My short bio:i was born with no school it was hard trying to stay a secret that i had no balls because i would be made fun of for no being a hole man

im also i'm dyslexic

i have taken testosterone on and off for the pass 6 to 7 year

one of you asked for a dick pic so here it is

be back in the morning

My Proof:

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tehfrog49 karma

Do you have a prostate? Would stimulating that feel good for you? Have you tried?

goodguydolls127 karma

oh my god i don't know holy shit i dont know

tehfrog18 karma


Here's how!

goodguydolls28 karma

would any of you like to help me

gravitydefier47 karma

Can you still spank the monkey? Shoot one out? Flick the bean? Masturbate? Does nothing come out?

goodguydolls46 karma

no i can't

gravitydefier24 karma

Does that mean you don't get any sense of pleasure when wanking? Or do you still climax but simply nothing comes out? Asking for genuine curiosity.

goodguydolls51 karma

it feels ok but no climax

nickert0n39 karma

Thank you for sharing, you're very brave. What are your ambitions/what do you enjoy in life?

Do you have any attraction to either sex physically or emotionally?

goodguydolls50 karma

i'm attracted to peoples personality

DisGateway38 karma

When I was 18 I lost both of my nuts. I was very fortunate in the fact that I had already developed. I've seen on here you say you can't cum. Do you still not ejaculate fluids from the prostate? It's all I got left in the tank as well.

Are you in a relationship? I discovered after loosing mine that for a while I thought I was gay. I only needed to kiss one guy to discover I was infact not gay.

Are you on the shots or gel? I'm on the shots. I absolutely hate being on the shots but of all the treatment options it remains the cheapest.

Similarly how long does it take you to notice that your t levels are dropping in between shots? I can usually tell by 8th day. I take mine every two weeks as well. It's the one time my wife smiles is by stabbing me lol

All in all your not alone. I hope you find happiness with whatever you do in life. Do not let this define who you are as a person.

m19836 karma

How did you lose yours? And how did it feel when you found out you'd lost them? OP hasn't had any from birth so I'm guessing it doesn't feel as bad to have lost something he never had where as your situation was a little different..

DisGateway9 karma

Cancer. I went through a huge bout of depression, sexuality confusion. I didn't feel like a man.

It was rough patch but I came to accept it. I'd go on to have lots of sex get married. My wife really help me come to terms with it.

goodguydolls5 karma

how long is your dick

DisGateway4 karma

About 5.5 inches. I think my dick actually got a little smaller after losing my nuts. I attribute this to going without any testosterone for almost a year.

goodguydolls6 karma

its still bigger than mine

goodguydolls4 karma

i'm on shots at the moment

k0droid30 karma

How does it feel when someone says "you don't have the balls"?

goodguydolls52 karma

it depends if they know or not .if they do i say "of course i don't " and if they don't know i just say "do you"

slenderonsundayONLY23 karma

Have you met /u/DoubleDickDude? You guys should take over the world with your unique genitalia.

goodguydolls70 karma

no but i just checked their both bigger then mine

seaslug116 karma

Maybe you can get him to donate one.

goodguydolls72 karma

yeah but would have to change his name to /u/singleDickDude

MyOtherAltIsAHuman17 karma

  • Do you get turned on?
  • Do you watch porn?
  • Do you have a desire to have sex?
  • Do you get depressed over your condition?
  • Do you have a desire to be in a relationship, or to have children?
  • Do you feel like this defines who you are, or affects your interactions with people?

goodguydolls34 karma

sometime but rarely

only wen its on other then that its gross

not realy


yes but with some one i connected with and yes i would like to have kids


lisaslover17 karma

What age did you start hormone replacement? Are you able to have a sex life with the help of drugs?

goodguydolls28 karma

I started at 12 but i moved a lot so i dint have regular shots so my dick is 2 inch i have had sex ones she dint enjoy it

lisaslover18 karma

Does that mean that you have given up on having a meaningful sex life? Surely there is something that can be done to help you.

goodguydolls22 karma


goombawars7 karma

Do you feel you're missing out on something, or you just don't care for it?

goodguydolls26 karma

not really i cant have kids and i think sex is gross

doctorish24 karma

How old are you?

goodguydolls29 karma


TheFalconKnee14 karma

So how much more feminine are you then compared to an average guy if you have next to no testosterone? To be honest I didn't even know you could get an erection without any testosterone.

goodguydolls21 karma

little bit more then the average guy .and i cant get erected with out testosterone

TheFalconKnee6 karma

I thought you've had sex before?

goodguydolls32 karma

i'm on testosterone shots

vickyispink12 karma

Would you show us the 2 inches?

Dutcherss4 karma

Why can't I stop looking

goodguydolls37 karma

do want to hook up ;)

ConfidentButWrong12 karma

Have you ever tried on women's skinny jeans? If so how do they fit? If not why not?

goodguydolls59 karma

i m a large guy no i have not put on skinny jeans but i have put on a dress

jimmyreefer11 karma

Do you have a higher pitched voice then guys your age? Castrato men would have been castrated early in their teens to preserve their high pitched voice, interested to know if its the same for you.

Edit: Big ups to you for sharing this

goodguydolls19 karma

i had testosterone shots it gave me artificial puberty

goombawars11 karma

Have you ever shown it to a girl/guy you had sex with? How did they react?

goodguydolls43 karma

i was int going to show her but she put her hands down my pants and there you have little dick and no balls we still had sex but it wasnit pleasurably for her

gliterpoison10 karma

So have you ever thought you were asexual? I only ask because a lack of the sexual hormone may mean that the sexual side of a relationship just isn't an interest to you and I noticed you said sex was gross.

goodguydolls21 karma

yes. i like to know the person for their personality not their sex appeal

gliterpoison8 karma

That's very interesting, thank you for being so honest here on this thread :) So did you ever have problems when hanging out with guys as you were growing up? Like everyone talking about puberty or hot girls or even just the lack of a sex drive?

goodguydolls14 karma

i kind of just nad when they talk about it

August_28th8 karma

Do you use the waistband trick?

goodguydolls20 karma

its so small i don't have to

JimsanityOSB7 karma

Do you have a favorite bird? Hobbies? Ever build anything?

goodguydolls10 karma

i play videogames and build bicycles

cscamp076 karma

Does this is affect your day to day life at all? If so, how?

goodguydolls22 karma


kwonza6 karma

Have someone told to grow a pair?

goodguydolls60 karma

yes and i have jokingly said i tryd

howdyman42013 karma


goodguydolls20 karma

my doctor said i'm his first and that their have only been 10 confirmed cases ever in canada when i was born they did exploratory surgery to try to find them but they were not there .

windyshadow325 karma


goodguydolls23 karma

i sit on the toilet and standto use the urinal

AlexanderBopp4 karma

Do you worry if you find that SO, that you will not be strongly in long lasting love since you cannot have normal sex and biological children?

goodguydolls37 karma

if she can accept me for who i'm bye

reddittarded3 karma

Does your body look like someone with klinefelter syndrome? Wide hips, narrow shoulders etc?

goodguydolls6 karma

no i have wide shoulder it runs in the family

MerryChoppins2 karma

Do you still have regular erections are inappropriate times or is it just after you get a testosterone shot?

goodguydolls21 karma

the week of the shot yes but less but the next wek not so much

one shot every 2 weeks

essayerdenouveau2 karma

I hate to ask this because I don't know how much info you're comfortable with giving out, but would you consider posting a picture of your face to show the difference it's had on your facial structure?

goodguydolls33 karma

no face. but it wont help im fat so its round

gthwes2 karma

Do you find naked females attractive to look at?

It is common for guys to stare at a lady in yoga pants walking by. Wow, she has a nice butt kind of thing. You've established your lack of sexuality. But is there still a physical attraction to female bodies in some sort of non-sexual way? Like you find them alluring or pleasing to look at?

goodguydolls7 karma

i stare at both male and females i find the human body interesting

TTTT271 karma

Have you considered getting prosthetic testicles?

goodguydolls3 karma

yes but its like put 400$ rims and a shit buck

TTTT271 karma

Huh? No, it's like you get silicon testicles that look like the real thing.

goodguydolls3 karma

it won't do anything i would have 2 balls under i small dick

KoalainaComa1 karma

Do you have a high pitched voice?

goodguydolls7 karma

no i have taken shot for testosterone

Freesolo1 karma

First off thanks for sharing your story

At what age did you find out that you had no testicles? The reason i ask is i had Undescended testis when i was born and everyone missed it until i was 13 then i started to have bad cramps in my groin where my testicles sat, i had 2 operations and both my testis were dropped.

Its amazing what doctors and nurses can miss on babys and i had no idea what a pair of ball where supposed to look like, mine are damaged now it will be hard for me to have children, i have low test, and a high chance of testicular cancer because they were damaged

goodguydolls4 karma

for as long as i can remember i have know

the_coons1 karma

Do you have any siblings? What is your relation like with them?

goodguydolls4 karma

normal i have a brother and a sister they both know and dont care

Nerozero-6 karma

Have you ever just thought "Fuck it, I'll get a gender reassignment surgery" and go at as a female?

goodguydolls114 karma

no because i don't identify as female

aesir100-8 karma

Dude, I don't know what to say but I feel immense sadness for you. Is that wrong of me?

bloatedjihadi23 karma

It's wrong of you to say

aesir1002 karma

Yeah, probably.

goodguydolls20 karma


Pinanims-21 karma

So if you get worked up sexually, but aren't allowed to cum (if you can?) Do you still get blue balls?

goodguydolls65 karma

i cant cum and how would i get blue balls

50PercentLies-98 karma


goodguydolls62 karma

i'm dyslexic

JimmyRUDEjam-111 karma

That was my question too. You're not chasing girls, you're not masturbating and you have no balls why the fuck aren't you being an awesome scientist, doctor, artist, what-the-fuck-ever?! At least don't write like a 12 year old, though I guess if you don't have the necessary hormones maybe you can't move past a 12 year old mental state.

goodguydolls50 karma

i just don't have the ability to remember how to spell