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edmRN168 karma

Where do you live and are you single?

....for uh, Science?

USpenisthrowaway235 karma

Born and raised in CA, Boston for schooling. and Yes!

that_is_so_Raven137 karma

What are your thoughts on Breaking Bad? Has it lived up to its expectations and cemented itself as the greatest TV show of all time? Why or why not?

USpenisthrowaway174 karma

Its definitely in the top 5. Love that show. Vince Gilligan should probably just retire because its going to be hard to top that one.

NoWorries76111 karma

Wowza. Have you had a relatively long term relationship with anyone since you've become sexually active? NO WAY could I handle that several times a week, haha. Have you gotten it all to fit in anyone's throat? That is a serious challenge, there.

USpenisthrowaway231 karma

That's a pretty good question! I've had one long term relationship since I turned 18, it was about 10 months. She was a relatively skinny girl (probably like 125 lbs), but once we got it in stride it wasnt a problem at all. Sex every day is something we relished.

And yes Ive had 2 girls pride themselves on deepthroating the whole thing, although it was only momentarily lol.

sbrelvi85 karma

I have a few questions.

Have partners ever been turned off by your large penis? What are some downsides of having a large penis. What's the funniest story related to your penis?

Thanks for the AMA!

USpenisthrowaway258 karma

Good questions, and no problem!

  1. partners turned off - like I have mentioned in some previous comments, this happens but not that often. Turned off I would say not really ever but if by that you mean "thats not going in me", then a few times.

  2. Downsides - more than you'd think. Its very annoying to deal with sometimes in appearances in public. Sometimes it gets unwanted attention. Other times I think certain girls only like me for that. Its annoying to buy clothing for, and so on.

  3. Funniest story - I had to stop playing tackle football at age 14 because I couldnt fit in the largest cup size thats sold.

Hope those answer your questions!

BigTunaTim187 karma

Its annoying to buy clothing for, and so on.

Does it have strong preferences toward casual or designer brands? Maybe a turtleneck or sweater vest? A little top hat when you're feeling fancy?

USpenisthrowaway214 karma

it only likes top designer stuff, its such a prude sometimes.

sbrelvi2 karma

Thanks for the response!

USpenisthrowaway4 karma

you're very welcome.

iDontLikeYouAnyway24 karma

Sexy... How is sex for you? How hard or rough or deep can you go before she tried to run away?

USpenisthrowaway71 karma

I've learned through my experiences that foreplay is key. Lube and foreplay. I've also learned how to go slowly. Sex for me is good, and I always take extra care to make sure its the same for my partner. "Rough or deep" depends on the partner.

techiebabe34 karma

I've experienced 10" and that was plenty. The idea is nice but the reality is... It's a bit much! I'm glad you use lube & are considerate.

My 10" friend had to tuck himself down the leg of his trousers, do you have that issue? Is it comfortable?

USpenisthrowaway47 karma

Always has been an issue, but its a small price to pay I guess. I usually just pick a leg in the morning and it hangs out there. I take into consideration when shopping for jeans and such. Its not super comfy when I sit down but its not that bad.

I have a few pairs of special underwear designed to hold it down and hold it in place, those kinda work?

SylitherinSlut19 karma

i cant tell if i love it or am afraid of it. has it caused any complications during sex such as pain for her or discomfort for you? like if u cant get at least half in, does it not feel as good?

USpenisthrowaway24 karma

  1. pain or discomfort - I aim to please, and for me that means being careful so I take extra care to avoid that for her.
  2. half in, I dont mind it that much, most of the nerve endings are on the tip anyways.

epfnsfw17 karma

Fellow big dick dude here (I'm only 10.5 inches though and not as girthy), how do you keep your dick from getting into your waistband? I keep getting boners and my dick starts coming out of my waistband, and it's really annoying. Especially if I'm making out with a chick and don't want to sleep with her yet, but The Rock starts peeping out to say 'hi" when I don't even know her that well.

USpenisthrowaway17 karma


even though I remember vivdly when I was like 15 a girl told me "a belt is a girls worst enemy"

even so, belts.

cmosebrook17 karma

show-er or grow-er?

USpenisthrowaway30 karma

Grower i guess, 8'' soft to 12.5'' hard

jpaul198814 karma

Have any of your guy friends seen you naked? How jealous were they?

USpenisthrowaway56 karma

they have stared too. One funny story - one time I was very drunk with a friend and a few days earlier I had changed in front of the guy and he saw it, and basically he says "i knew you had a huge dick, my girlfriend told me a rumor" haha

alexisbigballs6 karma

do you like being as big as you are?

USpenisthrowaway22 karma

I love love love it

reddittarded3 karma

If you could change the size to be a little smaller, would you do it?

USpenisthrowaway7 karma

Nope. I'd choose my size I love it.

Rongxin3 karma

Can we have a bod pic?

USpenisthrowaway9 karma


numberonepriority2 karma

Do you tell people in your daily life about your camming for cash? Who and who not?

USpenisthrowaway3 karma

The only people i've ever told (and note that I dont do this often, maybe like once for a few days every 6 months) are my best friend and ex's

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USpenisthrowaway5 karma

nope. he's still out looking for his dad.

rattysanchez1 karma

Couple here- serious cause the rest are all jokes- I['ve heard dudes with big schlongs can have trouble maintaining erections- any issues in that dept? Also on average what are girl's reactions Does it go all the way in? nothing better than being in there up to your nuts but I is the average vag that big?

USpenisthrowaway5 karma

Great question - when I was just becoming sexually active yes I did have issues keeping it for longer than 30 minutes but I've kind of learned how to do it, mostly about lifestyle.

Girls reactions - I answered that more in depth in another comment on here but it boils down to "ehrmagerd" and then comparing it to an arm usually.

Going in - nope not all the way usually, like 50-80% for most, which is good. I have had girls take all of it though. The average vag is not that big, but i'm not an expert.

BlueCollarCriminal1 karma

Are you doing what you wanted to do growing up? What I mean is, has your cock steered your life in a direction that you didn't expect or wouldn't have wanted as a kid?

USpenisthrowaway2 karma

hm, very interesting question.

My career or life ambitions have nothing to do with my dick. If anything sometimes it has gotten in the way just in terms of simply not having as much time to focus on the long term goals and aspirations that I've set.