Humpy Leftnut here, we've just released Hump the "Undie" Bundle, a NSFW porn parody of the great video game bundle site Humble Bundle. :)

We have two of the top 10 porn sites in the world for our first bundle: FTV Girls and Nubiles. Both are independently owned and produce great content.

We're also supporting 3 very brave charities: Able Gamers, The Foundation for Sex Positive Culture, and Angels Giving Tree.

It was NOT easy to find charities for this! Who knew?!

We've really had a great response to the site so far, with 218 purchases for $2,047.26 in 2 days. We're really excited about that.

But I still feel like we're missing the big Reddit kickoff thread / shitshow that I've been waiting for all these months.

So we're super excited, but very much need to get the word out. Getting journalists to respond has been tough so far. If you guys know anyone who might write about us, we're listening.

So AMA! I'm Humpy Leftnut... I've been in the porn business for 12+ years and I'm happy to answer any questions. First computer was an Amiga 500, and I got my first used modem at 11. Back in 1996 as a 16 year old I used to spam IRC with eggdrop bots before going to school in the mornings. Then in 2001 I started the one of the first porn review sites ever called Adult Site Surfer that's still running today (kind of...).

I helped start my first company at 14, it was sold a few years later, and have raised over $600,000 in funding since then for my various projects.

Proof posted to our Twitter:

Ask away!

PS: Thanks for the advice guys, you were right.

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danodemano37 karma

Do I get a special mention for being your first "real" sale? :)

parasocks24 karma

Yes! /u/danodemano with the $12 bitcoin Nexus 7 tablet sale! Who knew?! Many thanks :)

Kesha_Paul32 karma

Do you personally make money from this, or does 100% of the money raised go to the charities?

parasocks37 karma

Hey good question. Each customer can choose where their money goes, that's the beauty of the sale. You can give 100% to charity if you want. We do have an option to tip us, but it's up to each customer if they want to or not.

Kesha_Paul22 karma

So if people donating choose not to tip you make absolutely no money?

parasocks27 karma

Yes, correct. :)

Kesha_Paul13 karma

Awesome, thanks for responding!

parasocks13 karma

No problem, great question!

seedub117419 karma

What kind of payments do you take? Is there an anon option?

parasocks19 karma

We take credit cards, Dwolla (US bank to bank), and bitcoins, litecoins and dogecoins. Paypal, Google and Amazon won't process for adult sites unfortunately.

The only thing we ask for is an e-mail address, and we don't verify it.

Cryptocoins are anonymous, but CC payments require the name on the card. They don't ask for an address.

JoeDaStudd10 karma

Damn that sucks. What makes Humble Bundle so accessible is the use of Paypal, Google and Amazon checkout options.
Can't you get around it anyway saying its for charity or something?

mcnuts_HumptheBundle8 karma

Believe me we would if we could. It's just an unfortunate circumstance of working in the porn industry.

Chewitt3211 karma

Could you not accept "donations" via PayPal and in return offer promotional Bundle codes?

parasocks9 karma

Probably for a few days until they freeze our account and stiff all the charities... :/

parasocks5 karma

Yeah, it really hurts not being able to offer those. Interestingly they DO allow adult transactions for physical products. So if we were shipping dildos we could sell those. But they don't allow sales of digitally delivered adult content. I don't think the charity angle will get us anywhere with it.

I was really concerned the CC signup for us would be slow and clunky, but after going through it myself it's really quite good. They don't ask for a home address, it's a pretty speedy process.

But yeah that one click stripe ordering is amazing. It saddens me.

_Karl_Hungus_19 karma

How often are you planning on releasing bundles?

parasocks19 karma

We'd like to do one each month. We set this sale to run for about 3 weeks, then we'll put up a splash page for a week or so while we regroup for the next sale. We're not sure exactly how much time we'll need between sales, but around monthly is the plan right now.

_Karl_Hungus_15 karma

Such a brilliant idea. Keep up the good work!

parasocks6 karma

Thanks! We appreciate the support. Christmas dinner is coming up, tell everyone! :)

JoeDaStudd5 karma

You should totally have a sploosh page instead of splash page.

parasocks2 karma

hahaha.. We might use this thanks. :)

allthefoxes12 karma

What inspired you to start this?

parasocks13 karma

Hey thanks. :) I was having /r/showerthoughts, put two and two together, started thinking about it some more.. And when Hump the Bundle hit me I just knew I had to do this.

We originally planned to sell limited access to the sites in our bundle, but unfortunately we couldn't convince Visa to let us do that. We pivoted to our current model of packaging together bundles of porn scenes and it works out much better. Providing access would have been a bit of a technical nightmare.

cenderin12 karma

I promise you, I had this idea like a couple weeks ago lol. I thought about making the person pay more for certain actresses. How long have you been working on this?

parasocks13 karma

haha FIRST! I had the idea some time ago, more than a year. We've been working on it for a long time because we originally got blocked by Visa's compliance department for selling access to membership sites in a weird way. They didn't like it. So we sat on it for a bit, pivoted and came back.

We literally needed 12 different parties to agree to do the sale. As an entrepreneur, I'm not used to having to ask for permission to do something. This was a lot harder than I first thought!

cenderin2 karma

Yea, when I was in deep thought about it I realized we would need to be working together with all these different places and porn networks. Sounds like more then i'd be able to handle alone lol.

parasocks3 karma

Yeah it's definitely not a one person project, especially having to setup new deals every month. But it's challenging and we're loving it so far. I was lucky to have some experience in the adult industry, so that opened a few doors.

offdachain4 karma

I'm curious how the first conversation about this went down.

"Hey Jim, you know what we should do?"

"The fuck do you want, Humpy?"

"Ya know the humble bundle, that thing were you get games for donating to charity?"

"Of course, I just donated in one last week"

"We should do that... With porn"

"Fucking genius, pun intended"

parasocks5 karma

haha pretty much. I have a lot of ideas and most of them never get done (by me lol...). But this one was just too good.

I'm really surprised journalists are passing on this story though.. What gives.

Armsman10112 karma

How long do you guys plan too keep this up? It seems pretty damn interesting XD

parasocks6 karma

Hey thanks. No plans on stopping, we just got started! We have a lot of ideas for future bundles and different ways we can go with it.

parasocks2 karma

Hey thanks, didn't know of that subreddit.. posted us there

redvoice11 karma

So you get access to a members area where you can download the porn, but I don't see any sort of "download all" button. If this members-only area is up for a limited time, it's a good idea to just download it all at once. I would prefer being able to stream it whenever I want, forever, like you can redeem your keys whenever you want on Humble Bundle, but I realize that may not be feasible. BGoing through each video and downloading it seems like a headache. Any chance of getting a download all button? You could also then compress the files to ease the load on your server.

I also didn't really know what I was buying. I knew I was buying scenes and I could see the girls, but had no idea if I would actually like the porn. Going through some of the videos on the members page, I don't find the majority of content very enjoyable for me. It would be great to get a better idea of what I am actually buying first, so I don't feel cheated.

I bought this first bundle for 2 reasons. 1 being the porn, and 2 being to support you guys. I really like the idea, and hope you guys can improve upon it in the future.

parasocks8 karma

Hey thanks for the well thought out post. This is what I was hoping for from Reddit!

We've thought about the download all button and sort of passed on the idea, but a few people have brought it up already so I think we'll reconsider and do that soon.

The files will be available for at least 30 days after the end of the sale. So the earlier you get in, the longer you get access.

We have considered leaving the content up indefinitely, because it would be really cool if your collection grew with each bundle. We may be able to surprise everyone with that in coming sales. We'll be keeping the members area in tact on our side so that if we can work out permission and whatnot, we can do that retroactively and give everyone their access back.

We wanted to get a sale under our belts to understand a bit more about server load, costs, user behaviour, etc to see if it's feasible.

As for confusion, it was a tough call on how to display all the content without getting stupid about it. What if our next sale has content from 6 or 8 different sites? We tried, I'm sure we'll find some smart tweaks for next sale.

Really appreciate the support and ideas, thanks.

Evanescent_contrail3 karma

Redvoice basically hit the nail on the head. I really want to support you guys, but without a download button, I'll pass. Any chance you can add one for this bundle?

parasocks1 karma

Hey, I think we have this mostly finished but Christmas and New Years got in the way. Should be done shortly.

In the meantime you could always use a download manager, something like:

or for Firefox:

secondfolder2 karma

Alternatively if you're comfortable running a perl script and possibly installing some perl modules I've whipped up a downloader script:

parasocks1 karma

We're all in Las Vegas for the porn convention here, sitting at the bar having a few too many drinks, and wow... Totally blown away that you did this! Really cool. Thanks! Do you do any other kinds of programming?

WritingGinger2 karma

This is exactly what I was looking for here. I was curious as to if they were indefinite, but this answers as a resounding no. So ,since I know all this good fap material is limited time only, I'm going to snap all this up and keep a look out for the next. Will gladly get the next one either way though. Keep the good work up, and happy fapping.

parasocks3 karma

Thanks for the kind words

LinkTheTimeHero10 karma

Have you thought about doing a hentai bundle? I don't watch much "real" porn but if you came out with a hentai bundle, then I (and other people with such a preference) may be more inclined to support such an idea.

parasocks10 karma

Hey! Gotta be honest I hadn't thought about it, but we're definitely open to anything. I'm pretty familiar with hentai, toon and 3D porn from my years as a reviewer, but always thought it was a pretty small community of fans. I'm... probably wrong. :)

In fact maybe an "odd niche" bundle would be really cool, that featured smaller niches that we'd overlook as a headliner type bundle, but combined together it might be pretty cool. I kinda like it.

bumbleeds9 karma

If I pay more than $1 can have Steam keys?

parasocks9 karma

We would be more than happy to serve our content up through Steam! Anyone got a contact there? ;)

jar_jar_binks9 karma

Interesting! Any chances of adding IFeelMyself (IFM)?

parasocks7 karma

Hey thanks, that's a really cool site. They also run Faces of O? Pulling that from memory. They used to be affiliated with Abby Winters, but I don't really know the connection. Maybe just both from Australia? Abby Winters moved their entire company to Amsterdam a few years back though due to new AUS anti-porn laws. Crazy.

I think a site like that might do really well with the ladies. I do plan on a "porn for women" themed bundle at some point, probably not too far down the line. Pornhub says the ladies like gay porn, so maybe tie it in with a lesbian theme or something.

IFM is a pretty obscure site, how do you know about that one? :)

Here is my review site's ancient 2006 review of IFM: :)

[deleted]6 karma

Speaking as someone who bought this first bundle, I would gladly double my pledge if you partnered with Abby Winters.

parasocks7 karma

Thanks for your support! I'm a big fan of Abby Winters. Here's a picture they sent me in 2002 when we were both first getting started. :)

They'd be a great partner, and we'll definitely consider them for future bundles.

parasocks5 karma

Sorry it was Beautiful Agony not Faces of O..

T3h_Unkn0wnn8 karma

crossing fingers Asian edition Asian edition Asian edition

I have to put a question mark here or a bot will tell me I'm stupid?

parasocks4 karma

I got a thing for japanese girls.. who doesn't I guess. :)

GamierGaming6 karma

Will it be possible for you to accept PayPal? I have a thing about putting in my credit card details to porn related sites.

parasocks4 karma

Bah I wrote a big response to this before my cell phone died.

We're not allowed to accept paypal, wish we could. You may be able to buy bitcoins with paypal now? Or is it just that you can pay with them there.. Not sure.

Anyway if you do decide to buy a bundle, rest assured we have no access to your credit card info. All bundle sales are one time purchases so you'll never be billed again.

The form you enter your CC info on is hosted at, we never get access to that. CCBill is a great company based in Phoenix, AZ, USA. They have 24 hour phone support, and are the largest most established company we could choose to process with.

Your CC statement won't have any references to porn.

Many of the largest adult sites in the world use CCBill, including both FTV Girls and Nubiles.

GamierGaming3 karma

Fantastic, 1 more thing I'm curious about is the fact the content you paid for disappears a month after the end date of the bundle. So can you never access the content again or can it be found in an archive somewhere? Or can you never watch / download it again? I'm confused :(

parasocks2 karma

Yes, right now the plan is to shut it down 30 days after we stop selling the bundle. So you'll need to download it all if you want to have it forever.

We thought this was a reasonable way to do things to start, since we have no data on server usage, costs, infrastructure, etc etc.

However we will keep the members area in tact, and a few sales down the road we may be able to surprise everyone by putting it back online and letting your bundle purchases accumulate over time. We're just not sure if that's financially feasible on an optional 15% tip etc.

GamierGaming2 karma

That sounds like a silly way of doing things, paying $25 for porn then it expiring after 30 days, and the only option being to download large files and pictures individually. Spare a thought for the guy with a 0.0.05mbps connection speed. But anyway its not my business run it how you want.

parasocks3 karma

Fair points, we've listened to some of the comments here and we're almost finished developing a way to download all the files at once. Might launch tonight.

I don't like the expiring either, and that will change. But I think it's good to take baby steps to ensure we're able to do it before promising something we can't deliver on. We'll get there. :)

syntaxial6 karma

Do you have a Humpy Rightnut as well? :-P

parasocks8 karma

They are close friends.

Optimash_Prime8 karma

But I take it they're usually surrounded by a dick and an asshole?

parasocks6 karma

So fresh so clean though. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Cereborn6 karma

I got in on this sale two days ago. First, I want to congratulate you on having this amazing idea.

Second, I'm wondering how you arrived at Nubiles and FTV specifically. Did you have other sites that turned you down?

parasocks5 karma

Maybe best question yet.. and thanks for the support!

FTV and Nubiles were my first two choices to pair together and we were lucky enough to convince them to roll the dice with us. They're taking a big risk, because they're the guinea pigs, and we owe them all the money we're collecting. The adult industry has a long history of people running off with money. It took some convincing.

The reason they were my #1 choices is because they're both independently owned and operated, and haven't sold out. That aligns with Humble's Indie component. They're both still producing really good content to this day, while most other companies have sold or closed up shop.

We got our first 2 choices, but in trying to setup a 2nd set of partners pre-launch, we did get turned down. :) Interestingly, now that the sale is live one of them is showing some interest again.

Thank you for your purchase,

Simco_3 karma

What does independent mean in porn? Anything not Manwin?

parasocks5 karma

!! Shots Fired !! lol

The number of new sites released is crazy low these days. It's almost like free porn is hurting the industry or something. :) It's not even the free porn, it's the attitude that all porn is free and you're stupid if you support something you don't have to.

There's still many sites producing good stuff, but the consolidation has been crazy.

Simco_3 karma

I didn't mean to shoot any fire. It was a legitimate question.

You're making an indie bundle and I don't know what that means in porn. Manwin is the only "major" company I can think of. Except maybe Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler.

parasocks3 karma

Ahhh sorry you misunderstand, it's just an inside joke in the porn biz about Manwin. They're a bit controversial :) It was a good question, I thought you might be from the industry.

To answer it better, there used to be a lot more "mom and pop" type porn sites, where a husband and wife could make a lot of money just shooting their crazy sex lives.

When the tube sites hit the scene, they basically stole everyone's content, forced the creators to tell them to take it down, and gobbled up all the Google listings. A few short years later and most people were going out of business, or selling their businesses to... the tube sites, for 20 cents on the dollar.

Genius really. But! There are still some holdouts, FTV and Nubiles being great examples. Instead of imploding, they doubled their efforts and survived.

Another good example is Porn Fidelity / Kelly Madison. They make great stuff, and they're a husband a wife team. We'll be reaching out to them soon about a future bundle.

amathroway13375 karma

Any chance for a bailey jay or ts bundle?

parasocks3 karma

We're an equal opportunity exploiter, nothing is off limits! :) We'll likely branch out to TS and gay male rather than offer that as a one time bundle though, so that we can have them going more regularly. I don't want a gay or TS bundle to be just a one time novelty, it should be half of our business.

tenachiasaca5 karma

quick question are the pictures below each purchase amount relevant to each video set? also on a creepy note I think I see a coworker among these sets.... tempting

parasocks5 karma

Mostly! :) Let me explain. There are 24 total "scenes" (porn terminology) and a scene includes one or more videos and a matching photo set.

HOWEVER! We don't post all the FTV videos they do in a scene, because they do things in a really weird way. They might post 15+ videos and 2+hrs of content in a "scene". They are the only site I know of that does this.

We matched duration roughly with Nubiles... So for FTV you get all the photos from the scene, but only ~20-25 minutes of video. So you might see a girl in a photo in an outfit that we don't have a video for.

NickGe5 karma

I really like the idea of this, and hope you guys succeed, as seeing more bundles would be great.

My question: if we buy one of the lower tiers, and then decide we'd like to upgrade by paying the difference, is that possible?

Also, in the future, it'd be nice to have a little more of an idea which scenes/what kind of content we're getting.

Good luck!!!

parasocks3 karma

Yes, that's possible and works right now. You just need to make sure you use the same e-mail address. If you mess it up, we'll fix. :)

We encourage everyone to click the thumbnails on the tour to see what's in each tier, and to visit our partner sites to get a good feel for their style etc.

JoeDaStudd4 karma

Are you going to have any mystery unlocks like HumbleBundle do?
Like after a week extra content gets added to the higher tiers

parasocks5 karma

Being totally honest it was hard enough getting this far, so some things we had to push to future sales, like adding content mid sale. It's something we will do though in future sales.

Humble Bundle is an amazing website on so many levels, they really set the bar high. We did our best to be respectful of their model and the quality of the user experience. But yeah it wasn't easy making something comparable. :)

Setheron3 karma

How much to donate to see Brenna's boobs ?

parasocks2 karma

Show her what she's worth.

PaladinJin3 karma

Ha hah, this is hilarious! How did the phone calls/emails go when you were trying to find sponsors for this whole idea?

parasocks2 karma

Thanks. :) Skeptical, because I'm sure they hear about a lot of shit that doesn't pan out and wastes their time. This is a bit of a risk for them too. So I just kept trying to get the next little bit of permission to show them what we were thinking about.

emusan3 karma

Given that it is the holiday season, any chances of a "gift" option similar to the humble indie bundle does it? Or maybe I missed it...

EDIT: actually, given that the content only remains for a month, it might not work out so well... I understand that cutting deals with these studios as a brand new site is probably hard, but I do hope to see permanent download pages in the future! (maybe even give a torrent option if server load is an issue)

parasocks4 karma

Yes, we're going to try and roll that out in the next few days if possible.

emusan3 karma

followup: How would that work if someone did not redeem a gift until after the 30-day period?

parasocks3 karma

Very good point! We'll have to consider that. Maybe we set a 72 hour limit before the key gets sent back to the purchaser or something like that. Thanks for this.

TrevorSlattery3 karma

Yo, where the black girls at?

parasocks2 karma

:) Next bundle! We'll scoop some in our ice cream truck.

TJzzz2 karma

when reddit has a plethora of fetish porns and free porn from porn hub/redtube/spankwire ect how do you make money? like whats the big selling point?




parasocks9 karma

Remember that those sites have never made their own porn! Without the people actually creating new original content, they would have nothing to post. Our site supports OC.

Bucket_Of_Magic2 karma

parasocks3 karma

Krystal Boyd aka Ebbi aka Anjelica

The official twitter account of Krystal Boyd. Anjelica, Aka, Abbie, Abbiy, Abby, Abby C, Alice, Angelica, Anjelica, Ebbi, Ira, Katherine A, Snejanna, Ksyusha.

lol. :)

joeblowthrowawayacco2 karma

Okay, gotta ask, FTV at one point was suing people for sharing on bittorrent. How do we know this is legit and won't get sued?

parasocks2 karma

Good point. Nubiles has been talking about us on their twitter account so there's that. I'm on my phone or I'd find the link for you.

We do have full permission I promise you. This would be a lot of work for a quick cash scam! Also our biller ccbill processes for ftv too, they double checked everything.

joeblowthrowawayacco2 karma

Send link please

Dookiestain_LaFlair2 karma

Why not use Bunghole Bundle as a name? Is there no anal involved? Or Bunghole Bundle Bungle if it is a slapstick anal comedy?

parasocks2 karma

lolz.. I don't think any anal in this first bundle, but we're certainly not anal adverse going forward and backward!

SleepDeprivedPegasus1 karma

Pay? For porn?

parasocks4 karma

A crazy concept, I know. But we just made our 303rd, 304th, 305th, 306th, 307th sale, so it seems there's still people who appreciate the artists who make my favourite kind of moving motion pictures.

vintage_death-37 karma


parasocks26 karma

Uhhh sex is only okay between consenting adults.