Hi, this is Pete Farrelly. Glad to be back. I have a surprise guest this time, my brother Bobby.

(Take your nit-wit brother to work day)

In case you didn't know, this is Take your Nit-wit Brother to work day!

We're looking forward to doing a fun AMA together. Our latest movie, Dumb and Dumber To is out in theaters this Friday 11/14. But we won't mention it again unless you ask us to.

Victoria's here with us in person today.



BOBBY: Really good questions. Appreciate all the support from the DUMB & DUMBER fans.

PETE: Always love doing these things. I wish I could do 'em every day. See you soon!


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OhHelloPlease158 karma

Hey guys. Woah, Farrelly brothers, huh? All right! Well, see ya later.

FarrellyBrothers65 karma

BOBBY: A round of Big Gulps on me!

woopledoer85 karma

Hi Bobby. Hi Peter.

I've debated on what to ask you now for what seems like three, maybe four, minutes. I've narrowed it down to three questions, so I'll go ahead and ask all three.

  • During the bathroom scene in Dumb and Dumber with Harry, could you see Jeff's junk?

  • Similarly, during the bathroom scene in There's Something About Mary with Ted, could you see Ben's real junk?

  • Finally, during the scene in Me, Myself, and Irene when Hank has a boner in the car, was it a real boner? If not, when they were putting in the fake boner, could they see Jim's junk?

Asking for a friend.

FarrellyBrothers34 karma

PETE: A: No.

B: Um... no.

We did see Jim's junk once or twice in that movie...

BOBBY: It's pretty impressive.

PETE: Yeah.

woopledoer26 karma

Thanks. That really provides some closure.

FarrellyBrothers25 karma

PETE: Great. Now get on with your life!


NotSureHowThingsWork51 karma

I’ve always admired your films for not only their inclusion, but also empowerment of people with disabilities. It seems apparent in almost all of your films. Is there a reason for this?

FarrellyBrothers90 karma

PETE: We grew up... we happened to grow up with a few people with disabilities. Our buddy Danny Murphy was a quadriplegic and we had a couple friends who had intellectual disabilities. So it seemed natural when making a movie to include people with disabilities. Without them, it didn't seem like a real world.

cbwatts113832 karma

Any concern with a sequel on having your actors, Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, falling in to the trap of their performance being an impression of their Dumb and Dumber Characters from 20 years ago instead of being the characters naturally in their performance?

FarrellyBrothers50 karma

PETE: Smart question. It was a concern. We didn't want them to do a caricature of themselves. So we really worked our butts off (on the script) to come up with an original story that would allow them to shine without repeating everything they did last time.

BOBBY: Both actors have held up remarkably well. And you could barely tell the difference between this movie & the original 20 years ago.

PETE: Jeff's ass looks exactly the same.

BOBBY: Ass or buttcrack?

PETE: Buttcrack. His ass actually looks a little different. Buttcrack the same.

Ewwiikk31 karma

Who came up with laxatives/diarrhea scene from Dumb and Dumber? I just need to know who to thank for giving me one of the greatest scenes in cinema history.

FarrellyBrothers65 karma

PETE: We worked backwards on that scene. puts feet on table

Because we wanted to get to the toilet scene. Which had actually happened to Bobby, while on a date, at college. In his case, however, he had not made it to the toilet. And ended up throwing his soiled underwear out the window and unfortunately it landed in a tree, outside the girl's apartment.

BOBBY: True.

PETE: So then we had to work backwards, then, to put something like that into the movie, and we came up with the Turbo-Lax.

BOBBY: What can i say? Shit happens.

StephenNesbit21 karma

Who officially got the ball rolling on D&DT? You two? Studio? Jim/Jeff?

FarrellyBrothers52 karma

PETE: Jim Carrey was in a hotel room about 5 years ago, and he watched DUMB & DUMBER on television, and immediately realized he wanted to do another one. When it ended, he called me, and we immediately dove into it.

zoidboob19 karma

Who was the best bowler out of the Kingpin cast/crew?

FarrellyBrothers30 karma

BOBBY: Randy Quaid was the best in the cast, followed closely by Bill Murray. Woody was a distant 11th.

PETE: Just behind Lin Shaye.

BOBBY: The best bowler on the crew was our script supervisor, Steve Gerke.

PETE: He rolled 3 279's during production. Which means he got one spare and all strikes. 3 times.

FarrellyBrothers39 karma

PETE: My high score for those who are interested was a 233. Which I am very proud of.

BOBBY: I rolled my age.

brittnie92019 karma

Do you feel any different about Dumb and Dumber now than you did back when it first came out?

FarrellyBrothers51 karma

BOBBY: I think it gets more respect now then when it first came out. The initial reviews were not very friendly.

PETE: Although I always remember this one great review we got from Pauline Kael of the NEW YORKER - who gave us a rave. It seemed, after that, other critics started thinking twice about their negative first impressions. God bless Pauline Kael.

lvest18 karma

Which joke are you most proud of from Dumb and Dumber?

FarrellyBrothers59 karma

PETE: My favorite joke is the one that is "Our bird's head fell off." "Yeah, he was pretty old."

BOBBY: Just when I don't think you could be any dumber, you go and do something like this, and totally redeem yourself!

freedomthebucket15 karma

Hey Farrelly brothers, I am a very proud Rhode Islander (Pawtucket in the house) and wanted to give you guys major props for filming some of your biggest films right in the Ocean State.

My question is, have any of your film stars ever remarked anything about Rhode Island, good or bad? Any stars really, really love the place?

FarrellyBrothers22 karma

BOBBY: I think all of them really, really love the place. I mean, Rhode Island's always been good to us as moviemakers and we appreciate that.

PETE: While filming Me, Myself and Irene in Newport, and Jamestown, RI, Jim Carrey considered buying a place there. He was really smitten by the area. However, the movie ended and he moved on.

BOBBY: like the forgetful dope that he is.

tellsfiction14 karma

Hi fellas! I have really enjoyed your work, especially Kingpin and Outside Providence.

Of all the great and funny actors and actresses you have both worked with, who was the weirdest? Like, in a good way.

FarrellyBrothers23 karma

PETE: Hmm.


PETE: That's a good question, let me think. We loved Harland Williams, who was in DUMB & DUMBER and SOMETHING ABOUT MARY. But he has a few idiosyncrasies. For instance, he can't pee when anyone's within 100 yards of him. So we would always follow him around when he went into the bushes just to mess with him. Also, he was one of those guys who could just riff FOREVER and he came up with some of our favorite stuff. But man, was he weird!

BOBBY: Hahaha! Uh...

CoyoteWill13 karma

Will the sweet old lady on the motorized cart be making a guest appearance?

FarrellyBrothers62 karma

PETE: Unfortunately... she went and died on us.

DayWalkerRunner13 karma

Who is your biggest inspiration?

FarrellyBrothers22 karma

PETE: I would have to say the Zucker Brothers. And Jim Abrahams. They were guys that we looked up to, and were the first guys we worked with in LA. They did the movies AIRPLANE! and KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE, as well as the NAKED GUN movies.

BOBBY: for me it was the guys who made the Andy Griffith TV show. Loved the way they blended comedy, and drama.

n0g0d13 karma

I just wanted to say that Dumb and Dumber is the greatest comedy movie of all time. It is absolutely brilliant. I know a lot of credit goes to Jim and Jeff for that but it wouldn't have been possible without you two, Pete and Bobby. My wife and I look forward to seeing Dumb and Dumber To.

Before we go see it: how true to the first one should we expect it to be? Part of what made the first one so brilliant was how well Jim and Jeff acted. Is there more of the same?

FarrellyBrothers13 karma

BOBBY: Thanks, Uncle Lenny!

PETE: I don't think you'll be disappointed at all with this one. They're the same guys, they haven't changed at all. And by the way, thanks for the nice words, but we have to give credit to our writing partner on both films, Bennett Yellin. He was on both films, and is the real unsung hero of the DUMB AND DUMBER world.

cbwatts113813 karma

Did you re-watch the original Dumb and Dumber when preparing for Dumb and Dumber To?

FarrellyBrothers34 karma

PETE: Yes, we did. And it was kind of imposing, actually. I'd forgotten about how many laughs there were in that thing. And it really lit a fire under us to make the sequel as good.

Copywrites13 karma

Stuck on you probably has to be one of my favorite Matt Damon films. So I gotta know... How nice of a person is Cher?

FarrellyBrothers20 karma

PETE: Cher might be my favorite actress that we've ever worked with. And we've worked with lots and lots of very nice actresses. She was such a trooper, and so cool, and so bawdy - I had a BALL with her and was really sad to see her go.

BOBBY: And she's a good kisser, too.

PETE: We know that because we saw her making out with her boyfriend. She really knew what she was doing.

nkleszcz13 karma

Last week, Lin Shaye shared an anecdote how one of you mooned her and Cameron Diaz when "Fluffy" jumped out of the window in There's Something About Mary, and the sight of that caused them to shake even further.

I thought this was a great story. What other wacky hijinks have you done on your sets, that made it into the final edit?

FarrellyBrothers26 karma

BOBBY: First of all, she's a bald-faced liar.

PETE: No she's not. Bobby, you mooned her & Cameron when they looked out the window after Fluffy got thrown out.

BOBBY: Yeah, but she promised she'd never tell people!

PETE: There were a few things like that... well, there's a little scene in the beginning of STUCK ON YOU where we have a ghost hiding under a bed in the opening scene. Nobody really picks up on it, but if you look closely you can see a man's face under there. We don't know where it came from.

flipping_birds12 karma

Who's idea was the "hair cream" scene in something about Mary? Was there any resistance to it? How did Ben and Cameron feel about doing that scene?

FarrellyBrothers20 karma

BOBBY: There was loads of resistance.

PETE: Especially from the studio. And a little resistance from Cameron Diaz. We had to shoot it 2 ways just in case it didn't work and we needed to cut it. But ultimately and much to our surprise, it worked right out of the gate, and at our first test screening, and the studio was thrilled.

NightwingTS12 karma

I just wanted to say, Dumb and Dumber is my favorite movie of all time. My friends and I watched it on VHS all summer long when we were younger for several years. I just want to say thank you for bringing the actors together again to bring me back to that special place from my childhood. I guess a good question would be, what were your favorite memories during the filming of the original? Welp, See ya later!

FarrellyBrothers27 karma

PETE: I have a very fond memory of filming the scene where harry and Lloyd have a falling-out after they've gone a few hundred miles the wrong way. We were in a field in Eastern Colorado, and shooting the scene, and i had one of those moments that you don't get many times in life where i felt pure bliss and joy and happiness to be making the movie. I always remember that moment.

BOBBY: I think you were just dehydrated.

PETE: Hahaha.

nailbiter11112 karma

How do you guys handle product placements in your movies?

FarrellyBrothers13 karma

BOBBY: If we do it at all, we definitely try not to make it obvious.

PETE: Sometimes we throw products in that are friends of ours, companies or just beers that we like. For instance, you'll see Narragansett in a few of our movies.

LazySundaySex11 karma

First off, I'd like to say thanks to both of you for creating some of the most hysterical and unique characters/stories. I've grown up watching your movies and it is because of your movies that my sense of humor is crude and immature and I fuck love you guys for that. Questions: 1. What was Cameron Diaz's reaction when she first found out she would be puttinth a giant wad of Sploodge thru her hair? 2. As brothers and directors, what do you guys fight about the most? 3. Your stories are so unique, where do you guys get the inspiration to create such outrageously funny shit?

FarrellyBrothers10 karma

BOBBY: She had reservations.

PETE: To say the least.

BOBBY: Whose splooge we get to use in Cameron's hair?

PETE: In that case, we compromised. It was a mixture.

BOBBY: And for ideas, I don't know. But we grew up in Rhode Island. It helps. We read more MAD Magazine than Scientific American.

nailbiter11110 karma

How do you guys feel about Orange Tic Tacs?

FarrellyBrothers11 karma

PETE: I'm for them.

BOBBY: Against.

Frajer10 karma

How do you feel about being known for " gross out humor " ?

FarrellyBrothers29 karma

PETE: it's a mixed bag. You know, we don't consider our stuff simply "Gross out." You know? For instance, the hair gel in THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY - there's a lot more to it than just "hair gel." It's the set up, and the pacing, and the fact that they haven't had a date in 17 years that comes together for a big laugh.

BOBBY: We just do our jokes for laughs. I would consider gratuitous violence much more gross.

TallRedditor10 karma

What was the original ending to Fever Pitch supposed to be like?

I would have to imagine a lot of the writing/filming took place before the Sox made it into the playoffs and went down 0-3.

FarrellyBrothers14 karma

PETE: You are exactly correct, that we were not expecting for them to win. We thought it would be a bittersweet ending, with Jimmy Fallon's team losing, but his heart winning.

BOBBY: Yeah. Drew Barrymore's character was supposed to be won over by his loyalty, even though his team consistently lets him down.

FarrellyBrothers29 karma

PETE: By the way... we're having a bit of a FEVER PITCH reunion tonight. Bobby and I are on Fallon, and Drew Barrymore is also a guest! So tune in!

DayWalkerRunner8 karma

I did not win the vine contest to get a role on Dumb To. How else can I go about getting a role in your films?

FarrellyBrothers18 karma

BOBBY: Tried any acting classes?

PETE: Maybe go to Juillard or Yale Repertory Company!

Slow-moving-sloth8 karma

Hi guys, love you both! Stuck on You is the greatest, and even though it’s going to be hard for me to visualize this (since Kinnear and Damon nailed it), who were the other actors considered for those roles?

Also, your soundtracks are always amazing, and you sometimes use such strangely obscure, yet appropriate music (the Cowsills? Starbuck?) that’s it’s always a pleasure to hear what you’ll do musically in each film. Are you collectively choosing songs? (edit grammar)

FarrellyBrothers15 karma

PETE: We came very close to doing it with Jim Carrey and Woody Allen. Seriously. The idea was that they shared a liver, but Jim had most of the liver and Woody was aging quickly. Unfortunately, the studio couldn't come to terms with them financially. HOWEVER we couldn't be happier with Greg and Matt Damon in the role. And it's one of the movies that we're proudest of, even though it didn't do shit at the box office.

And I tend to be more into the music side of it than Bobby. I just love listening to music, and am constantly looking for new bands as well as, you know, dredging up some of my old favorites.

BOBBY: This is true, I only know what I like.

PETE: by the way, in this one, Empire of the Sun is doing the score. They're phenomenal!

Costner_Facts8 karma

I really enjoy the soundtracks on all of your movies! How much say do you have in that sort of thing?

FarrellyBrothers16 karma

PETE: We have a lot of say. We pick the music, and then decide where it goes. It's my favorite part of making a movie, actually. That's when the thing really pops.

BOBBY: I'd say roughly 100%!

fantastiquejacques7 karma

Isn't Jeff Daniels just the coolest? I saw him in Michigan at a movie theater and despite being a star, he seems like the most down-to-earth person.

Does the energy he and Jim Carey bounce off each other carry over after filming? Also, favorite breakfast food?

FarrellyBrothers8 karma

BOBBY: A nicer guy I've never met than Jeff Daniels. And he is the perfect partner for Jim Carrey. French toast!

PETE: I grew up on Carnation Instant Breakfast, but realized, recently, that that's why I'm tired all day. So i'm trying to quit.

FarrellyBrothers54 karma

BOBBY: We didn't have a slowest fan contest, you might've won that.

AGallagher4106 karma

What movies inspired you to become filmmakers?

FarrellyBrothers20 karma

BOBBY: Animal House.

PETE: Airplane. Blazing Saddles.

BOBBY: Cat Ballou.

PETE: And Gandhi.

DookieDude5 karma

Hey, Farrelly Bros! Dumb & Dumber is my favorite movie of all time, I must have seen it over 100 times. My questions are Dumb & Dumber specific.

  1. How hard is it to maintain the high level of Dumb when shooting.

  2. Have you ever stopped a take and said "This isn't dumb enough"?

  3. How do you contain your laughter when watching Harry & Lloyd perform?

Thank you for my favorite movie of all time!

FarrellyBrothers13 karma

PETE: Well, it's easy when shooting. Because you've already written the script. The hard part was getting the script where we wanted it to be. And that took over a year.

BOBBY: We've certainly stopped takes and said "This isn't working well enough" but that's because it didn't feel right, and so we try to re-write it on the day and hopefully make it better

PETE: And sometimes, because we're working with such great talent, Jim / Jeff might come up with the final line that would make it perfectly dumb. For instance - "So you're telling me there's a chance?" was a Jim Carrey line.

BOBBY: Put the monitor, the TV monitor, far away from the set to begin with, so if you do laugh, it doesn't disrupt the actors.

PETE: It's like if somebody - you get very serious when you're working. And it's like if somebody got kicked in the balls, and a surgeon had to cut it out, the surgeon probably wouldn't be laughing until AFTER the operation.

thisguystaint5 karma

Have you ever considered making an 'Oscar Bait' drama? Everyone would be like 'Whaaat?'?

FarrellyBrothers11 karma

PETE: Um... we tried that with our last movie, THE THREE STOOGES, but it didn't work.

rolledupdollabill4 karma

how often do you eat bacon?

FarrellyBrothers10 karma

PETE: A lot. I'm on the "Whole 30" diet, and have been eating meat like a loon. It does work. I have to tell you. I've lost 15 pounds and i've never been hungry.

BOBBY: Bacon is one of my great weaknesses. Particularly thick-cut bacon that you find out in Idaho.

PETE: WE love bacon. LOVE BACON. Sometimes I use bacon as a lubricant.

the_danny4 karma

Do you have any interesting stories about working with my personal hero Bill Murray?

FarrellyBrothers23 karma


PETE: He didn't do one thing we asked him to do in KINGPIN, but everything he did was funnier than what we had given him. He is a true comedy god.

BOBBY: Having Bill Murray in your comedy is like getting to play golf with Tiger Woods. It doesn't get any better.

CPIz4 karma

Quick, can you name as many meats-on-sticks as you possibly can?

FarrellyBrothers8 karma

BOBBY: Corn dogs! Satay!

PETE: Kebabs!

BOBBY: Did we mention corn dogs?

homerpalooza1014 karma

Are there any genres or styles of film you would really like to do, but simply haven't found the right idea yet?

FarrellyBrothers8 karma

BOBBY: Comedy. Hahaha.

baconsandwichpancake4 karma

Hi Farrelly brothers! I heard you guys are working on the newest season of Project Greenlight. What's it like working with Matt, Ben, and HBO? And what do you think about the new season 4 winner?

FarrellyBrothers6 karma

PETE: We couldn't be more excited to be working with Matt and Ben. And we're not supposed to talk about the winner, but I will tell you this: he /she is one talented dude/chick.

BOBBY: The only problem working alongside Matt & Ben is how unattractive we look in comparison!

wdeacon233 karma

I've always wanted to know, what is the name of the song that's playing in the cutaway scene right after Sea Bass spits on the burger and whose idea was it to put it in the movie? I laugh every time I hear "two foot of butt-crack was all I could see".


FarrellyBrothers5 karma

BOBBY: that song was written for the movie by Billy-Bob Goodrum.

PETE: And Sidney Jackson Bartholomew Jr. The Third. It was a fun thing that they wanted to do there. By the way, Billy-Bob has a few songs on a bunch of our movies. He's a real talent.

BOBBY: And can be seen in DUMB AND DUMBER TO!

the_slunk3 karma

Many may not know that you two hilarious scribes, in addition to all your cinematic accolades, co-wrote the classic 50th Seinfeld episode, The Virgin.

How did this come about? Any amusing anecdotes you can share with reddit about your brush with all things Sein?

FarrellyBrothers10 karma

PETE: Well, we hate to burst your bubble. But we sold the idea... and were given story credit for that one. But the actual script was written by Peter Mehlman. We sold the idea in a room where we pitched to Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld and Larry Charles. By the way, those guys don't laugh when you pitch them ideas, it was very scary. At least they didn't with us.

BOBBY: So it was very scary.

PETE: But we were very happy that they bought at least one of our ideas, and that was The Virgin.

aphillz3 karma

Hi guys, ive probably watched and enjoyed several of your things, but know nothing about you. What should I know?

FarrellyBrothers6 karma

PETE: If you've watched and enjoyed our "things," you know everything you need to know about us. wink wink.

iamtylerdurdenman3 karma

What is the American Dream according to you?

FarrellyBrothers9 karma

BOBBY: To have the freedom to be able to work the kind of job that you wanna work? And thick-cut bacon.

FarrellyBrothers2 karma

PETE: Sorry the site went down! We are back!

Superluigi62 karma

Thanks for the AMA! Anyways, are you going to make a sequel to the Three Stooges film?


FarrellyBrothers7 karma

PETE: If more people like you ask that question we just might. That was a BALL to make. And those 3 actors were amazing.

BOBBY: We'd do it in a heartbeat.

adub8872 karma

What's a funny unset story, that most people don't know?

Do you feel like hollywood is running out of idea's? It seems like we're being bombarded by squeals, comic book movies, and superheros.

FarrellyBrothers9 karma

BOBBY: We're like you! We're sick of squeals! Wait...

that_one_buddy1 karma

Who is the one athlete that you haven’t worked with yet, but would cast in a heartbeat?

FarrellyBrothers13 karma

PETE: Hmm. Peyton Manning. I think he's probably the best athlete / actor out there. It's shocking to me how good he is in dumb commercials. He really commits, which makes it hilarious.

BOBBY: Mmmm. Natalie Golbis.


BOBBY: I think it's "Bis." Just 'cuz.