My short bio: Reddit has seen many Little Caesars store employees and shift managers try their hand at AMAs but I don't believe a corporate employee has ever done so. I spent some time working in the corporate offices of Little Caesars Pizza. What do you want to know?

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NaturalisticAsHell11 karma

During the Ferguson riots, I watched CNN as a Little Caesar's restaurant was burned down. I texted a friend who was also watching and said "Little Caesar's sucks anyway." He replied "I literally just said that."

Why do you think that is? Does Little Caesar's try to make the cheapest pizza for the budget crowd?

mustangj1768 karma

I woke up one morning and saw on Twitter that a local Little Caesars had burned down. That was a sad morning because I realized a franchisee had lost his store and many employees had lost their jobs.

As for the perception of the pizza sucking, I think it is tough to please everyone. For each person like yourself and your friend who dislike Little Caesars, there are fans who love the pizza and have eaten it their whole life.

I don't think it is a specific goal to be the cheapest pizza for the budget crowd. The goal is to offer a quality pizza at an affordable price. I think most people would agree that Little Caesars has fair/affordable prices. The prices have helped them create a niche and also drive down prices everywhere. Pizza Hut and Dominos both had deals for $5.99 pizzas last year. That might be about as low has they have been. Ten or fifteen years ago a pizza from one of those places would cost you $10 or more dollars without a coupon.

JapaneseCompton9 karma

Why the hell did you think pretzel pizza was a good idea?

mustangj1722 karma

Well, it wasn't my idea! But I didn't think it was a terrible idea either. And for a product to go to market it has to test well. So, enough people must have liked it enough/bought it enough to warrant it going nationwide.

lepetitefrenchgirl10 karma

Better question: why would they make a pretzel pizza without marinara sauce?

mustangj1720 karma

You can custom order the Pretzel Pizza with marinara instead of cheese sauce. I've done this before and a two topping was only $6.50. This means as long as they have the cheese, you can probably order the cheese sauce on a different pizza, but there is probably an upcharge.

Pka1524 karma

Have there ever been talks of little caesars offering delivery ??

mustangj1713 karma

They used to offer delivery. But that's expensive. You've got an employee who is now driving around town instead of making pizzas. That's why you see Dominos and others charging more and more for delivery or offering carry out offers.