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One way farmers get around that is by leasing out cows to customers. The farmer keeps the cows as usual, but it's technically the customer's milk, not the farmer's, so raw milk isn't technically being sold. The owner of a bakery I worked in years ago told me about it.

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Sheiky-baby, I'm a big fan of yours from the 80s. What do you miss the most about the wrestling life? What about wrestling do you never want to do again? Any good ribs you remember?

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Hey Mr. Foley, I'm too star-struck to think of a good question, so I'll just ask, what does Santa (impersonator) eat for breakfast before a long day of making kids happy for the year?

Mostly I want to say, thanks for being such an incredible performer in so many fields, and then being such a stand-up guy for charity. You give more of yourself in one appearance than most people do in a lifetime.

As Hunter Thompson would say, you're one of Gods Own Prototypes, never intended for mass production. Thanks Mick.

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You meet a guy named Moe in a dark alley. What’s your go-to takedown move?

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Wow, this just made my day! Thanks again!