Hey gang hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving, I am going to go spend some time with my family. Thanks for your questions and we will do it again. Take care

Looking forward to your questions today. AMA!


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BTown4Life27 karma

What does Larry the cable guy smell like?

BillEngvallHere33 karma

hahahahaha like chicken fried steak

VerumInInanis16 karma


BillEngvallHere13 karma

It was just a blast she is a great person and we had more fun just hanging out and I wish her the best of luck.

Packman1012 karma

You are stuck on an island...who do you take from Blue Collar to keep you entertained?

BillEngvallHere12 karma

Larry without a doubt

BRDNZBL111 karma

What's the funniest thing that happened during the Blue Collar Comedy Tour?

BillEngvallHere17 karma

When we bought a remote controlled truck and ran it out on stage when Jeff was on.

exfatgirl10 karma


BillEngvallHere4 karma

Thanks I try my best to support those that have made this a great country

wabysaby9 karma

What's your favorite clean joke, and NSFW joke?

BillEngvallHere11 karma

Wow thats a hard one, lemme think about that

odsdaniel9 karma

You have been married for more than 30 years, what's your secret?

BillEngvallHere29 karma

Hahahahaha learn to pick your battles and learn the phrase "Sounds good to me honey"

PhilosophersStone18 karma

What is the best thing a heckler has ever said to you while you were on stage?

BillEngvallHere9 karma

I have been lucky in that I don't get many hecklers. I guess it was when i was talking about my wife and some guy yelled "hey we are married to the same woman" hahahaha

suaveitguy8 karma

How long were you on stage regularly before you felt like a professional stand-up? I think Chris Rock said ten years of serious, constant work before he broke through that threshold.

BillEngvallHere7 karma

I think that is a great time line, probably 10-15 yrs.

Error404-8 karma

What is your average breakfast?

BillEngvallHere11 karma

Oh I guess I would say just a good ol American breakfast eggs, bacon and some coffee. Although a good breakfast burrito is always good

lmi67 karma

Hi, Bill! What was your favorite dance to perform on Dancing with the Stars? Thanks!

BillEngvallHere6 karma

Without a doubt the Argentine Tango, it was fun to learn a dance that i had no idea how to do. Plus Emma is such a great teacher

LegenWaitForItDairy7 karma

Thank you for the AMA! I greatly enjoy listening to your comedy. Do you think that there will be another round of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour? Thank you so much for the laughs.

BillEngvallHere6 karma

Your welcome and I never say never. It was a blast and would love to do it again

kbbear37 karma

At your show on Saturday, you mentioned that you've only raised your voice to your wife 4 times in your marriage. Is that really true?

BillEngvallHere7 karma

yep, we have a very happy marriage

thefoolofemmaus7 karma

Bill! Huge fan. You talk a lot about your kids in your act. How do they feel about that? Any angst or anger growing up with a famous dad who talked to millions of people about how you bit the dog? Thanks for making me laugh.

BillEngvallHere10 karma

They actually have been great about it because they also enjoy the perks of the business.

CollegeDistraction7 karma

How was Dancing With The Stars?. Do you still talk to anyone from the show?.

BillEngvallHere7 karma

It was awesome and yes I still stay in touch with almost all of them.

dimplejuice6 karma

As a club DJ, what would you spin? Top 5 playlist?

BillEngvallHere8 karma

Oh wow, it was a lot of BeeGees and Staying Alive soundtrack also there was a lot of Evelyn Champagne King. hahahaha

gValo6 karma

You are the only comedian station on my pandora account. Thank you for introducing me to John Caparulo. Do you have any good stories about him on the road?

Also thank you for making my road trips far more enjoyable. The stories of you and your family on vacation are a riot.

BillEngvallHere5 karma

Thanks and I think John is one of the funniest people around

thatsomebody16 karma

Hi Bill!

You were excellent on DWTS last year and proved that blue collar comedians can dance! I was wondering, are you still following the show and if so, who do you want to win tonight?

BillEngvallHere8 karma

Thanks and yes I do follow it, I think its close between Alfonso Ribeiro, and the little gal from Duck Dynasty

Birdman_v56 karma

Bill!!!! I am so happy that you have decided to do an AMA! Thank you for always making me laugh and brightening my day when I am having a bad day. I have been looking forward to this day for a long time now.

My question is this: When did you have your "light bulb" moment that you wanted to be comedian?

Thank you for everything that you do and keep being awesome!

BillEngvallHere6 karma

Thank you, I guess the light bulb moment was the first time I ever did stand up and people laughed I thought now this is a great job

masetheace646 karma

Mr. Engvall! Thanks for doing this AMA. As fellow Texans, my wife and love your albums for trips throughout the flat lands of west Texas. I have a question and favor to ask you. You can do either or both :)

  1. Your performance in Dancing with the stars was great! Now that is has been a year, what is your reflection on it? Are you an awesome dancer now?

  2. My wife's birthday is Thursday and I know she would love a birthday shutout from on of her favorite comedians! I would love to print out the comment from you and give it to her saying "Here's your Sign". Her name is Whitney.

Thanks for the laughs and paying homage to Texas in your albums, everything you say about us is beyond true.

BillEngvallHere4 karma

Dancing with the Stars was the most awesome experience and NO I am not an awesome dancer hahahaha. Happy Birthday Whitney hope its a great one.

Packman106 karma

Have you ever been star struck when meeting another comedian or actor/actress?

BillEngvallHere7 karma

Yep, when I met Shania Twain and George Strait

enantiodromia_6 karma

How did you decide to quit college and follow your show business dreams?

BillEngvallHere8 karma

That was hard, but I felt bad about wasting my dads money and took the leap

PhilosophersStone16 karma

What was the best experience you have ever had while doing stand-up?

BillEngvallHere4 karma

When we played the Nashville Arena and sold it out was amazing it was like being a rock star

AGallagher4105 karma

Hi Bill! What's your favorite ride in Disney?

BillEngvallHere5 karma

Love the Haunted Mansion, but I also liked the run away mine train

500monkeys5 karma

What is your favorite thing about doing stand up?

BillEngvallHere7 karma

I just love when you are on a roll with an audience and you know that people are leaving your show with a great feeling

Akaksksksjsjsjxh5 karma

At what point in your life did you know and come to terms with the fact that you are a redneck? Was it a shocking realization?

BillEngvallHere5 karma

hahahaha no it wasn't shocking because I always believed I was,, I guess when I was out in the woods and used a part of my tee shirt to blow my nose in hahahahaha

suaveitguy5 karma

What did you think of Greg Giraldo?

What is your relationship with the Comedy Cellar/NYC comics? You and your crew seem to be removed from them, is that the case? Do you go to the Cellar or the Comedy Store and workshop and hangout with other comics?

BillEngvallHere8 karma

I loved Greg, one of the best!! You are correct we don't get to the Cellar much but I would like too. Very funny people in NY

Dave95575 karma

Bill! Are you doing an AMA??!! :D (Obvious setup here. You're welcome.)

BillEngvallHere9 karma

Yep, and Here's Your sign hahhahaha

disirregardless5 karma

Bill! You're one of my favorite comedians and I've yet to see you live. I listen to comedy on long road trips quite a bit, and I'd say I've gone through "Dorkfish" probably 50 times, to the point of reciting it verbatim.

My questions: Other than the other Blue Collar Comedy guys, who would you say your closest comedian friends are in the business? People in your line of work seem to befriend each other easily and have a lot of fun. Also, who are you excited about now as far as up-and-comers?

BillEngvallHere10 karma

Wow great question, I guess I would say that Jay Leno and Gary Shandling are two good friends

Frajer5 karma

do you ever worry Jeff will think you're a redneck?

BillEngvallHere6 karma

hahahahaha I think he already knows that

YaketyMax5 karma

Which comedians inspired you while you were growing up?

BillEngvallHere10 karma

Bob Newhart and Steve Martin

MindlessSponge4 karma

Hi Bill! Always loved the blue collar tours.

How much of your bits would you say are inspired by real life events? Are the people you encounter really as stupid as your "here's your sign" bits would lead one to believe?

BillEngvallHere3 karma

Thats an easy answer YES and YES

Reddit-Dad4 karma

Hey Bill. Big fan. What's your go to Waffle House order?

BillEngvallHere6 karma

Covered smothered and hot

A-Lo_in_the_B-Lo4 karma

Bill, when you were writing your "Dork Fish" bit, did you ever expect it to take on such a life of its own?

How do you feel about something cooked up in your own cranium becoming such a cultural phenomenon?

BillEngvallHere9 karma

That was crazy how that thing took off. It makes me feel good that people enjoy what I come up with

Trishlovesdolphins4 karma

Thanksgiving is 2 days away. What food are you going to make damn sure is on your plate?

BillEngvallHere7 karma

Ahh Thanksgiving,, I guess if there was one thing that I HAVE to have its my wife's Oyster dressing mmmmmmm

fredifer4 karma

Hey Bill! You're #1 on my "stand up comedians to see" bucket list. On that note, who are your favorite comedians today?

BillEngvallHere7 karma

Thanks, I am such an easy mark as far as comedy goes but I love Chris Rock

eastcoastshocker4 karma

Since you worked with Jennifer Lawrence early in her career on your show, are you surprised at how fast her popularity has risen in recent years?

BillEngvallHere10 karma

Not at all, she is an amazing talent

suaveitguy4 karma

Correct me if I am wrong, you started stand-up just as the 80s bubble had hit its peak and was bursting in the early 90s? Did you start in the heyday and then watch it crumble for a few years? What was that period like?

BillEngvallHere4 karma

Yeah I was fortunate enough to hit it at the right time, it was sad to see the club circuit go down hill. Thats where we all started

suaveitguy4 karma

What did you think of the film Punchline?

BillEngvallHere4 karma

I liked it but it was really authentic, I never had a locker at a comedy club hahahahah

jonemillard4 karma

What has been your strangest fan encounter?

BillEngvallHere9 karma

Hahahaha I had a woman ask me to sign her underwear, that was weird

forza_racer4 karma

What superhero would fit in best with the Blue Collar Group?

BillEngvallHere7 karma

Aquaman because Ron needs water with his scotch hahahaha

warpg84 karma

I'm pursuing a career in comedy despite not being particularly funny. How did you overcome that obstacle?

BillEngvallHere6 karma

You never let other people tell you that you can't do it.

RadonOrchid3 karma

Went to your show when you were in New Mexico recently (ish) and it was awesome! Saw you were doing an AMA and just wanted to say thanks for that.

Do you have a moment where you looked around and just thought "I've made it." A moment where you were exactly where you dreamed of being and everything else is just icing on the cake so to speak?

BillEngvallHere3 karma

Wow, first off thanks i am glad that you liked the show. I guess that "moment" was when I got my own sitcom The Bill Engvall Show, that was pretty much the pinnacle

suaveitguy3 karma

Any comics you started with that don't necessarily get their due?
Any you want to mention on the record now, for comedy-history nerds like myself to learn about?

BillEngvallHere4 karma

Wow that s a great question I can't think of many because the those that were committed to the business usually did, I think that Kathleen Madigan should be recognized more.

suaveitguy3 karma

How great is I Am Comic?
Any Ritch Shydner stories you could share?

BillEngvallHere3 karma

I don't have any Ritch stories but I wish I was as funny as he is

angelfromthecoast3 karma

What was it like hosting a game show?

BillEngvallHere3 karma

It was really fun, I would love to do it again.

president20383 karma

Hi Bill!

  1. How many times have you been called "Bill Eight-Ball" in your life? Because that's what I called you when I was a kid. Ahem...anyway...

  2. What is the likelihood of Blue Collar TV ever getting back up and running?

Last Question. There's going to be another Blue Collar Comedy Tour, right? I think it's time.

BillEngvallHere3 karma

hahahaha you are the first, there was Bill Engball. I never say never but who knows no plans as of yet.

samfergus3 karma

Hi Bill! In the song "One more for the road" from the album, the song claims you took a "big ole drink" from Larry's spit cup...did this actually happen?! also thanks for making laugh so much over the years :)

BillEngvallHere5 karma

NO I am dumb but not that dumb

Shoresee3 karma

What's your favorite drink?

BillEngvallHere3 karma

Dirty martini with blue cheese olives

ajrobmusic3 karma

Hi Bill! My family and I are big fans of your comedy! We were introduced to you through our neighbor, Mike. It'd be cool if you gave him a shoutout for introducing your work to us. ;)

Your family has obviously been an excellent source for some of your funnier material- "I'm building a rocket ship!" Have they done anything lately to make you laugh?

BillEngvallHere5 karma

Hopefully my son will finish his 10 yr college plan this year hahahahaha

samfergus3 karma

Hi Bill! What was your very first "Here's your sign moment"?

BillEngvallHere9 karma

The flat tire bit was the very first one.

kbbear33 karma

What has been one of your favorite vacation destinations?

BillEngvallHere3 karma

My favorite vacation spot is any islands, I love scuba diving and fishing, oh and drinking exotic drinks on the beach. Plus my wife looks great in a bikini. hahaha

BeachCop3 karma

Hi, Bill, big fan. If you could add any comedian to the BCCT, who would it be?

BillEngvallHere4 karma

I guess I would say Reno Collier or Kathleen Madigan

diddy00713 karma

BILLL! Delta Farce was hilarious. Any plans for a sequel, or more work with the trio of you, Larry and DJ?

BillEngvallHere4 karma

Hey Thanks, I would love to do another one. Right now there hasn't been any plans:(

Drewie643 karma

Bill I'm a very big fan of yours and I love your comedy! I saw you when you, Larry and Jeff came through St.Paul a few years ago.

Anyway I wanted to know what is your favorite venue to preform in and why?

BillEngvallHere4 karma

I really enjoyed playing the Grand Ol Opry because I used to listen to it with my grandmother

ricecrkr263 karma

Hi Bill!

Thanks for doing this AMA. Who is a comedian that you would like to work with but haven't had the chance?

Tough luck to your Angels this past season, from a Royals fan.

BillEngvallHere9 karma

Yeah but the Royals played better than we did.,If I could work with Bob Newhart that would be awesome

kbbear33 karma

What is your favorite thing to do on a lazy Saturday?

BillEngvallHere3 karma

Either play golf or go fishing, really anything that is outdoors.

jdaher3 karma

What does your family argue about at Thanksgiving?

BillEngvallHere4 karma

Hahahahaa no not really we are just happy to see each other

suaveitguy2 karma

Do you miss the energy from a crowd after a long time away? Do you climb the walls without the rush?

BillEngvallHere3 karma

No because I haven't been away yet. haha but yes when I start slowing down I am sure that I will miss that energy that they give me.

fredifer2 karma

Seeing the picture of you and Coach Calipari in Lexington last week made me giddy. What do you think of the Cats this year?

BillEngvallHere3 karma

Final 4 and a good chance of being Natlonal Champs

sarcasm_included2 karma

What has been your favorite city that you have visited while touring, and why?

BillEngvallHere3 karma

Wow thats tough because every city has its own charm.

DannyDawg2 karma

Time to get this settled Bill. You have to go to one state in the southeast...

Which is it and why?

BillEngvallHere3 karma

OOOOH thats a tough one, I guess it would be Georgia because of the fact that I know a lot of people there. Also they have some great outdoors stuff and SWEET TEA!!!!!