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joshpiers2010 karma

Welcome to Reddit A.J.! Here are my questions:

1.) Who is the toughest person you've ever played against?

2.) What is the hardest thing you've had to overcome in your life?

3.) Would you please give a shoutout to my friend Aaron? He's the only person I now that's a bigger fan and it would seriously make his day.

WhoTookAJGreensName2606 karma

1) Patrick Peterson 2) Suspension in college 3) What up Aaron

C-41366 karma

Are you aware this is the greatest picture of all time?

Edit- Aj thanks for the response, we miss you, hope your toe is getting better. WHO DEY!

WhoTookAJGreensName1042 karma

Appreciate it. Great cause and we had a good time that night.

Monkeyfeng1156 karma

AJ!! I am a Bengals fan from Taiwan. It sucks that I have to wake up 1am in the morning to watch live Bengals game but I enjoy it! :D

Have you ever thought about traveling abroad during your off season? What countries do you want to visit? Maybe you can stop by Taiwan and I will show you around!

WhoTookAJGreensName1713 karma

Thanks for being a big fan. I want to visit Greece and then I can swing by Taiwan.

conniedudz1122 karma

Hey AJ thanks for doing this AMA. I've always been interested to know what the biggest change in an NFL players life is after they sign a big contract and come into a lot of money. What was the biggest change in your life when you signed your first contract?

Also, you make freak plays all the time. do you know they are freak catches or plays when you make them or is it just another day in the office?

WhoTookAJGreensName1893 karma

Bank account looks different LOL ... just another day at the office.

oscarveli1031 karma

You have been dominating the league since your rookie year and are ranked as one of the top receivers. Besides yourself, who would you say are the top five receivers in the league?

WhoTookAJGreensName1717 karma

Calvin, Larry, Dez, Demaryius, Marshall

aiiye971 karma


Two questions: who is your favorite player in the league to watch do their thing and who is someone that flies under the radar that you wanna give some props to?

WhoTookAJGreensName1828 karma

Player to watch is JJ Watt ... under the radar is Sanu

stbennett886 karma

Mr. Green, who would you say is the funniest member of the team? My guess would be Gio but I would love a little insight. Thanks a ton and get well soon!

WhoTookAJGreensName2064 karma

Onterio McCalebb ... always talkin trash and his voice is weird.

TahoeTweezer1111 karma

Has he caught a squirrel with his bare hands for you guys yet? Make him do it as a rookie thing if he hasn't yet.

WhoTookAJGreensName1844 karma


WhoTookAJGreensName882 karma

Taking a break ... check me out right now on the "Dan Patrick Show"

WhoTookAJGreensName817 karma

I'm back for a few more questions

Laidbackliving726 karma

Hey Aj, after seeing your teamate Sanu throw a few tds, and brown throwing one last night, any chance you might have a td pass in you anytime soon?

WhoTookAJGreensName1198 karma

No, not in my arsenal

oscarveli561 karma

You have the opportunity of achieving both during your career but if you had to pick between winning the Super Bowl or making the Hall of Fame, which would you choose and why?

WhoTookAJGreensName1315 karma


DaBeach546 karma

Hi AJ,

First off wishing you a speedy recovery, you are one of my favorite players to watch- by far.

  1. What do you do in spare time? Hobbies?

  2. What is the single most effective workout/conditioning you do in the offseason? Sprints/ specific lifts/etc?


WhoTookAJGreensName755 karma

  1. I watch a lot of movies and shoot pool
  2. My everyday routine ... lifting, shuttles, a lot of stop and start stuff

Apothecary92532 karma

Are there any nfl players from other teams that you hang out with during the offseason?

WhoTookAJGreensName973 karma

Demaryius Thomas, Justin Houston, Akeem Dent

Matt_KB492 karma

What is the biggest improvement you think that the team has to make in order to make the playoffs/win the Superbowl this season?

WhoTookAJGreensName1986 karma

Win more games

oscarveli398 karma

Since you entered the NFL, which defensive back has given you the hardest time?

WhoTookAJGreensName892 karma

Patrick Peterson

WhoTookAJGreensName760 karma

Patrick Peterson

tangalo398 karma

Wow, you are one of my favorite players!

Do you still juggle, and do you juggle anything on the sidelines during the games?

WhoTookAJGreensName756 karma

Not during the games, but I still juggle. Craziest thing I've juggled was a bunch of different cell phones.

I_smell_awesome374 karma

What's your favorite restaurant in Cincinnati?

WhoTookAJGreensName701 karma

The Eagle

TheFlying321 karma

Hey! I was wondering what your experience in Athens was. Did you like the university and people? What was your favorite place to eat?

WhoTookAJGreensName577 karma

Best experience in one of the best college towns ... Peaches was my favorite spot, good soul food restaurant


Hey AJ. Did you watch football a lot as a kid? If so did you have any players that looked up to?

WhoTookAJGreensName618 karma

I did ... Randy Moss, TO are the biggest ones

bpwwhirl298 karma

Hi AJ,

UGA alumnus here. I just wanted to pass along that I really enjoyed watching you wear the red and black here. If you had to pick your favorite college opponent, the one that really got your motivation up, which would it be?

WhoTookAJGreensName525 karma


I_DONT_YOLO213 karma

Hey AJ thanks for doing this, I think the question on everybody's mind is pretty obvious, what's your favorite dinosaur?

WhoTookAJGreensName441 karma


yourjokesexplained213 karma

So now that you are an old spice spokesman, how do you plan on making a more crazy and random commercial than Wes Welker?

WhoTookAJGreensName343 karma

Check out my new video with the Old Spice robot on YouTube

DollFinJesus201 karma

Hi AJ! Huge fan!

What are your favorite tv shows right now?

WhoTookAJGreensName650 karma

I'm into Breaking Bad right now, even though I've watched it twice already ... Swamp People too

roguekiller93195 karma

Are you the best juggler on your team?

WhoTookAJGreensName400 karma

Of course

Franneboy193 karma

If the Bengals were to make another Who Dey Rap who would be the lead singer. Can you rap, or would you just stand in the background juggling?

WhoTookAJGreensName684 karma

I'll be the backup dancer/juggler. We'll leave the rapping to Andy.

13853211168 karma

Who's the biggest prankster on the team?

WhoTookAJGreensName349 karma

Leon Hall is the biggest prankster, especially on the team plane (takes pictures of everyone sleeping)

bionku145 karma

What do you eat before a game?

Who are you most excited to play against?

have any funny or awkward stories you would like to share, on any topic.

WhoTookAJGreensName237 karma

Keep it light with fruit and water before the game

JaromirJagr68133 karma


WhoTookAJGreensName286 karma

I like them both

funkasaurus88127 karma

Hi A.J! Hope your toe is feeling better, it would be great to see you back on the field!

What's it like on the line when you line up 1-on-1 against a top CB? Is there a lot of talking going on or do you just focus on burning him for a TD?


WhoTookAJGreensName192 karma

Focused on getting open

Schwillet113 karma

Hey A.J.! I'm a lifelong Bengals fan. I represent where ever I go across the country. Thanks for being awesome.

What, for you, is your most memorable catch or the one you are most proud of?

WhoTookAJGreensName222 karma

Week 1 game winning catch against the Ravens, you know I'm a good juggler

man_mayo97 karma

A.J., big Georgia fan here. Who have you learned the most from about playing wide receiver in the NFL?

WhoTookAJGreensName123 karma

Just watching the game and all the receivers before me

oscarveli93 karma

When did you realize you were good enough to play professionally?

WhoTookAJGreensName280 karma

Never realized it, until I actually went pro.

Matt_KB67 karma

Did your parents intentionally name your brother TJ? AJ Green & TJ Green?

WhoTookAJGreensName193 karma

That's my cousin, he's a junior (Terry Jr.)

Willspencerdoe55 karma

Prime Jerry Rice or prime Randy Moss? You get to play across from one of them for just a single game. Who was more deadly for any given game at their peak of the two of them? Thanks for doing this by the way!

WhoTookAJGreensName83 karma

Both are deadly, can't go wrong with those two

HarlemJazz48 karma

AJ - who is your greatest mentor of your life, on or off the field?

Thanks, you are the man. Utmost respect.

WhoTookAJGreensName90 karma

My parents have had the most influence in my life on and off the field

rashards141 karma

Hey A.J. huge fan of yours! You're my favorite NFL player and I love watching you burn receivers! One question, you are very well known now for how well you run routes, how did you get so good at it? What separated you from other receivers?

WhoTookAJGreensName107 karma

Sammy Watkins and Allen Hurns have looked good so far

SlayerXZero14 karma

Hi AJ thanks for doing this. Do you play fantasy football? If so, who are you starting at WR this week?

WhoTookAJGreensName42 karma

I don't play

EnderWT11 karma

Hey AJ! What do you like most about playing with the Bengals?

WhoTookAJGreensName25 karma

Fans and family-oriented team atmosphere ... can't beat it

IAmOzymandias10 karma

Hey AJ! WHO DEYY!!!!!! What's your favorite restaurant to eat at or place to go in the Cincy/Northern Kentucky area?

WhoTookAJGreensName17 karma

The Eagle

sweezinator8 karma

Who are the toughest corners to go against?

WhoTookAJGreensName19 karma

Patrick Peterson