What's up r/iama! My name is Rob Jefferson/MarvelExplained. I run a youtube channel designed to break Marvel Comics down for people who never read them but want to get into them. I started making youtube videos about 10 months ago and my channel has grown enough to allow me to leave my current job and pursue youtube full time. I wanted to do an AMA to answer questions you might have.

Proof: My channel. Further proof was supplied to the mods before I started this AMA.

Alright everyone, I am heading out. I had a great time answering questions with you all. I really want to do this again sometime but I have videos to produce! Thanks for the support everyone!

EDIT: Some of you have been asking questions about starting points for Marvel Comics. Here is a bunch of stuff I would suggest:

  • The Original Galactus Trilogy - March 1966 - Stan Lee/Jack Kirby - This is the story that started it all in Marvel Comics. This story introduced us to the existence of high level cosmic threats to not just the Earth, but the rest of the Marvel Universe. This also introduced Silver Surfer. This is a must read for anyone interested in how the expanded Marvel Universe beyond the planet Earth developed. This story appeared in Fantastic Four Volume 1 #48-50.

  • Mad Jim Jaspers and The Crooked World - September 1981 - Alan Moore/Alan Davis - Originally part of the Marvel UK brand, this story was a forerunner to all future stories involving alternate realities and paved the way for stories like Days of Future Past. This story brought us the Omniversal Majestrix Saturnyne, the Dimensional Development Court and centers around British Super Hero Captain Britain and Jim Jaspers, an incredibly powerful villain with the ability to alter reality. To this day, Jim Jaspers is argued to be the most powerful mutant in Marvel history. This story appeared in Marvel Super-Heroes #377–388, The Daredevils #1–11 and The Mighty World of Marvel volume 2 #7–13

  • The Days of Future Past - January 1981 - Chris Claremont/John Byrne - Where the Crooked World storyline set the stage for Alternate Realities, Days of Future Past established that with a good writer, an alternate reality storyline can be absolutely amazing. This is one of the best stories to come out of Chris Claremont's run of the X-Men in the 80's and is another must read for any Marvel Comics fan. This story appeared in Uncanny X-Men #141-142. (NOTE: Some trades release the whole story in one comic as Uncanny X-Men 141.)

  • God Loves, Man Kills - November 1982 - Chris Claremont/Brent Anderson - While X-Men 2 was based on this story but seemed to fall short, I consider this Chris Claremont's best work regarding the X-Men. This story centers around William Stryker who is a fanatical Evangelical Christian and leads a group called the Purifiers. This story also gives us incredible depth to William Stryker, Professor Charles Xavier and Magneto, something I think X-Men 2 failed to do. Furthermore, the story juxtaposes the struggle between mutants and humans with historical racial disputes in American society. There is a reason this is considered one of the greatest Marvel stories ever told.

  • Marvel Knights: Inhumans - November 1988 - Paul Jenkins/Jae Lee - While the Inhumans had previously debuted in Fantastic Four Volume 1 #45, this 12 issue series by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee is hands down the best story of the Inhumans in Marvel Comics. As part of the Marvel Knights imprint, this story can be considered self contained; that is to say it exists outside of the main Marvel Universe but most consider it Volume 2 of the Inhumans. Anyone who is a fan of the Inhumans will most likely have this story listed in their top 3 list of Inhuman events.

  • Marvel Knights: The Sentry - September 2000 - Paul Jenkins/Jae Lee - In addition to Marvel Knights: Inhumans, Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee gave us what I consider to be one of the best stories in the Marvel Knights series. Like Marvel Knights: Inhumans, this story is self contained and deals with a man named Robert Reynolds suddenly waking up and remembering that he is The Sentry, an astronomically powerful hero with a very dark side. When Marvel Knights came to an end, the characters was reintroduced with New Avengers Volume 1, something many Marvel fans consider to be a mistake.

  • Age of Apocalypse - January 1995 - Various Writers/Artists - Unlike other alternate reality stories, Age of Apocalypse did not crossover into existing groups. Instead, Age of Apocalypse was released with each existing group being replaced with its Age of Apocalypse counterpart. Example: X-Factor comics were replaced with Factor X; Generation X was called Generation Next and so on. This lasted for the entirety of the Age of Apocalypse event and gave the illusion that the existing continuity in Marvel Comics had officially been replaced. In addition, the reading order for this series varies based on the source meaning that for every source that offers a chronological reading order, another source will list it differently. This story centers around Apocalypse seizing control of North America after the death of Xavier by his son Legion, an impending nuclear holocaust and the question of whether or not the main timeline can be restored.

  • The Thanos Quest - September 1990 - Jim Starlin/Ron Lim - This 2 part series centers around how Thanos was able to gain the Infinity Gems and are important for a couple reasons. First it demonstrates that Thanos is intelligent, ruthless and cunning. Second, it demonstrates the love Thanos has for Mistress Death and the lengths he will go to in gaining her affection.

  • The Infinity Gauntlet - I don't think anything needs to be said here. Everyone knows this story.

  • House of M - June 2005 - Various Writers/Artists - After several failed attempts to reduce the mutant population in the Comics, Marvel launched House of M, a story whereby the Scarlet Witch altered reality. With multiple tie-ins which expanded on the main story, we saw a multitude of characters playing different roles, many of which were roles they had always dreamed of themselves playing. Example: Carol Danvers, someone who had always been in search of acceptance, was the most famous Super-Hero on Earth. The close of this event saw a substantial reduction in the mutant population from thousands down to 198. This story gave Marvel the opportunity to go back to the drawing board regarding mutants in Marvel Comics although many look at the current events and see this as a wasted opportunity.

  • Civil War - July 2006 - Various Writers/Artists - Considered to be one of the most prolific stories in Marvel, Civil War was a reflection of real world events dealing with the debate between freedom and security. While opinions vary on which tie ins are worth reading, Civil War Frontline is considered worth reading by most people.

  • Annihilation - This story is takes place at the same time as Civil War but is a Universal story dealing with Annihilus attempting to eliminate all life in the Universe. This also includes a 6 part story about Ronan the Accuser and is one of only a couple instances of stories based solely on his character.

  • The Thanos Imperative - This story centers around Peter Quill/Starlord, Thanos and Nova and deals with The Magus, The Universal Church of Truth and the Cancerverse. While not essential to the Marvel Universe, it is essential to understand why Starlord, Thanos and Nova were gone from the Marvel landscape for a time.

  • Secret Invasion - This retcons Civil War and is a little crazy. There is a lot that happens in this story and it can be a bit confusing. The events of secret invasion officially start at the end of House of M but the super hero community isn't aware of the threat until after Civil War.

  • Messiah Complex, Messiah War, Second Coming and The Twelve Lights - These stories involve the X-Men and the mutant community and gives us the arrival of Hope Summers. This is definitely an important read going into Avengers vs X-Men because you learn how Hope Summers came to be the person she is during AvX.

  • Future Foundation - A lot of people have said they didn't enjoy this story but I felt like it was a great story involving the Fantastic Four and is some of Hickman's best work. In this story we are introduced to the Council of Reeds, the Mad Celestials and the fact that Galactus is afraid of Franklin Richards. Franklin Richards also makes Galactus his herald and the scene when he shouts "Rise! To me my Galactus!" is pretty epic.

  • Avengers vs X-Men - Honestly, I felt like this story kinda sucked as it went on. It was awesome in the beginning with the impending return of the Phoenix Force but it seemed like Marvel didn't know what to do and screwed it up. The end of this story brings a return to the Mutant Community with a restoration of their powers.

Other events:

Marvel NOW! is just Marvel's way of allowing you to learn about characters instead of relearning about the all. For example, instead of learning the origins of Magneto in Uncanny X-Men 104/Classic X-Men 12, you learn about his origins in the Magneto solo series during Marvel NOW! Conversely, my suggestion is to read Greg Pak's Magneto Testament.

Son of M - This chronicles the actions of Quicksilver after the House of M. Honestly, this is an optional story and not one I would say is required reading.

Infinity - This story focuses on Thanos traveling across the cosmos to find his offspring. The basis for the story is a little silly but there are some excellent events. My favorite is when Thanos asks Black Bolt where Thanos' son is. Black Bolt screams and Thanos slams his head in the ground.

Inhumanity - This deals with the fallout of the Terrigen Bomb and the awakening of Inhuman genes throughout the world. Not an essential read.

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Ucala-Guk7 karma

How is it you make money? You tube is free. How much a month?

marvelexplained15 karma

I can't go in to detail on how much I make. In terms of how you make money, it's pretty straight forward.

  • You start a channel
  • Youtube lets you monetize
  • The more views you get, the more your CPM (Cost Per Thousand) goes up.

Networks provide a pay rate higher than what youtube would offer. If this doesn't explain it well enough, let me know.

Cammyrock4 karma

I've been thinking about starting a gaming channel, but have no idea where to start. What would you suggest for any new YouTuber?

marvelexplained13 karma

Man, this is a tough one to answer. With gaming, you are going to run into some problems from the gate. Gaming is super saturated on youtube and there are some high profile people out there already that you will be hard pressed to compete with (TheRadBrad, Cathy Diep, Chris Smoove, etc). That being said, if it's what you want to do, go through with it, just keep in mind that you may not turn into an overnight sensation.

Buy some good equipment. Purchase a condenser microphone, not dynamic. Purchase a pop filter, an external sound card, adobe audition and a compressor VST for Audition.

Cammyrock3 karma

This is definitely helpful. Yeah, I didn't expect to be popular overnight, just more a starting point. I'm glad I could bring the hard questions! :D

Seriously though, this is very helpful. Any estimate of the initial cost of those items?

marvelexplained5 karma

Well my sennheiser e865 was 99 bucks. The focus rite 2i2 is 149 I think? A pop filter is 20 bucks and everything else goes up from there with the Adobe products being the most expensive. Maybe...1000 dollars total for everything.

Cammyrock4 karma

I'm not familiar with some of these products. What's the advantage of adobe audition over something free like audacity, and what's the plugin for? Why do I need an external sound card? (I can look it up later if you don't want to answer)

marvelexplained10 karma

Audition is a far more powerful program than Audacity due to it's capabilities and ability to fine tune any effects. A compressor plugin will allow you to balance out the audio to make things smoother and an external sound card will allow you to send a better signal to your computer for processing.

ImAccomplish1 karma

Where did you get the sennheiser e865 for 99 dollars? It seems like its a bit over 200$.

marvelexplained2 karma

Guitar Center

poonani_richter3 karma

I am interested in how much Youtube pays out for their partners. When I did a quick google search, the top source claims the average channel receives $0.30-2.50 per 1000 monetized views. Since I expect you won`t want to specify your rate (please do if you want!), could you confirm or deny the accuracy of that range?

Secondly, I would like to know what fraction of your view count is being tallied as monetized views, given the popularity of Adblock, etc these days.

marvelexplained7 karma

I am interested in how much Youtube pays out for their partners. When I did a quick google search, the top source claims the average channel receives $0.30-2.50 per 1000 monetized views. Since I expect you won`t want to specify your rate (please do if you want!), could you confirm or deny the accuracy of that range?

I can neither confirm nor deny this. I can say that there is a reason why people go with Networks.

Secondly, I would like to know what fraction of your view count is being tallied as monetized views, given the popularity of Adblock, etc these days.

I honestly don't know off hand. I would have to go through and calculator the difference between views and monetized views.

FuckMeRunning56482 karma

Hey man, I freakin love your videos. I've became an avid Marvel fan because of the MCU, and do not have as many comics as I should. Usually when there is a name drop or easter egg mentioned in the movies or over at /r/marvelstudios, I go right to your videos to get an explanation of said character, and how they fit in the marvel universe.

So thank you! I truly appreciate your videos. Please keep it up. My question is: what is your favorite marvel superhero?

marvelexplained2 karma

Franklin Richards. Hands down.

r_antrobus1 karma

What are you going to do when the Superhero bubble bursts and you run out of stuff to explain?

marvelexplained2 karma

You mean when comic books cease to exist?

r_antrobus1 karma


There comes a time where Superhero movies will lose their luster and people will not flock to cinemas to see em' any more...and they'll probably stop watching Superhero explanation videos too. What are you going to do then? Do you have a contingency plan?

marvelexplained1 karma

Well if the interest in comic book movies fades something between now and Infinity War, then I am sure I can figure something out.

Krispy891 karma

This may have been answered already, but I'm going to ask it anyway.

Do you purely make your money off of YouTube views to your channel or do you have another job on the side?

(If you're in the US, I cannot see who you can purely survive on just YouTube views without having a job on the side.)

Context: I'm from Australia, where our base wage is (on average) double than the US.

marvelexplained1 karma

Purely youtube views.

callumcoxyyy211 karma

I looked at your channel, you say it covers your cost of living with 85k subs. So how much money do people like pewdiepie make?

marvelexplained2 karma

In 2013, PewDiePie confirmed that he makes 4 million dollars a year.

the_sloppy_J1 karma

Which Spider-Man run is your favorite?

marvelexplained2 karma

None of them.

randomguitarlaguna1 karma

Just recently got back into comics after not reading any comics in a few years! I just finished Annihilation last night. Any suggestions as a starting point for the Inhumans? What do you think of the Spider-Verse crossover?

marvelexplained1 karma

Read Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee Inhumans Volume 2. After that, check out Infinity and Inhumanity.

Mundi421 karma

Heyy I've seen some of your videos and really liked them! But my question is who is the hottest female character in the marvel universe and what powers would be the best for sex!?

marvelexplained1 karma

Kitty definitely. Scarlet Witch is crazy as hell.

Mundi423 karma

Haha okay! But are there any male characters that you would go gay for?

marvelexplained2 karma

Captain America is the only one who comes to mind. I love the way he holds his "shield".

TwasARockLobsta1 karma

What's your long term plan? Or do you see yourself being able to support yourself till retirement off YouTube?

marvelexplained1 karma

I see myself doing this for another 5-10 years Myself and a couple other guys are starting a business based off of our youtube channels which will allow us more breathing room.

raptor_theo1 karma

Thoughts on Ant Man? (Hank Pym mainly)

marvelexplained2 karma

Meh, he beat his wife.

raptor_theo2 karma

Dis guy...

So I assume you don't care about Spider-Man?

marvelexplained3 karma

Nope, not a big fan. I get why he is popular and significant, his character just never resonated with me.