There's Love For reddit! Doug Jones here from Hellboy, Hocus Pocus, Pan's Labyrinth, & Silver Surfer among many other things. Along with Director David Fisher, we are going to make the classic horror film NOSFERATU in a way it has never been made before! (A lifelong dream role for me!) Join this exciting ride by helping make this dream come true HERE --

Here's proof that it's me

Do you have any questions for David and myself!


CLOSING EDIT: OKEE DOKEE!! To those of you who stuck with us on this slower Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend, we thank you from the bottom of our little hearts!!! The most relaxed and interactive AMA I've been able to do! Director David's A.D.D. kicked in, and we both have to run off now, but thank you again for your love and for having a look at our Kickstarter campaign (ending Dec. 3) for our upcoming remix of the classic NOSFERATU!! Huggles of Love!!!

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Casey234323 karma

Doug! You creep me out beyond belief and astonish me at the same time with the characters you've played.

Have you ever scared someone in real life? And what's the weirdest compliment someone's ever given you?

DougieJones373 karma

Trust me, I creep myself out, too! Weirdest compliment: "You look like Beaker from the Muppets." (Yeah, not really a compliment, huh)

Domrckn216 karma

What was your most comfortable and uncomfortable costume/makeup?

DougieJones335 karma

Most comfy, believe it or not, was the Faun from PAN'S LABYRINTH, and the worst ever was in the worst film ever ... BUG BUSTER. Bless my heart ;-)

LouboutinsLiz191 karma

Hello Doug! I remember being absolutely blown away after swing you as the faun and that creepy flappy skinned monster that still gives me nightmares in Pan's Labyrinth. Can't tell you how excited I was to see you doing this AMA!

Anyway, my questions: Is there a character from past movies you didn't play but wish you would have? Like "Damn, that should've been me" etc. Which characters inspired you to get into this line of work?

DougieJones195 karma

Thank you for all this love!! I've never envied someone else's performance or role, as I actually make a great audience member! Just lusting after a classic vampire role, really, and with the upcoming NOSFERATU, that chance could come true!!

PerspectiveDesigns136 karma

The question everybody wants to ask: do you know anything about what's going on with Hellboy 3? Are we going to see it eventually! Also if Guillermo Del Toro makes a mountains of madness movie, would you want to wear an Elder Thing costume?

DougieJones174 karma

Aha! The number one question I get everywhere!! I'm not the official HELLBOY spokesperson, but I can tell you we all WANT to finish out a trilogy and make that 3rd one for you!! That's a good question for Guillermo del Toro and whatever studio relations he has with Legendary & Universal ... (no pressure, of course, studio heads, but you heard the love for HELLBOY here!!)

spork_bandit105 karma

Hi Doug, thanks for doing this! I'm super excited for your kickstarter and have already pledged as much as I can. :)

What originally drew you to this role? What's your favorite role that you've played so far? Thanks again!

DougieJones133 karma

I love the classic vampires!!! Love the sadness, and the intimacy of that sadness!! I feel I was born in the wrong era, so doing this in black & white and being plopped into the original footage is the homage I was hoping to do!!

Taraalcar79 karma

Hey Doug! I'm really looking forward to The Operator. Any news?

DougieJones93 karma

Ah!! Yes!! I just did some pick-up re-shoots over the summer before I returned to our final season filming FALLING SKIES (in Vancouver now). So it's still very much alive and will hopefully be haunting you in 2015!!

Melister1869 karma

Hi Doug! I'm teaching 5th graders careers in the arts. Every month we study a career like foley artistry, voice acting, sound editing... Ect. Next month I want to focus on creature acting. What was the moment you knew you were going to pursue a career in creature acting? What are some important things I can include in my lesson to share about your art? I would like to share with them that they can have a fulfilling career in the arts with out having to be a "famous rockstar" and or "baller" There are so many careers out there! I met you at a con and totally had a freak out moment hahaha it was an awesome moment!! You're awesoeme!!! Biggest fan!!

DougieJones91 karma

Anyone going into any career in the arts needs to be "called" to it in their hearts. Be the BEST at that art form that you can BEFORE you try to sell it (for actors that would mean doing all the training and freebees before trying to get the best agent or meet the best directors). I knew I wanted to be an actor when I saw goofy skinny guys on TV making me laugh, and giving my tall lanky self a sense of purpose (Jerry Lewis, Don Knotts, Bob Denver, Jim Nabours, the cast of Carol Burnett!)

pmelins48 karma

Hi David What is your inspiration for making Nosferatu and what is it like working with Doug?

DavidFisher201471 karma

I've always loved the films from the German era of expressionism, and Nosferatu is my favorite along side The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. The expressionistic concept of literally painting the hopes and fears of the characters and audience into the film's world is an amazing idea. And also I've always felt these films are like "motion paintings" and something I've wanted to revisit since I was a kid. Working with Doug is amazing, although we share the same whacked out sense of humor. So Doug and I have a tendency to wander off into insane-asylum'ville. That's when the crew just kind of has to take a coffee break and let us finish our comedy show for two.

DougieJones75 karma

I'm trying to learn spinning plates, to add something new to our act.

kdk12k2k1243 karma

Hi Doug! Thanks for taking the time to do this AMA. (Hi to David as well!)

It seems as though a lot of actors have a hard time dealing with make-up. You seem to live in that make-up chair. And you’ve had some pretty dramatic effects done to you throughout the years. Do you enjoy that process, even if it’s hours until you’re done?

Is there any character or transformation that you haven’t done that you’d like to do?

Also, what are some of your favorite movies?

DougieJones60 karma

YES!! I've always said I want to play a classic vampire like Count Orlok in a re-do of NOSFERATU, and that dream is about to come true when our Kickstarter gets fully funded in just a couple of days!! I also want to play a white-winged angel ... dreams can come true!!

livinginthemeow37 karma

Any chance of ever seeing you as Erik/The Phantom in a Phantom of the Opera movie based on the book? I think you'd be amazing.

DougieJones159 karma

I would LOVE that!!! I also have a dream stage role -- Jack Skellington, if they ever make a Broadway stage version of A NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!

rickwinston32 karma

What is your favorite city in Michigan?

DougieJones65 karma

Let's see ... Ann Arbor, I think, as I was there as our Ball State mascot Charlie Cardinal for the MAC basketball tourney in 1981!! Love!!

verytguy31 karma

What is #1 on your bucket list?

DougieJones84 karma

To write a novel!! Already have chapter 1 finished, and that only took me a year, hehehe!!

pibb_xtra29 karma

Hello! First, I'd just like to say that I'm a huge fan of yours, Dougie, and I'm super excited to see you as Count Orlok in Nosferatu.

I met you earlier this year at a convention, and it was an amazing experience. I was just wondering whether you have any interesting or weird stories from meeting fans?

DougieJones45 karma

So many sweet, lovely moments meeting people at cons and film fests!! A favorite is when Tattoos show up of me as either myself or one of my characters on people! Hard to believe people give up that much skin real estate! Such love!!

DaveAnson28 karma

Hey Doug and David! I love your portrayal as the gentlemen in Buffy, i worked with Camden on a film last year (i'm a composer). He honestly terrified me my doing the damn smile and hand actions down a dark corridor. He always had a load of fun tales about working with Joss and i'm sure you would too! It's a bit strange, but do you ever meet up and work with your composers??? (I know David will, but Doug as an actor, do you ever get to meet us guys behind the scenes!) ps. hire me David!

DougieJones25 karma

I did so love working on BUFFY with Camden as the Gentlemen!! And being in the presence of Joss Whedon's genius was a particular treat!

Pictore21 karma

Hello Mr Jones, loved your performance in Pan's Labirynth.

How does it feel like to have a song inspired by your work? I'm talking about The Devil and Mr. Jones by Voltaire

DougieJones25 karma

I've been friends with Voltaire for a few years now, and this song is SUCH a humbling compliment!!! Not sure what I did to deserve such an homage, but I'll take it!!

liamquane20 karma

What is Guillermo Del Toro like as a director?

DougieJones27 karma

Pure genius. Yet like hanging out with your best friend from college. Most genius directors I've worked with are like that!! (Including David Lee Fisher from our upcoming NOSFERATU)

Straney19 karma

Hi Doug! Thanks for all of your artistic contributions to the world!
Has there ever been a role too creepy or dark for your taste?

DougieJones33 karma

I have trouble with rapist roles. A very dark headspace to get into.

arkhaminmate7918 karma

Hello Doug! Which character did you find it most difficult to "become"? In other words, which one took the most time for you to "find" the right way to portray them?

DougieJones42 karma

The Silver Surfer was an exercise in throttling back my natural instinct to do too much. He is so strong, confident, reserved, that I had to find his head space of not needing to prove anything to anyone. Unlike me, as I'm like a golden retriever puppy just wanting people to love me!

motown_missile18 karma

Hey Doug! Love your work...if you could choose any role to play (make-up or not), and it doesn't have to be a genre role, what would you most like to do?

Also...did you guys get Sir Graves Ghastly's show in Indiana?

DougieJones35 karma

A goofy office mate on a sit-com. Just wearing a tie, and tossing out smarmy comments that get a laugh.

zoompowko17 karma

Hi Mr. Jones! Thank you for doing this ama.

I wish I had a question for you, but I'm actually here to thank you. Year's ago, my brother and I went to a comic convention (I believe it was Wizard Con), and we got to meet you there. Before meeting you, we had just meet Lou Ferrigno, and he was a complete douche to us; we actually wanted to leave after meeting him. However, we ran into your booth and you were the coolest person at the convention; completely saved our day, and I still have your autographed picture and I tell people that met the guy from hocus pocus and Hellboy.

So thank you Mr. Jones for saving our day, and if I ever see you again, I'll buy you a beer. Also, what's you favorite color?

DougieJones23 karma

Memories like these are exactly WHY I do those conventions, precious puppy!! Thank you!! Favorite color to wear: Blue. Favorite color to look at: Burgundy!

dianeshreve17 karma

Good afternoon, Dougie!! It's Diane Shreve. Happy to see you here, and a very warm hello to David Fisher as well! I'm SO enthralled to see the progress on the KickStarter at! I am wondering, was the look for Count Orlok (designed by Mike Elizalde of Spectral Motion for those fine folks reading this) actually designed a handful of years ago?

DougieJones24 karma

Hi Diane puppy!! Yes! Those make-up test shots you've seen already are from about 5 years ago when Mike Elizalde of Spectral Motion and I were just playing around for the fun of it with no movie to put that gorgeous make-up in!! So when David proposed remixing the original Nosferatu like we did The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, I did my lanky happy dance!!

jnetelle17 karma

Greetings, Doug and David! Great to see you here answering questions this Thanksgiving weekend! :)

You both collaborated on a remake of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. My question - What is your favorite movie remake of all time and why?

DougieJones35 karma

Sabrina with Harrison Ford. I think that actually qualifies me to be a woman, right?

no-soap-radio_17 karma

Hey Doug, you seem to be one of the go-to actors to be chosen for roles requiring heavy make-up or special effects. Was this always a goal of yours from the start of your career, or were you put in to this spot once by a director and it just kind of "stuck?"

P.S. I laughed my ass off to you and Ron Perlman singing Barry Manilow in Hellboy II.

DougieJones36 karma

Oddly enough, I'm still singing "Can't Smile Without" right now!! I never set out to play monsters, but when a tall, skinny fellow from Indiana shows up in Hollywood with a mime background and contortionist skills, the creature effects monster makers start salivating. At least I HOPE that's why they were salivating?

Sigmasco16 karma

Hi, Doug! As always, I wanna tell you that you're very talented and truly inspiring. And on top of that, one of the kindest persons I've ever met. I wrote a script for a short film and the protagonist part was written thinking of you from the begining. So my question is: is there any way I could send it to you so at least you can read it?

DougieJones25 karma

My public email is: [email protected] Feel free to send anything there, but be VERRRRY patient with me getting back to you. I'm currently up in Vancouver filming our final season of FALLING SKIES, so time isn't plentiful.

mcdandyandy15 karma

Are you worried about being stereotyped as that guy who plays creepy eye hands guys?

DougieJones53 karma

I've only played one of those, with 28 years full of other wacky characters, so not too big of a fear. You should be more worried when you see me dressed up as the Pale Man in the bushes outside your house ... where I'm typing from right now.

I_seduce_robots15 karma

Hi Doug! You are one of my favorite actors and one of my heros. I always wanted to be an actor, especially an actor that leaned more onto the stunt/costume side of things, but found out that my health could not support it. Ah well, I shall live vicariously through you! Or something.

So, my questions for Doug: -You've had a lot of really neat and unique roles. My personal favorite was the Wendigo in Skin and Bones -- seeing you not under a huge costume was awesome, and you really put that sinister, menacing, yet mischievous evil into the character, true to lore! But what was your favorite character to act as? -Do you find yourself having to do a lot of research for your roles, since they are so out of the norm? -Can I hug you some day? Are you intending to do the Convention Circuit?

And for Dave! -What made you want to rework Nosferatu? Its an awesome movie and one of my favorites since childhood, but it seems like hard material to work with. -I also work with SPFX makeup and I am hardly as awesome as you, but its been a hobby of mine for a long while now. What got you into it? Any tips for people working it as a hobby or who might want to do it professionally?

DougieJones29 karma

I do the con circuit when I'm not filming, yes!! Those announcements are made on my Facebook/ Twitter/ all that as they happen! My favorite costumed character: I should say my most recent, "Cochise" on the TNT hit show FALLING SKIES, but I have a deep love for Abe Sapien in the HELLBOY movies. My favorite "human" I've played is Jerry from MY NAME IS JERRY ... he just charms me somehow (on Hulu, YouTube, Amazon)

tencandancer15 karma

What's your favourite film?

DougieJones43 karma

SOMEWHERE IN TIME (1980) ... romantic time travel movie with Christopher Reeve & Jane Seymour ... yep, losing my street cred, aren't I, hehehe!!! But it's awesome!!!

liamquane15 karma

How is Crimson Peak coming?

DougieJones28 karma

Yes!! CRIMSON PEAK will be A-MAZ-ING!!!! I am in the movie as 2 different characters in pivotal scenes, but am not at liberty to explain much this early. I asked Guillermo del Toro what I could say about my participation in the film,and he said, "Tell them it's a haunted house story, and what the F**k do they think you played!!"

DougieJones16 karma

...Coming October 2015 in cinemas!!

1Leonard13 karma


DougieJones21 karma

Correct. The studio came to their senses by the second film, realizing that when you hire an actor to play a role, that actor should probably do the entire role. Abe Sapien is so near and dear to my heart, thank you!!

TwiTch5512 karma

Hey Doug!! It's TwiTch =) First of all, I can't express how EXCITED I AM FOR YOU on your upcoming role!! You've transformed into every AWESOME creature there is, what makes Nosferatu different from the rest of the characters you portrayed? And for David, HI! What gave you the insight to recreate Nosferatu? Nice to meet you!! =)

DougieJones10 karma

Always loving me some TwiTch!!! <3

aliengoddess12 karma

Hi Guys! I have some questions for you. First, David, could you tell us if there's chance that Nosferatu will be released on DVD in Canada? crossing fingers

Secondly, Doug, I’m a big fan of yours. You are one of my most favourite actors and one of my most favourite persons. You touched my heart in so many ways and I was wondering who do you admire as a person and/or as an actor?

DougieJones18 karma

Thank you SO much!! <3 !! My favorite actors are the older, wiser set, like Anthony Hopkins, Meryl Streep, and the black & whites, like Lon Chaney, Boris Karloff, and Gary Cooper!! And just as a person I most want to be like, would be my dearly departed mother, who passed away after a long, happy life over a year ago at the age of 84, having touched so many lives in a positive way.

spencerlance12 karma

Can you sum up Nosferatu in one sentence?

DougieJones22 karma

Innocent people trying to make a sale to a wealthy buyer, who ends up being a blood-sucking vampire ... with a heart of gold (ok, that last part might just be my own fantasy. Poor Count Orlok)

Danny-Denjennery11 karma

Would you be up for Hellboy III?

DougieJones18 karma

No question -- YES!! All up to the studio at this point! Let Universal know you want to see it!! And thank you!!

spacevalkyries10 karma

Hi Doug and David! Questions for both of you!

What is your favorite beverage?

What would be the most exciting thing you could possibly receive in the mail?

If you weren't doing what you are doing, what else would you do for a living?

Doug, your voice work and physical acting are both outstanding. If you could only do one for the rest of your career, which would you choose? I admire your work and hope you pull in the $10k you need for this project!

DougieJones12 karma

-Dr. Pepper or McDonald's sweet tea!! -I'd be a nurse, probably. -I love all styles and portals for acting, both visually and voice, but I think if I HAD to choose only one, I'd go with the visual. Started as a mime, afterall (don't hold that against me ;-)

whostolemypancake9 karma

Hi Doug. Huge fan. Always happy when I see you pop up in something.

Who is your favorite person and why is it Guillermo?

DougieJones11 karma

Hehehe!! Great way to answer your own question!!! As directors go, he just "get's it." He's the director that all other directors hold in such high esteem. Even David Lee Fisher (of our upcoming NOSFERATU) understands along with every other director I work with, that they are only competing for my # 2 favorite director position ;-)

ToddNewHere8 karma

Doug...who's going to get tickles?

DougieJones8 karma

Todd is!! That's Who!!!!!!!!!!

liamquane8 karma

Hi Mr. Jones What is the best thing a director can do for you on set? :~)

DougieJones12 karma

I love it when a director lets me play. Too much nit-picky direction can leave you feeling like you're acting in a tiny box without many options. Guillermo del Toro and my dear David Lee Fisher have both proven to be these types of collaborative directors!! And they aren't mentally well, which helps a crap-ton!!!

ScholarOfVoices8 karma

Hey Doug I'm a big fan of yours, but my question comes from my best friend, an even bigger fan of you who's currently at work.

"Do you have any advice for young mimes who would like to pursue creature acting? Thank you for taking the time to do this AMA. You are a huge inspiration to me."

Thank you much, Chris on behalf of his best friend Kelly.

DougieJones11 karma

Hey Chris & Kelly!! Not only was I a mime, but another avenue of early training (that I didn't realize what I was being prepared for) was when I was the Ball State University mascot "Charlie Cardinal" at basketball games 1980-1982! Once you are the best at what you want to do, the next trick is simply to do it in front of someone who can hire or finance you! The referral machine that brought me where I am was all from the creature effects makers before directors and producers started doing the same after we'd worked together. I owe so much to those genius monster makers!!

liamquane8 karma

What do you look for in a script?

DougieJones19 karma

A compelling story that I want to help tell is # 1. Then a character that I want to invite into my soul to play. And I'll tell you a pet peeve, too ... bad grammar and typos. I worry when someone sends me that kind of script. It doesn't bode well for the production as a whole.

JPrideaux8 karma

Do you have any horror stories from the set of the Fantastic Four?

DougieJones22 karma

Hehehe ... shhhhh ... 4 months of them! BUT I absolutely LOVED my co-stars!!! And playing the iconic Marvel character Silver Surfer was a dream come true!!!

Chow_Mein_Kampf8 karma


DougieJones13 karma

I fall for a good "That's what she said" every time!! (Yes, I'm a 54 year old junior high student!!)

GGCrono7 karma

Mr. Jones, you're the coolest person I didn't know I was a fan of. So many classics.

Recently I learned that you were Mac Tonight. Certainly a less classic role but interesting nevertheless. Any good stories relating to that?

DougieJones9 karma

I loved playing "Mac" for those 27 McDonald's commercials from 1987-1990!! That's where I first started meeting creature effects monster makers, puppeteers, and the like!! That's also where I got my "Tall, skinny guy who moves well and doesn't complain" reputation which started all the referrals leading to the career I've had for the past 28 years!! So grateful to the creature FX community for taking such good care of me all these years!!

Something_Wicker7 karma

How beautiful is Guillermo del Toro's design for Frankenstein's creature?

DougieJones10 karma

Well ... I can tell you this much .... when I was at Spectral Motion creature shop to see the design unveiled, sculpted on my life-cast ... I teared up a little. SO hauntingly beautiful, and inspired by Bernie Wrightson's artwork when he illustrated Mary Shelley's FRANKENSTEIN book!!

Amthomas1017 karma

Hey Doug! This is Aaron, I did a 4-hour interview with you immediately following shooting of My Name Is Jerry. I hope this hasn't been asked already: Are you trying to model your performance closely after the original or are you trying to craft your own creature with your unique mannerisms? Do you still use the dance studio to work out the character?

DougieJones9 karma

Precious Aaron!! One of my favorite interviews, ever!! (perhaps you could post a YouTube link here to all 4 parts so people know what we're referring to!) Yes, the original performance of Max Schreck in the 1922 silent NOSFERATU will be the starting place for our version! With verbal dialogue thrown in, and my own sensibilities, it will have an enhanced flavor, while still being the same dish you've always loved!

oisinisdead6 karma

Common question, but is there any strange things you do to get into a certain character?

DougieJones7 karma

Only if you think running around my neighborhood in the wee hours of the night, flailing my limbs to and fro is weird ;-)

ImmaleeMelmoth6 karma

Have you considered playing the Phantom of the Opera? I think you'd be perfect as Erik from the original novel. Is there any chance of this happening?

You're great!

DougieJones5 karma

I would WAY consider that, yes!! Always loved that tale and that character!!!

dianeshreve6 karma

If you guys saw another jump in the Kickstarter for Nosferatu at just now, that was me. ;) I have given everything I have! <3

Thank you to Doug for answering my previous question. I am so happy that Orlok will be able to be revived from the shadows!

My next question is for David. David, hello, we met at ComiKaze! In terms of the script, are you planning on adding in any new scenes, or altering the flow at all? Also, in terms of directing, what do you feel will be your biggest challenge during principal shooting?

DougieJones9 karma

Sweet Diane!! You are the prime example of why we went to Kickstarter with this project. To make it the way YOU the audience wants to see it ... not the way a committee decides it will sell best. Bless you, sweet puppy.

noordinarytower6 karma

What do you think of the other two prominent homages to Nosferatu – namely Werner Herzog's remake with Klaus Kinski, and Shadow of the Vampire with Willem Dafoe? How will your film resemble or differ from them?

DougieJones5 karma

I love these takes on the Nosferatu lore!! It just proves how much love there is for Count Orlok and his misfit vampire status!! I think we'll keep our mythology closer to the original silent film of 1922. Max Schreck is one of those tall, lanky actors I've long admired, anyway!!

Areyoubillyidol5 karma

Hi Doug and Dave! Thanks for doing this. What are your drinks of choice at the pub?

DougieJones9 karma

I don't do alcohol, so my boring answer would be either Dr. Pepper or a "Roy Rogers" (Cola with grenadine cherry syrup ... sicky sweet!)

KimberHeartsTrek5 karma

Hi Doug! I was wondering what's your favorite part of being an actor?

DougieJones5 karma

I love the art of taking on someone I'm not ... the fantasy of escape and all that. But mostly I LOVE the after-effect of a movie or role I've done on the audience and fans I get to meet at conventions and such. Makes it all worthwhile!!

jarrettbraun5 karma

Just wanted to say thanks for being so freakin' awesome! You introduced Pan's to us in Minneapolis back when the film released. If not for that, I may have never heard about the man behind the many masks. I have been a huge follower of yours ever since. What you do is magical. I hope to see you outside of the movies again some day. I greatly look forward to Nosferatu and all other future work.

Now, if I don't ask a question, I'll get removed. So...

  • What's the most difficult part in playing these wonderful characters? What are the struggles of being creature after creature?

DougieJones2 karma

Thank you for such love!! The biggest challenge is always just the physical hardships of weight and heat is all.

trey-von-martin5 karma

Ever had sex in Costume? Lol

DougieJones11 karma

Hehehee!!! No. But you'd be surprised how many offers I've had. (Then again, since you asked, maybe you wouldn't be all that surprised?)

bowsnfrills5 karma

Hey Doug!

Big fan ever since 1997 (#HocusPocusforlife) (aka since I was 7, eek!)

My question is a tad lengthy. A few years back, there was an announcement that Del Toro was working on his version of Beauty and the Beast. Not sure he's working on the project anymore, but I'd love to know (if you ever were to be involved in the production), would you like to play La Bete (The Beast) and what would your take on him be - or hope to be? Per Del Toro's thoughts, of course!

DougieJones4 karma

He never talked to me about this particular piece, no. We have a couple others in the works, though, including FRANKENSTEIN, a smaller artsy film, and CRIMSON PEAK (now in post production, then theaters Oct. 2015)!!

bowsnfrills4 karma

Glad to know THAT OTHER famous monster you want to play is still in the works ;) And can't wait for CP!

One other question, if you ever got a chance to do a role on Broadway, play and or musical, what would it be and why? I'd love to see you do your magic on the Great White Way!

DougieJones8 karma

I'd love to play Jack Skellington in a Broadway stage production of A NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!

SpikedKnuckles5 karma

DOUGIE!!!!!!!!! WE MET IN CHICAGO THIS SPRING. How does one learn how to mime well?

DougieJones11 karma

Hi precious puppy!! Best place to study mime is in your own mirror. If an illusion looks right to you there, it will play on stage!! Love!

frickin_lahey5 karma

Hey Doug - when Guillermo Del Toro was doing pre-production for his version of The Hobbit (which didn't come to fruition) did you two discuss your potential involvement? I would think if he directed the movie you'd end up on-screen somewhere, were there any parts you wanted or were considered for?

DougieJones5 karma

We did briefly discuss me being in the HOBBIT movies when he was to direct, but he never told me what character. He often does this so that I won't commit suicide if we don't get to make the film. Which was smart in this case, wasn't it!!

DougieJones5 karma

OKEE DOKEE!! To those of you who stuck with us on this slower Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend, we thank you from the bottom of our little hearts!!! The most relaxed and interactive AMA I've been able to do! Director David's A.D.D. kicked in, and we both have to run off now, but thank you again for your love and for having a look at our Kickstarter campaign (ending Dec. 3) for our upcoming remix of the classic NOSFERATU!! Huggles of Love!!!

glassspiider5 karma

Hi Doug— I've been a fan since before I knew you were you! _^

I always thought liquid latex smells like somebody peed on a hot pickle.

Is there a more effective adhesive than that for the kinds of prosthetics you wear? Do any of the other materials have a memorably pungent bouquet?

DougieJones9 karma

Nothing in the creature effects world smells good, but Prothsaid might be a gentler chemical smell than Tellisis (sp?) All worth it in the end, though!!

Alexander_the_What5 karma

Hi Guys!

Do you like The Simpsons?

DougieJones9 karma

It would be un-American to not love the Simpsons!!!

JarydNei4 karma

I've loved every role you've ever played. You are fantastic! Hey, what was your last meal?

DougieJones6 karma

Homemade mac & cheese with crab meat baked in. With my upstairs landlord family here in Vancouver (while I'm filming our final season of FALLING SKIES).

LilC04064 karma

Hey Doug! Fellow Ball State alum here! I just want to say that I'm a fan of your work and you have made Indy proud! =)

What has been your most enjoyable film to work on?

DougieJones6 karma

Thank you, my fellow Hoosier!!! I've loved working on all my Guillermo del Toro movies, of course, and I had a special experience making the charming indie, MY NAME IS JERRY, right there in Muncie, Indiana with Ball State University involved!!

ersatz274 karma

What was it like working with Nick Vujicic in 'The Butterfly Circus'? (He's another person on my Bucket List of people to meet)

EDIT: Oh, darn, I'm too late...

DougieJones5 karma

Just jumping back in here to answer! I LOVE Nick Vujicic!! He is possibly the most inspiring, gifted, big-hearted human being I've ever had the pleasure to meet or work with!!

claricia4 karma

Dear Dougie, If you could have any two of your characters meet, which ones would they be, why(, and in what setting would they meet in?) I'm sitting here trying to think of awesome questions, but I can't think of any other ones ("Can I invite you to hang out with me for my birthday in August" and "wasn't Nuala and Abe just SO ADORBS and shouldn't they have had a billion babies" don't really strike me as "awesome" but "if you could pick any of your characters to be a companion to The Doctor, who would you pick and what Doctor would they be a companion to?" comes close.)

Mr. Fisher, After Nosferatu, is there anything else you're hoping to apply your genius to - any other story/film, or a separate genre you'd like to try your hands at?

DougieJones4 karma

I think Abe Sapien from HELLBOY and Cochise from FALLING SKIES would be great friends! Both smart, gentle, other-worldly creatures! I also think that Count Orlok from our upcoming NOSFERATU and Cesare from our remix of THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI would find a weird, dark understanding with each other!

liamquane4 karma

Mr. Jones? Do you prefer human roles or non-human roles?

DougieJones3 karma

Both, actually!! If a character has a good heart (even the evil ones in their own personal pain), I want to investigate them, human and other-worldly!!

liamquane4 karma

Mr. Jones? What has been your favorite moment on set and your worst?

DougieJones10 karma

Worst moment: On BUG BUSTER in a giant insect costume, but the main thing that made it horrible was the tyrant, yelling director ... makes for a horrible trickle-down to the rest of the crew. When making a movie, we should all be happy to be there, and thankful that we can do our art. Not yelling and worked-up. Best experience? -- So many -- like my final wrap day on PAN'S LABYRINTH when I realized I actually finished a movie playing 2 characters, one of whom spoke tons of Spanish!!! Never thought I could pull that off until that final day looking back on 2 months of successful filming!!

MachoCactus3 karma

Doug, whatever happened to the Frankenstein project with you and Guillermo del Toro?

DougieJones9 karma

I'm told it's still in the development stage at Universal Pictures, but Guillermo del Toro has SOOO much on his plate, and this is the one project he's dreamed of as a kid, so he wants to feel the time and window are right to do it in! In the meantime, look for me in his CRIMSON PEAK movie next Oct. 2015, and he's ramping up to make PACIFIC RIM 2 now, as well!

seismicor3 karma

Hi, guys. What are your favourite horror movies?

DougieJones2 karma


CanadianGhostPanda3 karma

Is it hard to still be so grounded after working on all these massive projects? Also, just wanted to say thank you after interacting with you on my friend Sydney's Facebook page. It was a while ago, and I still share the story over beers with friends. Thanks for being my awesome celebrity story to share.

DougieJones5 karma

So sweet of you!! Massive projects don't define me, the person. Staying grounded is easy when Mrs. Laurie reminds me to take out the trash or pick up my socks. I also have 3 older brothers from Indiana who remind me they'll beat my head in if it ever gets too big!!

Gaversa3 karma

Very excited about your Nosferatu project. Could you talk a little about your first experience watching the film?

DougieJones3 karma

"Gah!!!" That's what I said with my first viewing of the 1922 NOSFERATU!! And finding a certain, tall, lanky kinship with actor Max Schreck as Count Orlok!

TwiTch552 karma

HEY DOUGIE AND DAVID!! It's TwiTch!! We met @ Crypticon Seattle, what was one of the most memorable moments you two had on set together?

DougieJones1 karma

I LOVED all of our time laughing between shots. When you're making a darker film, those goofy moments of inside jokes and tom-foolery are life savers! And that David Lee Fisher is a silly, silly man. My favorite kind of director!!

kolop12 karma

Was it hard to learn Spanish for Pan's Labyrinth?

DougieJones3 karma

Hardest thing I've ever done, learning my dialogue in a language I don't speak while wearing a 5 hour make-up application!! Then did it again for the French biopic, GAINSBOURG: A HEROIC LIFE. But such great works of art, foreign films are!!

Abtein2 karma

What would you say is the most inconvenient part about all the makeup?

DougieJones4 karma

Feeling like a nursing home patient! Can't see well, can't hear well, sometimes trouble walking, need help from an attendant. Next thing you know, I'll be wetting myself.

kinglear0092 karma

Doug, Pan's Labyrinth was an amazing movie and you were probably the best thing about it, certainly the most impressive.

Which costume did you prefer being in, The Pale Man or Faun? Also, was it hard to be the only American in a Spanish movie?

Thanks! You are awesomeeee!

DougieJones1 karma

The Spanish cast/crew were so welcoming to me, making me so very comfortable on the shoot! The Faun ("El Fauno") was and is one of my top favorite characters I've EVER played.

Isis_Nocturne2 karma

Hi Doug! You've worked on a lot of movies and have been part of a lot of huge fandoms. Do you have any favorite fandoms of your own that you're proud to be a part of, whether or not you've worked in them?

DougieJones2 karma

I wish I had more time to devote to consuming fan favorites! But it's funny how after a long week of playing a creature under rubber make-ups, all I want to do is have something fluffy playing in the background, like a Hallmark movie, hehehe!!