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Obsidianpick99995 karma

How did you get into coding?
And, what do you think of Star Citizen and Elite:Dangerous?

codeusasoft2 karma

When I was 10 years old my mother was complaining one of her spread sheets was corrupted, so took a look at it and started looking up ways to remove certain characters from a document. Discovered Java, spent a night reading up on it and getting it all setup and I had the document fixed with my first program ever.

From there its all history.

Obsidianpick99991 karma

It is nice to see where people begin coding, currently I am doing a course in school for Computing and coding. What is your favorite language, right now I mostly use python for exams if I can.

codeusasoft3 karma

My favorite language is Python, while most of my work is done in Java or NODE.JS sadly these days.

Geist-2 karma

How do you think you can compete with the many other free music streaming services? What makes your service special?

codeusasoft1 karma

two_off2 karma

What kind of ratings will your client allow us to do for music?

How will your recommendation engine work and what will it allow us to pick between?

codeusasoft2 karma

Currently ratings only exist on a 1 to 5 star level, what would you recommend as other rating options?

The recommendation engine however is very well made and will will presently give you accurate bands/artist to listen to based off your current track list.

Jimmybullard1 karma

What is your paid job?

What opportunities has it opened up?

Do any of your os projects make money?

codeusasoft1 karma

I work for a big data company

Job offers are lots of big places like Netflix, Google, Amazon.

I've had people donate, but they don't bring a monthly income.

tehstone1 karma

How are you modifying Netflix Roulette to handle the closing of the Netflix public API?

codeusasoft1 karma

I wrote my own scraper that pulls data down from netflix,, this is how i can often the netflixroulette.net/api/

Jake0oo01 karma

Isn't scraping against the netflix TOS?

codeusasoft2 karma

It was a robot who clicked "run" i swear.

rohitknhs1 karma

How is your product 'Aurous' different from 'Streamus'?

codeusasoft7 karma

Not aware of what streamus is, but I think the thing that sets Aurous apart is its ability to import music from anywhere, if you have a playlist on Pandora, Spotify, Soundcloud or youtube you want inside of Aurous, it can get it. It can scrape reddit and many other sites for supported links and sharing of playlist with friends is easy and will only get easier as the software grows into its full potential.

I can simply click share inside Aurous and get a share link


and give it to any friend for them to have my playlist

i'm also building lots of cool APIs for developers so they can write tools around Aurous and its core code.

Also this with many more search engines to come

techie1071 karma

If you could make it compatible with slacker radio, that would be friggin sweet.

codeusasoft5 karma

I'll put it on the list for tonight

serenity4eternity7861 karma

As someone who is very interested in learning, but just a little intimidated, what is the best starting point to learn Code of any language?

codeusasoft1 karma

Dive into the official documentation of any language, while it may seem challenging at first, taking aside a few hours to read through it, practice and overcome struggles you'll begin to pick it up. My site Code Here launches this summer and will help teach programming in a new fashion which allows people to more easily pick it up.

serenity4eternity7861 karma

Thank you! I tried with Python first but struggled immensely as it was an online class... but I will try again!

codeusasoft5 karma

I recommend the book Learn Python The Hard Way, it makes learning python easier ironically.

Druxe01 karma

What are some good ways to start Java coding?

codeusasoft1 karma

The official documentation will always be the best way to jump into things. While its daunting at first, it becomes a cake walk after you get over the first few hurdles.

Druxe01 karma

What age do you think is the best age to start? When you're super young, a teen, etc?

codeusasoft2 karma

I'd say as early as possible, but you can always learn at any age. I taught my grand father Python over the course of 3 months and he now uses it daily for creating things when he is bored.

shredo1 karma

Where are your favorite tacos from?

codeusasoft1 karma

Taco Mac

nickybu1 karma

I'm currently in the IB course and will be starting a software development course in university next September.

Any tips you could offer?

codeusasoft2 karma

Always have caffeine on hand.

In all seriousness, never doubt yourself or beat yourself up for not understanding things. The worst thing you can do is give up, always keep your head up high and if you need help find the resources around you.

suicide_and_again1 karma

I'm a developer working on embedded systems for hard drives, but I'd like to get into web development.

In short, how does NetflixRoulette work (mostly wondering about back end stuff)?

codeusasoft1 karma

The front end sends a POST request to the backend server which simply makes a query call to the database based on your POST parameters. The results are echoed back by the server and the Javascript AJAX displays the results on the page, without having to refresh it.

Its pretty straight forward

SomeYunGui1 karma

Surely you'd want to make money off of this, have you ever thought about selling Aurous?

Also, Spotify is such a resource hog, how much of a footprint does Aurous leave? Also does it have apps like Spotify?

codeusasoft1 karma

Its still pretty early in the development stage, I don't expect anyone to pay for a half finished product. It has a long ways to go.

Aurous doesn't use much CPU or ram, this is it after 6 hours of uptime Stats

I plan to make a plugin system so people can create apps from within the program.

breakingbroken1 karma

I'm a junior in college, just started an internship doing web development. Pretty interested in helping with your streaming client, how do I go about getting involved?

codeusasoft1 karma

Create a fork https://github.com/Codeusa/aurous-app and contribute whatever changes you'd like. Its current made in Java, but Javascript is used in certain places, you can reference the code.

breakingbroken1 karma

Awesome, this will be my first open source fork :) gonna be interesting.

edit: noticed your art/ux comments on the main page. I'll probably start there.

codeusasoft1 karma

Yeah i'm no good at graphic design, so any help is appreciated.

ssweetimpalass1 karma

What are you thoughts on bitcoin? Do you own any?

codeusasoft1 karma

I own 16 and i think they're wonderful.

caspy71 karma

Would you consider building in support for streaming via the Matchstick streaming stick?

It's completely open source/open protocol.

codeusasoft1 karma

I'll keep it in mind for when I do chromecast.

caspy71 karma

FYI, the kickstarter units are supposed to ship out in February and I think they plan to start selling to consumers soon after.

Also, it apparently supports the Chromecast 1.0 protocol out of the box and they've said will support 2.0 with a fairly simple recompile of one's app. So it sounds as though it should be pretty straight-forward to support it in an app.

More info: https://github.com/openflint/ and /r/Matchstick

(Additionally, because it runs a full OS, you can run apps/overlays and have two way communication between controlling devices - potentially making for some cool experiences.)

Edit: Perhaps I should add the thought that because they are just beginning, they are probably looking for additional app developers and you might be able to be displayed somewhere on the site as a "supported" or recommended app.

codeusasoft1 karma

OH this is fantastic, I'm surprised I haven't heard about this sooner. Yeah I will most defiantly added support for both.

myleslw1 karma

How are you going to get artists to put their music on Aurous, more specifically - for free?

codeusasoft1 karma

Aurous as it stands now is a client that streams music from other services, so you can have a global place for all your playlist. I plan to build features that make it easy for independent bands and artist to release albums, keep in touch with fans and give out information like tours to subscribers of their official playlist.

TwoTinyTrees1 karma

I do some scripting for my job, and at times it can get very tedious, especially when the scripts move on to a dozen functions and extended lines. Do you ever pull others into your coding exploits, or are you a one-man-show?

codeusasoft1 karma

I try to collaborate with as many people as possible, if people want to offer their hands with my open source projects I will gladly accept their help

Steviewonder3221 karma

Do you use your own programs?

codeusasoft1 karma

This is actually a good question, but to be truthful, rarely.

GraveKlo0 karma

How will your streaming service benefit artists? Many streaming services benefit labels and leave artists with virtually nothing, especially if they can't afford marketing. Failing to address this would mean that your service would drive another nail into the coffin of an already dying industry, and prevent talented individuals from getting exposure.

codeusasoft2 karma

One thing I'm doing is allowing artist to directly distribute their music for free via the service, artist will have to ability for people to subscribe to their albums, have live tour information, post updates to people currently listening to their music and put non-intrusive ads (banners) on their pages.

This will really help the indie scene when it comes to publish music.