This is Chevy Chase.

I'm here to answer any questions you have about Woody Harrelson's movies!

And anything else I can remember about Woody.

And I'll answer anything you ask me... except for one, that I'm not gonna tell you about.

Go ahead!

(*Victoria's helping me out via phone)

Update: I wanna thank you for putting up with me, and my remarks, and also, I wanna thank all of the people that asked questions, because they were good questions and very interesting, and made me have to REALLY think, which is an unusual thing for me to do!


You take care Victoria.

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Hi Chevy!

As much as I love the show Community, it hasn't been the same since Pierce Hawthorne left. If the writers decide to write Pierce back into the show through more heart-attack faking, would you consider returning, even in a cameo capacity? Or maybe for the movie they will hopefully make?

ChevyChaseHere3066 karma

I will be in a small cameo at the beginning of Community and if they ask me to come back and do one or two appearances, it's a possibility.

lmi62060 karma

Hi, Mr. Chase! Watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation around the holidays has become one of our family's Christmas traditions. Do you have any favorite holiday traditions or foods? Thank you!

ChevyChaseHere2316 karma

My wife is a great cook, she does turkeys usually, actually all the time, actually! Heritage organic turkey! And I carve, which I've learned. And... sweet potato mallow, and stuffing... and cranberry sauce from scratch... my favorite part is the next day when I can just make turkey sandwiches for a week!

Dizzymo1759 karma

Why hasn't Chevrolet come up with a Chase model?

ChevyChaseHere2440 karma

I don't know.

It makes sense, doesn't it?

The thing is, my name is Chevy, and their name for Chevrolet would have to be "Chevrolet."

And also, I'd sue 'em for as much as I possibly could!

sparkyface1055 karma

Hi, Chevy! I always enjoyed your work from SNL to the National Lampoon films. I also enjoyed Community. I have read that you did not particularly enjoy your role in the show. Can you tell us what your experience on that show was like?

ChevyChaseHere1987 karma

It was very taxing, because we didn't get to move around a lot, and we would work 15, 16 hours a day sometimes, and right into early Sunday morning. So it was not easy work. I can tell ya. It's tough to cover 8 people around a table without moving the camera, moving the camera, moving the lights, it takes FOREVER, and you have to do it over, and over, and make it look fresh, so if people realized that - it can be very taxing and very tough work.

shivan21830 karma

Hi Chevy! What are some of your best memories from National Lampoon's films?

ChevyChaseHere1384 karma

Well, my best memory is having worked with Harold Ramis, who unfortunately passed away earlier this year. He was also in GHOSTBUSTERS, but he directed me in CADDYSHACK and the original VACATION!

And he gave me the character of Clark Griswold.

And loved working with Eric Idle in EUROPEAN VACATION. When I was speaking what i thought was French to the waiter, and he was just making obscene... and working with Imogene Coca was great, because she really tied me into - and I'd worked with Sid Caesar too, but i really grew up on him, so it was terrific. I loved the scene, I think my favorite scene of all of 'em, is the scene between me and Jim Teach who's playing the motorcycle cop who stops my car because obviously I've killed the dog, hahaha! And then he's very upset, he says because the leash has been trailing behind us, he stops me and he says "You should be ashamed sir, step out of the car" and I say "I can't believe I did that, I would never do that" and we both just go through that talk. If you've seen it, you've seen it, if you haven't, you should see it, it's very funny.

arisoncain817 karma

Hey Chevy!

I grew up outside of Chevy Chase, MD and as a young child I always imagined they named the city after you. Have they given you the keys to the city yet?

ChevyChaseHere1155 karma

Actually they did, back in 1976 or 1977? They gave me the keys and re-named the city after me. A big proclamation, signed....That's when I was coming off of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and was quite famous, at that time, you know. It was fun.

you_ruin_everything714 karma

CHEVY!!!! HUGE FAN!!!! There was a huge rumor that you and Martin Short did not get along on the set of Three Amigos due to his constantly farting during your scenes. It sounds made up to me, but I’ve been hearing it for years. Is there any validity to this at all??

ChevyChaseHere1294 karma

How much do you weigh? Said you were huge!

BrushGoodDar599 karma

Who would win in a naked cage fight between you and Harrison Ford?

ChevyChaseHere1202 karma

I would win.

Because he'd have to reach VERY far. Hahahaha!

ChevyChaseHere1218 karma

I love Harrison Ford.

pfelon590 karma

What the hell you need ball bearings for?

But seriously, Fletch is one of my all-time favorite movies. What was your experience like making it?

ChevyChaseHere785 karma

I loved making FLETCH. Probably was my second most favorite movie to make, just because I was allowed to make up so much of the dialogue. I can't even remember learning any dialogue! I was just given the right by Michael Ritchie, a terrific director who's passed away, I'm sad to say, but he let me just go. And that's why I had such a good time doing it, and you know, looking back on that, I don't think I've ever been funnier in some ways!

CaleyChase552 karma

What was the scariest thing that happened during the shooting of 'Spies Like Us'? 3

ChevyChaseHere1705 karma


OH MY GOODNESS, that's a great question!

You know, we shot that in a town called Ouarzazate in the Sahara desert, just one long dirt road about 200 miles into the desert from Marrakech, and it was also a base for some of the fighting that was going on between the Morrocan army and others. And I had a Jeep, and I had to drive Danny into the desert to our set, and when we were done at the end of the day, we would have to drive back. And one time, Danny said "Hey look! Some Moroccan troops!" and took a camera out and took a photo and they SAW him - and they immediately jumped into the back of their truck and started chasing us! So I drove like a bat out of hell to this supposed hotel, and Danny and I lucked out and got into some Volkswagen bus with curtains, and we could see through the curtains, soldiers coming out with their guns, pointing around - like they didn't want us to take their picture!

So anyway, the next morning, I had to go BACK to that set through the desert, but I was going a bit later than Danny, so he wasn't going to drive with me, and I got there, and got into my trailer, and the director of the movie came in and said "I guess you heard about Danny" and I said "What?" and he said "He's in a prison on Marrakech."

And I couldn't believe it and he said "I'm afraid you'll probably be going too" and then he left my trailer. And I took out a photo of my wife and children, and sort of cheered up, alone in my trailer, frightened, until Danny came to the trailer, with a big laugh and a "haha" joke.

So nothing came of it - he had just scared me, but I thought the soldiers got him and put him in jail!

shivan21513 karma

What on earth happened to Randy? Was he always like that?

ChevyChaseHere1183 karma

I don't like to comment on that, because I've never known Randy to be like that, and I have my own beliefs as to what may have gone wrong, and I don't want to share that with anybody.

rocker2014469 karma

Hi Chevy! Big fan, everything from SNL to the Vacation movies to Community have been genius.

Can you let us know anything about your role/involvement in the new Vacation movie? Will it just be a cameo or will you be fully in the movie? We'd all love for Clark and Ellen to be fully involved.


ChevyChaseHere866 karma

Well, actually it's more of a cameo in the sense that we're now running a bed & breakfast (Ellen and Clark) and Rusty's all grown up and he has his own family, and he's bringing his family to our B&B to visit. So, you know, there's a lot of good, very funny stuff in it that I did, that Beverly did, and I'm happy for all of it.

Frajer460 karma

How did you wind up in the You Can Call me Al video?

ChevyChaseHere571 karma

In the summers we'd go out to Easthampton, L.I., and my wife and children and I had a house there, and we don't go there much anymore but Lorne Michaels also started coming out there, when I showed him where to go, and Paul Simon was always going to Montauk, a little further out on the island. Paul Simon was a good friend during the making of the first year of SNL, and I was at Lorne's house out there, and he said "Have you heard Paul's new album GRASSLAND?" and I said "no!" it was just the first test pressing, it wasn't released yet.

And he said "We're going to do a video of "you can call me Al" and our first version didn't work too well, and I think you should do it with Paul and you should sing."

So within a couple days, I just learned the song and we went in there to shoot it for next to nothing, while other people were shooting videos that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And it came out tongue in cheek, and very funny because i'm tall, he's short, and he's hilarious in that! He's a very good physical comic too!

super_slayer445 karma

What current show would you like to guest on?

ChevyChaseHere1205 karma

Game of Thrones!

YaketyMax436 karma

Hey Chevy, is there still a feud between you and Bill Murray?

ChevyChaseHere1183 karma

No! I had Bill tied up with a phone cord, so he can't swing a golf club at me anymore, hahaha! He invites me to play golf with him, but he's so good, I don't even see him after the first hole - he's usually WAY at the 9th hole, too far for me to catch up!

We're friends.

I think he's remarkable - and by the way, I just St. Vincent with Billy in it, and I thought That's an Oscar caliber performance, really great. So it's nice to see his growth, and it's nice not to have to smell his breath.

landmule426 karma

How is a guy named "Woody" an actor and not a carpenter and how can a guy named Chevy not be a Nascar driver?

ChevyChaseHere609 karma

I'll write you later.

bbbbBeaver341 karma

Hello Mr. Chase,

For the past 15 years, it's been tradition in my family to sit around the TV and watch Christmas Vacation every Christmas Eve. Do you ever plan on making another Christmas Vacation movie or any other National Lampoon Vacation movies in the future?

Thanks for all the laughs!

ChevyChaseHere521 karma

Actually, strangely enough, a Vacation! Or a takeoff on it, in a sense, because it's now Rusty, having grown up, and his family, and I'm in it, and so's Beverly. I'm hoping that the reviews won't be better than the original, haha!

shivan21325 karma

What is your relationship to your aristocratic origin?

ChevyChaseHere925 karma

Mom is not around any more, so I won't get to ask her, but she was the adopted daughter of Cornelius Crane, which as you know is the first two things on my birth certificate was "Cornelius Crane Chevy Chase." So Chevy's really my name, but the point I'm making is that mom's relationship to her father and also to Captain John Parker - her name was Kathleen Parker-Crane - so that goes WAY back in history - I don't know what the aristocratic thing is, but it's enough to say that Cornelius Crane left her nothing when he died, and he was an extremely rich man, but somehow when he got married again, to a Japanese lady who i never met, he left it all to the Zen buddhist society, and my mom was in a bad mood for the rest of her life.

What can you do?

PmButtPics4ADrawing311 karma

Can we talk about Rampart?

ChevyChaseHere622 karma

I didn't see it! But you can talk about it!

I promised Woody I wouldn't talk about ram parts.

lmanders32304 karma

What's the most common movie quote that people shout at you on the street?

ChevyChaseHere618 karma

People say to me "I'm so-and-so and you're not!" as opposed to me saying "I'm Chevy Chase and you're not" but that was from SNL...

And they also liked "NANANANANANANANA!"

which is out of CADDYSHACK.

SoltanPill263 karma

What is your favourite memory of Gilda?

ChevyChaseHere542 karma


My favorite memory is Gilda eating EVERY KNOWN candy you could buy in a candy store - she LOVED that. And she also, I have to say, was a great, great physical comedian. one of the funniest things i ever saw was a scene with her and Belushi, they had known each other before at Second City, and in this particular sketch, he's directing her and a man in a movie, and something goes wrong with the man, his lines or something, John would yell "CUT!" and he'd go talk to the guy, but if anything went wrong with Gilda, he'd slap her as hard as he could, and she'd go plunging to the wall, and she'd make it look like she was hit with a brick...She was SO good at making you believe in Gilda, as a human being, as a real human being she was one of the nicest ladies I ever knew.

pewdiedonut228 karma


ChevyChaseHere372 karma

1) I live mostly in New York, and therefore my good friends in New York are Tom Leopold and people of that nature, so i don't have much of an opportunity to talk to them, because all you do in Community is sit around that table and act for 15 hours a day, there's not a lot of time!

2) I feel like I've been there and done that? And the show probably has a different shape, feel, and is going on its own good merits.

3) Well, I taught myself how to play piano since I was a kid, and I play jazz piano. And I'm pretty good! In fact, I'm on a couple of records and things. And I've played at Carnegie Hall, once! Not for an entire show, but... that's really the love of my life, is having learned that and done it myself without doing music, and kind of getting by this age much better.

4) I wouldn't want to pick one person over another. They're all great.

lvest224 karma

Hey, Mr. Chase. Do you have any funny stories from the set of Caddyshack?

ChevyChaseHere373 karma

throaty laugh


Let's see now... All I can think of is Billy Murray holding up that candy bar in the pool!

ChevyChaseHere420 karma

There was no scene that was written for me and Bill Murray together, where we're both in the same shot and had a scene, so we just sort of made it up as I was playing golf and he was running that tractor with all those big blades... oh wait, my wife was just reminding me that there was a scene inside the Caddy Shack itself, and I was playing some night golf to get ready for my big day the next day with Rodney Dangerfield, but in that scene - it was hilarious - we just did it, you know? We didn't write it, we just did it, haha!

Moonburner201 karma

Mr. Chevy Chase,

Is it true that you were not really a big fan of The Three Amigos? What about it made it such a challenge?

ChevyChaseHere370 karma

Actually, it's not true that I wasn't a fan! I was a HUGE fan of the Three Amigos! It was probably the most fun movie I ever made, with Steve Martin and Martin Short - so I don't know where that came from!

Hahaha - it was hard NOT to laugh with those two! They were too funny! That was the biggest challenge - not cracking up.

jilliefish200 karma

Do you have a favourite memory of Richard Pryor? Thanks! Take care!

ChevyChaseHere463 karma

OH MY GOSH. I think that there will never be anybody as funny as a standup, because he was so ACTIVE on the stage. And he did so many great impressions of real people, you know? Like the guy from the bar, all that stuff, and Richard and I were very good friends, I loved working with him, it enabled me to write one of the least attractive sketches on SNL, which was called "Job Application," in which I'm asking him a few questions as he's applied for a job, but all of my questions just break down into... what's the word? They all just become more and more racist, you know, and this is just a word association test Mr. Pryor or whatever your name is, so if I say "apple," you say "house," hahaha! So we went from there, and all the words i came up with were very edgy words, starting out not too bad and getting really bad, and Richard had to come back with a word every time I said a word and the funny thing was, talking to Richard while we were writing the sketch, he couldn't really come up with that many words. There just weren't that many words for white people, and it was a very telling thing, because that still exists in our society.

But the fact that Richard had no prejudice of any kind... he was a great comedian, a great comic actor. And it was telling that he held no prejudicial beliefs.

PooPooInMyHeart187 karma

Hey Chevy! You are one of the funniest men I've ever seen in film and television and it's really a thrill that you're doing this AMA for us.

One of the best moments I ever had watching tv was seeing you come back to Community in a cameo role in the fifth season premiere back in January. Because Pierce is my favorite character, I was really happy with your return. It was so unexpected, after you had left the show, but there you were, back again. I've thanked Dan Harmon for making it happen in his AMA earlier this year, but I really want to thank you for that too. I hope Pierce is not really dead and you'll come back for more, maybe season 6 or the movie?

My question is about your facial expressions. You have this very unique way of using your face, which is very hard to describe, but is most famously seen in the SNL bits where you would sit behind somebody and mimic them behind their backs. Another thing you do, while saying your lines, is randomly pulling faces which makes for really odd line readings. It's one of the things that makes you stand out and I've never seen anyone else do that. Who or where were you influenced by in that regard?

Much love to you, Chevy!

ChevyChaseHere321 karma

Um, you know, that's so funny! There's a term for that that i learned in college - it became a term in college - for anybody who could get behind a professor, and make the strangest faces AT him without being seen BY him while he's talking to another student, and seeing if you could break up another student without getting caught.

It was "harshing."

And that's what i was doing on WEEKEND UPDATE, later, when they first did an editorial I believe, I would just back off a little bit and just start harshing her! Jane wouldn't be able to see it, she knew I was doing it, but she wouldn't let on. And she tried to catch me. And I would always wipe back to a straight face.

theanimator88180 karma

Howdy there Mr. Chase! My family and I have always loved watching the Three Amigos, and unanimously agreed you were the most heroic of the trio.

If you were put in a situation where you needed to save a Mexican village from dangerous bandits, how would you go about doing it?

ChevyChaseHere346 karma

Well, I would advise them to change their food to French food, or something. None of the bandits would know it if was a Mexican village or not.

jonemillard161 karma

Hey Chevy,

Have you ever had any strange fan encounters?

ChevyChaseHere447 karma

Um, I think most of my fans are strange, really?

I met the second man on the moon - Buzz Aldrin - and he was laughing at my name, and I was laughing at his!

But we're both fans of each other.

That's pretty cool.

And of course, when I met John Cleese, I almost threw myself at him!

There was a time when I was on SNL that people were referring to me as "The American John Cleese" and I was always very flattered by that. But when I did meet him, it was terrific. We were about the same height, and we were both as annoyed as each other as we wanted to be.

SmackMyRichUp148 karma

What's your perfect sandwich?

ChevyChaseHere386 karma


Well, I would say...


A number two. From Greenblatt's. It's a corned beef and swiss cheese and turkey and a lot of, you know, Thousand Island Dressing. And it's one of those things where I can barely get my mouth around it. It's on rye. There's always a pickle on the side, until you have it removed, haha! I could never face the pickle.

coffeefuckyeah131 karma

Hey you, what's that movie Bob Casey and the Golden Vagina gonna be about?

ChevyChaseHere207 karma

Well, I'm surprised you would ask such a question.

it just so happens to be an idea I had for a television show. I wrote it down in the heat of passion. I wrote down "It's time for another Bob Casey! The man with the GOLDEN VAGINA!"

And the person who asked this is my daughter's boyfriend who happens to be trying to get me to say this.

Fox248116 karma

What's your favorite book?

ChevyChaseHere185 karma

Moby Dick!

eatsbabydingos116 karma

Is Generallissimo Francisco Franco still dead?

ChevyChaseHere202 karma

He's valiantly trying to remain dead, but we believe he's succeeded. He's been very brave in his attempts.

TheFuckingEagles113 karma

Hi Chevy, how do you feel about the current state of SNL? Any favorite features players?

ChevyChaseHere200 karma

Anything that Lorne does is gonna be funny. And I don't watch it that often, so I can't really respond to the question of who's on it or who isn't on it, but i just know that I have such an infinite trust in Lorne's judgement of good players, you know - Lorne, by the way, his worst and best qualities are firing and hiring, he can't fire ANYBODY, but he can hire VERY well - so there are probably are a lot more cast members than there ever were! So there are 15 now, and when we just did it, there were just 7 of us.

shivan21111 karma

Have you always wanted to be a comedian?

ChevyChaseHere255 karma

No, I come from a very funny dad, and I've always wanted to be like him, although he was not a comedian, he was a writer and a publisher and an editor. And it's just - it seems to be that people who call themselves comedians aren't generally that funny. I don't think of myself as one. I think of myself as a guy who gets lucky and is funny. And most of it's very physical frankly, right down to moving an eyebrow. Whatever that is, it's physical.

It takes a certain amount of athleticism.

seismicor107 karma

What is John Carpenter like as a director?

ChevyChaseHere160 karma

He had a distinct flavor about him.

Very good director.

Somewhat moody, and also, you know, I think any movie that he directs somehow turns into complete horror! that's his best genre, hahah! It was good to work with the guy on that particular picture - they cut the horror out of it.

Introvertedgenius101 karma

Of all the roles you've ever played on screen, which was your favorite? Why?

ChevyChaseHere347 karma

It's very hard to choose.

Because I've enjoyed all of them, really!

There's a movie that never really did big in terms of its receipts, but it was called "Funny Farm," and in some ways, it may be my best performance. It was very real and very fun. I think it's because also it had the great director George Roy Hill. He directed me in that.

crackcracks100 karma

What's your handicap in pool? I used to see you in the back of Boston billiards a bunch.

ChevyChaseHere194 karma


Well, I don't have a handicap. I think what the question is - how many balls can you run at any given - I'm not that good. I ran 44 balls once, that's all.

I think that's the answer you're looking for.

so_FUCKING_stupid88 karma

Chevy Chase! What is it like being Chevy Chase? Any advice as to how one can become Chevy Chase? If you could Chevy Chase one thing in your life, what would you Chevy Chase?

ChevyChaseHere258 karma

It's a complicated series of questions.

I think first of all, I try to take the weight off. You have to wear size 13 shoes. And if you really want to become like me, please get ahold of Joe Biden and ask for my hair back?

Demantra81 karma

When is the Chevy Chase show coming out on DVD? That was comedy gold!

ChevyChaseHere152 karma

Well, I don't think you'll see that on a DVD. I don't think I did enough of 'em!

That's a sweet question. And I thank you and I'm flattered, but it really wasn't the show I wanted to do, and I will never do one like that again.

FatGuy_InALittleCoat74 karma

Hello Chevy! Like (seemingly) everyone else on here, Christmas Vacation is a holiday must for my family and I. Our favorite scene is the squirrel in the tree, it never gets old. That being said, what was your favorite/most memorable scene to film in that movie? Thanks for the AMA!

ChevyChaseHere218 karma

I like the decorations on the house, and everything that proceeded from there - everybody out in the snow waiting for the lights to work. I thought that was one of my favorite scenes. There were many, though. But perhaps... looking out the window one morning, and seeing Randy take a leak on the back of his trailer, and look over at me and Beverly and say "Shitter's full!" and I looked over to Beverly and say "Have you checked our shitters, honey?"

Fox24870 karma

What's your favorite animal?

ChevyChaseHere169 karma

My favorite animal?

I think it's our antelope.

Good question!

I was playing a joke, in other words, saying that we had an antelope as a pet... but my favorite animals are cats and dogs.

Christopher, my golden lab.

TheTrueFlexKavana66 karma

What's something you have done to help someone out that the general public does not know about?

ChevyChaseHere219 karma

Well, I lent Joe Biden my hair and he didn't give it back ! He hasn't given it back yet!

beneaththeremain66 karma

Hi Chevy, what is your favorite part of the filmmaking process? Thanks for all the laughs.

ChevyChaseHere199 karma


I like wrap parties. HAHAHAHA!

chryskross54 karma

What projects are you currently working on? Any new movies, comedy or drama, coming out next year?

ChevyChaseHere129 karma

Yes, there will be 2 things coming out I believe, and I'll be working with Beverly D'Angelo on a half-hour sitcom that we're gonna do. But we're not gonna be Clark & Ellen - we can't be the Griswolds - but we won't stray far from it.

JTQN53 karma

Hey Chevy! Who is your favourite jazz musicians?

ChevyChaseHere144 karma

Bill Evans (spells like it sounds), Thelonius Monk (spells like it sounds), Charles Mingus (spells like it sounds), Miles Davis, most of my favorites came out of the "Bebop" era in Jazz. I didn't listen to a lot of big band jazz, although Duke Elllington was a real genius, and when he wrote something it could be either played on a piano or by a big orchestra. I could go on forever talking about jazz, so just stop me there!

seismicor48 karma

What's your favourite kind of vacation?

ChevyChaseHere105 karma

Um... we like to go to, you know, in the winter sometimes, we do one of two things: go skiing (which we love) or get down to the islands, you know? In the caribbean. Those are both great. And to be able to afford to do that is a real wonderful thing, that we can.

XCCoach41 karma

What is your favorite Rodney Dangerfield memory?

ChevyChaseHere105 karma

We never had one. HAHAHAHA!

My favorite Rodney memory - sorry, I can't tell you. It's filthy.

eltmatt32 karma

How did you go from Cornelius to Chevy?

ChevyChaseHere51 karma

It's just a nickname that my grandma on the other side of family - my dad's side - named me 2 days after I was born. She couldn't stand the idea of being named "Corny" or "Neil" and she wasn't from the aristocracy that my mother was from. She was my dad's mom, and she lived up in Woodstock where i grew up most of the time I was in New York, and my granddad was a painter, and they were simple wonderful people. Very loving and lovely. So she made me Chevy. And that stuck.

moeSzys1ak30 karma

Thanks for coming out to Reddit!

I'm a huge fan of Memoirs of an Invisible Man and think it is a greatly underrated and tragically unknown film. What is a film of yours that has flown under the radar that you think should have been more recognized than it was?

ChevyChaseHere71 karma

FUNNY FARM, I thought... but I think the problem with MEMOIRS OF AN INVISIBLE MAN - it was a great, great book. A great novel. It had too much, you couldn't put it all in a script. So one of the problems it had, even though it was written by the great Jeffrey Boam, it's hard to make the right selections to have it make sense for an audience.

And something else - you should never see a movie that has the word "memoirs" in it. Doesn't sound like it's got a lot of action. HAHAHA!


What is your drink of choice?

ChevyChaseHere88 karma

Oh, water, without a doubt! I'm a major water fiend. Water's delicious, like if you really sink into it?

There's nothing as delicious as water.

I'm not good with salt water.

But I can gargle with it.

seismicor20 karma

You appeared in Last Action Hero. What's your favourite Arnold's movie/ quote?

ChevyChaseHere41 karma

You know, I really don't have a favorite of Arnold's movies. They're just all so... big! Hahaha!

Then again - so's Arnold!

Marafinoa1218 karma

Chevy! I'm trying to win a Christmas decorating contest. Any advice on going all out?!

ChevyChaseHere39 karma



'Scuse me!

Christmas decorating... going all out...

I've always been a fan of throwing the icicles at the trees, as opposed to hanging them nicely? Ever since i was a young lad, and my brother (who's a year older than me) and we'd just put the icicles, on, we'd just throw it in clumps all over the tree.

I've always loved tinsel.

ChevyChaseHere35 karma

Wait until you see TINSEL 3!