Hey Reddit!

It's Rob Riggle here to answer all of your questions for the next two hours or so. Also, I have a new movie opening this Friday. Maybe you've heard of it?

Dumb and Dumber To

We can talk about that or anything else you guys have for me!



EDIT: Thanks for a fun couple of hours guys! It was a real pleasure answering your questions. Have a great November and go see Dumb and Dumber To!

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IamRobRiggle249 karma

Pow! Pow!

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Rob Riggle. You and I are going on a date. Where do you take me and what do we do?

P.S. Pow!

IamRobRiggle242 karma

Not 100% sure but probably.... Drinks, dinner, Hollywood party, then off to a cock fight or some other blood sport that involves high stakes gambling...then some more drinks and we'll call it a night!

CountryNerd171 karma

Easy there Rob, I already called dibs on this one.

IamRobRiggle233 karma

Hey man...she approached me....

CountryNerd176 karma

Listen, you're doing great man, this is an awesome AMA. We're having a great time and everybody's having fun. You pulled it off, but if you don't change your face, I'm gonna change it for you.

IamRobRiggle212 karma

Are we in international waters yet?!

Keshabro103 karma

Hey Rob,

What does Channing Tatum smell like? Asking for a friend.

IamRobRiggle198 karma

He smells like winning and freshly cut grass in June, somewhere in the mountains near Aspen...

3scompany4throomate64 karma

How did you celebrate Veteran's day?

IamRobRiggle236 karma

I went to my daughter's school Veteran's Day assembly, then did press for "Dumb & Dumber To" then did @midnight on Comedy Central, then took my family out for dinner. I also reached out to many of my friends from the Marines and wished them well. Semper Fi everyone!

BluePolitico59 karma

Fuck, marry, kill: Terry Bradshaw, Michael Strahan, Jimmy Johnson?

IamRobRiggle123 karma

Marry Strahan, F Bradshaw and K Jimmy... No justifications

Glochian57 karma

2 questions for you Mr. Riggle....1.) would you of sent Alex Gordon if you were the Royals 3rd base coach? 2.) Which one of the players on the Giants team has a punch able face? POWWWW

IamRobRiggle96 karma

Sending Alex Gordon will be debated for years to come in KC....however, a couple thoughts... I would have loved to see Alex get the go-a-head and head for homeplate on that play...odds are he would have got picked off at home...but maybe, just maybe he gets in safe... however, if he was sent and did get nailed, people would have pouted and complained that we should have "never" sent him.... There's no way to know. 2) No punches for the Giants...they played a great series and had a great victory.

JRKLLL55 karma

Are you friends with fellow Overland Park guys Paul Rudd and Jason Sudekis?

IamRobRiggle104 karma

Yes! I'm friends with both Paul and Jason! In fact, we do a charity event every year back in KC called the "Big Slick!" www.bigslickkc.org

michigandolphin50 karma

What was the transition from Marine to comedian like?

You kick ass. POW!

IamRobRiggle124 karma

1) Thanks! 2) It wasn't hard, that's who I am... The work, grinding it out for years trying to catch a break and develop as an actor and comedian while all your friends and family quietly judge your choices and it feels like everyone around you is moving forward in their lives and you're not getting anywhere... that's the hard part... Pardon the run-on sentence, I'm trying to answer a lot of questions here, no time for proper grammar!

arbitrary_aardvark48 karma

How did it feel getting shot in the dick?

IamRobRiggle202 karma

You realize of course, that was a scene from a movie... It was make believe. That didn't really happen....

oscarveli46 karma

In your opinion, who is the funniest actor or comedian that you have ever worked with?

IamRobRiggle135 karma

That's truly tough to say... I love so many different comedians/actors that I've worked with... I can't say there is "a" favorite, but some of my favorites have been... Will Ferrell, Jonah Hill, Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels, Jake Johnson, Damon Wayans Jr. and Channing TatYUM.

KidRockOFFICIAL41 karma

Hey Rob! It looks like you guys had a ball filming "21 Jump street". Were Jonah and Channing great guys to work with? I need me some Doug McQuade.

IamRobRiggle102 karma

Honestly.... it was a dream shoot! Jonah and Channing are both incredible guys. Jonah is so generous and funny....he's an amazing writer and producer...like one of the best I've ever worked with...and Channing is a total stud. He's funny, clever and almost as cut as me....

mcbogart40 karma

Have you ever done full frontal nudity? Would you be willing to do a Buffalo Bill in a movie?

IamRobRiggle114 karma

Not yet! Keep looking for the right script...but alas it just hasn't appeared yet... I would probably do a "Buffalo Bill" (let's call it the "Tuck Dance") in a movie, but I'm afraid it would be TOO sexy!

Bongzilla_37 karma

McRob Sandwich! Do you hold in farts around your wife or do you let em rip? Seriously man.

IamRobRiggle115 karma

I hold my farts....and I expect the same from others. It's the death of romance for couples.


Hey Rob Riggle! Thank you so much for giving us this chance

  • What was it like working with the cast and crew of Dumb and Dumber To?

  • Do you have any off camera memories from SNL?

Thank you again for giving us this opportunity, on behalf of this AMA I'd like to commend you on your talents and wish you luck on your current and future projects

IamRobRiggle61 karma

It was surreal working with "Harry" and "Lloyd" I remember my first day of shooting was just the three of us in a hearse rolling down the highway and I remember thinking "this is crazy! I can't believe I'm doing a scene with "Harry" & "Lloyd!" I just wanted to text all my friends.... It was a total honor to work with these guys and to be part of this movie!

IamRobRiggle113 karma

Also, SNL... my second show ever was the show where Ashlee Simpson walked off the stage during her second song... I was standing right next to the stage and I couldn't believe what I was seeing... I was totally shocked. I remember saying to one of the writers who was standing next to me, "...does she know this is a live show?" and he could only muster a response of "Holy shit..." There's one memory....

____aj_21 karma

What's your best hangover cure?

IamRobRiggle156 karma

Two bottles of water right away. Then a bloody-mary made with Loaded Vodka! It's called a "Re-Load"* *This is in no way an endorsement of Loaded Vodka, which you can find more information about here... www.lifeisloaded.com Be sure to ask your local bartender for Loaded Vodka!


blueschooler21 karma

Your picks have been top notch this year, what's the secret? You like the Chiefs vs the Hawks this week?

IamRobRiggle47 karma

Thank you blueschooler! No secret here, just straight up gut feeling calls and I ALWAYS pick the Chiefs.

eastcoastk19 karma

Hey Rob.

What is the most interesting thing no one knows about you?

IamRobRiggle84 karma

I love all music genres! ....but sometimes when I'm rolling down the highway, I will sing the shit out of some Avril Lavigne. What?!

502867530917 karma

Hey Rob. Louisville native here. When was the last time you were here to visit? What's your favorite thing to do here? (I just assume you still affiliate from here since you are from here.)

Holy moly!! It's my Cake Day!!

IamRobRiggle41 karma

I was born in Louisville. I was raised in Overland Park, Kansas. I went back to Louisville to perform stand up at the "Lebowski Festival" and it went terribly wrong. It was the wrong venue for stand up, I was fairly new to stand up and the crowd didn't want stand up...they wanted the "Big Lebowski" film to start and I was in the way.... I went down to 4th street and had a several "pity" drinks and haven't been back since.

westcoast_eastsider13 karma

Hey Rob, two questions

1.) What event(s) occurred in flight school that made you decide to pursue a career in comedy?

2.) What actor/actress came across as extremely intimidating but turned out to be a cool dude/chick once you started working with them?


IamRobRiggle30 karma

1) There was no "event" that occurred... I just knew that if I pinned on those wings, my future was determined and there wouldn't be any going back. I knew that I had to try comedy and acting... I had to give it a shot. I could live with not succeeding, but I couldn't live with not knowing what could have been. 2) Dermot Mulroney is an actor I have so much respect for... I've been a fan for years, I just love his style.... I got to work with him on "Big Miracle" and he was AWESOME!

faraday5612 karma

What's up with the art behind you in your proof picture?

IamRobRiggle68 karma

What? This is my African Art / Scary Masks room... Everybody has a room like this, right?

poonchinello10 karma

Loved your 30-minute standup on Comedy Central several years ago. Any chance of seeing more routines, or are you strictly doing movies now? I hate Cotton-Tops.

IamRobRiggle31 karma

I loved doing stand up! I'm really more of an improviser though.... I haven't done stand up since I hosted the ESPY's, so it's been a couple years. I would love to build a new set and get back out there, but right now, I'm focused on acting. Thanks!

Frajer6 karma

How do you feel about playing characters that can be jerks?

IamRobRiggle29 karma

Well.... I've known some jerks in my life, so I'm aware of how they behave. I think, comedically speaking, playing a jerk is the most fun an actor can have. I would love to play a different type of character, however it's not that easy to find the opportunities...


Who do you think Kansas should hire as their new football coach? Also, loved the intro at late night last year

IamRobRiggle10 karma

I don't care who it is... so long as they get it right this time! Inspire the fan base, get a great recruiter, someone who can build a winning program, someone who loves Kansas University!

bang_o_rang_rufio5 karma

Hey Rob, thank you for your service even if it was an O type in the Marines (GO ARMY). My question is about when you did the bit on Berkeley for the daily show. Did any of them know who you were? The one hippie that you interviewed had to know something right?

IamRobRiggle8 karma

I don't think anyone in that segment knew I was a Marine. The gentlemen I did the sit down interview with knew we were doing some kind of "bit" (it was The Daily Show after all) but he didn't know I was a Marine...nor did he know what the "bit" was....

thirty_cigarettes2 karma

Mr Riggle - first, thanks for your service to our country. Now, the question: you always play such an energetic, almost electric character (looking at you, Gil Thorpe). Where do you pull your inspiration from? Are you usually an energetic person?

IamRobRiggle4 karma

Thanks! Well, a lot of the characters I play are "big" characters that require a lot presence and energy... Also, energy can be compelling to watch... Real life...I pretty quite and relaxed....most of the time....

omarwashere2 karma

Will you be at Facebook tonight? Please say yes.

IamRobRiggle3 karma

Can't say for sure? I'm doing "The Soup" tonight live...so we'll have to see after that? Glad you like our "Facebook" show! Anyone else interested in this...it's a live, improv show at the UCB Theater at Franklin...Wednesday nights at 9:30 p.m.

JohnnyOptimist2 karma

Mr. Riggle, I played at the last Big Slick KC (sat next to Eric Stonestreet) & had a blast. Why did they switch to Bowling this year?

IamRobRiggle10 karma

Unfortunately, the Missouri Gaming commission made it impossible for us to continue with a charity poker tournament. Therefore, we had to switch to bowling.

Redwinevino2 karma

Was it hard working on a sequel to one of the most beloved comedies of all time knowing how much it has to live up to?

Thank you for doing this AMPOW

IamRobRiggle11 karma

It wasn't hard... The originals all came back ready to go! The script was funny, the characters are hilarious.... Also, I never think in those terms, I just try to make the most of what I'm given, I try to play my role and serve the comedy/script/movie... I personally think if you liked the first "Dumb & Dumber" you going to like D&DTO!