I'm an actress, singer, songwriter, life coach, blogger, baker, christmas aficionado, and a starbucks connoisseur. You may also know me as the Sloth Queen. I was in Little Miss Sunshine, The Call, Zombieland, August: Osage County and many more...

Ask me about music, sloths, relationships, sloths, television, movies, Dwight Shrute, Kelly Kapoor, christmas, baking, kale juice, singing, songwriting, blogging, filming, or anything else that comes to mind.

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IamSpencerBreslin1656 karma

why is spencer the cool one?

yoabbaabba1611 karma

he (you) isn't (aren't)

roku9413784 karma

They've recently announced a zombieland 2. Would you be down to come back?

yoabbaabba1043 karma

I'd be down.

porn_theater_refugee683 karma

To what factors do you contribute your (apparent) transition from child star to stable, non-psychotic adult star?

yoabbaabba1225 karma

Probably my parents and friends. I may be stable, but no one ever said i was non-psychotic.

logically622 karma

When was the last time you watched Little Miss Sunshine?

yoabbaabba1502 karma

When I was 16 and I was shocked by how many things I didn't understand while I was little.

ojibhawk556 karma

Do you remember much from making the movie Signs? Btw, I was never able to look on top of a shed throughout my entire youth after watching that movie.

yoabbaabba1080 karma

Wow, nice. I don't remember much besides me being in a bizarre obsession with polly pockets at the time.

natanaj538 karma

do you ever think there's gonna be this massive nuclear holocaust, and after all the major nations are destroyed there'll just be the tribes in the jungles, and they'll rise up and survive, and jungle warfare is gonna rule the world?

yoabbaabba568 karma


RJB1337456 karma

Are you really a super freak?

yoabbaabba1215 karma

Depends on the time of day, and barometric pressure.

kdk12k2k12444 karma

Are there roles or subjects that you'd like to play/try?

What actors do you look up to the most?

What are your favorite movies?

And why are you up so late?! Are you a night owl?

yoabbaabba1159 karma

I would love to do a period piece.

Pretty much everybody, I'm kind of short.

Girl Interrupted, The Breakfast Club, A Christmas Carol.

Because I have no chill.

ChanceVance426 karma

How much fun was it to work on Zombieland?What was Bill Murray like?

yoabbaabba734 karma

It was super fun! Bill Murray had all the chill

Laurenn133380 karma

What was it like to work with Meryl Streep? What is SHE like?❤️

yoabbaabba861 karma

She is the coolest person in the world and totally normal. But flawless she is bae.

ameliahannah284 karma

What has been the best experience of your life so far?

yoabbaabba565 karma

Meeting a sloth in London!

ojibhawk262 karma

If you could only pick one to be your real life mom out of Rachel Weisz, Isla Fisher, and Elizabeth Banks who would it be?

yoabbaabba546 karma

Isla Fisher because I've worked with her a couple of times, so she probably knows me the best, and would mother me accordingly.

Beastiac206 karma

Loved you in "Signs". Did you get to eat any of the food that was prepared for the last family meal with Mel, Joaquin, and Rory? What would your actual last meal consist of?

yoabbaabba366 karma

yes i did and my last meal would be tons of cupcakes and eggnog lattes

Redundant_Blarg202 karma

What's it like being a famous teenager? Do you ever wish for the life of a "normal" teenager?

yoabbaabba562 karma

Most of my life is pretty normal. When I'm not working I'm just watching christmas movies tbh.

Dgarcher180 karma

Who would better defend you against zombies Arnold or Emma?

yoabbaabba248 karma

the 2 of them together would be an unstoppable pair

redditguy001176 karma

What song pops up in your mind when you read this?

yoabbaabba494 karma

blood bank by bon iver

sumant28166 karma

Would you rather be in a leading role with your dream co-star or dream director?

yoabbaabba305 karma

dream director

iadambutchart148 karma

What are your emotions right now?

yoabbaabba273 karma


Sarahvevanss146 karma

Hey girl I'm 16 and trying to become and actress and I just think you are all around fabulous and ya you keep doing you. Ily you are a queen

Also your blog is great and can we be best friends?

yoabbaabba281 karma

THANK YOU BABY. and yes of course we can <3

blueveinedlion134 karma

Is there a character type that you have not had the opportunity to play and wish to?

yoabbaabba447 karma

I really want to play a bitch.

NorbitGorbit132 karma

which productions had the best food? what was the weirdest dietary habits of co-stars, directors, etc... that you've come across?

yoabbaabba281 karma

Production with the best food was, Raising Hellen. Tyler Shields, who is one of my best friends and directed the movie Final Girl, only eats things he can pour A1 sauce on.

KushTheKitten126 karma

As an actor what draws you to a role?

yoabbaabba279 karma

If the person is somebody that I would like to know in real life.

hitRECordRo116 karma

What do you think you'd be doing today if you weren't an Actress?

yoabbaabba420 karma

Breeding sloths.

97_Glen_Rice109 karma

Would you rather have a flying bear or a talking lion?

yoabbaabba250 karma

talking lion

Redundant_Blarg86 karma

What was your favorite role as an actor so far and why?

P.S. I think you were awesome in Zombieland

yoabbaabba160 karma

Probably the last movie I did, Maggie. It was the most emotionally challenging part I have had yet.

inthedarque70 karma

Do you ever read the gossip sites to see if you pop up?

yoabbaabba251 karma

nah just gives too much unnecessary anxiety. i'm more focused on what my friends/family/cats and dogs think of me.

inthedarque136 karma

Uh oh, been awhile since her last response. She may have found a baby sloth video.

yoabbaabba392 karma

yes sorry

imthegame1958 karma

Do you know when Maggie is coming out? When Lionsgate bought it we heard early 2015, but haven't gotten a release date yet.

yoabbaabba135 karma

It comes out in April 2015.

Corrix9853 karma

If you were to vacation anywhere, where would you vacation, and with who?

yoabbaabba201 karma

i would vacation with a baby sloth to alaska.

ImTonyDanza44 karma

What's your go to dance move?

yoabbaabba155 karma

raise da roof

BrodyCole38 karma

Hello Ms. Breslin! Thank you for doing this AMA! Been a fan of yours for a while now and just wanted to congratulate you on such an awesome career so far. And good luck in the future. I guess I should ask something now, haha. Having just turned 18 this year, you have done so much for your career in such little time. Do you see yourself continuing on this busy path in terms of acting. Or do you plan on taking a break at any point to focus on something else or to just chill?

yoabbaabba75 karma

Thanks a lot! I plan on continuing to act, but I am also recording an album. Also I am taking lots of time to chill at night. :)

martinsan12533 karma


yoabbaabba89 karma

Recording my album at the moment.

Nolafredo28 karma

Would you ever consider entering a baking competition?

yoabbaabba77 karma

yes and id definitely (not) win!!

[deleted]0 karma


yoabbaabba4 karma

i grew up in NYC and it was glorious.

mspm89-1 karma

What do you think about the real life inspiration for your role in Perfect Sisters? You do know they toned down the sisters' nastyness, right?

yoabbaabba6 karma

I wanted to make a movie not a documentary so I don't know.

jowen96-6 karma

Think you should marry me? I'm pretty cool yano I stay up when ever I want because I don't know what rules are wait never mind I'm not even that cool so yano probably best off if you didn't 😭😭

yoabbaabba7 karma

If i didn't have a boyfriend, totally.