I am Travis Browne, #3 ranked UFC heavyweight and I'm here in snowy Stockholm, Sweden for UFC Fight Night: Gustafsson vs. Johnson this Saturday night!

Get your tickets from http://www.axs.com/UFC

I'm here with John from the UFC so go ahead and ask me anything!

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/jt577HK.jpg

Thanks guys for hanging out and sending in the questions!! had a great time, next time lets get some questions thatll make me feel like a sinner in church!! Enjoy the fights this weekend!! get your tickets! biggest UFC event in europe to date!!!

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jjeezy121 karma

Does the beard help cushion blows? Does it help them miss the chin?

TravisBrowneUFC437 karma

Um let's see, does it help cushion blows? No, but it is a distraction because of the majestic glow and flow of the sea of curls!

jjeezy65 karma

It is a magnificent beard.

One other question if I may...

Squats or deadlifts?

TravisBrowneUFC133 karma

Deadlifts. I'd say deadlifts

glitzyjan101 karma

Could you describe your most challenging fight to date? What made it so difficult?

TravisBrowneUFC175 karma

Physically it was the Alistair fight as I took so much damage and I was able to come back

glitzyjan75 karma

A fight to be proud of without a doubt. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question. Wishing you all the best!

TravisBrowneUFC70 karma

Thank you!

MC26reddit85 karma

What is the most underutilised discipline in MMA?

TravisBrowneUFC141 karma

I feel like amateur boxing

HerpesAunt81 karma

Who in the UFC do you look at and think "boy, I'm glad he's not a heavyweight"?

TravisBrowneUFC359 karma

Yeah, Conor McGregor. That mouth of his would be a pain in the ass to deal with

NaturalisticAsHell81 karma

Do you think you could kill an adult chimpanzee if it were wearing a muzzle so that it could not bite you?

TravisBrowneUFC289 karma

The chimpanzee would need me to wear a muzzle so I wouldn't bite him!

DJCocoLoco76 karma

Hey Travis! What is your favorite hobby to do that has nothing to do with UFC?

TravisBrowneUFC144 karma

Bow hunting for big game. It's a lifestyle of mine, not just a hobby.

Axe_Smash25 karma

Have you ever thought about using an old school longbow just for the challenge?

TravisBrowneUFC55 karma

Yes, very much so. That's something I want to get into. The harder the better for me

boricuajj70 karma

How often do you train? And how to do keep motivation to train?

I find that I start off with a ton of steam and start losing some towards the end of the camp. Also, you are a beast! Thanks for doing this.

TravisBrowneUFC141 karma

During camp I train twice a day, 6 days a week, to keep my motivation I focus on my goals and the analogy I use is I have a bucket, no amount of money, no amount of fame will ever be able to fill it. What is my ultimate goal? Is it to be a champion or is it to be famous or is it to make money? My goal is to be one of the greatest of all time. That bucket is hard to fill.

RxDealer274 karma

That's how I keep my motivation to continue masturbating and reading Reddit.

TravisBrowneUFC354 karma

That's amazing!

MC26reddit65 karma

What is the worst aspect of being a fighter that fans might not know about?

TravisBrowneUFC122 karma

I'd say the grind. People don't understand the grind. The mental and physical grind that it takes to compete at the highest level.

EoghanTheDaddy65 karma

Having been the one who beat Brenden Schaub, what did you think of Joe Rogan saying that he should retire?

TravisBrowneUFC132 karma

Ah I think that's matter he needs to take up with his friends and family.

erthere60 karma

How would you plan on dealing with Cain if you ever fought? He seems to always be able to push strikers against the cage and grind out a win, how do you stop that?

TravisBrowneUFC110 karma

You won't be able to give ground, you'd have to meet him in the center of the cage and hope your wrestling was up to par

BilboWheatThinz57 karma

Is it legal for an opponent to tug on your beard during a fight? Also, has tugging of the beard ever happened during a fight?

TravisBrowneUFC199 karma

I don't know if it's illegal but I welcome it because it means they're not punching me in the face!

IrishRua54 karma

What advice do you have for someone getting into MMA a little later in their lives? I'm only 23 but when I look at people like Dominic Cruz and Aldo who have been on the top since they were 18 or 19 I can't help but feel it's too late for me.

Also if you happen to see this, what sort of music do listen to when you're training.

TravisBrowneUFC107 karma

I was 27! You might have some catching up to do but it's never too late. Focus on amateur boxing and wrestling.

Music. Whatever moves me, whatever gets me going. Not a certain style of music, whatever gets me going.

Milan0646 karma

Do you think you'll shave your beard before the fight?

TravisBrowneUFC220 karma

No! Don't ever ask me that again! Hahhaha

BComplex45 karma

Opinon on Anderson vs Diaz?

Also - Did you think Schaub wanted out of that fight once he stepped in the cage?

TravisBrowneUFC83 karma

I think Anderson will take that fight, he seems to have the answer more often than not. I think Schaub wanted out of that fight before he even got in the Octagon.

Zeckdo44 karma

Would you be offended if a non Hawiaan born person got tatoos similar to yours? I think your tatoos are amazing and I'm not seriously planning on getting ones just like it, I am just wondering your opinion on the matter. Also, Did you leave Jackson's because you knew about the cocaine situation?

TravisBrowneUFC83 karma

No i don't feel like it's offensive, there's a meaning behind the tattoos and everyone has a story and how they want to tell it, if that's what moves you it's more of an honor that someone would want to get that done than being offensive.

milkingcowboy42 karma

Do you feel sorry when you totally knock down your opponents? Or say destroy them?

TravisBrowneUFC101 karma

Absolutely not. They sign on the dotted line and if I didn't do it to them they'd do it to me, I'm just surviving in there making a living.

cartere34 karma

Hi Travis! Big fan here... Thanks for taking time out of your day to do this AMA... A few questions.. 1. How was life growing up in Hawaii? 2. How did you get started in MMA? 3 thoughts on Fedor? 4. Thoughts on Jon Jobes recent drug test for cocaine?

TravisBrowneUFC58 karma

1.It was tough, it's not all palm trees and beaches, there's a large gap between having money and not having money, I was on the latter part of those two so the struggle was real.

2.I was an athlete growing up and wanted to continue being an athlete in my adult life and proof to my kids that they come from an atheletic background

splunges29 karma

Will you drink some mead with me after the event? You look like the kind of guy who'd enjoy a pint of mead.

TravisBrowneUFC45 karma

Oh yeah! Don't tempt me with a good time!

Teamworkis27 karma

What do you think of Conor Mcgregor? Do you thing he deserves a title shot over Frankie Edgar? And we share a birthday, July 17th is the best day to have a birthday :)


TravisBrowneUFC57 karma

What do i think of Conor McGregor? I think he's great, he has a way with words that we don't see and the ability to back it up. That combination will take you far. That's awesome, glad to share such an amazing day with you

mattypatty427 karma

Besides you, who do you think has the best beard in the UFC?

TravisBrowneUFC76 karma

Johny Hendricks!

FreshCrown22 karma

Thanks for doing this--you're a beast! How were you able to make such a late entrance into MMA and then go on to become the #3 heavyweight?

TravisBrowneUFC35 karma

Thanks so much, I appreciate it. A late entrance in MMA because of my hard work and dedication to the sport

grunneto22 karma

Thanks for doing an ama!

How are you enjoying Sweden? Whos your pick for this weekends main event?

TravisBrowneUFC56 karma

I love it here, I love the culture, I love the city, it's a beautiful city. I wish I could stay longer and turn it into a real vacation, go up north and see the Northern Lights, get some dirt on my boots. It's my kind of country.

Gus and Davis. I want Hendo to win but Mousasi is no joke.

AceInsanity19 karma

Who has better facial hair, you or Scott Ian of the band Anthrax and star of every VH1 show?

TravisBrowneUFC53 karma

I'd have to say mine because it's put to good use, function over form is my belief

GrayKickass19 karma

You ever fart during one of your fights? Did your opponent notice?

TravisBrowneUFC39 karma

Hahaha. Not that I know during a fight but definitely during training and some of the most awkward positions possible!

GrayKickass36 karma


TravisBrowneUFC68 karma

Hahahahaha. Little do you know how true that is!

magmar1716 karma

If CM Punk (Phil Brooks) has success in the UFC, do you think it will open up the doors for other WWE superstars to make the jump to UFC?

TravisBrowneUFC52 karma

I think the UFC is a special sport in its own. Guys don't like to get punched in the face, for real! There's a certain level of courage it takes to get into the Octagon and fight another top athlete.

richardwrinkle15 karma

I'm a big fan Travis! Few questions...

1) Who is the hardest striker you have ever faced? 2) What does your body feel like the day after a grueling fight? I imagine it is a whole other level of soreness. 3) Were you always a "badass" growing up? I read that quite a few of MMA's top guys were not the billy badasses when younger but obviously through training and hard work became some of the top skilled fighters in the world.

TravisBrowneUFC67 karma

  1. Alistair. 2. Feels like a car accident! 3. Definitely more of a lover than a fighter but in a world of sheep and wolves I was the sheepdog!

bozobozo15 karma

What is your favorite dinosaur?

TravisBrowneUFC29 karma

Haha. Ahhh pterodactyl.

bboeker2915 karma

With a lot of the top guys in the division tied up or injured at the moment... who do you think makes sense for your next bout and when do you see yourself getting back in there?

Thanks Hapa!

TravisBrowneUFC23 karma

I welcome all challengers, it doesn't have to be anyone in particular. I want to stay busy until I get my title shot

honeyboi12 karma

Hapa, big fan. Was wondering where you learned your amazing footwork? thanks!

TravisBrowneUFC27 karma

I would say my time playing basketball taught me how to be quick on my feet, the rest was my imagination.

HerpesAunt12 karma

Travis! Who do you got in the Super Bowl?

TravisBrowneUFC19 karma

I think the Pats will take it. Seahawks have a good story though, coming out of nowhere and winning the Superbowl last year.

TravisBrowneUFC21 karma

Haha. No!

VixDzn11 karma

What do you do in your spare / free time?

TravisBrowneUFC46 karma

Get out in the wilderness, in the woods, go fishing, hunting, camping and besides that being a family man. Maybe I should have put that one first?!

I_smell_awesome10 karma

What's your favorite restaurant?

TravisBrowneUFC26 karma

My favorite restaurant? The cheesecake factory