Hi! I'm Peter F Hamilton and I write big science fiction books. You might know me as the bestselling author of the Night's Dawn Trilogy. Here is proof that it's me: https://www.facebook.com/PeterFHamilton?ref=bookmarks

I'm the bestselling author of twenty books. Find out more about my fictional universes here: http://torbooks.co.uk/2014/09/26/ten-reasons-read-love-peter-f-hamilton/ AND http://theunisphere.com/ AND http://atrandom.com/the-abyss-beyond-dreams/

You've been wonderful. I've really enjoyed answering your questions. If I missed you, sorry, and I will do this again!

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PeterFHamiltonAuthor35 karma

Thanks for having me, and for all your amazing questions! Until next time!

Reapinghavoc28 karma

Hello Peter!

Long time reader here. I simply wanted to thank you for your wonderful stories. :)

Oh, and as for a question: What's next on your slate after the second Abyss book?

Are any of your books currently being developed as either film or TV? :)

PeterFHamiltonAuthor23 karma

You're welcome. I'm still putting together the books that will follow the Fallers.
Some of my work is being considered by producers. When I know anything I'll let you know.

IronColumn22 karma

Your worlds generally feature pretty heavy class distinctions. Moneyed elite, multi-generational dynasties. They're rarely malevolent, though. They just are what they are. Nuanced.

That said, in the real world, what're your thoughts on income inequality?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor29 karma

I thin the inequality is a pretty sad reflection on the world today. That's why I write SF, to build societies which at least have the potential to eradicate these issues.

tobold16 karma

Hello Mr. Hamilton!

First off, let me say that I really love your books. I've read them all at least twice. You are one of the few authors who can reliably and completely suck me into a piece of fiction.

Here's my questions:

  1. I really enjoyed Inigo's Dreams in the Void trilogy, even though they were mostly fantasy. Would you consider writing a fantasy novel (that isn't for kids)? Or maybe just write more of the dreams?
  2. I've seen you criticized for the rather descriptive sex scenes in your ealier works, even though I personally don't mind them. What was up with that?


  1. Any chance to meet you at con/signing/reading outside the UK?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor16 karma

1) I'm not planning on a Fantasy novel next, but never say never. 2) It's all a question of balance, too much for some is not enough for others. I'm going to Supernova, Australia, next April. Dragoncon Atlanta US October 2015.

braiker14 karma

Hi Peter! I loved your Nights Dawn Trilogy. Do you have any plans to re-visit that universe again? I really enjoyed all the different planets, the edenist vs. adamist colonies, voidhawks, nanonics, etc.

PeterFHamiltonAuthor15 karma

Never say never, but I don't have any plans to revist Joshua and co right now. If I have a plot that will fit that universe then I'll do it.

rdma13 karma

Hi Peter.

I have been a fan ever since a friend gifted me 'The Reality Dysfunction' in 1996 and I still have that very worn copy standing in my bookshelf. The trilogy is still on top of a very long list of great science fiction.

I am particularly a fan of the Greg Mandel series and was wondering if you have any plans of returning to that universe some day?

Also, while I imagine the task near impossible, have you considered or been offered to have any of your stories made into a movie or tv series?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor13 karma

I'm afraid I have finished with Greg. Hopefully there will be a TV or movie one day.

Sparkiran10 karma

Hello Peter!

So tell us, what's your favourite type of wine?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor14 karma


Pleochism10 karma

Hi Peter. One of the things I like most about the Void Trilogy is the mixture of hard science fiction and near-fantasy elements. Do you feel that more science fiction should borrow ideas from the fantasy genre?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor12 karma

Mixing it up always helps the genre stay fresh. How much mixing and borrowing is down to the individual author.

methosgr8 karma

Hello Peter and thank you for every amazing book you gave us. I recently finished the Great North Road, I have to admit it's not up to par with the Nightdawn trilogy or Pandora, but still it was a captivating story. My question: Are there any plans, now or in the future, for making Nightdawn or Pandora into a movie/series? I would pay my weight in gold to see that! Thank you again for everything and I hope to meet you in one of your book signing events. EDIT: One more thing, in the Void Trilogy the story took a turn more towards the spritiual rather than hard science. How come this came to play? I am fascinated by the use of hard science in your writing and I was surprised to see this turn. As an aspiring Sci-Fi writer I am always torn between trying to write something that has a strong scientific basis and letting the story drift out into a spiritual, fantastic path. Any usefull tips about this would be greatly appreciated.

PeterFHamiltonAuthor11 karma

Several books are being considered by various producers. When I know I'll let you know.

Bagoole7 karma

Hi Peter, thanks for doing this AMA. I'm a big fan of your work, though I was a little late to the party. Pandora's Star and Judas Unchained were formative works for me that inspired me to (try and) become an author myself. I've read and re-read them several times and they don't seem to get old. Many of the chapters play vividly like movies or shows in my head. Oh right, questions:

1) Would you ever consider granting the rights of your works to film or TV, given adequate proof of concept you think they could be translated? Why or why not?

2) You've spent quite a bit of time in the Commonwealth universe, despite that break with Great North Road. Will you move on to a new universe after Chronicle of the Fallers duology?

3) (Possible Spoilers!) I recently finished Great North Road (enjoyed it very much, thanks for writing it!), and I got the distinct feeling the timeline of the world spawned from same ancestor as the Commonwealth, with the "universe variables" tweaked slightly here and there. Wormholes are still the thing, but we never shrugged off our oil addiction. Rejuvenation doesn't quite take off so smoothly, but cloning has its day. Anarcho-socialism gets to save the human race instead of capitalism ruling us for several centuries. Then add a couple technologies that weren't quite so popular back in 2004. Any truth to that, or was that just my feeling while reading it?

4) Don't be shy, your fans in Canada want you to visit sometime too! It's a big Commonwealth, isn't it?

5) Thanks again, you are an inspiration for me and I suspect, many others.

6) Super bonus question. The Cat is a serial cannibal, isn't she? Isn't she?!

PeterFHamiltonAuthor11 karma

1 Some are being considered by producers. If they were to be turned into film or TV then you have to accept there will be changes. 2 Yes, after the Fallers I'll be doing something new. 3 It wasn't a conscious connection. 4 One day! 5 thanks for reading 6 who knows what badness the Cat gets up too outside the books

incensedprey7 karma

Mr. Hamilton:

First off, I want to say I love your work. From the Void Trilogy up through the Abyss Beyond Dreams. I look forward to more.

My question to you is, would you want to live in your Commonwealth universe? Why or why not?

Going from first lifer, through to Advancer on into an uploaded intelligence. I would love for that technology to exist. Thanks for taking my question.


PeterFHamiltonAuthor15 karma

Yes, mainly for the rejuve technology. And the fallback of downloading into ANA.

ablivion7 karma

Mr Hamilton, 2 questions for you;

Who would win if Kazimir piloting the deterrence fleet went head to head with the warrior Raiel?

What do you say to the criticism leveled against the Dues Ex ending to the Night's Dawn Trilogy?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor8 karma

Possibly Kazimir. I thought I'd seeded several of the concluding themes quite early in book one.

LEtsTalkSeatown7 karma

Have you seen Interstellar, and if so, what did you think of it?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor9 karma

Not yet, hopefully this week

incensedprey6 karma

Mr. Hamilton:

What is your favorite story to date? By that i mean, what single story that you've written gave you the most pleasure, fun, etc writing.?


PeterFHamiltonAuthor14 karma

Possibly the Forever Kitten (a very short short I wrote for Nature)

linedashline5 karma

Good Evening.

So many questions I would love to ask, but I'll try to keep it brief: 1) Which two of your characters from two of different universes would make the most amusing pair to watch talking to one another? 2)What is your greatest fear for the future of humans?

All the best, and thank you for bringing many readers countless hours of joy.

PeterFHamiltonAuthor10 karma

Gore and Louise Kavanagh ? That we lose faith in ourselves as a species, and give up trying to do better.

HighOverlordXenu5 karma

Hello Mr. Hamilton!

I picked up Pandora's Star on a whim and have been a huge fan ever since. I've turned nearly all my friends onto your work and they're hooked as well!

I've always been curious however. With all the story threads and, frankly, the length of your novels, I've wondered how much ends up "on the cutting room floor" either by you or your editor?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor7 karma

Thanks very much. These days not so much gets cut, I'm getting better at trimming the story before I start writing. (Yes, I know that's hard to believe.)

TriPeglips5 karma

Hi Peter, I'm 18 and I've read nearly all of your books. Any advice on coming up with original SF ideas and concepts? I'm just getting into writing science fiction and I find it really hard not to be derivative.

PeterFHamiltonAuthor5 karma

Don't worry too much about being utterly original, how you mix themes to produce something new is more important to me.

BadgerSensei5 karma

Do you have any interest in returning to the Night's Dawn universe? I was always interested in seeing what happened after the trilogy ended.

PeterFHamiltonAuthor8 karma

It's possible. As I've said, I'd need the right story.

Demos1815 karma

As a fellow (but fledgling) space opera novelist, I feel our genre is both misunderstood and also isn't condusive to being made into mainstream movies. Do you feel the same? There's nothing more I'd like to see than say the Void trilogy made into a movie series.

PeterFHamiltonAuthor3 karma

I think the mainstream is becoming more receptive. As to a series, maybe one day

anfionnman5 karma

When do you plan to visit Ireland may I ask? (sorry for the banal question)

PeterFHamiltonAuthor7 karma

Don't know, hopefully soon. It's been a while.

leeatreides5 karma

What do you think of the work of Frank Herbert? Dune is considered the number one science-fiction novel of all time.

PeterFHamiltonAuthor10 karma

I really enjoyed Dune. Read it way too long ago.

Synthlover4 karma

Whats your favorite beer?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor23 karma


silverdeath004 karma

Hey Peter, big fan. Ozzie Isaacs Fernandez and Joshua Calvert are still some of my favourite characters in fiction.

In your foreward to The Forever War, you said Haldeman's story is what got you into writing science fiction.

What were you're favourite instructional books or resources when you started writing? If a fan such as me had to teach myself writing sci-fi, what would you suggest I use?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor9 karma

I was heavily inspired by the Saga of the Exiles by Julian May

alexinawe4 karma

What is your favorite cheese(s)?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor8 karma

Smoked Lincolnshire poacher

biforcate4 karma


PeterFHamiltonAuthor10 karma

One repels gravity, the other works by inverting gravity. (From memory!)

yasw3 karma

Do you read any other current science fiction authors and if so, who?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor5 karma

Clare North. Eric Brown. Justina Robson. Steve Baxter. Ken McLeod. But the to be read pile is a large one.

wickedsweetcake3 karma

All of your novels are pretty massive. Which took you the longest to write, and which was the quickest?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor4 karma

I think it was The Naked God. Quickest outside the children's trilogy was Misspent Youth.

herecasually3 karma

Hello Peter. Do you have any plans to revisit the universe of 'Watching Trees Grow' from your Manhattan in Reverse collection... ?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor5 karma

I get asked this a lot. No plans at the moment. But one day maybe...

mconnot3 karma

How does one have their name chosen to grace a character in one of your books?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor12 karma

I put several friends in -often to die badly.

Marc_F3 karma

How do you think the music that accompanied The Abyss Beyond Dreams worked out? I must admit, I expected to hear it on the audio book too!

PeterFHamiltonAuthor4 karma

I liked it. It was produced independently which is why it wasn't bundled with the audiobook.

Feddy311 karma

Great question! I loved the audio soundtrack that goes with the book. Such a great idea :D Please answer this, Mr H! Thanks :)

PeterFHamiltonAuthor5 karma


tlrobson13 karma

Hey Peter! I wonder if you had any advice for the budding science fiction writers of the world? It's all I want to do but I have no idea how to make my dream a reality.

PeterFHamiltonAuthor8 karma

Just keep writing. tThere is no better way to polish the art.

chumboy3 karma

Will there be any sign of Ozzie in the The Night Without Stars? My favourite character.

PeterFHamiltonAuthor7 karma

Haven't made up my mind, but if he does it will only be a small cameo.

SFbookclub3 karma

ScienceFictionBookClub.org from London here. Hi Peter. (waves)

Could you recommend your three all time best SF books that you think would appeal to NON SF readers?

Cheers :)

PeterFHamiltonAuthor7 karma

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August. The Everness series Station eleven

farsight20423 karma

Hi Peter! I just finished the Abyss beyond Dreams and loved it. While that book was a prequel to the Void books, is there a chance (based on the ending) that the second book will show us the Commonwealth after the Void? Thanks!

PeterFHamiltonAuthor13 karma

Yes, the Commonwealth post-Void will be in Night Without Stars.

copycatreborn3 karma

Hi Mr. Hamilton,

First off, my question: Do you describe breakfasts in your books in such detail on purpose or am I just imagining it?

Also, thank you for all your books. I don't know what it is about them, but they've stuck with me more than any other novels I've read.

PeterFHamiltonAuthor7 karma

I'm a firm believer in breakfast as the most important meal of the day. Glad you're ejoying the books.

turkboy3 karma

I see a lot of discussion related to adapting your work for television - for complex space opera I feel like videogames would be a more logical medium though.

Have you been approached for either of them? Would you consider adapting your work for the screen?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor5 karma

I haven't been approached for videogames. I'd be open to considering it, though.

Measure763 karma

You became my favorite Sci Fi writer a few chapters into Pandora's Star. The wormholes allowing people to travel by train to distant worlds was an amazing setting. And I would be willing to read dozens of Paula Myo case files.

Do you know what kind of setting you might use for your next series, after you are done with the Void?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor6 karma

It's still being put together. I have a few basics, but I won't know for sure until I finish Night Without Stars. No spoilers, sorry.

Jpt13133 karma

As a fledgling sci-fi writer in the UK, I sometimes feel that there's less organised support and markets for fiction here than there is on the other side of the Atlantic.

What would be your view on that, and do you think there is anything industry and established professionals could do to help newcomers more?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor4 karma

If you manage to go to conventions you'll find the authors and publishers are quite approachable.

Feddy313 karma

For the Laika probe at the beginning of the Abyss Beyond Dreams, why did you choose a gerbil? Is there a specific reason or do you just like gerbils? Sincerely yours, a happy gerbil owner :)

PeterFHamiltonAuthor12 karma

Couldn't bring myself to kill off a dog or cat.

umaoshi3 karma

Hi! and thank you for this chance :) taking into account the different "sections" of the void t., which parts do you enjoy more to write? ehm and... the fantasy parts followed a marketing strategy or do you really felt that they deserved all the space you assigned them? thank you so much

PeterFHamiltonAuthor4 karma

I liked the whole story of Edeard in the Void, though the latter sections were more fast-paced. I never write anything because of marketing strategy -big books are bad commercially in how much money you earn relative to time taken to write them.

LordEngelbert2 karma

Hi there,

I have a question to ask on the universes you set stories in. Do they come to mind largely whole, or do they start as a certain concept then grow from there as you explore them?

All the best :)

PeterFHamiltonAuthor4 karma

They're built up over time at the start of every series, I spend several months working them out.

IkeSwamp2 karma

Hi Peter, thank you for doing this.

My question would be about the commonwealth series, I enjoyed them enormously.

What happened to the Silfen in the time of the Void series? Or did I accidentally skip some explanation.

What was the SI's motives during the Starflyer war?

Obligatory, What is Cat / any plans for a book about her?

Also, as a Finn there were quite a bit of Finnish connections, were they random or inspired by some event?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor3 karma

The Silfen were there, they just don't bother themselves much with the activities of other sentient species. The SI was doing some quiet manipulation through people like Mellanie. No more plans for the Cat, she's featured enough. Random.

ill_tonkso2 karma

Hi, I have enjoyed everything I have read of yours, would you ever consider writing other novels set in the void universe? Or any other established universe of yours, for that matter.

Or, for something truly important to me, what are your thoughts on the Games Industry?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor3 karma

Thanks. All my books have extensive notes written before I start. That's the way I write.

Beaterast2 karma

One of many things I love about your books is that it makes me really long to see the future, after reading the optimistic view of the possibilities for humankind to really be a good bunch of people. Or so I feel when I read Night's Dawn Trilogy, meet The Kiint and see their peaceful attitude and hearing them say that this might be what is down the road for us as well.

Do you think we will get there? Are you optimistic about the future?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor5 karma

Yes, I'm a long term optimist. That's what I love about SF, it allows me to express that optimism.

eliareyouserious2 karma

Love your books! Thanks for doing this AMA.

Where do you get inspiration for the 'science' in your books?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor4 karma

I try and keep up to date on several research fronts. Articles from many sources, nothing specific.

Rico_Suave12 karma

Hey Peter!

Massive fan here!

As a question, what in your view was the achievement in your life you're most proud of so far?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor7 karma


yasw2 karma

Will you be picking up the Greg Mandel character again? Paula Myo and detective Hurst were great, but Greg was a true badass detective!

PeterFHamiltonAuthor5 karma

I think I'm done with Greg.

olddaad2 karma

Have read all your works, many multiple times. Question: how many of the advances in your worlds do you foresee having a realistic chance of actually happening?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor4 karma

Most are theoretically possible, as to if they'll ever make it -that's a tough call. I'd like to think 50%.

LordElend2 karma

Hello Peter, I recently starting buying your books in english instead of their german translation. What is your opinion on translation? I think on your most recent books they did a better job.

PeterFHamiltonAuthor7 karma

Glad to hear the recent ones were better. All I can ever do is trust the translator.

GrantWyness2 karma

Hello Peter, Would you consider holding online writing tuition for a fee?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor3 karma

I really don't have the time right now, sorry. Maybe when things slow down?

vanlyra20002 karma

Hi Where did you get the name Dunbavand in your book?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor5 karma

They are friends of mine.

Marc_F2 karma

Have you considered Peter Kenny as a narrator for your future audio books?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor7 karma

I'm sure he would be fine, but the narrator choice is mainly down to the audio book company.

rtrs_bastiat2 karma

In 2011 you took part in a talk at Leicester library on commercial spaceflight - unfortunately I missed it for various reasons, mostly study-related. Are there any chances of future talks in the area? As fun as it is reading fiction I enjoy hearing what authors think will happen in the real world in a more direct manner even more, that's what it's all about [to me] at the end of the day ;)

PeterFHamiltonAuthor3 karma

I've got to finish the next book, so I'm taking a step back from public appearances for a while. Towards the end of next year, I'll be venturing out again.

qlpGonzoqlp2 karma

Peter, once you return to the Confederation Universe - which we all assume is in the pipes - will you tell us the tale of that ill-fated expedition? You know which one I'm talking about.

PeterFHamiltonAuthor4 karma

I don't rule anything out.

Anstey62 karma

Is there any chance of an adventure across the Galaxy along the Silfen Paths? Perhaps one starring Ozzie?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor7 karma

The book I'm writing Night Without Stars, is the last one planned for the Commonwealth universe. If I go back there it won't be for several years.

jdbausch2 karma

Love your stuff. I was just hoping you might spill the beans here that the commonwealth saga was going to be developed as TV series? If so, please don't respond.

PeterFHamiltonAuthor8 karma

If it happens I'll announce it loud and clear, don't worry on that score.

DaClyde2 karma

If the opportunity arose, would you be open to other authors writing stories in universes you have created, similar to how Baen Books has used multiple authors in the Honorverse, Bolo series, Ring of Fire series or how lots of authors are brought in to write novels in various licensed franchises?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor6 karma

Not sure about this one. I tend to be fairly protective of my universes. If it happened I expect I would be a very intrusive editor.

SoCuteItHurts2 karma

Hi Peter, enjoy your works. I know most Authors are also big readers so I am curious whats in your "to read" pile right now?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor3 karma

A new novel by Justina Robson, Glorious Angels, (advantage of being an author, you get sent stuff early

Jowaxe2 karma

Hi Peter! Huge fan of your work. These days I listen to mostly audiobooks. I can't connect with John Lee's reading so I haven't listened to some of your newer books. Will you ever choose another narrator in place of John Lee?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor6 karma

Choice of narrator is really down to the audio book company.

Vorrador1 karma

Hello Peter, long time fan, ever since I read the Night's Dawn trilogy.

You have such a way with describing technology.

My question is this, in your short story collection there is the story "If at first"

Did you ever think about making this story into a full length Novel?

And has anyone ever approached you for making said story into a film?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor4 karma

It was made into a BBC radio play a few years back. No current plans to turn it into a novel.

Danarhys1 karma

Hi Peter! Long-time fan with 2 questions.

  1. In the book I'm reading now, one of the characters talks about the dangers of human life longevity, explaining that because a human's lifespan is limited, they strive for immortality through works and deeds. Attaining physical immortality would thus destroy what drive they might have. I think the ANA answers this question to a degree, but I'm curious about how you feel regarding this subject? How does Nigel keep going?

  2. It's been a long time since I've read Pandora Star. Should I go back and reread it? Given how much the universe has changed, would rereading it give some insight into the Commonwealth? (I'd pretty much forgotten it was related until I'd read a summary of the Void Trilogy in preparation for Abyss.

Thanks for taking the time out to do this, and regardless of whether you answer or not, thanks so much for the hours of wonder you've brought me and countless others. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to the conclusion of the Abyss.

PeterFHamiltonAuthor6 karma

Nigel has modified himself so many times and edited his memories so that he achieves a kind of elder statesman position after the end of Judas, which he enjoys. His motivation and goals change as he does.

The Faller books are written so you can come at them cold.

turkboy1 karma

Given the length and complexity of your work, what's your typical approach to structuring such complex stories? Is everything mapped out fairly clearly from the start, or is it more organic than that?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor4 karma

Not massively religious, but it is part of my background. Orthodox upbringing.

Marc_F1 karma

Hi Peter,

Do you have any writing rituals? Things you do, or need to have when you sit down to write?

Many Thanks

PeterFHamiltonAuthor4 karma

I always have music playing. Not from the radio, DJ speak just gets me annoyed.

MBoffin1 karma

Huge, huge fan of your books. I've read all of them several times. I love the scope of your books.

What process do you use for the science used in your books? Do you have a scientist friends who help you or give you ideas? How deeply do you research into the science behind your stories? I love that your books do such a great job of projecting present-day technology far out into the future, so I'm curious about your process for doing that.

PeterFHamiltonAuthor3 karma

I try and keep up to date on the fields I write about, and extrapolate as best as I can.

Daznak1 karma

Hey Peter, big fan here, I started reading your books in French when I was about 14, Fallen Dragon to be precise, since then I switched to the English versions as I was way too impatient to wait for the translations. I really like the "fantasy" part of the Void Trilogy, as I am a big fan of Fantasy too, I was wondering if you'd considered writing a fantasy-like novel ? Thanks if you ever read this. You and David Gemmell are my all time favorites novelists. Salutations !

PeterFHamiltonAuthor6 karma

I don't have any plans to write 'straight' fantasy (other than my children's trilogy). But I'm not ruling it out in the future.

dannyjcase1 karma

Hey Peter, was great to meet you at the Liverpool book signing a few weeks back.

Which fictional animal/species/creature do you wish you had invented that another author created first?

Also, how do you keep track of your characters and locations when first putting a story together?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor4 karma

I always enjoyed Niven's puppeteers. I make a lot of notes to keep the various plot lines in order.

Like_20_Ninjas1 karma

Hey Mister Hamilton!

I've got a friend who is a massive fan of your works and he wants to know if you're ever coming across the pond to Canada for "one of his endless book tours"?

I've read a couple of your books and I'd love to see you come to Toronto for a signing as well! Keep up the good work.

PeterFHamiltonAuthor3 karma

Hopefully before too long. I am doing Dragoncon next year.

FitzKaos1 karma

Hi Peter, I appear to be echoing everyone, but you are truly an incredible writer. I have been devouring books ever since I can remember and I can honestly say that your worlds are truly immersive. Everytime I read them I pick up further nuances that add to my enjoyment. Furthermore, as a research scientiest myself I love how plausible you make the science!

Anyway, my question: how do you motivate yourself? Do you have a set number of pages you want to write, or set amount of time? Do you just write when inspired? And do you have a particular place you need to be to write, or is it wherever the whim comes upon you?

Thank you for your time. And for the dreams of the stars.

PS: I still have and treasure the Fallen Dragon you signed for me at Bath :)

PeterFHamiltonAuthor3 karma

Interesting. I can't imagine not writing. I don't set myself a goal, but I'll probably write about 2,000 words a day. More as deadlines draw closer and closer. I also tend to slacken off during summer holidays.

lawliet891 karma

Hi Peter! Great seeing you at the signing for Abyss Beyond Dreams. Really enjoyed the book.

A quick question about the state of governance of the Commonwealth during the events of the Void trilogy: what exactly is the role of ANA: Governance? If I recall, there is still a senate, and senators and a president. If so, then how does ANA tie into this? ANA seems to be doing the role of president during the events of the Commonwealth saga and seem to have jurisdiction over the navy.

Also, what happened to Ozzie? Did he go post-physical?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor4 karma

ANA is effectively head of state for the Inner worlds. The outer worlds still have the senate.

Ozzie? Who knows what he did when he faded out.

knuckleduster011 karma

Provided a writer has talent and content, what's your advice to help break into the publishing industry? Is it worth independently publishing work to add credibility? Are there any networking opportunities or tips you'd share? Thanks!

PS - You're one of my favorite authors! Thank you for so many incredible stories told so beautifully.

PeterFHamiltonAuthor3 karma

You're welcome. Indie publishing can certainly help boost your profile. AS for networking, try attending some conventions, there are always publishers attending.

Audifred62671 karma

Star Wars or Star Trek - which is more fact than fiction?

PeterFHamiltonAuthor5 karma

Star Trek, which I grew up with (but can't watch any more because I'm way too cynical these days). It's also (slightly!) more realistic. But Star Wars is still great fun.