor. A sense of style. And keeping me on my toes!

[deleted]1 karma


CharlotteMcKinney2 karma

Hey Winston! Probably some of the shoots I did when I first started out.

[deleted]1 karma


CharlotteMcKinney3 karma

Sure, I'll put in a word!