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LOL... yeah we're better now. Thanks for the schooling.

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We genuinely appreciate you coming back in and giving it another go! It says volumes.

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Thanks guys it was great talking with you!

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What's your biggest regret?

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His first AMA.

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We were friends for a while and hung out a bunch and always wanted to make something... then kickstarter came along 3 years ago and I brought this idea I had to Jon and we did it together.. That was called Drained. Drained went so well we did another project called the visitant. And we watch a ton of horror films together!

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Favorite part about working in film?

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I love coming up with an idea in my head, and then a few weeks later seeing that idea as an actual thing... it's pretty amazing when your dreams literally become reality you can touch and play with. and it's lots of fun when you get to share them with everyone.

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If either of you were to record an album, what kind of music would it be?

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I think something along the lines of Guns n' Roses

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What was the hardest part about trying to make a name for yourself in show business?

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I'm still trying to, I'll let you know when I get there... in the meantime I'm just trying to make awesome stuff people like and hope they keep asking for more

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What type of shampoo, conditioner and deodorant do you use?

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I usually use whatever my wife buys for me, I tell her to buy the cheap stuff.

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It's hard to say since they're all amazing. Drained was insanely fun cause it was so different to shoot it with stills and work with the rad makeup, The visitant was incredible to build the sets, and design the demon with steve wang, and work with doug jones and amy smart two of my most favorite actors. Each project is always a a challenge and I look forward to that.

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If you could live during any time period in history, what would it be and why?

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I think I'd live in the time of the early 1950's when Big wall climbing was first being born and I could have been part of those guys making some rad first ascents. I know that sounds random but that would be pretty sweet.

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What are your top ten favorite movies?

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How do you feel about Movie(too much info) trailers? What it your top 3 movies? If you could remake any movie, what movie and who would you cast?

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Casting is tough because many times when you're doing a film with any type of substantial budget you're told who you should cast... this isn't always the case but it happens.. and those actors are constantly changing based on BO. So I try to keep an open mind

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Easy. Vertigo, The Fly, Aliens

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Hi guys! What are your favorite rides in Disney?

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Mine's the Haunted mansion during Halloween cause I'm a huge fan of Nightmare and it's rad to see Jack Skellington all over the place.

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What is the funniest story you have to tell but you never get to tell it because it doesn't come up in conversation:?

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Crap I wish I had some great funny stories but I dont... I'll have to think about it...

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Hey Jon and Nick, thanks for doing this AMA. I really loved Napoleon Dynamite. If I see you in a bar, which drink should I buy for you guys?

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Soda, or a cherry coke for me for Jon.. I think he's a sprite/7up guy

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Do you have any directorial advice?

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The best advice I can give is to always be prepping to shoot something, in the middle of shooting something, or be on post on something. Even if it's a no budget project in your garage... doesn't matter. You gotta be pushing all the time. BUT even with no money you have to make it look like you did have money, if it loosk low budget it can turn a lot of people (agents/producers/decsion makers ) off. A lot of my early stuff is done with very little money and looks rad, so just be resourceful and make awesome stuff.

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Do you have any screenwriting advice?

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Write things that you want to watch. I know it sounds stupid, but if you have good taste and you make things you like others will like it too. And write things that you can actually get made. If you're starting out you may want to hold off on that space epic with monsters and write about monsters in a bedroom, and make the monsters people who do bad things.. this way you can shoot a great story without trying to go to space and build monsters, you can use a house and people and let them play out monstrous things...

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Do you own any Bitcoins?

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Ha ha Sorry I don't.

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Did you guys spell it Reditt on accident or on purpose?

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