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How many breadsticks have you eaten?. Will you still eat the breadsticks now that you no longer work there?.

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One day, when I find a husband to marry, Will you please design my wedding dress?.

Your style is amazing and I think your fashion sense would make an amazingly unique wedding dress I would love to wear.

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Two questions for you: What do you think about Indoor Skydiving?. What do you think made the FAA tell you to wear a backup parachute and then make a last minute decision not to make you do so?.

Watched your jump with someone whose met you (and I believe has jumped with you also!).

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HUGE fan of your fashion sense! Do you and Tara plan your outfits together or do you just hope you both match when you show up to the events?.

What has been your friendship with Tara like over the years? Were you always as close as you appear now?.

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How was Dancing With The Stars?. Do you still talk to anyone from the show?.