I've gotta get out of here, guys! Thanks so much for all your questions. I had a lot of fun.

Thanks to DRBUCKET2 for posting the Conan video a couple days ago. I don't know you, but you helped me out!

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Thanks again everyone!

I'm a stand-up comedian from Toronto. I recently performed on Conan. I also wear hearing aids, but I don't like to talk about them much.

Some people said I should do an AMA. Let's see if anyone cares about me or if I'll be hanging out by myself. Either way, gonna be a blast.


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The_Town_of_Canada1147 karma

You're a talented, successful, award winning Canadian comedian -

So when do you think you'll move to the US?

djdemers833 karma

haha Your tone is so disenchanted, I can't help but wonder if you're a fellow Canadian entertainer.

giantsfan97614 karma


djdemers1449 karma


rhymingisfun507 karma

Do you wear hearing aids?

djdemers665 karma

All day e'eryday

willo77130 karma

All day implies you don't take them out. You said on your set that you take them out at night. Are you being dishonest with me, Mr. Demers?

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sanvdrie418 karma

Who are your favorite comedians? Great bit on Conan by the way!

djdemers743 karma

Norm MacDonald, Seinfeld, Jon Dore, Chappelle, Chelsea Peretti. Love 'em all, but Norm is the king. And thanks a lot!

frackingfluid338 karma

Are you actually gay? Asking for a friend.

imayposteventually315 karma

Good morning from Windsor Ontario! I was wondering how you're going to spend your first $20,000,000.00? Love your stuff by the way!

djdemers801 karma

Thank you! If I actually got $20,000,000, I'd probably actually buy a yacht. That would be incredible. And I would definitely name it 'Helen Keller'.

ThePige359 karma

As Bill Burr said, you don't want to be the guy who owns the boat. You just want to be the friend that brings the 12-pack. That's smart money management.

Loved you on Conan!

When are you coming to perform in Montreal?

djdemers115 karma

Exactly. I'll probably be there in March or April. I'll post on my Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/djdemerscomedy) and twitter (djdemers).

imayposteventually48 karma

Enjoy the smells! (And thanks for not doing a Windsor joke!)

djdemers72 karma

What's so funny about Windsor? ;)

PS I'll be performing there next month. Come on out!


jonxsolo303 karma

Hey! I loved your stand up! Laughed the entire time. How would you deal with a heckler? That is if you ever had to.

djdemers710 karma

Thanks! I have had to deal with hecklers, and it's usually pretty easy. The rest of the crowd doesn't like a heckler either, so I just team up with them. You can ask if they're enjoying his/her heckles, or if we'd all rather he/she shut the hell up. Or, obviously, I can just say something easy like, "I've never been more thankful for my hearing impairment. (Now please shut up.)"

OfficerBimbeau286 karma

When you were growing up, did you ever get picked on because you wear hearing aids? If so, how did you handle it? My five year old daughter wears hearing aids and this is my big fear for her as she gets older.

djdemers461 karma

I didn't, actually. Looking back, I wonder why not. The bullies were not on their 'A' game at my school, I guess. I think your daughter will be fine. Especially if she's started wearing them so young. She'll adapt nicely. Best of luck :)

taste_like_pennies240 karma

What is your ideal breakfast?

djdemers506 karma

Now we're getting into the important stuff! I'm eating breakfast right now actually. Cheerios with some bananas slices. Just living the dream over here.

djdemers206 karma

I've gotta get out of here, guys! Thanks so much for all your questions. I had a lot of fun.

Thanks to DRBUCKET2 for posting the Conan video a couple days ago. I don't know you, but you helped me out!

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If any of that formatting is wrong, I apologize. I will get better at Reddit, I promise. Thanks again everyone!

waynejonbrady201 karma

How long do you think you can use the deaf schtick before you'll have to come up with new material? I dont mean this to be offensive, just an honest question.

djdemers680 karma

I'll do the deaf schtick forever. I didn't buy these fake hearing aids for nothing!

No, I have a lot of other material, but it was fun to talk about them as a sort of introduction to who I am. Hopefully, I'm back on another late show soon enough and you can see my other stuff.

pricerangeisrover161 karma

Hi there--very funny stuff on Conan, his was my favorite late show growing up. Did you share any laughs with him backstage? What was he like?

djdemers312 karma

He's really busy while the show is filming, so I only hung out with him on the couch after my set. But for those few minutes, he was very nice and supportive of my comedy. Definitely a highlight of my career/life.

RustyJosh126 karma

Hey DJ, I used to live in Toronto and caught a few of your shows and played ball with you a few times, and am friends with Foisy. Glad to see you're doing so well! I was wondering what lead to you booking the gig on Conan?

djdemers158 karma

Hey Josh! They saw me perform at Just For Laughs in Montreal last year, and booked me from that. Good to hear from you man.

ilovetheganj99 karma

Love your work!! Sorry if this is a bit forward, but I've always been curious about the distinctive lisp of deaf people. You're obviously aware you have one, how does it come to be? Are you able to speak without it if you try (like how people can imitate others' accents)?

djdemers247 karma

I am trying to speak without it haha. This is my best impersonation of someone without a hearing impairment.

propthis87 karma

That was a solid set on Conan... How long have you been working on that? Is standup something you always wanted to do our something you just kind of fell into?

djdemers106 karma

I've always wanted to do stand-up. Since I was a wee lad. So happy I get to do it now.

Yalacha76 karma

I'm standing here with two long needles and i have already ordered the hearing aids, but before i commit to stealing your routine: Did you already make 20 million dollars?

djdemers120 karma

Thanks! And put the needles away. There's only room for one hearing aid guy in this town.

Bveronis68 karma

Does wearing the hearing aid effect your performance or routine for getting ready? Have u had them you entire life or has your hearing problem set in later in life

djdemers115 karma

I don't think my hearing aids affect my routine for getting ready or my performance. I can't hear the audience perfectly when I banter with them, but I like to have fun with that, so it's not really a detriment. I've been wearing them since I was 4 years old, so I really don't know life without them. Thanks for the question!

dirtpirate31 karma

Hacking had hearing aids for that long, what is your take on the technological development?

djdemers221 karma

I have bluetooth now. I talk on the phone through my hearing aids. I'm a full blown cyborg. It's incredible.

popcorn386 karma

Would I be wrong if I guessed you have a Compilot necklace thingy?

djdemers7 karma

You'd be absolutely right.

Blizzity68 karma

When did you realize that you had the balls to get up on that stage and what was the first time like? You are awesome brother - loved your Conan bit!

djdemers85 karma

The first amateur night I ever got up on stage, I loved the high so much, I knew I had to do it. Thanks a lot!

Foxtrotter1566 karma

Hi, you're a pretty attractive guy IMO. I just wanted to get that out of the way. I do have a question though, has your hearing impairment ever gotten in the way of any relationship you've been in? Or has anyone ever rejected you because of your hearing?

djdemers109 karma

Never to my face, but I'm sure people have not wanted to date a guy with hearing aids. But that's ok. :)

theintention51 karma

Besides smelling the ocean, what would you do with all that Helen Keller money?

djdemers165 karma

I'd dive into a pool of coins, Duck Tales style. It would be so painful, but worth it for sure.

TwoTinyTrees49 karma

How were you discovered for the Conan bit? Were you approached or did you have to audition?

djdemers77 karma

I performed at Just For Laughs in Montreal last July. I was discovered from that.


Have you ever caught somebody yelling something at you when they thought that your hearing aids were out?

djdemers90 karma

All the time. Then I tell them they don't have to yell, and they start speaking too quietly.

Kung_Fu_Cowboy38 karma

Watch your video a couple days a go. Thanks for the laugh. You brightened up my afternoon.

Obligatory Question: Do you like giraffes?

djdemers86 karma

Of course. What am I, a monster?

Jindiana2333 karma

What has been the hardest part of your journey as a comedian, other than the not hearing thing?

djdemers66 karma

Becoming myself on stage. Lots of stage time required.

seagramsseven29 karma

Do you sign? Edit: As a person also has hearing problems, I've recently starting signing.

djdemers143 karma

Nope. I'm not good at hearing, and I'm not good at being deaf. I don't belong anywhere. I'm like a daywalker.

audiodrone28 karma


djdemers44 karma

Thanks! I'm working on these things every night. It's kind of my natural style as well, but always trying to tighten it up onstage.

erohWamraKAmI23 karma

If you could replace your hearing impairment with another one, which one would you choose? (Aside from Hellen Keller of course)

djdemers110 karma

So many amazing disabilities to choose from, how can I pick just one?

PatQuist20 karma

Great set, sir. Any feelings better than killing on stage?

djdemers48 karma

You set me up for a solid orgasm joke, but I can't take it. There is no better feeling than killing onstage.

ActionBenton17 karma

Have you been a lot busier since your performance on Conan?

djdemers56 karma

Yes. Things are starting to pick up, which is nice. Just gotta keep getting better, and keep making dat chedda to pay my 7-person entourage.

decollo17 karma

Great standup! What was it like meeting Conan and being backstage before the show? Thanks!

djdemers42 karma

Conan was super nice. He's a big icon for me, so it was a dream to meet him. Plus, they had shiatsu massage chairs backstage, so I was feeling niiicccee and relaxed.

SamuelBigio16 karma

How is your partner?

Still trying to solve the mystery :p! Looking forward to seeing your work in the future! You should do a college tour, specifically in Florida! Specifically in University of Central Florida! Anyway big fan!

djdemers15 karma

Thanks! Hopefully I can make it down there.

mattryanharris12 karma

What's your Twitter?

djdemers19 karma


khalsa_fauj11 karma

Loved your stand up!

Also, do you have to pop your ears on airplanes?

djdemers21 karma

Oh yeah! They get so clogged up. But when I get that heavenly pop, it's an incredible feeling.

Sir-Ominous8 karma

Do you read comic books, if "yes" which ones?

djdemers18 karma

I don't! Sorry. I read X-Men as a kid. That's about it.

MDCisgoodforme8 karma

How was axe throwing and how did you hear about it? I throw every Monday and used to with Wilson, it's a whole ton of fun ;)

djdemers9 karma

Not sure how I heard about it, but it was so much fun. I'd love to do it again!

ap1407 karma

Widex or Phonak?

djdemers10 karma

Phonak baby!

DnBDeafNBlind7 karma

Have you actually caught anyone in the audience saying something with your lipreading? I know you dont like to talk about your aids but im sure you said you lipread.

djdemers25 karma

Never caught anyone. It's usually pretty hard to see from the stage with the lights, even with my incredible, compensating eyes.

Truegold437 karma

Do you have any random talents?

djdemers24 karma

I can spell like nobody's business. Not sure how random that is.

Childish_khalifa7 karma

Hey I loved your stand up on Conan!

Was it hard to get a start in comedy? And how do you come up with new material?

djdemers17 karma

Thank you! It's never really felt like work, because I love it so much. But it's definitely been a grind trying to simultaneously get better and work my way up the ranks. For new material, I just keep my mind open to the absurdities of life as I go about my day-to-day. Always have my trusty notebook handy.

chrisyeung11216 karma

Why do you want to do AMA?

djdemers38 karma

I'm an egomaniac! Love me!

fineheresmyaccount6 karma

Hey D.J.! Thanks for being hilarious. Would you ever consider doing an episode of You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes?

djdemers11 karma

If that amazing offer ever came through, of course! I love Pete Holmes. Saw him perform in Montreal a couple summers ago. He's amazing.

speedofdark85 karma

Thoughts on cochlear implants? Also, nice set on Conan. That was really well done

djdemers9 karma

Not sure if I'm eligible for them myself, but I know people who wear them, and it's very exciting how far they've come. And thank you!

carletonseth3 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?

djdemers15 karma

Come on. That's easy. 100 duck-sized horses. A horse-sized duck would be a terror unlike the world has ever seen.

carletonseth4 karma

Haha! Just watched your set on Conan, it was hilarious!

djdemers4 karma


Insuevi3 karma


djdemers17 karma

Don't be embarrassed. So many people have hearing problems. Plus, modern headphones are starting to look like hearing aids. The hearing people wanna be us, man!

procrastinating_ftw2 karma

Hi loved your stand up on conan! My question is who/what is your inspiration? Thanks!

djdemers4 karma

I already said this in another answer, but I've always looked up to Norm MacDonald. And Jon Dore is amazing too. He's had a couple appearances on Conan that I've lost my mind over. I love straight ahead observational comedy (Regan, Seinfeld), but I also love when people mess around with the format (Dore, Chelsea Peretti).

A lot of comedians in the Toronto comedy scene (where I'm from) that are incredible too. I'm always learning from them. Mark Little, Chris Locke, Pat Thornton, to name a few.

LeapAuFait2 karma

Yo dawg, I'm not gonna ride your dick about how you're so brave or whatever for being a deaf comic.

What's important is that you are adorable. But you already knew that.

So your set on conan was good, it wasn't predictible for the most part, it actually served to illuminate life as a deaf person, but those dad-jokes made me face-palm hard-core more often than not, but you still got my respect as a comic, because the well-crafted and clever jokes were delivered pretty well, they outweighed the cheesy jokes at the beginning, imo.

In any case, when you first started out, did you feel like audiences treated you like any other open mic comic, that is, did you ever feel like people were laughing at your jokes because you were deaf and not because your jokes were funny?

I mean, in my mostly objective opinion, I think you can do better than to start out by reassuring everybody that it's okay to laugh at a deaf guy with a joke about the street-legality of hearing aids, and I think you should prey on peoples' insecurities, throw them in the deep end immediately, and take advantage of how uncomfortable the audience feels about whether or not it's okay to laugh at a deaf guy. But then again, I'm just a kid with a keyboard on the reddit. :)

djdemers14 karma

These are all valid points. I've often thought of dropping the 'dad jokes'. But people enjoy them. And I've come to enjoy them too. Sometimes jokes can just be silly and simple. And, like you said, the jokes near the end hopefully have some redemptive value if you found the earlier ones too cheesy. I like finding that balance between weird and straight-ahead.

To your last point, I don't think my hearing aids are a big deal. I've never thought of them that way, so I have no interest in taking people down that road of 'is this ok to laugh at?' I want them to know it's ok to laugh right away, because it truly is no big deal.

Thanks for the comment! These are things I think about all the time in relation to my hearing aid material.

Bveronis2 karma

That's good they don't affect your routine or getting ready. That probably is frustrating not perfectly hearing them during banter. But that is interesting. Im sure they are a part of you now but no problem thanks for answering. Do u have any big upcoming gigs?

djdemers8 karma

Lots of big Canadian shows coming up. Working on weaseling my way into the U.S. very soon.

Bigfoot2062 karma

Who would you say inspired you to take up comedy? And if you were to inspire anyone for standup, what genre of comedy would you hope they were to pursue in your likeness?

djdemers4 karma

I just loved watching stand-up as a kid. And I love making people laugh, so it was a natural progression I guess. Not even sure what else I would do if I wasn't doing standup. Not sure it's a good idea to define yourself according to genre. I think I would advise anybody to just hit as many stages as they can and see what natural voice emerges.

polyvalent011 karma

Are you born with this disability ?

djdemers3 karma

Not 100% sure, but probably. My grandpa was hearing impaired, my mom is deaf in one ear, so I come from a long line of crappy ears.

[deleted]1 karma


maxlgold251 karma

how canadian are you?

djdemers4 karma

Oh buddddaayy, I'm just about as Canadian as they come eh