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Hi Travis! Big fan here... Thanks for taking time out of your day to do this AMA... A few questions.. 1. How was life growing up in Hawaii? 2. How did you get started in MMA? 3 thoughts on Fedor? 4. Thoughts on Jon Jobes recent drug test for cocaine?

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Do you everything feel sick of the grind and the sleaziness that goes with poker? Do you ever feel like cashing out and starting a legit business and perhaps settling down with a girl/family?

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How much money did you net on average per heist? Also ever scared of dye packs or gps tracking devices?

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Hi Nigel! When is the last time you visited the UK to visit family, etc will you be moving back one day or will you stay in the U.S. and call it your new home? Also do you enjoy shepherds pie?

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Who are you? Maybe an intro? It seems you are not as famous as you think