Hey gang! I'm Jay, from Montreal. I get to act in some stuff. I'm joined by Eric today.

Eric in his own words: I'm a kung-fu hippie from gangsta city, I'm a rappin' surfer, you're the fool I pity... I fucking suck.

We're on the new show "MAN SEEKING WOMAN" Wednesday nights at 10:30 PM ET on FXX. You can check it out here.

Ask us anything! Victoria's helping us get started.


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armada127308 karma

Jay, everyone knows that your references are out of control. How are you able to make such sick references?

JayBaruchel169 karma


richardwrinkle150 karma

Jay - how much of the magic in the movie Sorcerer's Apprentice was real magic and how much was special effects? Also, who is a better sorcerer you or Daniel Radcliffe?

JayBaruchel221 karma

Me. All of it was real.

wootpartythyme104 karma

Hey boys, so I like both ur work, u kno I'm not tryin to front I know y'all. So all I would like to know is,you eat a girl booty? and if so, how much her butt gotta stank for u to say, no no no

JayBaruchel137 karma

pretty stank

AzBrah88 karma

Hey guys,

My question is for Jay. What's it like working with Seth Rogen, and was filming This is the End with all those guys as funny as the movie itself? That movie had me laughing from start to finish.

JayBaruchel141 karma

It was getting to be directed by someone that I've known since I was 18 and someone who I've seen in his underwear far more than I care to admit. Psyched you liked the flick! Thanks!

lmanders3284 karma

Listen man, no joke, my 2 year old loves the How to Train Your Dragon Movies. Do you get to actually hang out with the other actors in the movie while filming, or do you show up and record in a box alone for a few hours a day? Ok fine, i love the movies too.

JayBaruchel97 karma

you and yer 2 year old have terrific taste! usually just me alone in a box

officerrudinzoto67 karma

Eric, what is the thing you want to do the most on your show that Adult Swim won't let you do?

JayBaruchel78 karma

Just have like a nice lunch.

Darkhelmet2665 karma


JayBaruchel80 karma

It wasn't a fart. It was an orange monster that comes to life in a pool!

JayBaruchel60 karma

Alright gang! Thanks for having me! Time to order a quesadilla from room service! Episode 2 of Man Seeking Woman dropping tonight at 10:30 on FXX! Get some!

mcshameless9559 karma

Eric Andre, when will the Hannibal Buress show come back?

Eric_Andre97 karma

from now on. he's the new host

eskimoeJo36 karma

So is the Eric Andre show over?

JayBaruchel176 karma

did it ever really start?

gilmol51 karma

Hey Jay!

First of all, I love your movies. This is the end is definitely one of my favorites, along with How to Train Your Dragon (I cry every time).

What I'm wondering though is was it an intentional choice for the devil in This is The End to take the shape Dionysus? If so, that's a really symbolic and interesting choice because you're basically saying the very thing that is killing these men like Seth Rogen and James Franco is fame and theatre, something which your character seemed to despise, especially when it causes his friends to change.

JayBaruchel63 karma

Wow. Thats fucking cool. Well done.

momocat43 karma

Hey Jay! So how do you really feel about Jonah Hill? lol, loved the movie. My real question is what kind of dragon would you want to ride? (Besides, Toothless, Night Fury)

JayBaruchel110 karma

I can't cheat on Toothless

15chainz42 karma

Hey Jay, Tropic thunder is one of my favorite movies, do you have any interesting stories from the set?

JayBaruchel69 karma

I gave myself tinnitus!

Anomandariss40 karma

Jay, what is your stance on the legalization of ranch?

JayBaruchel54 karma

very much for

nikolmkd39 karma

Jay which one of your characters would you say you are most like?

JayBaruchel197 karma

Jay Baruchel in This Is The End

youngbasedkhaleesi38 karma

Hey Jay, has Eric destroyed the entire set of the show yet?

JayBaruchel50 karma

100 times over

3MTA3-DJ26 karma

Jay - I've loved you since The Rules of Attraction and am looking forward to your new show. Just curious - what's your favorite video game of all time?

JayBaruchel82 karma

Thanks! Any of the Football Managers or Crusader Kings.

Ableyoungthug26 karma

What is Nicolas Cage like to work with? Any good stories from him?

JayBaruchel131 karma

He's the man. He showed me a drawing he did of a Shrimp Man that he dreamt about once.

MattDerpy24 karma

Jay, has Eric ever showed you his dick? Eric, what is your favorite snack on acid? I'm guessing ranch.

JayBaruchel43 karma

WAAAAAAAY too much

ismellliketuna23 karma

Talk about the Trailer Park Boys Jay, are there any other collaborations in the works and when did you first meet the boys ?

JayBaruchel34 karma

Met them years ago when we did this fucked show called drunk and on drugs. We have a bunch of crazy shit we want to do together including this weird 60s rock and roll movie.

dayofthedead20423 karma

Hi Jay, Thanks for doing this AMA, I’m a big fan. I have a few questions:

Do you actually hate LA?

During filming of “Goon” in Winnipeg, Manitoba – what are your fondest memories of filming in Winnipeg?

Lastly - do you like the HBO series Game of Thrones? If so who’s your favorite character?

Thanks Jay!

JayBaruchel36 karma

Thanks very much! Not a huge fan The whole experience itself is the best time I've ever had in my life, in particular due to the Chinese food at Spicy Noodle House in Osborne village Love the show. Have a lot of time for the Khaleesi

revivedpower20 karma

I guess this one is for Jay.

I had clinical depression for about five years. I say had because, about a year and a half ago, I made a fairly spontaneous and fairly complete recovery. This was great because, honestly, depression really sucks: you can't feel pleasure in anything in life, you're beset by an unrelenting sadness and self-hatred with no obvious cause, and really you just can't do anything anymore and want to stop existing.

Whether by coincidence or by cause, that recovery happened during and in the following days after I first watched the movie How To Train Your Dragon. I've watched it a lot of times since, and I hold it in extremely high regard not just because I'll always associate it with finally regaining my capacity to feel emotions (besides self-loathing), but also because it's a really great movie.

You're sort of the voice of the main character and all, so I thought it would only be proper of me to come by and say thanks for doing such a great job on something that has had such a big impact on my life.

A bit ironically for an "ask me anything" I actually don't particularly want to know anything else about you; I try my best to avoid information about actors and production because it harms my capacity to suspend disbelief while watching movies. Since all top-level comments in this subreddit are required to have a question, though, here's one: what sort of creative control do you have as a lead voice actor on a project like HTTYD when compared to the writers?

JayBaruchel36 karma

Honoured that we could play even a tiny roll in you feeling better. It's something I fight and deal with every day! Solidarity! And Dean is very cool about letting me find my own way into whatever we do. Chin up and stiff upper lip.

corbsdaborbs20 karma

Hey guys! I have a question for Jay, was your character in 'this is the end' a lot like you in real life? I'm from Calgary and I can understand not liking California. Also have you ever been rejected from a movie role because of your tattoos?

JayBaruchel33 karma

Big ups to Cowtown! Not as far as I know!

Akihirohowlett18 karma

This is for both of you

  • What's the weirdest thing that has ever happened on set?

  • What's your favorite project you've ever worked on and why?

JayBaruchel42 karma

Seeing Eric naked. Man Seeking Woman. Because I get to see Eric naked.

mutations18 karma


  • Are you jealous of Seth getting PK to help him drink from the Stanley Cup?
  • Thoughts on this years Habs?
  • Goon 2? Can we all expect to hear more soon?


JayBaruchel32 karma

-No because I got to shower with Brendan Gallagher -Super psyched about where we're at, less psyched about the type of hockey we're playing -YES!!!!

rocker201417 karma

Jay, big fan ever since Undeclared (which should have never been canceled) And I love the new show!

I was wondering if you are working on anything with Seth again?

For both Jay and Eric, Is the originality of the subject matter what made you pick Man Seeking Woman?

Edit: Glad to hear you are doing Goon 2. Huge hockey fan and you movie was awesome.

JayBaruchel18 karma

That and that it was just bloody funny

ryja861015 karma

Eric - love your show on Adult Swim. What happened after you left Howard's show a few months back? Did the Viagra give you a boner on the subway home?

JayBaruchel28 karma

gave me a huge boner

ShitImDelicious14 karma

Jay: Who are your favorite comedians of all time?

Eric: Who are your favorite rappers of all time?

JayBaruchel40 karma

Rowan Atkinson, Michael Richards, Mitch Hedberg, Nick Swardson, Eric Andre

richardwrinkle13 karma

Who wins in an arm wrestling match. You or Michael Cera?

JayBaruchel37 karma

nobody wins

Ander1ap13 karma

Watching Goon over a few drinks has become a ritual for my old friends and I whenever I travel to my hometown. It is absolutely brilliant.

1). Can we hear any news about Goon 2 that is exclusive to this AMA?

2). Are there any scenes in Goon that didn't make it into the film that you wish did?

Thanks for the AMA and for creating a movie my friends and I love to watch again and again.

JayBaruchel24 karma

Fucking a! Glad you like it!

There are updates coming soon. For now I can tell you that this one will be a bit darker and more complicated while still being foul, greasy and hard as fuck

legogamecreator13 karma

Hey Jay,

What are your favorite parts of the 2nd How to Train Your Dragon? Another thing is what is it like working with Dean DeBlois?

JayBaruchel24 karma

I adore the battle sequences and really like when Toothless becomes the Alpha. Dean is the man and one of the worlds great storytellers. And another boy from Quebec, so lots of love.

97_Glen_Rice12 karma

Assuming it would be loyal to you, would you rather have a flying bear or a talking lion?

JayBaruchel14 karma

flying bear

alicia246812 karma

Hey Jay, I've been a fan since you've done Popular Mechanics for Kids. Would you ever want to do a revival of the show since so many shows are coming back these days? Shout out to Canadian pride!!

JayBaruchel22 karma

Thanks! Nope!

Th3Obsolete12 karma

Hey Jay, what was up with having the Backstreet Boys in This is the End?

JayBaruchel27 karma

cool eh?

3lauYourMind11 karma

Jay how far will the Habs go this season?

JayBaruchel16 karma

Big show.

Swiftzor9 karma

Hey Jay, what was it like to make This is the End? Was it odd to play yourself and not a character?

JayBaruchel11 karma

fun but a lot of work. Waaaay easier

This_Is_The_Life9 karma

What's up Jay and Eric!!

Jay: She's Out of My League is my favorite film of your. How great was it working with so many cool people like Alice, TJ, Krysten, Nate? The bowling alley scene gets me every time.

Eric: You appearance on You Made It Weird at Outsidelands is fucking hilarious. The Jamaica bit and you trying to break the tension between Pete and Jon Glaser was great. What was going through your head at that moment?

JayBaruchel15 karma

Yeah it was awesome. And I had a birthday at the Dave and Busters in Pittsburgh so that was awesome Glad you dig it!

ErnDizzy8 karma

Jay - Goon is my favourite movie of all time. Just wanted to say thanks for making a hilariously funny hockey movie.

Will there be lots of return characters for Goon 2?

What are your thoughts on people like myself who have ditched cable, but would love to watch your new show? Will you be working with streaming companies to push your product?

JayBaruchel10 karma

Thanks a lot!!! And yup, pretty much the whole gang!

SakuraSan8 karma

Jay, is America Fererra's skin as soft as it looks in pictures?

JayBaruchel11 karma


murphymoriarty8 karma

Hey guys, big fan of both of yours. Jay, I love the stuff you do in film, and your involvement in the latest season of Trailer Park Boys was excellent. Eric, I love your show more than anything else on TV right now; you're hilarious.

Eric: What was your favorite guest to have on 'The Eric Andre Show'?

Jay: Who made you laugh the hardest on set when filming TPB?

JayBaruchel20 karma

Getting to see Randy's gut all fucking oiled up

abchloe7 karma

Jay, what are some of the funniest things that fans have told or tweeted to you? Btw you're a beautiful human being

JayBaruchel13 karma

All of them far too graphic for an afternoon chat. Thanks!

juliacroasmun7 karma

Hey Jay,

i know you are currently working on your new series but my question is will you be making/starring in any new films anytime soon? ive seen literally every movie you're in or have made and its obvious you're my favorite actor. thanks. -julia

JayBaruchel7 karma

Yes maam!

ItalianRobot7 karma

I really enjoyed the pilot, the concept for the show is so fresh and very well done. My question is will the show always be taken from the perspective of Josh or will there, from time to time, be an episode where all the crazy stuff is based upon the thoughts of another character?

JayBaruchel4 karma

you just have to stay tuned!

macleanpa7 karma

Are you high right now!?

JayBaruchel29 karma

define high

Sunnygoose6 karma

Jay, I admire that you do most of your work in Canada with Canadian actors and Canadian crew. If and when GOON 2 happens can you get Kevin Durrand to be a part of it? He already played Tree in Mystery Alaska and he is Canadian. I think he would be great as a goon!

JayBaruchel3 karma

Thanks man. He's a hell of an actor.

Deathninja3006 karma

Jay, would you lick toothless?

JayBaruchel5 karma


rctrickysnappss5 karma

Eric or Jay, if you could fuck one man in the ass who would it be?

JayBaruchel9 karma

Jay Baruchel

takingspecialnotice5 karma


JayBaruchel12 karma

Thanks! Depends! Thanks!

lairyfights5 karma

Hey Jay! Love How To Train Your Dragon & pretty much everything else you've done. I see you've already been proposed to some point during this AMA sooo my question is what was it like working with Will Ferrell in Undeclared? Would you pay him to write papers for you in real life?

JayBaruchel7 karma

yeah! in a heartbeat! I hate papers

cmcrunk5 karma

Jay, what made you support Celtic? HH

JayBaruchel22 karma

My heritage, the history, the music and Henrik Larsson

lynette1234 karma

Hey so Jay lets get straight to the point.. Will you get married with me so we can have a house together filled with puppies & in n out?

JayBaruchel5 karma

doesn't sound half bad

lyssa52694 karma

This goes for jay baruchel -Why is hiccup so important to you?

JayBaruchel7 karma

because of how much he means to a whole bunch of people and what he represents

ShitImDelicious4 karma

How do you guys feel about being on the forefront of the uprise in alternative comedy?

JayBaruchel8 karma

are we? nice. feels nice.

richardwrinkle4 karma

Being from Montreal, do you speak fluent French? Just curious. #jesuisrichardwrinkle

JayBaruchel12 karma

at least pretty close to fluent. I think so anyway

ofpeaceandmagic4 karma

GUYS, I LOVE YOU BOTH, I AM SO HAPPY THAT YOU ARE ON TV TOGETHER. Jay, I gotta say that Goon is my favorite movie of all time and I've watched it to a point where I say the lines along with the movie with a huge grin on my face. Everytime I hear someone say "Halifax" I immediately hear it in your voice inside my head.
Eric, I love the eric andré show, b**** in apartment 23, everything else you've been in, I'm looking forward to everything else you will be doing in the future.

Sorry that this isn't a question about the show, I love the show though. My question is about Goon.. Is there any progress on Goon 2? Will it be my second favorite movie? Hugs and kisses from Sweden!

JayBaruchel8 karma

Thanks so much! I love that movie too! And yes a lot of progress. Stay tuned. Badass Goon 2 news forthcoming! Thanks for the love!

ill_write_something4 karma

Jay, did you ever declare your major?

Also come say hey at /r/manseekingwoman

JayBaruchel5 karma

nope! never got the chance

AnAverageAaron4 karma

Have you guys ever gotten naked and ran around the White House lawn?

JayBaruchel6 karma

currently doing that now

Warlizard3 karma

Hey, I just helped staff a bunch of chubby cupids for a promo you guys did.

Just wondered, how did it go? I won't be back at the agency until later today.

JayBaruchel3 karma

went pretty good

drocks273 karma

Jay to feel like you are getting typecasted with your roles? Is there a genre or type of role you would love to do, but haven't had the chance? Thanks for doing this AMA!

JayBaruchel9 karma

Nope! I'm psyched with everything I get to do!

Georgiathebunny3 karma

-Jay, do you actually hate Forrest Gump? I need to know I'm not the only one who does.

JayBaruchel8 karma


Cottonsnatcher3 karma

Hey Jay, will the Habs win the cup this year? Also MTL represent! Keep up the good work!

JayBaruchel4 karma

You know it! Thanks!

ABigGoodWolf3 karma

Question for both, I suppose. What music are y'all into? And what music really depresses you?

JayBaruchel4 karma

Joy Division, Godspeed you black emperor. Joy Division, Godspeed you black emperor.

mrawesomesausage2 karma

Is there going to be a how to train your dragon 3?

JayBaruchel3 karma