Hi, I am Rivers from weezer. We recently released our new album “Everything Will Be Alright In The End” which you can listen to here Or here.

Ask Me Anything.

proof: https://twitter.com/RiversCuomo/status/535582610903166976

UPDATE: Thanks for doing this AMA with me. I'm signing off now. Have a great night.

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Sumidiotdude1185 karma

Hey Rivers, just wondering if you ever ended up seeing Green Day live? Also what are your thoughts on this gif?

rivercuomo741 karma

Yes I have seen Green Day live.

vaderbombs727 karma

Rivers, what do you think when you look back at yourself in the 90's?

rivercuomo2197 karma

We rule.

hzlaugher584 karma

What ever happened to the girl from "Across the Sea"?

rivercuomo960 karma

Good question. I don't know the answer.

RealLanceStorm559 karma

How did you come up with the "Watching Grunge leg drop New Jack through a press table?" Were you an ECW fan?

rivercuomo803 karma

That's one of the two lines on Pinkerton I didn't write. I took it from an essay of a classmate of mine. Though the person in question didn't want credit.

BreesusisMagic557 karma

Hi Rivers! When I was 16, I heard Falling For You for the first time, and I thought that guitar solo must be what falling in love felt like. I've been a huge fan ever since. : )

A few questions, answer any or all that you'd like:

-Did you really shave your head and try to be a monk?

-What is the line in Greatest Man after "Hey this is what I like!"? I never could figure it out.

-If you hadn't become a famous musician, what do you think you'd be doing?

rivercuomo658 karma

  • I didn't shave my head but I asked my mother if I could, and I said I wanted to be a monk, but my parents talked me out of it. And technically I was asking to be a sannyasa, not a Catholic monk
  • "Cut my heart with a martyr's spike". I don't sing that line though, Scott and Brian do

capybara9495 karma

Do you have any special pre-show ritual you have to do before you go on anywhere? Or any rituals specific to do for a particular city or region?

rivercuomo1117 karma

Scott and I have to play frisbee for at least 10 minutes before every show. It helps warm up our hands, concentrate our minds, and get us in our own little world.

impcat490 karma

Who is 'Eulogy for a rock band' about?

rivercuomo991 karma

We'll tell you on the day he dies.

thecheat420442 karma

What's the craziest thing a fan has ever sent you?

rivercuomo1636 karma

Twice I've gotten fan mail at my house for Brandon Boyd, the singer of Incubus. Two different houses even.

wordtress430 karma

Hi Rivers! Would the band consider a camp instead of a cruise for 2016? :)

rivercuomo908 karma

How about both?

Beezelj427 karma

Hi Rivers! Weezer is my favorite band and my birthday is Saturday. Can I get a shoutout?

What is your favorite animal?

rivercuomo758 karma

  • Happy Birthday!
  • Pig
  • My favorite insect is spider

darevalo404 karma

What are 2 albums (not weezer) that you think every weezer fan should listen into?

rivercuomo1096 karma

I would recommend Beach Boys' Pet Sounds and Ozma's Rock and Roll Part Three

divingstation386 karma

A lot of fans who drifted away from your post-Pinkerton work have now returned to the fold with EWBAITE. Do you feel any pressure from them to live up to the high expectations for the next album?

rivercuomo700 karma

No. We're grateful to our fans for reminding us of who we are and encouraging us to be ourselves. We're confident we're going to keep making kick ass music that we all love.

da_crust_keoza332 karma

Hey Rivers, 2 questions

  1. Why do you usually tune your guitars a half step down?
  2. Why did you change to standard tuning for the Green album?

rivercuomo539 karma

  1. I started tuning down a half step when I started being a lead singer when I was around 20 because it was easier for me to hit he high notes.
  2. On Green and Malaldroit I got interested in being more traditional like the other great bands before us. That included trying standard tuning.

lanesw323 karma

Cleopatra is my favorite song on the new album. Who's idea was it to put that sweet-ass extra quarter note in the first measure of the chorus phrases?

Also, you guys have crafted such a fantastic record. Every time I listen to it I hear so much hard work, thoughtfulness and heart coming through the speakers. Very grateful. Thanks for doing this AMA, Rivers!

rivercuomo406 karma

It just came to me, that's how the melody popped into my head. And I wasn't counting beats.

welp42316 karma

Besides Buddy Holly, who else do you get mistaken for?

rivercuomo759 karma

I remember when I started out I was shooting for the Rick Moranis look. But no one ever thought I was him.

eightbic297 karma

Do you still enjoy messing with people in your responses to interviews?

rivercuomo456 karma

No, I don't indulge that instinct of mine anymore.

imwithpinkerton295 karma

Hi rivers! I met you on the cruise and you were super shy, as was I.... You are a huge role model to me, and I totally respect your work and your personality. But my question is, what is going through your mind when you meet us? Is it being overwhelmed? Annoyance? Happiness? Hope to meet you again in Atlanta! -Mariah

rivercuomo691 karma

I usually like to hear what you're excited about right now in your life. Whether it's a book, a movie, another band, or some new hobby. Teach me something. Tell me something I don't already know.

Chico_Fiesta194 karma

Dear Rivers, I am a huge fan and absolutely loved EWBAITE.

My question is, looking forward, what is the next step for you personally after the touring and everything for EWBAITE dies down? Is it going back into the studio and focusing on more stuff for weezer? Alone 4? Releasing everything from the vaults and giving fans the whole song catalogue (HOMiE please)?

Thanks so much for doing this AMA, you're my biggest inspiration! =w=

rivercuomo332 karma

Of course we hope to make many more great albums but that is a long way off. The EWBAITE era has just begun.

Jamekae188 karma

Your Spotify playlists contains most of the artier Beach Boys albums but I did notice an absence of the fascinating Love You. Are you not a fan of the record? I've always acknowledged it as a spiritual predecessor to Pinkerton due to its lyrical directness and beautifully raw aesthetic.

rivercuomo253 karma

Did you post that on the Fanclub page? I listened to the song there and was reminded of how incredible it was. I never had that album but I had mix tapes with some of those songs on it. It's unbelievable.

Nickorice186 karma

What is your favorite hobby when you're not making music?

rivercuomo441 karma

Going to Shakespeare plays.

odnad155 karma

Really enjoyed your interview with Mark on the What the Fuck podcast.

Cats or dogs?

rivercuomo164 karma

I can't decide.

aroa121149 karma

Do your kids help decorate your guitars with stickers?

rivercuomo314 karma

The stickers on my guitars come mostly from fans, and I always need more! So please bring some to the shows if you can--if you have some extras.

of_halicarnassus149 karma

Hey Rivers: what was the inspirationlike for "I'm King"?

Thank you for the music.

rivercuomo309 karma

I can't remember who it was, but somebody pissed me off.

rivercuomo406 karma

OH, I think I just remembered who it was...

masonrb500141 karma

How was the songwriting process different on Everything Will Be Alright In The End compared to other albums?

rivercuomo243 karma

It's pretty much the same, but I composed some of the more complicated musical passages on piano, which is a new thing for me.

BreesusisMagic127 karma

Boxers, briefs, or superman skivvies?

rivercuomo293 karma

Boxer briefs


What is your favorite Yngwie Malmsteen song to play?

rivercuomo185 karma

Far Beyond the Sun

B5B0N35109 karma

What is the craziest and or dumbest think you've done on stage?

rivercuomo298 karma

I don't want to say because I'm really embarrassed and sorry.

neurotic_llama108 karma

Hey Rivers! Have you read any good books lately that you can recommend?

rivercuomo240 karma

So many. Nonfiction - Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande. Fiction - Crime and Punishment. Also on a giant Shakespeare kick.

KilgoreSeaBass107 karma

You've played with so many excellent bands. Who was one of the best?

rivercuomo266 karma

Stereolab was pretty amazing.

ilikeicecream381 karma

“The Other Way” has been on the setlist for recent shows which I’m more than happy about because it’s a great deep cut. Can we expect other deep cuts on upcoming tours? You guys have a massive catalogue and I’m sure many fans, including myself, would go to multiple shows on a single tour if we knew there would be different songs played each night. Please give Maladroit some more attention :). Love the new album by the way.

rivercuomo122 karma

These recent EWBAITE shows were maybe my favorite shows I've ever played as a musician. Looking forward to throwing more curve balls in the future.

Such_Great_Heights_80 karma

What was your favorite song to record?

rivercuomo172 karma

In my life? Maybe the Futurescope Trilogy because it's the most emotional.

rivercuomo70 karma

In my life? Maybe the Futurescope Trilogy because it is the most emotional.

JoeCool88875 karma

What has been the most difficult obstacle in your career? How did you overcome it?

rivercuomo230 karma

Self doubt. Which was overcome only by the intensity of my desire to be a musician and share my music with the world.

chicenbock73 karma

Thanks for doing this, Rivers! I've never been more excited for an AMA Before. You have been my favorite musician/celebrity since I was 4 years old, when my dad put on the blue album in the car and told me that he had a new band for me. I even wrote a research paper about weezer last year. I respect and admire your successes and think that your rise to the top of the music industry is unbelievable. Also, we have the same birthday, so that's pretty cool.

Now for my questions!

-Which song and band have been the biggest influences on you as a musician? I know you were inspired by nirvana, but is there any unexpected band or song that has inspired you?

  • did you ever find the girl you're singing about in "across the sea?" If you did, what happened with her?

-how did you and your father make up? In older songs like "say it ain't so" it seems that you harbor so much resentment for him, but in more recent songs like "foolish father" it seems like you've forgiven him. How did you guys reconnect?

-will you be coming to DC for a show? I couldn't make it to Philadelphia but am dying to see you live for a 5th time in a more intimate venue!

rivercuomo99 karma

  • 1. The musician that I've most consistently connected to through my entire life is J.S. Bach
  • 2. First I started seeing him when we were on tour in Europe in the 90s, and then he moved from Germany to Southern California and I started seeing him more often.

clomax66 karma

Hi Rivers! What was the first song you wrote for ewbaite?

rivercuomo135 karma

Weezer Cruise 2012 so I think it was... I would have to go back and check my notes but I think it was Ain't Got Nobody or Cleopatra.

rivercuomo72 karma

Weezer Cruise 2012 so I think it was... I would have to go back and check my notes but I think it was Ain't Got Nobody or Cleopatra.

rivercuomo68 karma

Weezer Cruise 2012 so I think it was... I would have to go back and check my notes but I think it was Ain't Got Nobody or Cleopatra.

ModerateRock59 karma

What's your favorite movie?

rivercuomo104 karma

I'm not a big movie guy.

cautino58 karma

Question: is EWBAITE the story of your relationship with your fans?

rivercuomo105 karma

EWBAITE has many levels and many stories, one of which is our relationship with the fans.

TitusPullus56 karma

Hey Rivers, big fan! I have two questions.

  1. Will Weezer ever release a fully made Songs From The Black Hole?
  2. Are you going to release the b-sides from EWBAITE? If so when?

I also had to throw this in somewhere! =w=

rivercuomo94 karma

  1. We are releasing an exclusive 7" single with a new song to the weezer fan club next year. Join at weezer.com

JustonianD51 karma

Ive seen you with an Alienware laptop in some videos. What kind of games do you play on it?

rivercuomo169 karma

I don't have an Alienware laptop, I have a Razer Blade. I don't play games but I had to a 512GB hard drive because I like to keep working on my demos in aAbleton when I'm on the road. My laptop is synced to my desktop computer via dropbox.

clomax49 karma

Hi Rivers! Have you ever thought to turn EWBAITE or SFTBH into a live Broadway musical like Green Day did with American Iidot?

rivercuomo139 karma

Honestly I'm 100% satisfied creatively artistically physically mentally and emotionally, playing these EWBAITE shows. They have been the greatest musical experience of my life. I haven't had any need to think of future steps at the moment.

jaxdan49 karma

Did you feel any extra pressure at the Bowery Ballroom show with Ric Ocasek watching in the crowd? p.s. that show was amazing.

rivercuomo94 karma

We always feel a little extra pressure when Ric is around, whether it's at a show or in the studio. That's one of the reasons it's so helpful to work with him; he inspires us to bring our A game.

moldycakemix48 karma

Hi Rivers! :) What are your favorite places to tour?

rivercuomo104 karma

Anywhere where there's a high percentage of hardcore fans and fan clubbers

Leghairgreysock41 karma

How do I buy the Pinkerton Diaries now? The website you were selling it on has been down for over a month.

Onlyadirector27 karma

Hey Rivers, now that its been a few weeks since the release of EWBAITE, do you listen back to some of the songs and think "wow I should've added this or removed this here"? Are there any songs that you feel should've had more improvement?

rivercuomo60 karma

No, we really took our time making this album and had plenty of chances to go back and tweak things until it was just right.

clomax25 karma

Hey Rivers! Is there more detail with the concept album than just what is in the story of the songs?

rivercuomo49 karma

Yeah, theres a lot more detail. You can see pieces of the story in the webisodes on YouTube. #weezerwednesday And maybe other pieces will be coming out in other ways in the future.

redditguy00115 karma

What song did you wake up to Today?

rivercuomo28 karma

San Fermin - Sonsick. It's incredible.

mostlyboredstudent8 karma

Hey Rivers! Thanks for joining us at Reddit! Here are the questions I would be interested in seeing answered and I think many others will be too. Thank you for your time!

  1. During the recording of the Green album, there was a meeting with the record executives that potentially changed the direction the album. Could you please tell us in depth what happened? Were the executives unhappy with the songs selected? Or the production? There was also a rumor that you were sick recording those songs and your throat was strained. Any truth to that? If so, how did they affect the recordings?

  2. You debuted the DC demos two weeks after Green debuted. What was the reasoning behind this? Was this in response to how the label forced your hand with Green and you were more decided in doing things that may not make them happy?

  3. What was your mindset when Mikey checked himself into rehab? I know that he had substance abuse problems and as such my question really isn't on his circumstances. It's more to do with what went on in your mind that lead to the situation to play out as it did where you ended up firing Mikey and bringing in Scott.

  4. What really happened with Matt? There was the bittersweet reunion at Fullerton. But nothing since then. When this was brought up you responded that you two have your own special brand of dysfunction. Still for a lot of us it was Matt's presence that added a lot of personality to the band and we're still wondering what the heck happened. Some stories say that he missed band practice and so you had no choice but to fire him. Others say that you forced his hand by calling in practices without respect for how he wanted to spend his time. What happened?

  5. What was the recording process on Everything Will Be All Right Like? How was it was it different from how you went about previous albums? How was it the same? After the reaction to your past three albums that band was finally all washed up (Raditude, Hurley, Death to False Metal), what was the band's mindset going into the studio? Pessimism? Fear? Apathy?

  6. What are your feelings on the positive reaction to Everything Will Be All Right in the End? Do you feel the album has bought you more goodwill and capital to experiment with in the future? Or has it cemented what the fans are looking for in a Weezer album and you'll continue to give them what they want.

  7. Have you considered side bands again, like Homie in 1998, to explore songs that may not be a fit for Weezer? It feels like over the past ten years you've used the Weezer label to encompass songs from every genre even if those songs may not have been right for Weezer. Do you feel side bands like Homie could be a conductive way to continue creating new and interesting songs that cater to your open creativity without the stiffling expectations of Weezer fans?

  8. How democratic is Weezer now? It used to be that you decided everything to the last detail. How has changing Weezer from a purely autocratic Rivers Cuomo band to something more democratic changed the end result? How different would a purely Rivers Cuomo dictated Everything Will Be All Right in the End be from the version we received?

  9. If the fans were open to it, would you be down to composing a purely Rivers Cuomo only album without any democratic influence from other individuals? The Alone albums were essentially like this though many of those were of low production and, I think you would agree, unfinished. Or is Weezer it and you're no longer interested in doing a solo-ish album like Pinkerton or Songs From The Black Hole ever again? From just one fan, that would be a tragedy.

  10. What do you feel are the creative differences between your earlier works and your current work? A majority still feels Blue and Pinkerton are superior to everything you've done since and its just as clear that this haunts the band. There is a humanist element to Blue and Pinkerton that is missing in almost all your albums up to Everything Will Be All Right in the End. Pinkerton isn't heralded only because of how people relate to your lyrics and music, but because from an outside perspective it speaks to the human condition in a way that films like The Shawshank Redemption, Schindler's List, and Amelie do. Would you agree with this? In your mind what do you think people, fans and critics, adore about those albums? Do you chalk it up to simple nostalgia?

  11. It's hard not to assume that songs like Pardon Me were written in response to RCB members asking for more honest lyrics. However it feels like although something like "Pardon Me" may be an honest lyric and statement, it isn't necessarily an articulate reflection on what it means to be human. The song is a personal statement by you, but said without any context, or sense of reflection on what it would means to be pardoned, listeners are left out of the loop because they don't know what you are asking to be pardoned for. Rather than leaving them curious, it only leaves them alienated. Could this alienation in your lyrics be one of the contributing factors as to why your other albums aren't held in as high esteem as Blue and Pinkerton? And is this the difference between why Everything Will Be All Right In The End has been received so favorably?

  12. Is Pat pissed that he can't play guitar anymore live?

rivercuomo19 karma

  1. The only time I noticed a sickness effecting my voice is on Make Believe. I think I sound a little stuffed up on some songs but probably only I notice.

alienabuilder3 karma

Rivers! So excited to have you here on Reddit, thank you very much for being here!

When I was about twelve I decided I wanted to play guitar. My parents encouraged me by sending me to a badass teacher who ended up introducing me to Weezer. I started out learning Butterfly, Island in the Sun, Jamie, and Buddy Holly. I couldn't get enough of it and you music helped me a lot in my teens. I really want to say thank you for always having a song I can turn to for every mood or situation or need.

So my question for you today is: when did you learn to play guitar, what was the experience like, and what music did you first start out practicing?

Bonus question: you seem to be a really amazing dad, what's your favorite piece of parenting wisdom?

rivercuomo10 karma

  • I borrowed my brother's guitar when I was 13 and I got my own guitar for my 14th birthday. I started with KISS and Judas Priest. I remember my fingertips hurt a lot, and I sounded really bad, but it was a thrill to approximate the sound I was hearing on my favorite records.