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What movie or show in recent years do you feel would have been made better with Hartman's humor? Why and how?

Learning of the circumstances surrounding his death was shocking to me, as I was too young when he died to know the details. Were there warning signs that this could have been avoided?

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Rivers! So excited to have you here on Reddit, thank you very much for being here!

When I was about twelve I decided I wanted to play guitar. My parents encouraged me by sending me to a badass teacher who ended up introducing me to Weezer. I started out learning Butterfly, Island in the Sun, Jamie, and Buddy Holly. I couldn't get enough of it and you music helped me a lot in my teens. I really want to say thank you for always having a song I can turn to for every mood or situation or need.

So my question for you today is: when did you learn to play guitar, what was the experience like, and what music did you first start out practicing?

Bonus question: you seem to be a really amazing dad, what's your favorite piece of parenting wisdom?

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I'm beyond angry to have missed this AMA!!

I've read pillars six times, world without end only twice, and the thought of a third in the series has me salivating with anticipation! My reddit name ought to share how much I loved your book but it is more than just that.

On the off chance that you read this question, I'd love to know how you felt about the pillars of the earth miniseries that was made. I have only made it through a few episodes as it was a recent gift, but what I have seen was almost frustrating since so many changes had been made to the story. Did you approve all edits? I know you were really involved. Was it difficult to see a story you wrote be changed so much for television?


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Thank you!