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What would be some general tips/advice that you would give to get people active on the dating scene?

What would be the client's hesitation/reluctance to do so in the first place?

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Some great advice there. I'll be sure to send some Reddit Gold to you, kind stranger :D

EDIT: Gold is on it's way to you. Easier than I thought.

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Hi Steve,

In your opinion, does the mantra "I've done nothing wrong, so I've got nothing to hide." hold up anymore in today's society?

Especially with the Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione's comments yesterday.

Also, what does iInet look for when hiring people? I've worked previously at an independent ISP out at Homebush, so I have a little bit of experience under my belt, and I feel that iInet would be brilliant to advance my skillset.

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Hi from Australia,

Considering you were quite young when you did the Home Alone films, looking back in hindsight, what was one thing that you wished you did differently back then that would've made a huge difference today?

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Sorry if this has been asked already, but what made you decide to become a voice actor in the first place?

Was it something you wanted to give a go, or was it your first choice for a career?