(Ebola survivor certificate: )

We set up this AMA while we are visiting the Ebola relief programs here in Liberia since previous AMAs we organized in developing countries resulted in a lot of support from the Reddit community. (previous AMAs: , , )

As before, Athene and I are traveling here as independent fundraisers.

For those who want to support the fight against Ebola or the recovery programs, these are a few effective charities that are doing some great work:

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Wigglez11771 karma

Did you have to pay for any of your treatment?

reese0152644 karma

No it was free.

mittenzz1011735 karma

Whats your favorite thing to do?

reese0153544 karma


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The_Serious_Account2220 karma

I know. Someone give that poor kid an Xbox.

reese0152963 karma

What? (note: this was literally his reaction when we asked if he wanted an Xbox)

theturtleguy1687 karma

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

reese0153507 karma

I don't know ice cream.

ucantsimee1675 karma

Are you now immune to it?

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Mobstaar1436 karma

How did you get Ebola?

reese0152428 karma

My elder sister got sick in Monrovia. When my sister passed away my grandmother also got sick because she was taking care for her. My father went to bring her his mother to Bong where I live as he wanted to take care of her. During that time we ate together and that is how I got infected.

tmntnut1245 karma

What was the first thing you did after being told you were Ebola free?

reese0152107 karma

I called my family to tell them I was discharged from the hospital.

guitarsarecool1235 karma

How bad did you feel during the course of the illness? Was it the worst pain you've ever experienced?

reese0152247 karma

It was my first time experiencing this type of sickness. It was very bad because I experienced all the symptoms: vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, headache, weakness, no sleeping. I had never experienced all of these things together and it was very painful.

stoicsmile1123 karma

What agency or organization is doing the most good where you live to deal with Ebola epidemic?

reese0151635 karma

Save the Children and Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.

egaswe341 karma

Save the Children

Does this have anything to do with Athenes relation witht the organisation? Did you visit a Save the Children camp?

reese015567 karma

Note: The most active organisations in Liberia surrounding the fight against Ebola are Save the Children, IMC and MSF. Mohamed did not know Athene nor Save the Children before his treatment.

reese0151092 karma

Although Athene and I have been following the Ebola crisis closely, being here and seeing actual faces instead of statistics made us tear up at times. At home we imagined thousands of cases scattered throughout different countries. But being here we see how an entire culture has deeply changed in ways we would never think of. From mandatory hand-washing at almost every single doorstep to the complete avoidance of any physical contact. And this coming from a culture that is used to be very warm and intimate in there interactions.

One event that particularly moved us was a smiling 9 year old girl who also survived Ebola and wanted to tell her story when we explained her the way we were setting up a Reddit AMA. But we were hesitant after finding out she had lost both of her parents to Ebola and was being taken care of by her sisters. The last thing we would want is for what we are here for to be misinterpreted. We would love for her to be able to tell her heartbreaking story but would only do so if the Reddit community would be ok with it. In case we decide not to we, still wanted to post this picture to share her amazing strength as she was such an inspiration to us.

xfriz966 karma

Are there many people you know in your immediate area affected by Ebola?

reese0151733 karma

My grandmother, my elder sister, my 5 year old sister, my father and my stepmother.

Tomas_Gudm911 karma

How did it feel to be quarantined?

reese0151697 karma

I felt bad about myself. Because I needed help but I could not get help from my family or others that were close to me. I only got helped by strangers.

thelaxative837 karma

What kept your spirits up while you were sick?

reese0152010 karma

I was praying everyday that I would survive.

azority825 karma

Do you play differently with your friends now than before?

reese0152295 karma

I still play soccer but don't shake hands.

mad291702 karma

What is the biggest change that has happened to you since Ebola became such a threat to so many people in Liberia? How did it change your day to day life?

reese0151228 karma

Hygiene control, washing hands everywhere and immediately report any sick people.

mrpotatomoto647 karma

What is that survivor certificate actually needed for?

reese0151404 karma

The community knows I have Ebola and by showing the document I can show that I'm cured so they know I went through the treatment.

Pixel_Me_That629 karma

Did having Ebola change your outlook on life?

Also, is there any way to help besides donations? All my money is going into college right now, and can't really give any significant amount of financial help to the charities you listed. Is there any other way I can make a difference?

reese0151438 karma

First I wanted to become a mechanic but now that I have experienced Ebola I would like to start going to school and not only be a mechanic.

crosetaft571 karma

Are you reunited with your family and loved ones now?

reese0151342 karma

I lost my sisters, grandmother and stepmother. But I am reunited with the rest of my family.

kirby2k07570 karma

What were the reactions of the people in your community you know when you started to become sick?

reese015997 karma

We were rejected by our community and they kept distance from us.

Iamthedifference477 karma

How long were you in quarantine?

reese015892 karma

one month and fifteen days

Aiden_453 karma

Great to see you survived such a horrible illness and thanks a lot for doing this AMA, my question is what is your dream job when you grow up?

reese015892 karma

I would love to work for NGO's.

xfriz439 karma

Was it a psychically painful experience?

reese0151093 karma

I thought I would never make it.

sodabeans363 karma

I've read that ebola survivors were tasked with taking care of the sick after their discharge. did you elect to do this, and if so, what are your thoughts on having suffered through this, survived, and seeing others in the same state without the same prospect of surviving?

reese015569 karma

They haven't asked me to treat other patients.

voodoo2015344 karma

Love, luck or money?

reese015793 karma


Likasumboode329 karma

Why does the post say you're 14, but the certificate say you're 12?

reese015754 karma

I think the people who made the certificate made a mistake. (note: people get ages wrong very often in Liberia)

ktollefson297 karma

How has your community reacted to your recovery? Is there any hesitation in having interactions with you due to the stigma surrounding Ebola?

reese015582 karma

I was lucky to be welcomed by my community.

TheKillerPupa275 karma

What was the scariest part of the whole ordeal?

reese015761 karma

The thought of dying.

CryoWolfV5240 karma


reese015450 karma

I tried to isolate myself from other people and felt very bad thinking about the disease, my friends, my family and whether I would survive Ebola.

greedness231 karma

Did you ever feel like it was the end? How did it feel?

reese015483 karma

Yes, I felt unhappy.

Mimsk33t228 karma

What's your favorite sport?

reese015599 karma


adsflkjadsf210 karma

I played for Mecklenburg Union Futbol Club. Are we the same person?!!!

Actually I recall there were some Liberians on the team a year above my age group. Did a cousin or brother from Charlotte, NC give that to you?

reese015733 karma

After I got the treatment, and when I was coming home there was someone selling clothes. I asked for the price for that t-shirt and he gave it to me for free because he saw that I had no clothes.

MollyGirl168 karma

What is one thing the treatment centers need more of that would make the most difference?

reese015300 karma

Giving people the tablets and make sure they keep washing.

Pyraptor161 karma

What would you tell to all those guys that have Ebola right now and are feeling very sad?

reese015378 karma

I would tell them that it's very important to get to a health center as soon as possible. The faster you get treatment, the quicker they get well. And I would tell them not to lose hope.

aero_kaz154 karma

Thank you for coming on AMA. Most of us know very little about Ebola other than what we hear on the news. I am so very sorry for the loss of your sister. Ebola is a terrible illness. Are you optimistic that it can be eradicated eventually?

reese015225 karma

Yes, I am.

Kikrocks1234153 karma

Do you feel like having had Ebola will permanently alter your life in any way?

reese015299 karma

I don't know if this will permanently change my life.

CaptainTruelove144 karma

What kind of Internet connection do you have? What's your favorite sport? If you could have one superpower what would it be?

reese015472 karma

I don't have Internet. Favorite sport is soccer. I would want the power to travel.

Sellize117 karma

What things did you miss the most during your period of being ill?

reese015278 karma

I missed my friends and family.

I_am_Nathan112 karma

Which country/countries' medical team/teams assisted you?

reese015287 karma

I saw many health workers but the ones I recognized were from America.

Davidp99110 karma

How long were you treated? How did they treat you?

reese015288 karma

They were giving me pills, checking my blood, anything I needed they brought to me and they would talk to me and comfort me.

Zeebaars100 karma

How has it affected you since? Do you still suffer from stygma?

reese015176 karma

Not at the moment

Noname_FTW99 karma

Now that you are cured do you just want to forget this experience or do you feel the need to help others against the disease (Like talking to others about it in you country) ?

reese015251 karma

I want to help others and share my experience.

_SpanishInquisition97 karma

How much knowledge did you and your neighbors have about Ebola prior to your families infection?

reese015196 karma

Before Ebola, I knew about the symptoms of it and that it is a killer disease.

White_Cocoapuff85 karma

What is your personal reaction to the social changes in Liberia resulting from the new regulations on hygiene control and avoidance of physical contact?

reese015175 karma

I think it is a good practice for the community. It is good that we are preventing more spread.

mohitdeol83 karma

Are you still on some medication even after being diagnosed successfully ?

reese015150 karma

No. I have finished the medication.

itsdjblitz77 karma

How bad was the disease in your community ? As in how many people are suffering from it.

reese015126 karma

My family got it but other people in the community also got it.

cbonafacio50 karma

Do you feel like enough was done to inform people about the dangers of ebola?

reese01558 karma


mittenzz10144 karma

Do people look at you differently now because you had Ebola?

reese01587 karma

No. I don't think so.

aliosmtl9643 karma

Did you notice a major change in your condition of living since the Ebola crisis has increased?

reese01592 karma

I noticed a lot of restrictions, schools closed and people didn't come around any more to have their bikes fixed.

AdmiralFacepalm35 karma

How are you doing now?

reese01570 karma

I'm fine.

Brutaii31 karma

What was the first thing you did when you were declared cured?

reese01551 karma

I called my family.

TheNoVaX25 karma

What are your dreams?

reese01575 karma

My dream is to work for an NGO.

capolita22 karma

Could you hug your parents and get physical comfort from them, or did you have to refrain from touching other people due to contamination risk?

reese01564 karma

No I was not allowed because I was sick.

MrEddyG2 karma

What do you know about games and computers in general? and What do you think about all the unknown persons trying to help you through out a stream or internet??

Wish you, your family, and all the people in Liberia to get a brighter and better future with our help ;) much love and respect <3

reese0153 karma

I don't know about computers but I know games like soccer. I am happy that people are responding and helping the community.