HEY! I am Lindsay Elyse! I have been cosplaying for over 10 years! I make costumes and travel the world attending gaming and comic conventions. I have been a guest at over 10 conventions this year alone and have had the amazing opportunities to work with companies like Bethesda, 2K, MLG, and CAPCOM. In addition to cosplay, I live stream for Astro Gaming and freelance write when I have the time! Ask me anything!

My Proof: https://www.facebook.com/LindsayElyseFanpage/photos/a.539556632741118.132406.539104339453014/924691034227674/?type=1

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They are real! I've been very lucky my whole life to have nicely sized boobs, you can ask anyone in 8th grade they made fun of me. I definitely use some tricks to make them look nicer every once in a while!

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Hey! I have always wondered this, not just about you in particular, but about a lot of attractive females in this very male-dominated "gaming culture" you might call it.

You receive a lot of sexist, derogatory or just outright sexually explicit messages/comments on a daily basis, how do you feel when you read these? Do you try to just ignore them? Or do you maybe feel flattered and take them as compliments? I've just always wondered how females in your position deal with such things.

P.s. U r so dam sxc doe.

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Yes yes yes. I've never really talked about this before. One of the reasons I don't stream often is because I can not handle the people. I try really hard to ignore everything and just got on with my life, but sometimes it's really hard. It's just like... who are you people, why do you treat people you don't know like this. I go online and stream, and I'm like man I love this game, I'm excited to share this with you and hope you guys have fun! Then I'm greated with 'SHOW US YOUR BOOBS, TAKE OFF YOUR SHIRT, YOU SUCK AT GAMES GO BACK TO BEING AN ATTENTION WHORE'. Like first off, no one is making you stay in my stream chat. Second, why? Like why do you say things like that. Is it to hurt me? Why do you want to hurt me? If you were saying that to my face, would you still feel that way? If I respond and I'm like hey, that's not nice, why do you still say mean things? I crushes me, man! Like I love doing this stuff, and people make me not love it! I want to share experiences, but not with people like that! And the worst thing is when I make a cosplay and people are like NO BOOBS WHERE ARE THE BOOBS WOW FINALLY A COSPLAY WITH NO BOOBS. I am not boobs. I am a person and I do things and I work really really hard. I'm sorry that my Cersei Lannister cosplay doesn't show any skin, but JESUS was that thing a challenge. I am SO unbelievably proud of that costume. It's so hard to put your heart into something and let it out onto the internet like "Look what I did isn't it cool I'm so happy!!" and then be greeted with 'you dont look like her, you should have done something else, wow no boobs finally, thats the wrong color, thats the wrong hair, that armor looks cheap" WHY. WHY DO YOU SAY THESE THINGS. I do not understand. /endrant I guess to answer your question though, I feel sad. I feel hurt and I feel like I'm not good enough. But I try to ignore it because I know it will never stop. I try to be the bigger person and I try to just not let it affect me. I will make costumes, I will play games, I will do what I love and nothing is going to stop me.

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Is cosplaying/modeling your long-time goal? Or are you working towards a different career, and if so what is it?

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Hard to say! I mean I know I have to grow up eventually and can't run around in costume forever. I have a degree in Journalism and I always figured I'd try to write when I was done with this. I'd love to write for Game Informer or IGN or something game-newsy! Definitely definitely definitely want to stay in the gaming world when I'm finished with this!

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What influenced you into wanting to become a professional cosplayer?

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It was actually something I never even thought about! I've been cosplaying forever, since I was about 13, and it was always just a well loved hobby of mine! A few years ago, comic conventions and cosplay blew up and being a 'professional cosplayer' became a thing! A lot of people still don't like to use that term, but considering it is my only source of income, that's what I am! So I guess it was just something that I loved and I was extremely lucky to be able to do it professionally! Who doesn't want to have a job doing what they love!?

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What's your favorite Con memory?

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I was fortunate to to go Chile this year for a convention. It was INSANE. I was literally treated like an A-List celebrity. People outside my hotel waiting for me to come out, 'paparazzi' at my booth 24/7 taking pictures of me eating and weird things like that. I had a main stage presentation and decided to take a selfie on stage and it was just a madhouse! So many people crowding around to get in the picture. It was just amazing, I was crying the whole time just because of the support. I mean, I appreciate support from everyone, but to have that many people in one place freaking out that I came to their convention was just so overwhelming. The Chilean people are incredible and were all so nice to me and the cosplayers are SO talented. Such an amazing experience, definitely want to go back and see those guys!

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How are pro cosplayers paid? Are there agencies? What is the typical range of pay for pro cosplayers?

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It's kind of all over the place! We get appearance fees sometimes, we get products sometimes, we get things like travel and food stipends in exchange for work. I've even had companies agree to pay me by bringing a friend of mine to a convention with me. I make extra money by selling prints online and at convention booths as well! You sort of get hired randomly and never really have a set income. It's kind of exciting, but also scary! Other cosplayers might have it different, but that's how my life works! As for range, it's pretty all over the place because we don't always ask for money. I like to be paid in experiences more than money, that's worth way more to me.

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Can we do prom style picture at every con we both attend? <3

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omg i hope this is halo schoolgirl guy. if so, then yes x1000

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What is it like being a girl in a "male dominated" gaming environment?

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It's... interesting. I don't really know the words. I hate being referred to as a 'gamer girl' and will NEVER consider myself one. I AM A GAMER. It does not matter that I am a woman. But, I will admit that being a woman has given me more opportunity in the gaming world. It's kind of terrible, but it's true. There are so many amazing people out there, so much talent, and I feel like sometimes I get things because of the fact that I'm a girl, not because I'm the best. People give me things because I'm a girl. They treat me differently, like I'm "not good enough". I tested it once in WoW, I played a Male Orc DK and then a female BElf Priest. My orc just got yelled at for messing up. My priest was answered with things like oh its okay you did your best. It's disheartening. But then at the same time, I feel like I'm also empowering women! I haven't given up yet and I'm working hard to get women to be accepted. They see that I can host for MLG or that I can stream for 2K and even though it's male dominated, I was the one chosen, so why couldn't they get into it too!

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Whats it like teaming up with people like Jessica Nigri? You both do some really awesome cosplays, thanks for making the cons fun and exciting!

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Incredible man. She's got this aura around her that just makes you happy and weird and I don't know. You could have a terrible day and she just sends you the ugliest deformed face picture she can find and BAM day made. She's an INCREDIBLE cosplayer and has seriously taught me so much. She's really good at what she does and her detail is just insane. She makes me want to be better! At being a person, at cosplaying, at staying healthy, at making stupid faces. I absolutely love cosplaying with other people and we've done our fair share of matching cosplays! And THANK YOU for making cons fun! You guys are what makes a convention for me!!

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Can a cos-player earn a livable income from what they do if the proper branding/merch is in place? Is it hard relying on your creations to sell prints etc?

lindsayelyse36 karma

Yes! I ONLY cosplay. I have no day job. Relying on prints is EXTREMELY difficult though, most of my money is from other things. For instance, my Cersei Lannister. It cost me about $200 to make that thing and it DOES NOT sell prints well. It's hard to put a lot of money into something and get nothing back, but that's sort of just the chance you take!

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Do you see other famous cosplayers as competitors?

In my cosplay community, everybody seems so competitive and jealous of each other and I’d imagine that would happen a lot more when there’s money involved. However, you guys all seem to be such good friends, is there any competitiveness at all?

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hmm. sort of. I think it's more friendly than like competitive jealousy though. It's like, man, your costume is REALLY REALLY GOOD, I need to go make something really really good because I'm inspired. It's not so much like 'I NEED TO BE BETTER', but it's like 'I WANT TO DO THAT TOO'. There's definitely drama and cattiness, but I feel like there's more of a community than the internet/tv lets on. I remember jessica had her facebook page removed once and oh man, you should have SEEN how the community rallied behind her to get it back. It was INSANE. Like when 'one of our own' has something go wrong, we will do whatever we can to fix it. It's an amazing community and everyone is so helpful and I'm just amazed. It's also just more fun to have your friends with you, you know?! Like if a company is like I need 4 girls for this, instead of being like NO YOU ONLY NEED ME I AM BEST, you're like oh my god who else can come with me, lets all go to this convention, let's all cosplay together and help out. I would be nothing without all the support and recommendations from other cosplayers! THEY ARE ALL JUST SUCH GOOD PEOPLE.

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Favourite video game?

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Kingdom Hearts. It is my life.

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Will you be attending Calgary Expo next year?

lindsayelyse12 karma

If they email me back :P You can definitely send them some emails requesting me too! I'd LOVE to come back, I had an absolute blast with you guys last year. EVERYONE IS SO NICE.

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What's a hidden talent that not many people know about you?

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I am an Irish Step Dancer! I've been in and out this year because I've been so busy, but I compete in the western US! I'm ranked in Preliminary Championship and have attended Oireachtas, which is the Western Regional competition. Ever wondered why my calf muscles are massive? Step Dancing.

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I am a huge Kingdom Hearts fan as well! I would love to hear what is the story behind your love for it. How did you get into the series?

Also, what music do you listen to? :)

Love you!

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I love when people ask this question. I might cry. hahaha Okay so, I had just played Final Fantasy X. Totally loved it, to this day it's still my favorite Final Fantasy. So then all of the sudden, they're like HEY WE'RE DOING THIS THING, ITS LIKE FINAL FANTASY WITH DISNEY CHARACTERS. And I lost it. Oh jesus I remember watching the commercial with my family and we all dropped our jaws to the floor and looked at each other and it was just an amazing thing. If you know me at all, there's ONE THING that I MIGHT love more than video games, and that's Disney. So the game came out and I played it and it was everything I ever wanted in anything ever. It literally was my life for years. The story played with my emotions like nothing ever has! Laughing, crying forever, rip out your heart cinematic endings, it totally stole my soul. Even now, I hear the music and I cry. I can talk to you about that game for hours and hours and hours. I was at E3 when Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced and I wish you could have seen me. I was bawling and screaming and hugging my friends and losing my mind. That game just does stuff to me. No other game has ever had a hold on me like that. UGH ITS JUST THE GREATEST.

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If you were a man, and you had to choose between yourself or the Neegz to devote yourself to for all eternity, who would you choose?

lindsayelyse44 karma

Definitely Jessica. I would choose her if I was a woman.

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What is your holy grail of costumes? The one you want to make so bad but have never gotten around to it?

lindsayelyse21 karma

KOS MOS FROM XENOSAGA. Ugh that thing is insane. Someday I will tackle it, but for now looking at it makes my stomach hurt. haha!

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What's your ideal breakfast?

lindsayelyse48 karma

Coffee. 40% coffee and 60% sugary creamer.

blasphemyisgood9 karma

What is your favorite out of all the characters you have cosplayed?

lindsayelyse40 karma

Cersei Lannister. That costume was SO HARD and I'm just so proud of it. I feel like I embody her very well and she's just so fun to play at conventions. I don't have to smile and I can just scowl at everyone and pretend I don't care. Yes... pretend...

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How do you decide who you want to cosplay as, and whats the first step?

lindsayelyse20 karma

Usually a character that I am currently involved with. So say I've been playing a ton of Kingdom Hearts. I'll probably do a Kingdom Hearts cosplay! Definitely pick characters I relate with or would like to be like. Like Lara Croft. She's SUCH a powerful, badass, fearless character and I sort of hope that by cosplayer her I will be empowered and some of her traits will rub off on me! As for the first step, ALWAYS START WITH THE HARDEST PART. I feel like if I can tackle that, the rest is a breeze. It also helps me determine if I can actually handle the costume. If I make all the easy parts and it takes 40 hours, then I make the hard part and just CAN'T DO IT, then I wasted 40 hours and that costume will just sit there unfinished.

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I've seen pictures of you and Jessica Nigri hitting it off, are there any other team ups that you'd say are especially noteworthy? Also, who is your favorite cosplayer to collaborate with?

lindsayelyse19 karma

Oh my god man. My cosplay friendships are the best friendships. It's nice to have people who can relate to internet hate, costume deadlines, weird things that only a cosplayer would understand! One of my favorite people in the world is Michelle, she goes by Missyeru! She's an absolute sweetheart and I talk to her every day. I've done a few costumes with her before and I always just have so much fun when I'm with her. I also love my friends Stella Chuu, Destiny Nickelsen, Kristen Hughey, Monika Lee, Riddle's Messy Wardrobe, AniMia, Meagan Marie, Lyz Brickley, THERE ARE SO MANY AMAZING PEOPLE MAN. I'm so lucky to have such talented and wonderful people in my life. My favorite cosplayer to collaborate with is the one that actually finishes their costume before the deadline and wears it when they're supposed to. Haha!

SausageManDan6 karma

Does your cosplaying have any detrimental effects on your personal life? Does it cause any relationship problems with anyone or anyone not approve of your lifestyle choice?

Thanks for doing the AMA! You rock!

lindsayelyse17 karma

OOH! Love this! I don't think anyone has ever disapproved of this, except maybe my parents occasionally who are like why are your boobs out and how come this is such a suggestive pose (99% of the time though they are extremely supportive and love what I do!) My close friends don't really see me as a cosplayer, they just see ME as a person. The weirdest thing though is people who I went to gradeschool or high school with that wouldn't give me the time of day are starting to message me now like 'omg its been so long, i miss you, lets hang out, youre successful now i want to be friends'. I'm like bro you don't even know me who are you. It hasn't really caused any relationship problems though, which has been GREAT.

Stenkilde5 karma

Any plans of ever hitting Dreamhack in Sweden? :)

lindsayelyse12 karma

ohmygodplease. email them and tell them to bring me.

LitenDaisy5 karma

Can I just be really awkward and say I adore you. You are a huge reason why I actually got the courage to start cosplaying. Thank you for being awesome. <3

Plus we both like Eluveitie which makes you infinitely cooler than most.

So since this an AMA, what's your fave Eluveitie song?

lindsayelyse7 karma

Thank you! <3 My favorite thing to hear is that I got someone else starting in this insane hobby. It will change your life!

Favorite Eluveitie song is SO hard, but.... Slania's Song. I love them all, but that one is my most played!

ericd75 karma

How do you choose what to cosplay as? You mentioned working with Bethesda and the like, will you only do deals with publishers who's games you actually enjoy?

lindsayelyse21 karma

Yes! I feel like I can not accurately represent a company/game/product unless I have a passion behind it. If I'm working for say, Bethesda, people are going to want to talk to be about Bethesda games! The last thing I want is to be like ummmm I don't play any Bethesda games. I want to be able to geek out with fans!! It's also so much more meaningful!! To say I worked for a company that I've been obsessed with for years is just the most amazing thing ever.

IDerpedMyPants5 karma

Hi, Lindsay.

Do you only strive to cosplay video games/anime characters? Would you ever do a random cosplay, like an arbitrary animal or nothing pertaining to a series?

Thanks, and I hope to see you at a future con!

lindsayelyse16 karma

I tend to stick close to video game characters! That's where my heart is. I don't care too much for comics, not going to lie, and I have only ever fallen in love with a few anime series (Soul Eater, Death Note, FullMetal Alchemist, all of which I've cosplayed characters from). I have a rule with myself that I will only make a costume from a character I am extremely familiar with, I.E. played their game a million times, watched the show a million times, stuff like that. I need to know the character before I decide to be them! I do however, do random original characters for my local Renaissance festival!

mitchell2715 karma

As a fellow folk metal fan, how'd you get into more extreme music?

lindsayelyse14 karma

I heard Eluveitie for the first time in a friend's car in High School. I was just like WHAT IS THIS GLORIOUS SOUND I AM HEARING TELL ME, then downloaded everything they'd ever made. I guess I just like what I like? If it's got a good beat or sounds pretty or has a cool instrument, I'm sold. I really don't care about lyrics, as lame and awful as that sounds. I know people pour their souls out into lyrics, but I'm just like meh if I don't like the sound I don't care. I think that's why I like to listen to music that isn't in English so much. I'm like, this language sounds awesome, I'm gonna listen to it. I dont know what it says, but I like this rhythm.

MuthaRed4 karma

What's the first game you remember playing ?

lindsayelyse8 karma

LIFE FORCE ON THE NES. Oh my Jesus that game was my life. It was so weird, but easy enough for my brother and I to play at my Grandpa's house. If you haven't played it you definitely should, it's super strange.

PissCookie4 karma

Hi Lindsay,

Do you usually have a budget set for each costume?

What was your most expensive outfit?

lindsayelyse9 karma

Nope. Which is why I'm always out of money. haha! I will pretty much pay anything if it's perfect for the costume. Like my Cersei Lannister cosplay, the red fabric I used was upholstery fabric and around $30 a yard. I bought it anyways because it was exactly what I wanted. I think my most expensive cosplay was probably my Wonder Woman, but only because I made it as a mixed-media costume and made it with 10 different materials instead of one. Gets costly! But on the bright side, I have leftovers enough to make like 10 more costumes.

c5studio4 karma

Has there been a cosplay you started and you just said "NOPE! I quit!" What was it and why?

lindsayelyse3 karma

YES. Miranda from Mass Effect. I have tried that costume 4 times. Body suits are HARD.

ObsidianWolph4 karma

Hi Lindsay! Obsidian Wolph cosplay here, i was wondering how you became so popular/how you worked your way up to a professional cosplayer? I aspire to be a professional cosplayer (I'm almost at 500 likes on my facebook page) and Im working my butt off to get there. Cosplaying Is my passion and I want to do it as a career wether it be making costumes for others or selling prints. :) so basically what did you do to get yourself out there?

lindsayelyse7 karma

HEY! Just keep going man. I've been doing it for 10 years and it just recently became something I was able to do professionally. I had a lot of help from networking with other cosplayers and companies and it sort of just went from there! Just be sure to be really active, post on your page every day, always be working on something, posting progress pictures, stuff like that. Just keep at it! <3

Killloneliness3 karma

Is there any cosplay that you would never do? If so, why not?

lindsayelyse10 karma

Nothing specific, but a cosplay from a thing I haven't seen or played. It doesn't make any sense for me to want to be a character I'm not familiar with! I cosplay characters I love!

tht1crzyguy3 karma

My girlfriend and I both love your stuff. Anyways, I was wondering what's up with the XX Girls and are you guys gunna be doing anything officially under that banner anytime soon? Also, can I be your friend on steam? haha

lindsayelyse8 karma

The XX Girls sadly have not been a thing for a few years. I also, sadly, only talk to two of the girls on a regular basis. We all got busy and moved on to different parts of our lives. They're great people and I wish them the best, but we will probably never be the XX Girls again! AND YEAH ADD ME. phoenixdown173

NecroGusto3 karma

Will you be at the Phoenix Fan Con in December 12-14? Also do you remember every fan you meet?

lindsayelyse6 karma

Possibly!! I haven't decided yet :P And I definitely try to, but it's hard! I meet a lot of people! But chances are, if I've met you more than once or we've had a converstaion longer than 10 minutes, I'll remember your face. Maybe not your name, because I'm terrible, but I'll look at you and be like why do I know you? haha

alanroger233 karma

What was your very first cosplay?

lindsayelyse21 karma

Edward Elric from FullMetal Alchemist!

AWildAnonHasAppeared3 karma

I just wanted to let you know that the internet is a cruel place full of keyboard warriors that forget that they're talking to actual people with actual feelings instead of bots with A.I.

Don't ever let them bring you down and especially don't let them make you stop doing what you love.

PS: Which game that is coming out soon are you most excited for?

lindsayelyse3 karma

T____T Thanks man. It means a lot!

and omg so many. Kingdom Hearts 2.5 (BBS ON AN ACTUAL TV OH JESUS I AM READY), Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Evolve, Master Chief Collection, Warlords of Draenor, it's gonna be an awesome few months.

kdpkke3 karma

hi Lindsay! At this point of your career, you continue to make dresses on your own or you buy them/someone do them for you?

lindsayelyse5 karma

I make them all! :D

KeeperOfTheV0ID2 karma

Your cosplays are pretty rad. How does someone, guy or girl, become skilled in cosplay?

lindsayelyse2 karma

START! :D then after that, just keep going! When I make costumes, I try to do something harder than the last costume I made. That way I'm always improving! It also helps to have 'workshops' with other people that know what they're doing. Jessica Nigri has taught me so much about worbla and painting, then Henchmen props has taught me a ton about patterning and foam work. Youtube tutorials are great too!

Audistron2 karma

Who's your favourite from DC? And Marvel?

lindsayelyse9 karma

i'm not a DC fan. JUDGE ME. But Marvel is definitely the Xmen. I've always been a huge fan of the series, I even dyed my hair to look like Rogue when I was little and Xmen Evolution played on Saturday mornings. Wolverine has always been a hero of mine and I just love the idea of mutants. My power would be the same as Mystiques. Like how easy would it be to cosplay if I could just BE the character.

UnicornGundam2 karma

I'm so glad your AMA happened on my birthday! :D

What is your favorite quote from the Kingdom Hearts series?

lindsayelyse7 karma

WOOOO HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I really like 'you are the one who will open the door'. it's so early on in the series, but when i see it (cause its like a cutscene quote, no one says it) I always get goosebumps. i'm like YEAH I WILL OPEN THE DOORS WITH MY KEYBLADE YES I AM READY BRING IT ON.

Freyzus2 karma

Hi Lindsay. Thanks for doing this AMA. Also, it was cool taking a pic with you at this year's NYCC when you were a spartan!

My question is: who is your favorite character on Game of Thrones?

lindsayelyse3 karma

Cersei Lannister. I know, everyone was just like WHATTTT?! hahaha she may be insane, but I feel like her character is way deeper than that. She's such a powerful woman and she's crazy because she's so unhappy! She's lost everything, that can really mess a person up. I feel like she's unhappy to be born a woman and to be treated differently because of it. She loves her family and her beliefs and she's prepared to do anything to keep them alive. Plus her dresses are the best.

Stuifiee2 karma

Hi! Amazing to see you do an AMA! My question is, what company did you have the most fun working with?

lindsayelyse12 karma

That's SO HARD. Every company has been absolutely incredible to me. It's just amazing. It's so funny because they message me and offer me a job and I run around and scream and cry because I'm SUCH HUGE FANS. Then at the same time, they're running around and screaming because they're fans of me! It's seriously the coolest thing ever. I've had such fun experiences with everyone. Bethesda invited me to their company dinners and went to Disneyland with me this summer. CAPCOM had me dress as Poison and hit Yoshinori Ono with my whip at his panel. MLG made me enter one of their tournaments when I was hosting for them at SDCC. I made it to the second round of their Killer Instinct competition! Project Triforce was AMAZING to me and we got to party a little at the SONICBOOMBOX party that I hosted at NYCC. We all have the same passions, you know? So easy to get along with everyone!!

asasdasasdPrime2 karma

Have you ever considered playing DotA instead of LoL?

lindsayelyse3 karma

Never! Hahaha I think mostly because I play LoL because my friends do and I don't know anyone on DotA!

[deleted]2 karma

Tell us about your hair. Are you naturally blonde? How do you make it so well done?

lindsayelyse6 karma

I am not! My hair is a very dark brown! I wanted a change about a year ago, and had WAY too many bleach appointments because I had recently dyed my hair black, out of a box. If you dye your hair black, especially from a box, ITS REALLY HARD TO GET OUT. It's been blonde for a year now and it just recently has turned into the color I wanted it, a sort of silvery ash blonde. I don't do much to my hair, it just magically looks great HAHA my hair is literally my favorite part of me. I blow dry and straighten it because it's naturally wavy! I also do this thing where when it's wet, i part it on the opposite side of how I normally wear it, blow dry, and straighten it on the wrong side. Then I flip the part to the other side and straighten the parts that still need it. Gives the 'flip' some extra volume!!

poochdogg2 karma

Are you aware that you have captured the hearts of twenty somethings everywhere?

lindsayelyse22 karma

YOU GUYS HAVE CAPTURED MY HEART. The support you give me means just as much <3

Bo_Knows4631 karma

Do you have any advice for people who haven't cosplayed but want too?

lindsayelyse8 karma

DO IT. The only thing holding you back is you! <3 Pick a costume, start with the hardest part! You don't have to be an expert to do this stuff! You can even start at a goodwill and buy something similar to the costume part you need and alter it! You can use items around your house and paint them, it doesn't have to be hard! It's very overwhelming to see people who are like YEAH, this is made of resin and pressure casted whatever and sanded with this thing and I used a $400 saw to cut out these rivets and blah blah, trust me, that stuff still scares me. You've got to start somewhere, but that involves you starting :D

Nakaruta1 karma

(Sorry for my bad english, i'm from France) -Hi Lindsey! Do you plan to come on the différents conventions in France like Toulouse game show or Paris games week? :) -And could you add me on friends on League of Legend please? It can make me very happy and it will be awesome for me :D Nickname: Nakaruta So have a good day and maybe see you on LoL! :)

lindsayelyse3 karma

I would absolutely LOVE to attend a convention in France. However, international conventions like that are, as you know, extremely expensive for me to attend unless I am invited as a guest or to work with a company who will fly me there. I definitely urge you and everyone else reading to email the convention and tell them you'd like to see me there! If they like the idea they can email me and we can get it sorted out! But these conventions will never even consider me unless you guys introduce me to them!