Hi reddit - I’ve heard a lot about you guys and have been really looking forward to doing this AMA. My name is Christian Kane - I’m an actor, singer and a proud Oklahoman! You probably know me from TNT’s “Leverage” and Angel, which I did with my good friend, David Boreanaz… or from my music… my debut solo CD “The House Rules” was released early December 2010.

Today I am here to talk about my latest TV show, THE LIBRARIANS (premieres this Sunday, December 7th 8/7 Central on TNT). I play Jacob Stone, a good ole’ cowboy who just happens to have an IQ of 190 and knows everything there is to know about Art History.

You can check out the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBXQVOOGGc0

Victoria has kindly agreed to show me the ropes around here, so when you’re ready!


Edit: You guys have been my friends and family for so long I can't remember. Thank you to all of you and to fans around the world. Tune in Sunday night to be part of the team to watch THE LIBRARIANS. And I promise...we won't let you down!

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chewyblues45 karma

I am a HUGE fan of Leverage and was devestated when it ended in 2012. The series finale left it sort-of open to Elliot, Alec and Parker to possible continue on without Nate and Sophie. Are there any plans for a spin-off or movie with the 3 of you, possibly with cameos from Nate and Sophie?

My all-time favorite line from the entire series was "Well ma'am, we be the calvary." from "The Bank Shot Job." which got me into the series and that remains my favorite episode. What were your most and least favorite episodes to work on?

Christian_Kane66 karma

There are very serious talks right now with Dean Devlin about doing a LEVERAGE movie. The only way we'd do a LEVERAGE movie is with the whole crew, all 5.

My favorite episode to work on was "The Big Bang Job" because I got to spend 2 days with my dear friend & boss Dean Devlin in a warehouse choreographing a gunfight. My least favorite was the day we shot Nate and Sophie walking out of a bar, because we knew we might not come back. Very sad.

Frajer32 karma

What was it like working with Joss Whedon ?

Christian_Kane72 karma

Joss Whedon tried to kill me 5 times! I just had a really good manager, haha. But I think he's an absolute GENIUS. He gave me a start in this business, and I love him to death.

catiefsm25 karma

Hi, Christian! I loved your work in Angel (and the other things I've seen you in, of course, but Angel has a special place in my heart)!

Which did you prefer, Straight Laced and Evil Lindsey McDonald, or Tattooed Evil? Lindsey McDonald?

Christian_Kane43 karma

Tattooed, evil Lindsey McDonald. Because he didn't get beat up by every girl on the show!

BlingBlob20 karma

I remember reading somewhere that you were good friends with Jesen Ackles. My question is: will we be seeing you appear on Supernatural any time soon, even in a small role?

Christian_Kane26 karma

I've talked to Jensen about that. We are very good friends. But the ball's in his court now.

RoyalPinkZeppelin19 karma

If you could choose to pull a heist of your own, what would you steal and who would you have on your team, real or fictional?

Thanks for doing this! I love your work in Angel and Leverage.

Christian_Kane87 karma

I would steal... reality TV shows and bury them in the ocean! And my partners in crime would be half of Hollywood.

Colonel_Brown18 karma

Hey Christian!

My girlfriend and I are huge fans. We’re super excited to see you again in “The Librarians”, and we wanted to take this opportunity to ask you a couple of things.

  • Will we see reflections of Leverage in The Librarians, considering the two shows share a director, a producer, and yourself?
  • You did your own stunts during Leverage - was there ever a time you injured yourself during filming?
  • What is your favorite episode of Leverage? We’re dying to know.

Thanks for doing this AMA!

Christian_Kane30 karma

You'll see a lot of similarities from LEVERAGE. Again, we're doing great drama, but we make sure to add in the comedy. Like LEVERAGE, THE LIBRARIANS has a Baskin-Robbins of flavors.

I was sent to the hospital twice a year. That's actually true. I just don't want to get into all the stitches and broken bones.

I loved "The Mile High Job." We all came back for the season opener, and filmed in brutal conditions on Mt. Good in Oregon. It was a family in dire conditions.

iaine_macdonald16 karma

Christian, thanks so much for doing this AMA. Bunch of questions for you...

Coffee, tea, or whiskey? Whats going on with your music these days? Any plans of future tours (and if so, please come back to Raleigh!) Any feature film plans in the works?

Christian_Kane21 karma



I just wrapped a beautiful movie called "Christmastime" with Marley Shelton and my friend Ryan McPartlin. It's due out next Christmas, and I've fallen in love with the story.

Dreiery16 karma

Lots of commentary about your hair length, I like it all ways, what is your preference?

Christian_Kane31 karma

I actually like it longer when I'm acting, because I feel like it's more of a part of me. But having it short right now is easier to deal with in life. Although it's halfway back to being long as we speak.

Azmek15 karma

  • So your characters in Angel and Leverage both had episodes where they performed live music. Any chance of a hat trick in Librarians?

  • What's the likelihood of another album? You know we all loved Kane and The House Rules, and I'd prefer if there wasn't another ten-year gap before the next CD...

Thanks for doing this AMA. I have a lot of respect for your work, both as an actor and a musician. You being one of the regulars was actually the main reason I first got into Leverage.

Christian_Kane11 karma

That is a question for John Rogers! But in my heart, I believe that we will see it.

Music is being written right now.

And thank you so much, it's one of the most important roles of my life.

blondekarma14 karma

What episode of The Librarians was your favorite to shoot and why?

Christian_Kane27 karma

I loved "The Fables of Doom" because for a brief second there, I get to turn into Eliot Spencer.

kingky1413 karma

Do you still contact your Leverage co-stars? How's your off-screen relationship off-screen with them like? Loved the scenes in Leverage where you'd say "Dammit Hardison"!

Christian_Kane24 karma

We all talk ALL the time. No communication breakdown. We're always friends and will continue to stay friends. That was the success of that show.

Irk162013 karma

Holy shit, Im on time for something.

I have gone from absolutely hating you in Angel, to loving you in Leverage. I had no idea that you actually sing, too.

The country episode in Leverage, was that you singing?

Christian_Kane23 karma

That was me singing. And that was a song I wrote!

KaniacQueen12 karma

What are some of your favorite fan experiences from the 50 to 1 tour or some that stick out in your mind?

Christian_Kane31 karma

I got up to ask Deion Sanders a question and tell him I was a huge fan. And before I could answer, he said Leverage was his favorite show and came and gave me a hug.

cathyridings112 karma

will we ever be able to talk Dean Devlin into a Leverage Movie ?

Christian_Kane18 karma

As we speak, I believe Dean Devlin is putting something together now. I feel like it's gone from a great idea to a project he's putting in motion. We're all very excited about it, the whole team.

oregonlamb11 karma

When the Librarians is renewed and you're back filming in Portland, is there a chance for any intimate, acoustic shows? Not a full blown band thing, but a song or three, a Q&A? We'd pay lots!

Christian_Kane17 karma

During season 2, it's a 100% guarantee.

yallcat11 karma

Hi Christian! How did you feel about the way Lindsay met his end on Angel? And who was your favorite evil lawyer to play off of?

Christian_Kane32 karma

I felt Lindsay should be there for the final fight. I was very upset when I read his demise. However, looking back, I'm glad it was my dear friend Andy Hallet that took me out of that world.

And Lilah will always have a special place in my heart!

jhotch72611 karma

Hi, Christian, I've been a fan since Love Song. You have so much soul to your voice, even your speaking voice, it's fantastic! What's some of your favorite musical influences?

Christian_Kane13 karma

Elton John and Alice in Chains.

BlingBlob11 karma

Is it possible to get a copy of your original "Kane" album anywhere? If not, will you be re-releasing it at any point soon? It has so many amazing songs on it, and I don't know where I can get them (legally) at present.

Christian_Kane15 karma

It's literally impossible to get it. If you find one, let me know where you got it. I've been looking for it as well. There are legalities that may not make re-releasing it possible. However, I don't see why I can't incorporate that into the Kane show.

metaPhx10 karma

Christian, my whole family is a huge fan of Leverage so we were excited about your AMA. Thanks for doing it.

I read that you are of Native American descent. Does your heritage affect your acting career? Are you a member of the native american community in your area? Thanks so much!

Christian_Kane17 karma

I am of Cherokee descent. I played Sioux for Steven Spielberg. And Jacob Stone has a vast knowledge of Native American history. So I really love anytime I get to show my roots.

Stoooooooo10 karma

What is the best/funniest practical joke you have seen happen on the set?

Christian_Kane23 karma

Um... on RESCUE 77, we had a guy that liked to eat a lot. So I took the remnants of a cappuccino press out of the coffee maker, and put some whipped cream on it, and told him it was a cookie. I walked over and put an Oreo in my mouth and handed him that and he started eating that. And then he chased me! It was Terrence Knox.

MichingMallecho10 karma

Hey Christian, thanks for doing this and I'm a huge fan. I hope this isn't too many questions! (This is my first AMA comment...and reddit comment in general, haha.)

You brought a lot of hobbies into your role as Eliot Spencer in Leverage, and Jake Stone is an art historian which was also a personal interest of yours. Do you have any hobbies which you would like to showcase in a character but haven't had the chance to yet?

Have you had a hand in choreographing any fight scenes in The Librarians?

Does each new character you play in some way change your perspective of the world or yourself as a person?

Being a fan, I often see comments about how attractive you are or how people compare you as a person to the characters you play. Do you find it hard to genuinely meet and get to know people past all of this?

Video game question time: console or PC? And do you roleplay as well?

Random question: What is your favorite thing to do during a power outage?

Christian_Kane29 karma

Oh my gosh, well, I got to do the cooking stuff... as Eliot Spencer was a chef, and I would love to see Jacob Stone cook a little bit more!

Well, I don't have as many fights as Eliot did on LEVERAGE, but every fight that I had on The Librarians this year, I choreographed - same as leverage.

Absolutely. If nothing else, stepping outside of your skin teaches you something.

laughs Listen, I'm the 15 year old kid who prayed this would happen to him, so make of that what you will. There are sacrifices you have to make to be in this unbelievable industry, and the Lord has blessed me.

I play on the console. I'm a level 28 Awoken on DESTINY on Xbox One. And only in the bedroom!

Light candles, drink wine and play guitar.

Velorium_Camper10 karma

I'm a huge fan of Leverage and Angel. Did any of your training from Angel help with the fight scenes for Leverage?

What was your favorite scene to shoot from both shows?

Christian_Kane29 karma

I was fortunate that Mike Massa, the stunt coordinator on ANGEL, allowed me to do my own fights and stunts. His name alone carried over to LEVERAGE with the stunt guys I worked with, which allowed them to have faith in me. That's how i became the fight choreographer. In ANGEL, my favorite scene to shoot was when I got to fight Boreanaz in Season 5 - he beat me up for 5 years, so to punch him back felt pretty good! And in LEVERAGE, I would have to say me and Carson in the van singing.

Jane_Y_E10 karma

What do you enjoy more acting or singing??

Christian_Kane19 karma


I truly enjoy acting. Because it's what I set out to do. But singing was a release for me when I wasn't acting. And it just so happened that people enjoyed me singing too, and it's very important for me. I look at acting as a job, and I look at singing as a gift.

pidepclerk9 karma

When are you coming North? We need to see you here in Minnesota!

Christian_Kane15 karma

I'll be there Sunday, December 7 on TNT!

jazeller238 karma

What type of role do you prefer - the tough guy (Leverage), defender learning the ropes (maybe Librarians) or something else?

Christian_Kane10 karma

I just love action! As long as it's colored with comedy and drama. I've been very fortunate in my life to have had these roles happen to me.

supertatee8 karma

I am looking forward to The Librarians, it looks amazing. How much fun was it to work on?

Christian_Kane14 karma

It was fun for me, because after working on ANGEL and LEVERAGE, with magic & drama, it seemed to all roll into each other again on THE LIBRARIANS.

kidsdocjean8 karma

What is your favorite pie?

Christian_Kane16 karma

Apple pie with a slice of American cheese.

lilisant8 karma

Hi Christian, Always wanted Eliot on Leverage to have a love interest. Will Jake Stone have one on the Librarians? I hope so. By the way I heard about your new project with Michael Landon. I am a sucker for Christmas movies and am looking forward to this one!

Christian_Kane12 karma

John Rogers seems to think that Eliot and Jacob Stone do a lot better in a confrontation if there's no issues of the heart. I don't see any love interest any time soon.

rathany8 karma

Hi Christian. What are the chances of more shows at Dantes if Librarians goes into a second season?

Christian_Kane19 karma

100%! I just found a guy out in South Carolina that can kick a banjo, and I want to add him to the show.

ashtastic_7 karma

I'm so looking forward to The Librarians- but will admit to being a little surprised at seeing you with short hair (despite originally know you from Angel so it's not like I hadn't seen it before!) How was cutting your hair? Was it your choice or did they ask you to do it for the show?

Christian_Kane10 karma

At first, I felt like Sampson. But it really helped me get into the character. And there was no question about it, Dean was cutting my hair!

Jrg20747 karma

What are your plans for the holidays? Will you be able to spend time with your family?

Christian_Kane18 karma

I'm thinking of driving cross-country in an RV with my dog.

n_mcrae_19826 karma

I admit I had mixed feelings about Lindsay becoming "bad" again when he returned in season 5 (especially how he ended), how did you feel about it (and was your departure in season 2 a creative choice or you moving on to other things?)

Christian_Kane15 karma

Lindsay was always bad. Joss just decided to give him some muscle. Like I said before, Joss tried to kill me 5 times, but once he had me under contract, he could wait to fire the bullet.

Crys04076 karma

What is one thing you would like to see your new character do in the next season? You have a strong Kaniac family, what else can they do to help keep you going?

Christian_Kane8 karma

I would love to see ALL these characters open up over time.

There are so many colors we haven't even touched on yet!

SO many of John Roger's words that haven't been spoken. And so many of Dean Devlin's shots that have not been shot. This is gonna be a fun ride.

The Kaniacs just need to tune in! Tell your friends and loved ones to watch this Sunday! These guys have done SO much for me that that's all I can ask. I owe so many hugs, so many different corners of the world, and I will reach them someday.

MEBrewer6 karma

Where is your Fleur dis Lies RING? ♥ any favorite Christmas dishes that you look forward to each year? When we hear anything about Kane's Kitchen? Looking forward to that!

Christian_Kane11 karma

I believe it's at home. This character is not allowed to wear rings.

I love my Mama's green bean casserole. And I just saw the first 2 episodes of Kane's Kitchen. It looks amazing. We're trying to find the right venue to get it to the people.

meg009an6 karma

Do you ever return to Oklahoma? Not gonna lie, I stalk your Twitter hoping I'll bump into you around Norman. BOOMER SOONER!

Christian_Kane10 karma

I go back to Oklahoma every year for Christmas. I have land south of Norman. Nothing's on it, but sometimes I walk it, just for peace of mind.

Taurendrwho6 karma

Wow Christian, such a huge fan of yours. Your character in Leverage singlehandedly convinced me to grow my hair out, and did it look good. Just a really quick question: What made you decide to be a part of The Librarian body of work and what about the premise of the movies/shows appeals to you?

Christian_Kane15 karma

The showrunner of the LIBRARIANS is John Rogers. I could never get enough of his words.

If he asked me to jump off a bridge - I would do it! And ironically, he did on LEVERAGE.

Marigold426 karma

When are we going to get some more music out of you? :)

Also, what's your favorite Christmas cookie recipe?

Christian_Kane18 karma

Music is coming! Just got to polish a couple more things. Favorite Christmas cookie recipe... is holiday melt-a-ways. You gotta contact Mom for the recipe.

queencatriona6 karma

I'm super excited for the show, considering I adore the movies--my mom and I were watching The Flash last night when the commercial came on, and we just about died.

I have a couple questions, if that's okay!

  • What's your favorite thing about doing The Librarians?
  • Do you have any particular favorite pieces of art, or artists you like best?
  • If you, Christian Kane, were a Librarian, what would your specialty be?
  • How did you get into acting, and would you suggest that way to others?

Thanks so much, and I'm looking forward to watching the hell out of this when it's on this Sunday. :D

Christian_Kane10 karma

One is getting to work with Noah Wyle. He's really taught me that it's okay to make fun of yourself. And I needed his guidance to find this character.

I love "The Kiss" by Klimt. I've always felt the promise of looking at it.

Kicking the shit out of other Librarians...

I wouldn't recommend acting to anyone OTHER than someone that can't live without it. I couldn't live without it. I knew it was a part of me. You have to be willing to lose EVERYTHING to gain so much. I've been very fortunate.

Beth_Kredel5 karma

How's the new music coming along? We need some tour dates!

Christian_Kane10 karma

Haha! I've been very fortunate this year to have few holds on my schedule. That has freed me up to write some new songs, and they are coming very soon.

KrisB6135 karma

Loved meeting you in Burleson TX on the 50 to 1 tour. Hope you liked that short story I gave you. My questions are 1-as an actor, what is your dream role? 2-as a singer, what is your dream venue, and 3 - when are you coming back to DFW so I can hear you sing?!

Christian_Kane12 karma

1) Later in life, I'd like to play the outlaw Josie Whales.

2) Being back at the Viper Room with no pressure and a lot of hot chicks.

3) We're trying to put together a small schedule to get out on the road early next year. Dallas is definitely in the mix.

rearviewmirror715 karma

Hi Christian - big fan here. So what's it like working with Mystique?

Christian_Kane8 karma

It makes it very easy when you get to share the screen with someone like Rebecca Romijn. She was my sister in KING & MAXWELL, so we have a brother /sister relationship.

Jane_Y_E5 karma

Hello Christian!! I'm so excited for the premiere of The Librarians on Sunday, do you have any big plans to watch it??

Christian_Kane14 karma

I will be in Alabama with Clayne Crawford, who played Quinn on LEVERAGE. We are finishing TINKER so we have plans to kick back with a beer so he can laugh at my antics. And I'll be live-tweeting as it happens.

pidepclerk5 karma

Of all of your movies, which one was your favorite to film?

Christian_Kane11 karma

Probably "Secondhand Lions" because i got to play one of my heroes, Mr. Bobby Duvall.

celticmistress5 karma

When you were offered the part in this show, had you seen the previous Librarian Films? And if so, what was the thing about playing this part that had you the MOST excited or you thought would be the most challenging??

Christian_Kane9 karma

I was very familiar with the Librarians because (A) Noah was a friend of mine, and (B) I knew my boss Dean Devlin's whole catalogue. The hardest part for me, for the role, was that Jacob Stone is not a well-rounded fighter like Eliot Spencer. So I had to "un-learn" everything I was taught for 5 years!

Wakers4 karma

Hey Christian!

My wife is a massive fan of yours and loves your album. She has it with her in the car every day.

Any chance you'll appear on Longmire in the future? Seems like a good fit to me!

Christian_Kane5 karma

Seems like a very fun show to be on. But nobody's called me!

blondekarma4 karma

I'm excited for the TV series, of course, but also want to know when you will be finished with Tinker?! :)

Christian_Kane7 karma

I fly from New York BACK to Alabama to finish "Tinker" with my good buddy Clayne Crawford. We are filming as we speak!

JeanneanSword4 karma

Hi Christian! I am sooooo excited about The Librarians. The promos are absolutely awesome!! What question have you NEVER been asked that you keep hoping a #Kaniac will ask?

Christian_Kane10 karma

"What is like to be on Season 5 of THE LIBRARIANS?"

No but seriously, you guys should tune in. I'm really excited about season 1.

Grayghost884 karma

Do you ever miss Oklahoma?

Christian_Kane11 karma

I travel back to Oklahoma every year for Christmas, so it's about that time. It's part of me, and I love sittin' on my Mama's couch.

josephine_amos14 karma

What makes you laugh & what's the most private thing about yourself you're willing to share here? ;-)

Christian_Kane12 karma

What makes me laugh is... hanging out with the boys, and talking about old times and how clueless and cheesy we were. And most private thing... sometimes I sit around on the weekend eating Flamin' Hot Cheetos and playing video games in my underwear.

NerdTronJJ4 karma

How do you feel about being the Art expert in The Librarians?

Also Why an axe?

Christian_Kane11 karma

I love art. I was an art history major in Oklahoma for a short time. So I relate to the character. The axe will answer itself.

LuciferFan3 karma


Christian_Kane15 karma

Hahaha. Strangely enough, I'm absolutely NOT ticklish anywhere.

NerdTronJJ3 karma

What's you favorite song to sing any time of the year?

Christian_Kane6 karma

I like to whistle Sergio Leone songs while thinking of conquering a project.