I run the YouTube channel Ashens which has over 145 million views and 667,000 subscribers. I talk about items whilst parading them in front of a dilapidated brown sofa. I make money by doing this. Sorry.

I'm also an actor and screenwriter - I co-wrote and starred in the successful indie film Ashens and the Quest for the Gamechild, which we released for free on YouTube in August 2013 and which subsequently got a Blu-ray and DVD release in the UK from Anchor Bay.

I do not currently have anything specific to promote, which means I timed this badly. Victoria is not helping me. My leg hurts.

Proof: http://youtu.be/Ms9kcl1U_sk

YouTube channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/user/ashens You can watch the movie for free here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VS2Cnx_eL6s

EDIT: It's gone midnight! I must escape. Thanks for coming out and feel free to pop over to r/ashens if you have any burning questions left unanswered.

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StuartAshen249 karma

Due to a cut and paste error I have spelled my own surname wrong in the title. Already this is the greatest AMA ever!

RandomName0143 karma

It will only convince people that Ashens is your actual surname, haha.

StuartAshen58 karma

I feel my credit rating will suffer as a result of this confusion one day.

mikejohnno109 karma

Hi ashens, what is the funniest video you've done and why is it the one with the violin?

StuartAshen199 karma

It's the one with the violin, because it's the one with the violin.

vauxhaulastra92 karma

Who is your girlfriend and is she Dan?

StuartAshen118 karma

Christ, have you SEEN him in a dress?

Kimmykix62 karma

How often is the famous brown sofa cleaned?

StuartAshen130 karma

Technically it can't be cleaned as it is now comprised of over 75% dirt.

Djackazz55 karma

Hello Stuart.

Any chance of a Nerd³ - Ashens crossover?


StuartAshen84 karma

That would be difficult - he lives in Latveria now or somewhere.

Crisss3047 karma

Will you post more pop-stations reviews?

StuartAshen103 karma

Yep, there's going to be a POP Station renaissance in 2015.

mattpegler46 karma

1.) Where did you get your PhD 2.) Why don't you use it anymore?

StuartAshen90 karma

1.) I'm not telling. So ner.

2.) I don't think I've ever really used it in a meaningful sense. It just makes me sound scarier when I write complaint letters.

mattpegler28 karma

Would you use it in say, applying for a job?

StuartAshen60 karma

Only if it was directly relevant. If not you get your application chucked in the box marked OVERQUALIFIED, as I have discovered to my cost.

lukeyq43 karma

Has anyone ever sent you a food item that you would't eat or started to do a video of but stopped because of how inedible it was?

StuartAshen84 karma

Not yet, but I refuse to open surstromming due to the possibility of STINKY DEATH JUICE - my understanding is it's like the Bog of Eternal Stench from Labyrinth.

Morg1039 karma

Anyone else say you remind them of Simon Pegg? or is it just me...

StuartAshen93 karma

Nobody has ever said that in my entire life. Also, I am a crazy liar.

RandomName0138 karma

Hi Ashens! I'm happy I've finally managed to be on time for an AMA, so here it goes:

How much storage room do you actually need for all the tat you haven’t reviewed yet?

What was the single most disgusting thing you’ve ever eaten?

StuartAshen81 karma

The garage is full. The spare room is full. The office is full. One cupboard in the bedroom is full. HELP.

Disgusto-thing = far too old baby food.

JamieA35035 karma

Do the people at Poundland/Poundworld/99p ever recognize you?

StuartAshen58 karma

No! They have hundreds of people go in every single day, and I only show my face once a week. I'm just one in a very big crowd.

cheese_without_toast35 karma

Is the sofa your actual sofa? Or is it now kept for the videos only?

StuartAshen74 karma

It has to be an actual sofa as it's too big to keep as a prop!

optimalg33 karma

Has the sofa ever caught fire in an unfortunate tat burning incident?

StuartAshen80 karma

A blob of melting My Little Pony burned a hole in it. This led to SAFETY PROTOCOL OMICRON being enforced at all times.

MixxxmasterMac27 karma

What is the current state of the brown sofa?

StuartAshen64 karma

0.7 on the Mank Scale.

drsamtam27 karma

What made you decided to pursue a feature film, given that the majority of your content was previously tat reviews? (Not to nock the tat reviews, they are of course amazing.)

StuartAshen55 karma

Scripted comedy is something I'd been wanting to get back into for years. And if you have a chance to make a feature film, and you do not make a feature film, then you are Poo-Head McWasteLife.

JetsLag24 karma

Do you still own the AirPhone?

StuartAshen53 karma

I don't know! Maybe. Have a feeling we may have given it away to one of the GameChild movie backers though.

FlyingSwords23 karma

How did you come to the conclusion "I'm going to review tat on the internet"?

StuartAshen93 karma

Head injury.

tomtom_9421 karma

Are you happy the A11 is now a dual-carriageway?

StuartAshen39 karma

Did you see that crazy special edition of the EDP with the wrap-around cover and free glossy magazine commemorating the opening? It was like something out of The Day Today.

Theguffy199021 karma

If YouTube content creation wasn't your full-time career, what would you a) want to be doing and b) likely be doing?

StuartAshen92 karma

a) Millionaire playboy

b) Not being a millionaire playboy

Gautsie20 karma

Hi Ashens! What is one worst thing that you know of (or could imagine) that you haven't reviewed yet?

StuartAshen121 karma

Piers Morgan.

iTookThis120 karma

What is the strangest piece of tat that you've reviewed? Also: What's your favourite tat?

StuartAshen67 karma

Some of those knock-off He-Man figures give me the heebie jeebies. My favourite is probably the Stay Fresh Cheese Bags, as they are both functional and hilarious.

Bed819 karma

Hello, my name would be Bed8 or BedVega depending on what I want to be called these days, and I have a couple questions for you since I've been following you since the beginning.

1) From what I know, another youtuber that I follow named Nerdcubed took some inspiration from you, have you ever met him or spoke to him?

2) Do you have any methods of how you pick up "tat" at pound land and 99 pence stores?

3) What gave you the inspiration to become a youtuber?

4) Why did you go for Psychology as a PhD and if you were to do college over again would you go for another PhD?

5) What movie and music genre is your favorite and why?

6) Where you a good student in school?

7) Can you allude to any of the projects you are working on as of the moment and if so, give us a bit of context on why?

8) What video games are you playing as of the moment?

9) Have you ever thought of turning off the comments section in the future if you keep growing in channel size.

10) Have you ever thought of starting a gaming channel, and if so, why?

11) What was your favorite Project you have done on your channel and why is it your favorite?

12) If I was a first time viewer of your channel, what video would you suggest me to watch first and why?

13) What is your favorite thing to do outside of YouTube?

14) Have you ever had to eat anything on your channel that made you get sick?

I believe these are most of the questions I have as of the moment and it would be gladly appreciated if you answered them though I understand why you might not. Anyway, thank you very much for taking the time out of your night to answer my questions.

StuartAshen44 karma

1) Yes! I met him and spoke to him at the GameChild premiere. He has great hair.

2) I take it off the shelves then carry it to the cashier, who makes me give £1 (or 99p depending on location) for each item before I'm allowed to take them home.

3) Cut & paste from a comment in an old thread:

In 2005 an Ebay link for a fake PSP was posted on a forum I used to frequent. I ended up buying it, and ad-libbed a quick video to show it to the other forum members who were interested. (These was the days before YouTube was a thing, so I had to post a wmv file on a file sharing site like some kind of barbarian.) Somebody must have sent it to b3ta as it was in their newsletter the following Friday. I only expected about twenty specific people to watch it, so didn’t introduce myself or put my website address on it or anything. The main reason I made a second video was to prove that I’d made the first one, as many American teenagers were uploading it to every site under the sun and claiming they'd made it. (I still forgot to put my website address on it. I am brilliant.) Using my innate ability to always pick a winner, I then uploaded everything I'd made to Google Video. And then to YouTube shortly after for obvious reasons. The review videos were still popular so I made a third one thinking everyone would be sick to the gills of my interminable droning, but it proved more popular still so I just kept going. Now I've been on YouTube for nearly 9 years and it's my main job. And thanks to YT, during that time I've co-written and acted in a feature film, written and presented comedy for the BBC, and all sorts of other groovy writing / acting gigs. I now own seventeen diamond-encrusted aircraft carriers and Zeus himself cowers in my stead. Also Google sent me a little silver plaque for reaching 100,000 subscribers, which was nice.

4) I was an idiot. And no.

5) This is two questions. SHAME ON YOU. I like such a diverse range of stuff that any answer would be meaningless and false, much like any TV programme involving Simon Cowell.

6) Yes. But no! But yes.

7) GameChild sequel? Maybe. Book? Definitely.

8) Legend of Grimrock II.

9) Yes. Once a month I accidentally let a photon of light from a comment hit my eye, and I consider that course of action.

10) Nah. Diluting the brand, innit.

11) GameChild movie. Hell yeah.

12) The intro one that automatically plays for non-subscribers.

13) Stun giraffes with space rocks.

14) Not yet. The sofa is enchanted and gives me +5 constitution.

LiamConroyBrown16 karma

I also live around the Norwich area, what's your favourite part of the city?

StuartAshen47 karma

Blimey, this is like a speed dating question.

That bit. No, not that bit, next to it. No, the other way! NO, NO, LEFT A BIT! OH GOD IT'S LIKE YOU'RE NOT EVEN TRYING

icecubic15 karma

Would you rather fight one Silver Skull sized Warwick Davis or a hundred Warwick Davis sized Silver Skulls?

StuartAshen40 karma

100 Warwick-sized Silver Skulls. Because Warwick is excellent and I would never fight him.

OneClickMouse15 karma

What was it like working with Robert Llewellyn and did you quiz him at all about Red Dwarf?

StuartAshen33 karma

Robert is probably the world's nicest man. Seriously. We mostly talked about renewable energy!

Josho9415 karma

Have anyone visiting you mistaken you for a hoarder with all the tat? Also, are you a hoarder? (You do have a lot of tat)

StuartAshen27 karma

Probably. My house is a museum, where people come to see 'em. I do have a slight whiff of hoarder gene so have to be very careful.

GrijzePilion15 karma

Hey Stuart,

As a long-time viewer (at at least 6 years) I've always enjoyed your electronic tat reviews. What happened to them? Did China stop pooping out cheap knock-offs, or did they get too not-shit? Also, what games (if any) do you currently play?

~ Pi

StuartAshen40 karma

They all turned into weird handheld NES emulators a few years back. Either that or they're just the same bloody POP Stations.

I have got some interesting new stuff for the new year, though.

OhNoSpookyGhost14 karma

How did you come into possession of the Mr Noseybonk mask?

StuartAshen37 karma

It was made for me by a proper special effects guy. It's made out of fibreglass and old-fashioned car paint, and would likely survive a nuclear war.

JRParadox13 karma

Would you ever do a meetup in Norwich? I'm sure there are many locals (myself included) who would love to see you

StuartAshen47 karma

I think it's a very unsafe idea to host a meetup where you live. Somebody might follow me home and kruple my blutzon.

FireLordMomo13 karma

Have any of the manufacturers of a piece of tat you have reviewed ever got in contact with you afterwards?

StuartAshen50 karma

Nah. I did help some lawyers track down the makers of those horrible Gears of War Knock-off figures though.

evilengine12 karma

hey Ashens, first off thanks for doing this and thanks for saying hi to me at the Manchester Comic Con (I'm guy who asked about the joystick round-up video, didn't ask you to sign anything nor did I buy any merch, sorry!)

Anyway, looking at your videos, you seem to just make them whenever you like however you like, I would have thought you would make a bunch of them on the same day, that way if you're ill or unable to film later in the week you have a backlog to dig into. Or do you actually do that and I just haven't noticed?

Also, any more retro video game stuff in the works? please say yes. Cheers!

StuartAshen29 karma

I don't like to store up videos as I like to remain as reactive as possible. I do backlog ones with Dan though, as he can only travel over once every few months.

Retro games wise, we're currently hammering out a publishing deal for a Terrible Old Games You've Probably Never Heard Of book.

Clugaman11 karma

Hey Ashens. You may have gotten this question many times over already but I can't be bothered to read ALL the comments so off I go: Do you think there's any possibility of a Gamechild sequel? I'd love to see one.

StuartAshen24 karma

Yes. Yes there is. We're going to pursue that avenue in the new year.

cukurcuka11 karma

Around how many pounds do you waste spend on all the tat in your videos?

StuartAshen70 karma

Only one at a time.


What would you do, if you reviewed a product that ruined your sofa :O?

StuartAshen39 karma

Be very annoyed, then get a new sofa. I might have a sandwich somewhere during that process.

GreedocityOnSmite9 karma

How would Chef Excellence rate your show?

StuartAshen45 karma

8.4 quirkafleegs. (This roughly equals "An Excellent Show.")

YoungersTakeNote9 karma

Hi Stuart! First of all, thank you very much for doing this. Here's my questions:

  1. Did you get anything cool for your birthday?

  2. What is the weirdest thing you have received in your PO Box since the last time?

StuartAshen38 karma

  1. Yes. Thanks for asking!

  2. You'll see. Oh God, how you'll see.

ColonelSanders219 karma

What are the limits of how old something must be for you to eat it? How old is too old?

StuartAshen59 karma

No no. No no no no. No no no no. No no THERE'S NO LIMIT!

Annepackrat9 karma

Have the grass masks assimilated you yet?

Is the ghost of Sara what has protected you from dying from eating all the expired foods?

What will you do when the old couch gives up the ghost?

StuartAshen13 karma

1) Eh?

2) I think she may be the guardian angel of YouTube food idiots.

3) Decommission it in a lavish ceremony. Then buy another.

HowardTJMoon9 karma

Can you come to Australia and eat some of my mum's cooking on camera? Bound to create a century-egg level reaction for sure!

StuartAshen23 karma

That's not a particularly inviting offer. Plus it's a long journey on the old space hopper.

ghostraded9 karma

Can we have sweet, loving, penetrative intercourse in a pile of baby food and teddy bears?

StuartAshen53 karma

I'm not falling for that again.

The_1st_Doctor9 karma

  1. Are you ever going to release the "Covert" Poundland Video? Or was the advice not to release it?

2.A More personal question which you don't have to answer if you are uncomfortable. In your first 10 Reviews in Ten Mins video you said one of your lungs does not work probably. Is that a Genuine problem? and has it got better?

3.Why did you steal the ultimate golden terminator ninja warrior dragon?

StuartAshen22 karma

My understanding is we can release it pretty soon. But then again, that's been my understanding for over a year.

Yep, my left lung is a bit under capacity but nothing serious. But if I was fighting James Bond, he would use that against me by removing all air from the vicinity so I blacked out a bit quicker than he did. It's a constant worry.

ozzymandez8 karma

If all the strange knock-off action figures you've EVER reviewed had a fight, who'd come out winner and why?

StuartAshen21 karma

Whichever wrestler had the biggest metal insect to help them.

82_zeppelin8 karma

Hello Ashens! My question is, are we going to see any more weird and quirky videos, such as the noseybonk videos?

StuartAshen22 karma

Oh yes. MY WORD YES.

KaitlynnS8 karma

What has been your favorite video to do so far?

StuartAshen30 karma

Does the movie count? If so, the movie. If not, it's the movie anyway.

olij8 karma

I have 2 questions...

1) What did you think of Nerdquest?

2) Read any good books lately?

StuartAshen15 karma

1) Ask Mikki.

2) I'm going through a newly published book of Grimm's Fairy Tales that sticks closely to the original legends. It's darker than the centre of a black hole.

Acterveld8 karma

What're your favourite pubs in Norwich? Mundane question but we have so many good ones and I'm interested in what you think.

Also you should do an Anglia Square special.

StuartAshen24 karma

That's a dangerous question as answering it increases my chances of being stabbed by a maniac by 233%!

Nothing is special in Anglia Square.

niallgee7 karma

What item of 'tat' that you bought to review has actually been surprisingly good?

StuartAshen19 karma

Those plastic pot covers are probably the best example.

GeeMcGee7 karma

I've met you a few times. What's the likelyhood of me starring in your next big picture?

StuartAshen17 karma

It's directly proportional to the likelihood of you being George Clooney.

Zweihander986 karma

Hey there, do you perhaps remember my friends the Moss look alike from comic-con in may this year? He claims you posted it on the twitters

StuartAshen19 karma

I did! That was my fave cosplay ever. Not only did he look the part but he could do the voice exactly.

But the best thing was he knew exactly when to be in character and when to drop character, so it never got tired or weird. Top bloke.

MikeyZi6 karma

Have you been sick after eating anything that's out of date for one of your videos?

StuartAshen22 karma

Nope. I AM INVINCIBLE! (Also I only put teeny tiny bits in my mouth to minimise chances of death.)

Tylerthedestroyer2006 karma

Who is your influence for your Youtube career?

StuartAshen19 karma

There wasn't one really. I started out making videos just before YouTube was a thing so there was nobody else.

I'm pretty sure I was inspired to make weird things in the first place by old TV show Takeover TV. (Adam Buxton & Joe Cornish started out on it.)

EwanTheGeek6 karma

Best place to find tat in Norwich?

StuartAshen9 karma

Poundland / 99p Stores / Poundworld.

draw4kicks6 karma

I thoroughly enjoyed the Game Child film, has to done well enough to make a sequel possible in the future? Would you even do a sequel even if you could?

How did you get Warwick Davies to be in the film? How does one go about hiring him? Thanks for all the laughs Ashens, merry Christmas!

StuartAshen22 karma

Yes. Yes. We asked his agent. Ask his agent. This sentence is superfluous.

BlueBlur86 karma

How many videos worth of tat do you have stored away?

StuartAshen15 karma

Currently: One. It's an old food thing I had to film at a certain point for logistical reasons.

9niko666 karma

This is the first time I've made it to an AMA on time!

• do you write a script before you make videos or is it all improvised? If it's improvised, you're really good at that.

• how bad does the couch smell?

StuartAshen13 karma

All improvised. Well, the sofa stuff and Ideas Men, not the movie or Tech dump!

Febreze is my jam.

xXSgtSprinklesXx6 karma

how is Todd Carty's Fat Mate?

StuartAshen10 karma

He's dead, Sergeant. He was pierced incredibly slowly by spikes :(

Pumblooom6 karma

What goes though your head while you are halfway through eating a vomit flavoured jelly bean, or taking your first whiff of something that went off decades ago?

StuartAshen25 karma

That is the best time for zen-like emptiness.

Masonmcglynn6 karma

What's the worst food you have ever eaten?

StuartAshen28 karma

Easy! The ancient baby food I tried with Barry recently. I almost panicked when he put slightly too much in his mouth.

Josho946 karma

Is there anything (Non-Toxic) you wouldn't eat on camera for that glorious Yotube money?

StuartAshen18 karma

Plenty! Surstromming. And non-poisonous hats.

CuntMoped6 karma

How do you deal with unreasonable feedback on your videos? Does it gnaw at the back of your mind when people say what you do isn't good enough for whatever reason, or can you deal with it and actually read a comments section without it harming your self-confidence?

IIRC, you know about psychology? I wonder if that helps you deal with it as well. I know some e-famous people have the "solution" of ignoring most viewer input, but I never would want to do that... so I wanna know how you do it!

StuartAshen19 karma

Unfortunately YouTube comments reached a kind of bullshit event horizon when Google started putting the 'controversial' ones at the top. I generally only look at them now to remove overly horrible ones that people warn me about.

MattBobRoss5 karma

Which part of YouTube fame surprises you the most?

StuartAshen7 karma

That people queue up to meet me at MCM. And none of them realise I split profits 50/50 with the pickpockets!

dranzr5 karma

How long have you been collecting useless shit, and can we have a photo of the room where you store your useless shit?

StuartAshen13 karma

Too long - and yet, not long enough.

And no. It's just a garage full of plastic crates.

OneClickMouse4 karma

What is the weirdest thing someone has given you at a Con?

StuartAshen37 karma

Someone gave me a tiny toy My Little Pony with a flag stuck up its arse.

SebasTheBass4 karma

What is your guilty pleasure song?

StuartAshen29 karma

I don't believe in guilty pleasures. If you like something then you like something, damnit!

Oink_goes_Cow4 karma

Any more streaming/live stuff planned?

StuartAshen11 karma

Yes! Going to do some old game stuff in the new year.

subject_usrname_here3 karma

Hello there Stuart!

First of all I wanted to thank you for doing all these videos. I watched them when I was sad, I watched them when I was depressed, I watched when was happy, too. You never ceased to make me smile and laugh. They just have something in it, you know? They are very relaxing - even with some basic stuff that you've done. Of course I watched the movie as soon as it came out - brilliant stuff there mate! I've been watching your stuff more or less often for about three years - and you never dissapoint. Good job!

So, very first question: Will you do a sequel to the movie? Or are you planning to do another movie? It was really nice to see your movie, and we want more!

And a little bit personal - Do you have your favourite football team? Or do you even like football?

Erm, what more... How much tat do you have collected so far and it's waiting to be reviewed? And how many food stuff do you have? Are you planning to surprise us with another 10+ year old... undescriptable something?

Also, what's your favorite game console of all time? And what's your favorite game, too?

I think that's enough for now, I wanted to wish you a happy holidays, and a very best new year! Cheers mate!

StuartAshen7 karma

Sequel - we're looking into it. FORECAST: HOPEFUL.

Football bores me more than a 20 hour lecture on potato skin. I'd probably support local team Norwich City, and what a life sentence of misery that would be!

I have so much tat and food that I could open a small but disproportionately disappointing museum.

My fave game console is a toss-up between the Sega Saturn, Original Playstation, Neo Geo Pocket Color and the Xbox 360.


BlueBlur83 karma

If you weren't reviewing tat, what do you think your YouTube channel would consist of?

StuartAshen26 karma

Minecraft videos and despair.

MrTomFTW3 karma

Hi Stuart,

I've been watching your videos ever since the PopStation days, but I've got to ask - what on Earth got you into making videos about poundshop tat? Did you go into B&M Bargains one day and think "THIS NEEDS TO BE ON YOUTUBE"?

StuartAshen5 karma

I spotted some real joys in Poundland and thought the world would be entertained if I pointed at them and laughed. And I was almost right!

JesseGunsing3 karma

Dear Stuart, when you film your video's, is your sofa just really high up or are you on your knees?

StuartAshen5 karma

I kneel down. Sofa elevation is an art for fools.

xXRandomYoXx3 karma

Collaboration with Nerdcubed possibly? Would make my holiday season more than -HAIL GRASS MASK GRASS MASK IS LIFE- cough cough what was I saying?

StuartAshen6 karma

I dunno - that would be difficult now he's living in Peru or somewhere.

buttplugexpo3 karma

Opinions on Chris Morris and his shows?

StuartAshen5 karma

The Day Today is probably my favourite TV thing ever. Love nearly all his stuff.

Anecdote: On the way to the GameChild premiere we passed Chris Morris who was getting on a bike. We considered that the best possible omen.

nathaford3 karma

What is your favourite superhero film including the non-marvel/dc ones (such as "chronicle")?

StuartAshen6 karma

I really enjoyed the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy (Is that superheroes? Meh, close enough.) Not exactly life-changing films but super good fun.

Chronicle was interesting and beautifully made. As was Super.

thealexweb3 karma


StuartAshen9 karma

I've actually got some filmed that we never put up anywhere. Might edit them together one day.

SeriousCypher3 karma

Hey Ashens!

Being from Norwich - how tried are you of 'webbed feet' jokes?

Also, what other youtubers do you regularly watch?

Thanks for making me laugh!

StuartAshen8 karma

I have never heard a 'webbed feet' joke!

I watch Mentski, because I feel I should keep an eye on him at all times for my own safety.

QuietDove3 karma

What is your greatest 'failed' review?

StuartAshen11 karma

The Violin of course!

StuartAshen22 karma

Just realised I capitalised "Violin" like it's some kind of legendary item...

BulkDarthDan3 karma

Is there anything you won't eat?

StuartAshen18 karma

I'd probably draw the line at human flesh. Or a filet-o-fish.

thewildbunny3 karma

Have you ever immediately thrown anything (particularly food stuffs) you received in the mail away because it was too gross and or broke in transit?

StuartAshen16 karma

Yes! Packets of crisps always explode and thus go straight in the bin. Glass bottles tend to leak. And some things fail the "Has this been tampered with and poisoned better to be safe than dead" test.

thetomatoist3 karma

What inspired you to make The Quest for the GameChild?

StuartAshen8 karma

I'd had an idea for years to make a strange road-movie that followed on directly from a review. We ended up splitting that in two - the road movie was GameChild, and the follow-on conceit was used in The Proxy.

Mordac19892 karma

Where's the Poundland tour? And the PS4 + XBone review?

StuartAshen2 karma

Poundland tour is all finished but awaiting advice before release. PS4 + XBone reviews are coming never as they bored me, and I can't bring myself to just do stuff for the views. I think audiences can feel apathy.

MrChromeCRZ2 karma

Would you ever do a video with Nerdcubed where eachtime he died in a game, say GTA V, you would both eat something horrendous, like those awful jelly beans, or ancient baby food?

StuartAshen6 karma

Hmmm... No. That would be a needless combination of ideas. Would smack a bit of desperation, actually.

El_Autocorrect2 karma

Is it alright if I use Kenneth Lightly (and Breakfast Mess) on an album cover? I'll happily send some New Zealand tat/food-crap in exchange...

StuartAshen18 karma

That depends - if it's a commercially released album designed to make money, then I will destroy you and everything you care about. But if it's free then go for it!

mvng2 karma

If you had to permanently lose one, which would it be. The facial hair or the sofa?

Also, can you record some sort of audio tape aimed and aiding sleep. Preferably reading awfully translated item descriptions or something.

StuartAshen2 karma

The sofa! As I could get another, and one day it will need replacing anyway.

Audio tape?! Are you a time traveller?

moondra152 karma

What is your favorite movie?

StuartAshen2 karma

So, so many. How to choose?

xXSgtSprinklesXx2 karma

Hey Stuart!

thank-you for keeping me entertained for all these years! truly, I am a big fan of yours!

My question:

Do you plan on ever re-releasing "Ashenthology" or considered making "Ashenthology 2"?

StuartAshen5 karma

We did print another thousand or so for the GameChild crowdfunding campaign. No chance for Ashenthology 2, as it takes far too much time for little return!

CaptainFlacid2 karma

What is your favorite song to sing in the shower?

StuartAshen3 karma

The Litanies of Satan.

Glitchsmasher2 karma

Should I drink tea or Coca-cola right now?

StuartAshen3 karma

Mix them both together for a unique treat!

aaronq482 karma

Are you thinking of making any more full length films now that gamechild is long over?

StuartAshen2 karma

Yep. Watch this space! ---->

Jessius2 karma

Evening, Mr Ashen! Do you think your dilapidated brown sofa will ever get an upgrade..? Or are you now stuck with it for life? And also, what do you think has been the biggest surprise of all the things you've reviewed/eaten? (Good or bad, up to you)

StuartAshen6 karma

One day the sofa will die and a nation will mourn. And I'll bugger off to Ikea or somewhere.

Biggest surprise were those German creme eggs. I was not expecting a bitter lemon taste.

Philip20122 karma

Do you have a day job or is YouTube a full time thing now? Will you ever do anything for the BBC again, like Tech Dump and Backspace a few years back?

StuartAshen2 karma

It's been a full time thing for years. No idea on BBC stuff, I've got no plans in that direction.

pgstark2 karma

So, Ashens, ahem...how's things? Erm. Gamechild 2? No, that's been done...I know! Ashens! What video games are you currently addicted to?!

StuartAshen2 karma

I am spending far too much time on various card and board games on the iPad. Finally I can play Carcassone and Settlers of Cataan and Ascension! Because I don't know anyone else who will play them!

monsieursquirrel1 karma

How many brown sofas have there been? They must wear out with all the crap you chuck at them.

StuartAshen2 karma

There can be only one.