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I knew people would ask this and I reeeeeealllly want to answer it specifically. All I can say, without risking getting in trouble, is that I make enough to cover all my cost of living.

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lol who is this?

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It's a network contract thing. I couldn't give you the absolute reason behind it since there probably isn't one, but I can hazard a guess:

Some networks pay a lot better than others for one reason or another. Maker can get better ad buys (higher paying ads) than TGN. If everyone knew how much TGN pays on average, what reason would there be for anyone to partner with TGN over Maker? The same applies the other way around in support of TGN. Networks like to keep the amount they pay very secret so they remain appealing to people pursuing a network.

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Within youtube you have multi channel networks. These networks make money by attracting channels with large or growing subscriber bases and views. The networks can secure higher rates of pay for you tubers than what youtube would offer by having higher paying ads play before the videos. For example, youtube might pay $3 amount per 1000 views but OmniaMediaCorp might pay $20 per 1000 views. OmniaMediaCorp can do this because they can attract higher paying advertisers.

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Marvel has a standard on what you are allowed to use on youtube. As long as I don't use to many images, I am fine. The other half of this is that what I do is new territory in a lot of ways. Things are still being figured out and I will adjust to whatever standards Marvel requests.