I be happy I do the AMA so the intelligent people know about my movie The Sheik (https://itunes.apple.com/ca/movie/the-sheik/id929781397)

I love you ask me question because you know I am the real legend. My twitter the @the_ironsheik and I break your back make you humble.

Victoria is helping me out today. AMA!


Have a good day, God bless you guys, good bye!

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Farbod211798 karma

Thank you so much for doing this AMA.

My father Parviz was a close friend of yours in school back in Tehran. He has very fond memories of you.

Here is a picture of him when he was about 16: http://imgur.com/IqPYdu5

In around 1985, when I was about 6 years old, he took me to a WWF event in San Diego where you had a tag team match. After your bout you came out and took us all back stage.

Here is a picture of us: http://imgur.com/suKEuY6

I just wanted to know, do you have any memories of my father?

Thank you so much.

Iron-Sheik2037 karma

I love Parviz. Iranian friends always good to me. Have not seen him in long time. I miss my home. God bless all of you. All good to me.

chris628901444 karma

Who the biggest jabroni of all time?

Iron-Sheik3943 karma

Justin Bieber. He has not paid his dues.

He needs to get in ring with Iron Sheik, I teach him lesson.

MadTrick93669 karma

Who was your favorite person ever to put in the Camel Clutch?

All praise to you, Iron Sheik.

Iron-Sheik1050 karma

Bob Backlund and Hulk Hogan.

TheStarCore510 karma

Your Twitter account is a thing of beauty. Would you be the General Manager of RAW if asked?

Iron-Sheik847 karma

No because I'm handicapped - my knee bother me, I wrestle all my life, lot of damage my body, so no.

gimmiefue445 karma

How have your feelings about Hulk Hogan changed over the years?

Iron-Sheik1324 karma

Hulk Hogan was a great American performer and everybody knows me I lost my belt to Hulk Hogan, he became the biggest star in wrestling business... Hulk Hogan is one of most famous wrestlers in the world because of the Iron Sheik.

Niicolzz442 karma

How big is Batista's dick?

EDIT: My highest voted comment ever on Reddit is an overused internet joke, wow.

Iron-Sheik1242 karma

Don't insult the legend.

ReapingTurtle426 karma

I know you are a friend of nerdist (Chris Hardwick) and he often features your awesome twitter account on his tv show, would you ever go on the show @midnight?

Iron-Sheik778 karma

He is very good friend, nice man, I love him, if he wants me on his show I go anytime, no problem, yes.

Munky93341 karma

Which movie better , Iron Sheik Movie or Citizen Kane?

Iron-Sheik630 karma

Iron Sheik movie!

lawandbaseball328 karma

Who is the most intelligent Jew?

Iron-Sheik778 karma

Well, I don't know all of them, but my agents -they have been working with me for me for a long time - I think they are very intelligent people. I don't know all of the people around the world who are Jewish, but Howard Stern is definitely one of them.

ziyadmerhebi317 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized Hulk Hogans, or 1 Hulk Hogan sized duck?

Iron-Sheik843 karma

No question, no comment, you ask my agent that question.

pfgposter302 karma

What are your thoughts on the Rock?

Iron-Sheik1081 karma

The Rock, he doing great, but he learned from ME, call everybody Jabroni. He great performer. Good father, good wrestler, good mother, him doing great so far, I watch his movie, everything he do so far excellent very very good man.

apgujohn263 karma

Did you work at a place called DoAll Twin Cities in Minneapolis during the 1970s? My mom worked there and she claims you were a kind, soft-spoken man.

Iron-Sheik443 karma

Oh, thank you. And DoAll company? In Minnesota? And I used to come to America, I worked in Minnesota because my coach, Mr Alan Rice, one of greatest all American coaches, invite me over there, and I was wrestling there and I work over there, but i was very very good wrestler at that time, Mr. Alan Rice, god bless him, greatest coach for All-American team, and my team was 5 years champion, I cannot forget about Minnesota, was greatest state for me and I was so happy to have a coach and to be there with Mr. Alan Rice Olympic coach.

IRateBoobies252 karma

My husband was so excited to see you were doing an AMA. He was telling me about the cartoon you were on with the other WWF stars back when he was a kid. He remembers all the characters.

Do you have any stories you can share about Andre the Giant?

Thanks you're the best.

Iron-Sheik1011 karma

No comment. Only thing I know is young kids come ask for him for autograph, and he tell "Kids, no, get fuck out of here, no autograph" and him supposed to be a giant, make money, supposed to be good to the fans, since then I didn't respect him because my fans, in the ring, I am different person, but outside the ring, if my fans come to me, ask autograph, I never am mean to them, still I go to ring and get my heat back. So I never tell my wrestling fans to get the fuck out of here, I am a rare champion, no jabroni, no cheap champion. Real, real champion.

Iron-Sheik587 karma

I love my wrestling fans, and my movie fans, and I cannot not feel it. Because always somebody out there look out for me. God.

Spoonsy244 karma

Are you aware of John Oliver's admiration for you and your ability to make people humble?

Iron-Sheik432 karma

I respect him, and he respect the legend.

PM_ME_A_HORSE243 karma

Seriously, how are you so awesome?

Iron-Sheik581 karma

Well, it was toughest sport in the world, greco-roman professional, and I have to be serious, I have to love my job, I have to be real man and do my job, perfection professional, with the heart, that's because it's something like Michael Jordan, Mohammad Ali... you know?

Phranson224 karma

If there is one other wrestler through wrestling history you could wrestle, besides yourself, who would it be?

Iron-Sheik440 karma

All generation was a Sergeant Slaughter, he was one of the greatest performer, and new generation, Hulk Hogan come, John Cena or probably something like that.

gimmiefue173 karma

Did you ever think you'd see the day where Iron Sheik more loved than Bill Cosby?

Iron-Sheik374 karma

Absolutely, I think most people round the world they know I was a good man, that's where fans, all the people around the world, respect the Iron Sheik because I didn't do anything bad. I just entertained people. I don't know about Mr. Cosby.

TehBrandon145 karma

Why do you hate jabronis so much?

Iron-Sheik418 karma

I mean, I don't hate them... in young days, I did an interview, I used the word 'jabroni' because the people that I fight were not in my class. Jabroni people do not live up to the Iron Sheik level.

choo13122 karma

Are there any favorites stories from your time serving as a bodyguard for Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi?

Iron-Sheik219 karma

Well, I was working National Iranian Television Station, we had big television, Shah and his son come, for the ceremony, I was security by door, and by TV, and there are good people, there were good people, we had good time, that's all I know. I can't say not too much about that time.

emally104 karma

What was your most memorable camel clutch?

Iron-Sheik268 karma

Most memorable camel clutch, I did, most famous Saturday night, was 6 years... nobody beat Bob Backlund, and then I did. That was my biggest night I had.

man_mayo101 karma

What did you enjoy the most about the era you wrestled in? How would you and/or your character be different in today's era?

Iron-Sheik160 karma

Like I said - that time wrestling was different, but still number 1 company in world WWE! And I say that my company in old days was the best, and still is the best, best to me, maybe not to somebody else, I cannot complain about Mr. McMahon or his company. They were always the best and still are the best in the world.

Hellion_2389 karma

Sheikie Baby how much would I need to pay you to have a minor role in a sitcom pilot I wrote?

Iron-Sheik176 karma

That's have to talk to my agents, and if I can do it, I do it, but money wise you have to talk to agents, they have to decide how much I need.

henderson_exp87 karma

What was it like staring in Robot Chicken?

Iron-Sheik208 karma

I had a good time with my friend Seth. There was good people. I was really happy with them and I had a great time.

Rossir1586 karma

Hey shiekie do you ever miss your homeland?

Iron-Sheik213 karma

Always... home is home for me, but now i am here, and I only wish I have spend more time with brother and myself before I go home... I miss home, I love home, but i also love America, because my wife, my daughter, my grandkids are here also. I love both.

ayoshano73 karma

How did it feel to find a new generation of fans through twitter? Me and my flatmates seem to quote your twitter feed every five seconds.


Iron-Sheik117 karma

Like I said, I love all my fans, and to know about Sheik and Twitter... imagine some of them don't like it but I am proud of my Twitter, 100% proud of it.

droopy_4skyn73 karma

Who has the smallest raisin balls of them all?

Iron-Sheik407 karma

I don't see anybody whom I talk about with big. Don't ask me jabroni question.

Rhinoman169 karma

What are your opinions on Beetlejuice?

Iron-Sheik207 karma

Beetlejuice is... I mean... Beetlejuice is not normal. I don't want to waste my time on that jabroni. And that's all.

kakashi15065 karma

In your movie, how many people do you make humble?

Iron-Sheik159 karma

In my movie, I don't know how many people I am making humble. Like I said, I was in the ring, young days. Now i am different class, different world. Just sitting at home, bad knee, but i don't want to brag about myself now. I like the respect so I can tell if you watch the Iron Sheik movie. I know you will watch it. For wrestling fans, America and around the world, if you respect Iron Sheik, watch my movie. Great.

juicy_mcdingleberry63 karma

Sheiky baby, I love you. Which brand of cold beer is the best (Iron Sheik class)?

Iron-Sheik174 karma

In American ring, after we have a couple cold ring to relax. Favorite brand is Molson Canadian, German Beer Becks, American Beer Budweiser.

KosherChang56 karma

Were you really sad when The Ultimate Warrior died?

Iron-Sheik146 karma

Of course, because, you know... in the ring, I track sometimes, and I talk anything I want for interview, but I was very sad, I feel very bad about him and his family. I was very upset, he was good man, I feel bad, and you know, just in the interview, wrestling that is different way. But yeah, I feel bad about young man who passed away.

FreewheelinAMC54 karma

Would you camel clutch a midget?

Iron-Sheik189 karma

I don't have any issue with a midget. I camel clutch a tough man, not a midget. A midget is not my class.

eateggs53 karma

Hi Sheikie. What's your favourite meal?

Iron-Sheik137 karma

My favorite meal is American food and Iranian food. I'm not too fussy about it. Shish kabob. Lamb, rice. I'm not fussy about that. And then American food.

PoHBard52 karma

Who in the WWE today do you think most deserves to be made humble?

Iron-Sheik295 karma

If I was young I would be wrestling with the champion. I would make the Brock Lesnar humble.

PyongyangJim49 karma

Sheikie, how do I grow my mustache to be more like yours?

Iron-Sheik122 karma

That come natural... you know... Iron Sheik mustache have to be like that. That is natural for me.

iamanawkward47 karma

Any plans to do a podcast appearance any time in the near future?

Iron-Sheik111 karma

Yes I do. Marc Maron. I speak to good friend Jim Ross...Steve Austin....Dr. Drew very soon. My agents cover everything.

suaveitguy45 karma

Who was more fun to hang out with, Jake Roberts or Roddy Piper?

Iron-Sheik82 karma

Both of them, actually. Roddy Piper I spent time with, both of them.

KidNamedIsmar43 karma

What are your thoughts on CM Punk? Would you have done the same if you were put in that spot?

Iron-Sheik101 karma

No comment for that. I cannot comment, what he do is his business. Everybody idea different. I cannot complain about that.

PhotonHunter42 karma

Bubba, can you tell me what it takes to be as great and as legendary as you?

Iron-Sheik83 karma

I mean, you know, people know I was great, I was the best at one time. I let the people talk about it, not me, I don't want to put myself over. Let my wrestling fans run the world. Or my boss talk about me. If I talk about myself all the time... no, I let the people decide about me if I was a good man or bad man, good wrestler or bad wrestler. I leave it to my fans.

Marcus201078838 karma

How many times did you injure yourself in your entire career?

Iron-Sheik89 karma

Oh, 4, 5 times. Wrestling is toughest sport. A lot of damage in the ring, on my knee and back. I wrestle all my life, so I have a lot of damage in my body.

TheAman4431 karma

How legendary is your movie going to be?

Iron-Sheik68 karma

My movie, I think, all of the people so far...they see it, they love the movie. And my agents, they did excellent job, the people love the movie, and I am happy to be part of the movie, and so far excellent, everybody love it and happy and I like it myself. Did a great job. Director, producer, everybody...all did excellent job in that movie. I am very happy. I have sent all my friends, they gonna watch it, laugh, I am very happy about it.

randapandable29 karma

What does it take to be the real?

Iron-Sheik45 karma

Well, you have to be around real people, and good coach, and good boss, and then you can learn a lot of thing, and be real.

S_Jeru23 karma

Sheiky-baby, I'm a big fan of yours from the 80s. What do you miss the most about the wrestling life? What about wrestling do you never want to do again? Any good ribs you remember?

Iron-Sheik56 karma

Well... like I said, wrestling was all my life, since Iran, America, now i am home, not much to do, sometimes knee bother me, I hope sometimes my company call me and ask me how I am doing, no problem if no one call me, nothing bother me about it, but I love my sport, my movie, and I love my company, WWE, love my wrestling background. I could be famous in America, the world. I have a lot of damage in my body, my knee, ankle, that is normal, part of my job. I cannot cry about it too much, I cannot complain about it, still happy to be around.

I know... we were in New Jersey and they could tell me "Sheik, we are room 222" so everybody found out in the lobby or in the hall, we are room 222, and then we left from New Jersey to Providence, RI, and for the wrestling, and we come back, all my stuff was gone, my medal, everything, and Nicola used to cook in the room, and Nicola was "Oh Sheik, I lost my fork, my plate, fork, no, I cannot cope or anything" so I said "Nicola, that is nothing compared to other thing." That was... I mean, very cheap way, Nicola worried about - compared to other stuff. That is only joke I know. Nicola was good at joking. But that's all I know.

Gunpowderjunkie1 karma

Did you have any second thought before you lost to Hogan?

Iron-Sheik4 karma

No, I'm a businessman, I am proud of my company and I'm there for them. This is business perfection professional, I respect my boss my company, I do my job best I can.